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Fanduel Draftkings

FanDuel vs DraftKings Comparison

DraftKings and FanDuel are among the most popular online sportsbooks in the United States and worldwide. Both sportsbooks are almost equally matched. They are also fierce competitors, and each tries to outdo the other by offering better versions of everything: bonuses, promotions, betting markets, premium betting features, and more. However, there can be only one winner, and they should suit your unique preferences.
Trixie Bet
Football Horse Racing

Trixie Bet Explained

Smart bettors rely on more than luck alone. They do their due diligence on every match on which they bet. More notably, they use stable wagering strategies to maximize their profits and minimize losses.
Sports Betting Handicappers

Sports Betting Handicappers

If you want to find more ways to win more sports bets or know how sports betting can help you win more money consistently, you need the help of the top sports handicappers in the world. Although there are many betting handicappers in the industry, this sports handicapper review provides a list of the top-rated sports handicappers right now.
Unusual Races To Bet On

Most Unusual Races to Bet On

You can put your money into all kinds of races around the world. We all know about F1 races or motorsports. However, you can also find unusual races to bet on.
Is Esports A Sport

Is Esports a Sport?

In the past few years, a new favorite sport emerged – Esports. Except that it’s not a sport recognized by many. There’s been a heated debate between supporters of the theory that Esports is a sport and their opponents. Many experts believe it can never be a sport, but tournaments and prize pools say otherwise.
Wh Vs Betway

William Hill vs Betway: Which Bookie Is Better?

If you are familiar with sports betting, you have likely heard of William Hill and Betway. These 2 bookies are among the leading betting service providers in the world. They provide a wide selection of sports betting categories and markets and feature some of the best promotions and reliable payment options.
Superfecta Bet
Horse Racing

Superfecta Bet Explained

If you’ve ever bet on horse racing, you know some wild bets are available. Among them are all the -fectas – great and unique wagers that involve tying several into a single stake. Superfecta betting is among the most popular exotic horse race bets, and just like the name suggests, it’s the most super of them all.
Messi Or Ronaldo

Messi vs Ronaldo: Who Is Better?

Football fans and the Internet have been in a heated debate over the past 10+ years – Messi or Ronaldo is best? It’s not easy to determine who is better, Messi or Ronaldo. Both superstars are nearing the end of their careers, and each fanbase is rooting for one or the other. While still going strong, the competition they put on in their primes, including international goals, goal ratio, hat tricks, and even football skills, was insane.
Heinz Bet
Football Horse Racing

Heinz Bet Explained

Most betting markets are the same. You can pick an individual or a team to win or cover point spreads. But not every sport is the same. For example, horse racing has many exotic bets you won’t find anywhere else. Or barely, at the very least.
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