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MasterChef Betting Odds

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on MasterChef
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Find the Best Place to Bet on MasterChef
Everything you need to know about betting on MasterChef & where to find the best betting sites. MasterChef is for you if you’re into betting on TV shows and love cooking and drama. As one of the world’s most-watched TV shows, MasterChef quickly gained a large following of people who follow it, and it didn’t take long before it found its place in the betting world.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how betting on MasterChef works and provide you with answers to 3 key questions:

  • How to bet on MasterChef?
  • Which are the best MasterChef online bookmakers?
  • What are tips & tricks for betting on MasterChef?

The Best Betting Sites to Bet on MasterChef

MasterChef is a competitive TV show, so it’s not too shocking that MasterChef betting markets exist. However, like betting on any other TV show, MasterChef betting is still a niche market, meaning there are few bookies offering MasterCheff odds.

Nevertheless, while it is more challenging to find betting sites that’ll cover MasterChef than bookies with football odds, it’s far from impossible. On the contrary, many of the best sportsbooks have MasterChef betting markets, and they’re often recognized as the best MasterChef online bookmakers.

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But to truly figure out which is the best MasterChef betting site for you, there are a few things to check.

  • The best MasterChef bookie will, first and foremost, have MasterChef betting markets available, which is an obvious requirement, if you want to bet on MasterChef.
  • Safety and security are extremely important, so ensure you’re using only legit bookmakers with valid betting licenses. It is the only way to ensure the safety of your money and personal information.
  • Another thing worth checking out is the betting sites’ reputation. While some bookmakers can be legit and have a valid betting license, they might need to be better-accepted by the community for various reasons. Check the bookies’ reputation and the latest reviews.
  • The best MasterChef online bookmaker will have some bonuses and promotions available. Although it’s rare for bookies to have MasterChef-exclusive bonuses, generic offers are more than fine and offer plenty of value.
  • Best MasterChef bookmaker will have a stable website and a mobile betting app, which work well without any issues and are easy to use.
  • And lastly, it’s wise to check the banking options. Although deposit and withdrawal options are relatively minor in 2023 since most bookmakers have solid methods and offers, the deposit/withdrawal speeds are still a factor to consider.

If you locate one betting site or more bookies that check those marks, you’ve found a good sportsbook to bet on, MasterChef. But as we’ll touch on later, it’s advisable that you register with multiple bookies and not just stick with one.

MasterChef Odds

For anyone who wants to succeed in betting on MasterChef or anything else, you must use the best available MasterCheff odds. But finding the best odds isn’t as simple as registering with one of the best MasterChef bookmakers since there is no such thing.

A sportsbook that will always have the best MasterChef odds doesn’t exist because the markets constantly move, which creates differences in the offered odds across betting sites. So while Sportsbet can have the best odds on X contestants to win the next MasterChef, Ladbrokes could have a better offer on Y contestants.

Depending on who you want to bet on, you would need to use either Ladbrokes or Sportsbet, depending on which MasterChef bet you want to make and which bookmaker has the best odds on the MasterChef contestant you want to back.

So the only way to bet with the best MasterChef odds is to shop for the best price, check all the available odds, and bet with the bookmaker with the best offer. And this only proves why having multiple betting accounts on multiple bookies is advantageous.

MasterChef Historical Odds

Historical odds are an important tool for bettors, who can recognize patterns and predict how the odds will move and how strong the movements will be depending on what is happening in the show. However, while historical odds for betting on MasterChef are valuable, they’re less readily available than historical odds on sports.

Contestant Historical Odds
Thomas Frake 2/1 (3.00)
David Rickett 5/1 (6.00)
Sandy Tang 5/1 (6.00)
Claire Fyfe 10/1 (11.00)
Beverly Joiner 18/1 (19.00)
Jasmeet Dial 53/3 (20.33)
Christian Day 50/1 (51.00)

Nevertheless, it is possible to find them, and you don’t need a MasterChef betting guide to know how to read them. While historical odds may seem meaningless, they offer some insight into the odds movements and are worth checking out by anyone serious about MasterChef betting.

MasterChef Offers & Promotions

All bookmakers nowadays offer betting bonuses and promotions, which have become mandatory for any good bookie. However, it’s worth noting that even the best MasterChef betting site likely won’t have any MasterChef-specific bonuses available.

MasterChef betting is a niche market; therefore, few bookies care to give exclusive bonuses. They do exist but are far less common. So instead of looking for bookmakers with MasterChef bonuses, it’s better to pick betting sites with generous generic offers.

Welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free bets, insurance bets, and enhanced odds are some of the most common “generic” bonuses and promotions available on many sportsbooks. And even though they’re not MasterChef-exclusive offers, those can be just as available.

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So even though it’s tough to find MasterChef bonuses, it’s easy to find bookies with useful promotions for MasterChef betting.

MasterChef Free Bets

Free bets are one of the best promotions available for betting on MasterChef, any other TV show, and sports, and they’re regularly available on online betting sites. As the name suggests, the free bet promotion awards punters with free wagering cash, which they can use to bet on anything they like without risking their money.

Free bets are regularly available as a part of a welcome bonus and a promotion for existing customers. Yet the best part is that free bets rarely come with any specific terms and conditions – the bookmakers give you a certain amount of free wagering money, which you can use to bet on anything you like, meaning you can also use it to place a MasterChef bet.

MasterChef Specials

MasterChef is a very straightforward TV show, so there aren’t as many betting markets to explore. However, you can do much more than just bet on the MasterChef winner since there are other markets and specials punters can use when making their MasterChef prediction.


Every MasterChef season will have one or a few fan favourites, which will be priced at the lowest MasterChef odds and therefore have the highest likelihood of winning the season. However, betting on the favourite rarely offers the most value, so it’s often better to follow MasterChef professional’s betting strategy of looking for value among the outsiders.


All best MasterChef bookmakers will have MasterChef winner odds and markets available, which, as the name suggests, you can bet on who will be declared the winner of the current MasterChef season.

It’s the simplest type of bet to place, as it’s nothing more than a bet on MasterChef winner – and works the same way as any other outright betting market.

Past Winners

Past winners of MasterChef UK include:

  • Season 1 (2006) – Matt Dawson
  • Season 2 (2007) – Nadia Sawalha
  • Season 3 (2008) – Liz McClarnon
  • Season 4 (2009) – Jayne Middlemiss
  • Season 5 (2010) – Lisa Faulkner
  • Season 6 (2011) – Phil Vickery
  • Season 7 (2012) – Emma Kennedy
  • Season 8 (2013) – Ade Edmondson
  • Season 9 (2014) – Sophie Thompson
  • Season 10 (2015) – Kimberly Wyatt
  • Season 11 (2016) – Alexis Conran
  • Season 12 (2017) – Angellica Bell
  • Season 13 (2018) – John Partridge
  • Season 14 (2019) – Greg Rutherford
  • Season 15 (2020) – Riyadh Khalaf
  • Season 16 (2021) – Kadeena Cox
  • Season 17 (2022) – Lisa Snowdon

Next Contestant to Be Eliminated

The next contestant to be eliminated is another betting market available on the best MasterChef betting sites. As its name suggests, it allows you to bet on which contestant will be eliminated next, unlike a bet on the MasterChef winner, which you place in advance, markets on who will get eliminated next open ahead of each episode, offering way more betting opportunities.

Notably, this market won’t be available to every bookmaker, but all of the best MasterChef bookies will offer it.

Top-Three Finish

If you’re still determining who is going to win MasterChef but are confident that one of the contestants will do well enough to compete for the title, betting on a top-3 finish is the best MasterChef betting market to use.

As its name suggests, with this MasterChef betting market, bettors place bets on which of the contestant will finish top three – and it works the same way as betting on a podium finish in any motorsports. The only downside compared to placing a bet on the MasterChef winner is that a top-3 finish will offer smaller MasterChef odds.

To Make the Final

To make the final is essentially the same bet as a top-three finish, yet some sportsbooks will have it named “make the final.” Usually available next to MasterChef winner odds, the “to make the final” MasterChef betting market allows bettors to bet on which contestant will reach the final episode, therefore, be one of the final three contestants remaining.

YouTube video

Much like the top three finish, the MasterChef UK betting odds on “making the final” will be smaller than the winner market. But it has a higher likelihood of winning.

MasterChef Bet of the Day

MasterChef bet of the day is a bet that has the highest chance of winning or offers great MasterChef odds and is worth checking out by any bettor. Below is a link to a website with the best MasterChef bet for today.


How to Bet on MasterChef

Betting on MasterChef is very simple since you only have to make MasterChef predictions on which contestant will win the show. Although there are other markets we can use for betting on MasterChef, including who will get eliminated next, the whole idea revolves around finding a favourite and placing a bet on him.

However, while anyone can make picks and bet on MasterChef without any hassle, there are a few things to know if you want to succeed.

  • You must use the right betting sites to bet on MasterChef and succeed. First and foremost, the bookies used for betting on MasterChef must be safe and legal but also offer competitive MasterChef odds and enough betting markets.
  • Preferably, any bettor should have accounts with multiple bookies, as this is the only way you can price shop, i.e., find the best available MasterChef odds for the picks you want to make and bet at the best price.
  • Take advantage of betting bonuses and promotions – although there aren’t as many MasterChef bonuses or promotions, even generic bonuses can be highly valuable for betting on MasterChef.
  • Consider finding reliable websites that can offer MasterChef predictions and betting previews. At the very least, previews can be used as a reliable source of valuable information, which will help bettors find winner picks.
  • Keep track of your betting record, which is often overlooked but very important. All professional bettors will keep track of their bets and closing odds, as this is the only way to know how good you’re doing and whether you need to change your strategy.

MasterChef Betting Tips & Predictions

Especially for those new to betting on MasterChef, it’s advisable to find websites that can offer betting previews and predictions. Even though it’s eventually best if you learn how to decide which MasterCheft bet you want to place based on your research, following online tipsters is always good.

At the very least, reading other online previews and MasterChef predictions will give you another perspective on what to bet on. Still, most importantly, solid previews are filled with valuable information which can help even the most experienced bettors find solid betting opportunities.

MasterChef Betting Strategies

There is no secret MasterChef betting strategy that will help you find a winner every time, but there are a few things to remember when deciding which bets to place.

Do not ignore the underdogs – even though there is a reason why the odds on MasterChef underdogs are higher, it’s very hard to know who will win, and even the bookies can make mistakes. It’s not too uncommon for one of the underdogs to win it all, so don’t be afraid of backing an outsider.

Follow the show – any MasterChef bettor needs to follow the show and preferably watch every single episode. Only this way can you find small details that some might miss, and those can help you find solid betting opportunities.

The judges – the judges eventually decide the MasterChef winner, so learn what the judges like and dislike and how they make their decisions. Understanding the judges is ultimately the best way to determine who has the highest chance of winning.

Live Streaming

The live streaming option is a very important feature of any bookmaker, especially for those who like to in-play bets and want to avoid tab out from the bookmaker to watch the event and back in to place their bets. So every good bookmaker will have live streaming options along in-play betting markets.

However, even the best MasterChef bookie won’t have MasterChef live streaming available since there is no way to bet on the show in play, and even if it was, getting the rights to stream the show on a betting site would be extremely hard to do.

So if you want to follow the show, you’ll have to settle with either following via TV or one of many online streaming services which broadcast MasterChef.

MasterChef Betting Worldwide

MasterChef is a very popular show broadcast worldwide. But not everyone can watch it; MasterChef also has separate shows filmed across dozens of countries, and we can bet on nearly all of them.

Some of the most popular MasterChef versions include:

  • MasterChef UK
  • MasterChef Australia
  • MasterChef Brazil
  • MasterChef China
  • MasterChef Denmark
  • MasterChef USA
  • MasterChef New Zealand

MasterChef UK Betting

MasterChef originated in the UK, so naturally, its UK version is the most popular, both among the viewers and bettors. Due to its popularity, the MasterChef UK betting market is also available on most of the best MasterChef betting sites and is, therefore, the most accessible MasterChef to bet on.

MasterChef Australia Betting

MasterChef Australia was the first international adaptation of the show, which began in 2009, and just like its UK counterpart, MasterChef Australia is very popular – even among bettors.

YouTube video

Therefore it’s not surprising to learn that MasterChef Australia betting odds are just as accessible as MasterChef UK betting odds and can be found on any international betting site.

MasterChef USA Betting

You don’t have to look for the best MasterChef betting site to be able to bet on the USA version of the show since it is extremely popular and surprisingly well-covered by online betting sites. But not only can you bet on MasterChef USA, the American version also has two adaptations of the show in  MasterChef Junior and MasterChef Latino, which both proved to be a massive success.

MasterChef Kids (Junior) Betting

MasterChek Kids (or MasterChef Junior) is one of many MasterChef series created due to the show’s success, besides MastrChef: The Professionals and Celebrity MasterChef. As its name suggests, MasterChef Kids is a MasterChef competition with the same idea as the original show and the same format for kids.

Unsurprisingly, it’s possible to find MasterChef Junior odds and betting markets, granted those are hard to locate since only a few bookmakers offer them. However, by following our article, you should know where to locate the best MasterChef bookie and where to place your MasterChef Junior predictions.

Best MasterChef Betting Apps

As of 2023, mobile betting is extremely popular, so it’s almost mandatory for all bookmakers to have a mobile betting app or, at the very least, a mobile website that allows bettors to place their bets from their phones. Of the two, mobile apps are far better since they’re stabler, work better, and are more convenient to use than a mobile website, so if you’re a mobile bettor, you should have an account with a bookie who has a mobile app.

If you want to bet on MasterChef from your phone, consider using bookies with a mobile app. It’s important to note that there is no such thing as a MasterChef mobile betting app; however, you can use any mobile betting app to bet on MasterChef – the same way you can bet on sports.

Another big advantage to using a mobile betting app is the availability of mobile app-exclusive bonuses. Although rare, some sportsbooks will offer bonuses and promotions only for mobile app users, so even if you plan to only bet on something other than your phone, there is an incentive to use a mobile app.

MasterChef Competition Format and History

MasterChef was first created in 1990 as a UK version, but the format was later revived and updated by the BBC in 2005 to create the show we know today. Due to MasterChef’s success, it has since expanded to other countries.

The first international iteration was MasterChef Australia in 2009, with the show expanding further in the coming years. As of 2023, MasterChef has 40 international versions from South America, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Beyond its international expansions, MasterChef also got different versions in MasterChef: The Professionals, Celebrity MasterChef, and Junior MasterChef. Yet regardless of the version, the show’s format is very simple.

Amateur or professional cooks (or kids) compete against each other in a series of challenges where they have to cook various foods to impress the judges. The show is divided into stages, each with its unique challenge, where the judges rank the dishes presented and either promote the cook to the next round or put him in an elimination round.

The elimination round again challenges the cooks, with the one who performs the worst getting eliminated. This process continues until only three cooks are left, who are presented with the show’s toughest challenge as they have to cook multiple dishes to impress the judges. The one who does the best is declared the winner. The season ends and starts all over again with the next season.

MasterChef Overview

Before we end our MasterChef betting guide, here are some interesting facts about MasterChef and its history you might need to learn about.

  • Some of MasterChef’s most notable previous winners include Whitney Miller, Jennifer Behm, Shaun O’Neale, Dorian Hunter, and Dara Yu.
  • MasterChef has 40 international versions, including in the USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, and Sweden.
  • The most popular online bookmakers for betting on MasterChef are Sportsbet, Unibet, Betway, and PaddyPower.
  • Judges test the food quickly after it’s cooked; however, the food presented is cold on the show.
  • MasterChef contestants are taught how and what to cook before the competition.
  • Judges have their favourites.

Bottom Line

It concludes our article on MasterChef betting, providing you with all the information you’ll ever need to bet on MasterChef, including where to find the best MasterChef odds and bookmakers. Equipped with all the knowledge, you’re ready to start betting on the cooking show, but before you do, remember to gamble responsibly and never bet with more than you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you bet on MasterChef?
    Yes, you can bet on MasterChef on many online betting sites. Even though it’s a niche market and not available on all sportsbooks, many top bookies will have MasterChef odds and markets available.
  • Is it legal to bet on MasterChef?
    Yes, it’s legal to bet on MasterChef, as long as you live in a country where online betting is legal, are old enough to bet, and are using a legal online sportsbook. The same rules apply to MasterChef betting and its legality as to sports betting.
  • What are the odds on the winner of MasterChef?
    The offered MasterChef odds on the winner will constantly change. After each episode, this can offer excellent betting opportunities for bettors to explore, especially if you price shop, i.e., look around for the best offer.
  • Are there any bonuses for betting on MasterChef?
    Unfortunately, finding a sportsbook with MasterChef bonuses and promotions is extremely difficult since it’s a niche market. However, generic bonuses such as deposit bonuses, free bets, and others can be just as useful for betting on MasterChef.
  • What are the best MasterChef betting sites?
    There is no such thing as one best betting site for MasterChef; however, the most popular bookmakers for MasterChef betting include Bet365, Unibet, Betway, and Ladbrokes.
  • What are Popular MasterChef Betting Markets?
    Some of the most popular MasterChef betting markets are winning, being eliminated next, and reaching the final (or finishing the top 3).
  • Can I bet on MasterChef Australia?
    Yes. MasterChef is also filmed in Australia, so it’s possible to bet on it if you live there. But even if you aren’t from Australia, some bookmakers will have odds on the Australian MasterChef available.
  • What is the best MasterChef betting app?
    There is no MasterChef betting app, but some of the top bookmakers will have their mobile betting apps, which punters can use to bet on MasterChef, sports, esports, and more. Those include bet365, William Hill, and SkyBet.
  • What MasterChef betting markets are available?
    The main 3 MasterChef betting markets include – winning MasterChef, reaching the final (or finishing top-3), and being eliminated next. Bookmakers may offer other special markets, but those are rarely available.
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