Best Cash Out Betting Sites in 2022

Top 3 Cash Out Bookies

100% bonus up to €50

18+. New Customers Only. 100% Welcome Bonus up to €50. Minimum deposit: €10. Maximum Bonus: €50. Wagering Requirements: 12x (Deposit+Bonus). Minimum 2 selections with total odds of 2.00. Payment method and country restrictions apply. The offer is valid until 31.12.2021. Bets placed on different selections within the same market or bets placed on equivalent markets are not eligible for this offer. Gamble Responsibly

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The best online sportsbooks have a cash out feature. Leading operators should give their player-base plenty of options when playing, and the function to cash out should be a feature used by all leading sites. Cash out lets a player take their betting practices into their own hands. You are in control. This detailed article should give you the following information:
  • Which bookmakers offer cash out.
  • The best cash out betting sites currently on the market.
  • The best mobile betting apps with cash out.

Full List of the Best Cash out Betting Sites

The best betting sites that allow you to cash out usually have some standard features across all of them. The top betting sites with a cash out option should be reliable, safe, and trustworthy first and foremost. The player should always feel safe when using the website. The best sites will also have a long history in the online sportsbook industry. Sites like Ladbrokes, BetVictor, Paddy Power, and Coral have an extensive and successful track record in this industry. These sites are usually at the top of the best bookmaker review lists.

100% bonus up to €50

18+. New Customers Only. 100% Welcome Bonus up to €50. Minimum deposit: €10. Maximum Bonus: €50. Wagering Requirements: 12x (Deposit+Bonus). Minimum 2 selections with total odds of 2.00. Payment method and country restrictions apply. The offer is valid until 31.12.2021. Bets placed on different selections within the same market or bets placed on equivalent markets are not eligible for this offer. Gamble Responsibly
Bet £10 get £10
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
Bet £20 get £10 free bet
Bet £10 get £10

Typical Cash Out Betting Sites Promotions

Many of the top cash out betting sites have a whole range of promotions on offer. These promotions will usually centre around the sportsbook betting options featured on the site. Free bets, no deposit bonuses, and matched bonuses are all common types of promo code offers featured on these cash out betting sites. Unfortunately, most online operators do not let you use promotional offers in conjunction with the cash out feature. Make sure that you are aware of this before placing a bet on one of these sites.

100% bonus up to €50

18+. New Customers Only. 100% Welcome Bonus up to €50. Minimum deposit: €10. Maximum Bonus: €50. Wagering Requirements: 12x (Deposit+Bonus). Minimum 2 selections with total odds of 2.00. Payment method and country restrictions apply. The offer is valid until 31.12.2021. Bets placed on different selections within the same market or bets placed on equivalent markets are not eligible for this offer. Gamble Responsibly
Bet £10 get £10
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets

How Does Cash Out Work?

Essentially, a cash-out feature allows players to pre-emptively cut their bet short before the match or race has finished. It is usually done when your wager has a high possibility of losing; therefore letting you cut your losses or guarantees a win. A few expected cash out tips can help new players learn how to master the cash out system. These tips revolve around when to cash out and how to analyse the statistics and odds of your chosen sport.

What Exactly is Cash Out?

The cash-out system used by various leading online bookies lets players end their bet before the event has finished. For example, if you had bet on a horse race and it looked possible that your horse would end the race in a lower position than predicted, then you could finish your bet before the race ends to ensure that you do not lose more money. This feature has been prevalent amongst bettors in the last few years. The best bettors use the option to ensure that they practically never lose a bet.

Common Betting Types Compatible with Cash Out

Something that should be noted with the cash-out feature used on many sportsbook cash out sites is that not every type of bet is compatible with the cash out option. Many online betting sites with cash out have their specific cash out rules. When on a betting site, make sure you check with that site’s particular cash out regulations to know exactly what type of bets are compatible with the cash out feature.

Sports You Can Cash Out on

As is the case with the type of bets compatible with the cash out option, every site has its specific rules regarding the sports betting options that the cash-out feature can be used on. For example, a leading site like Ladbrokes has a wide range of sports betting options that the cash out feature can be used with horse racing, tennis, football, boxing, darts, and snooker. However, some lesser-known cash out betting sites may only offer the feature on horse races or football games. Similarly, some betting sites that offer cash out only provide it on domestic events, such as only horse races situated within the UK and Ireland for players based in the UK.

Cash Out Tips and Tricks

For new players, this cash-out feature may seem a little daunting. However, you don’t need to worry, as we have gathered a few of the essential tips and tricks that can be used to better your cash out betting experience. The first thing you need to do before placing a cash out bet is research. While it may be time-consuming, learning about the cash out system used on the site you are playing on is incredibly important. You should know all of the ins and outs of the system before placing a bet.

Additionally, it would be best if you also put plenty of time into researching the various statistics for your chosen sport. Spend some time getting to know the team you are betting on, their common behaviours and the trends of the matches they play in. One last tip to consider when using cash out betting sites revolves around your mindset. It may sound a little cheesy, but you must stay calm and level-headed while placing the cashout bet. It is essential to know exactly when and why you should cash out.

When Should You Cash Out?

Knowing when to cash out is the most challenging and most crucial factor in placing a successful bet. A few key defining points should be considered when thinking about when you should cash a bet out. The last 15 minutes of a game for football fans are some of the most nerve-wracking in existence. In this pivotal timeframe, the losing time will give it all they have to try and turn the tide of the match. If your team is already winning, this time would be an excellent moment to cash out as anything could happen during these 15 minutes. Another key deciding factor is if the cash-out value is high enough for you. It doesn’t matter at what point in the match or race; if the cash out value is of a high enough value for you, then do not be afraid to cash out right then.

Full Cash Out vs. Partial Cash Out

Many leading betting sites that offer a cash out option are also partial cash out betting sites. These sites will give players 2 cash out options: full cash out or partial cash out. A full cash out is the standard form where the player ends the bet early, and that is that, whereas partial cash out only removes some of your stakes while still keeping some of it in the game. This partial feature ensures that at least some of your money is saved regardless of the bet’s outcome.

In-Play Cash Out Options

The majority of cash out options are centered on in-play games. Live betting is becoming a prevalent form of wagering, allowing players to bet on in-play games and races. Many live betting options will enable the use of cash out.

Why Should You Cash Out with In-Play Games?

Live betting is exhilarating. Placing a bet while the match is just starting or already in full swing adds a sense of action and tension to the betting experience. But this can often lead to uninformed and rushed betting practices. That is why the betting sites that offer cash out features are so important to the live betting scene. Cash out allows players to reconsider their bet while the event is still in-play, giving players an additional security sense when playing.

How to Cash Out with In-Play Games

Cashing out with in-play games should take little effort. It should be noted that all sites have different cash-out rules and procedures, but generally speaking, the cash-out feature used with in-play games should follow the same process as cashing out a traditional bet. Ensure that you check your chosen cashout betting operator’s various rules and procedures before placing a cash out wager.

Using Cash Out on Betting Apps

Many betting sites that do cash out provide an app that can be used on mobile devices. These mobile betting apps with cash out work just as the online browser version of the website does. Just place a bet on a compatible sports betting option and tap the “Cash Out” button when you are ready to end the wager. Each app should have a handy tutorial that explains how to use the feature on that specific app.

Is Using Cash Out Betting Sites Worth It?

In general, cash out betting sites offer an undeniable sense of security otherwise not present in many online bookmaker sites. Platforms that provide cash out feature tend to be some of the best betting sites currently operating on the 2022 market. All types of bettors benefit from this cash out system.

Advantages of Using Cash Out

There are many advantages to using the cash out system at an online sportsbook. The list below details just a few:

  • The bettor has direct control over their betting actions. Don’t let luck dictate your betting experience; take power into your own hands.
  • Cash-out gives an unprecedented level of security to the bettor. Skiller bettors can use the cash out feature to ensure that they practically never lose significance again.
  • Cash out features are often effortless to use, with many sites having detailed tutorials available.

Disadvantages of Using Cash Out

There are only really a handful of disadvantages associated with using bookies cash out.  The list featured below details a few of these minuses:

  • Most sites do not let you use any promotional offers in conjunction with the cash out feature.
  • When using cash out, you may end up sacrificing a portion of the profit as some sites will give you a lower return on a bet if you use the feature. For example, if you place a bet and the possible return for winning is £20, the site may offer you a cash out of £18; therefore, you would be losing £2 in potential returns.

How to Choose the Best Cash out Betting Site

The best cash out betting site may be hard to find. There are several key factors that a site needs to have to be considered an excellent one. Customer security, reliability, and legality are essential factors for choosing the best platform for you.

Safety and Security

A good online sportsbook will be completely safe and secure. It is an essential factor as you are trusting this website with your personal information and banking details. The last thing you want is for those details to be leaked online for anyone to see. Many leading operators use state-of-the-art encryption software to ensure that your information is protected against hackers. All of this security information should be detailed in the “About Us” section or somewhere similar.


A fully legal bookie must have all of the legal documents required of them. These vary based on their regions, but all online betting sites must have the license to work within that specific area. For example, if an online site operates within the UK, it must hold a UK Gambling Commission license. Regions like Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria all have their licenses as well. These licenses, and all other legal documentation, will most likely be shown in full detail somewhere on the site or if you search the internet for them.


An online bookmaker should also be extremely reliable. It is most commonly determined by how often both national and international testing authorities check the website. These official testing agencies spend a great deal of time thoroughly researching every aspect of the site to ensure that it is entirely safe for a player to use. These testing agencies will often make their test results public, accessible within just a few clicks from your browser.

The Best Odds on the Market

Many online sportsbooks that offer a cash-out feature have excellent odds. When trying to find the best site for you, make sure you spend a good deal of time researching a site’s odds. You should see a website with good odds for the sports you enjoy, such as live football odds.

A Plethora of Payment Methods

When researching which betting sites do cash out and what option might be the best for you, try to choose a platform with plenty of payment options available. A site with a whole range of payment options will ensure that every type of player is catered for, regardless of their current financial circumstances.

Deposit Methods

The deposit methods provided by bookmaker cash out betting sites tend to vary between operators. But some of the most common deposit methods include E-wallets like PayPal, VISA card payments, and bank transfer options. Some leading operators tend to offer many more deposit methods.

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal methods featured on cash out betting sites are subject to change across operators. Some of the most common withdrawal methods include bank transfer options, E-wallet payments, and card payments from trusted providers like Maestro and MasterCard.

Responsive and Reliable Customer Support

The best cash out betting sites should provide their customers with a range of customer support options to use should they run into any problems when using the site. Live chat services, email addresses, and contact phone numbers are common forms of customer support provided by leading bookmakers.

An Overview of Cash out Betting Sites

In summary, to find the best bookies with a cash out option for your own needs, you must research several key elements of the site:

  • Find out exactly how their cash out system works and if it can be used with in-play events.
  • Find out how reliable and trustworthy the site is.
  • Ensure that the website has all of the necessary legal documents.
  • Research the site’s odds.
  • Ensure that the site has a payment method that suits you, such as card payment options, E-wallet options, and bank transfer options.
  • Find out what sports are compatible with the cash-out feature. Most sites offer at least horse racing and football cash out features.

Some recommendations of excellent leading betting sites in 2022 that offer a cash-out feature are Ladbrokes, Betfair, William Hill, and Bet365. Look at some of these site’s reviews and comparisons to see if they are suited for you.

Responsible Gambling

It is vital to gamble responsibly. It is why many of the best online bookies give you an option to set a betting limit or deposit limit. These limits can be set to daily, weekly, or yearly timeframes, ensuring that at all times, you are gambling responsibly. Gambling can be a very addictive past-time, making it vital that you make sure that your betting practices are safe and responsible and put no one around you or yourself in any financial danger.

Bottom Line

We hope that this brief yet detailed article has helped guide you to find the perfect online betting sites with cash out. If you are thinking about trying the cash out feature, then don’t waste any time. Head to one of our recommended sites today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best cash out betting site?

    Good cash out betting site is usually judged on several key factors. These include a site’s reliability, security, legality, reviews, and cash out protocols. Ideally, you want to choose a website that scores highly in all of these categories. You want a completely trustworthy site, a site that keeps your details secure, and a platform that offers great odds and flexible cash out features. Many of the leading online operators tick all of these boxes, but the final decision is on you. While bookies like Betfair, Ladbrokes, William Hill, and more will provide you with an excellent online sportsbook experience, it is up to you to find one that best suits your own particular needs and wants.

  • How does cash out betting work?

    In general, a cash out feature involves the player placing a bet and then ending that bet before the match, game, or race has finished. For example, if you were betting on a football match and it looked as though your chosen team might lose in the next few minutes, you could use the cash out function to end the bet and cut your potential losses.

  • How do you withdraw money from a betting site?

    Withdrawal protocols vary between operators but generally speaking; a player can head to their account page and search for a page labeled “Withdrawals” or something similar. From here, the user will be asked to choose an amount to withdraw and select a payment method to use. A minimum withdrawal amount must be met first, but this varies between operators. Withdrawal time can vary depending on the payment method you have used.

  • Should I cash out my bet?

    Knowing when to cash out your bet is a key part of the cash out process. It would help if you spent plenty of time before placing the wager to research the various odds and statistics of your chosen team or sport. A cash out guide can also help you decide when to cash out your bet. You will generally want to cash out your bet when you are guaranteed a win, but a loss may be possible.

  • Which betting sites have cash out in the UK?

    The vast majority of leading UK online sportsbooks have a cash out feature in some respect. Some of the most popular UK betting sites with a cash out option include Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Coral, Betfred, Betvictor, William Hill, and Boylesports.

  • Which betting sites have to cash out in Kenya?

    Many popular online sportsbooks operate on a global scale. Many of these sites also have some form of cash out feature. Some of the best betting sites with a cash out feature available to Kenya’s users include 1xBet, Betway, Betyetu, Betika, SportyBet Kenya, and 22Bet Kenya.

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