Marie Swan

Marie Swan

Content Writer / Contributor Since 2021

Marie has been working in the content writing industry for almost a decade and has been writing about the gaming sector for most of that time, covering everything from bookies reviews to sports betting odds - a significant move from her former career as an early years teacher.


Marie, our well-known content writer and esteemed contributor since 2021, brings plenty of experience to the BetZillion audience. With almost a decade in content writing, Marie has dedicated a valuable part of her career to covering the gambling sector. The publications showcase her expertise in everything, from bookmakers reviews to sports betting odds analysis.

Since joining our team, Marie has constantly demonstrated her sincere commitment to providing comprehensive and engaging content. Marie`s industry knowledge makes her a trusted source for those seeking sports betting insights and knowledge in the forever progressing world of sports.

In 2022, Marie decided to take a break from content creation activities. However, we greatly appreciate our cooperation, and we will be glad to renew it and publish her articles again when the moment aligns.


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