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Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Australian Open
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Find the Best Place to Bet on Australian Open
Jimmy E

Traditionally held in January-February, the Australian Open is the first of tennis’ four Grand Slam tournaments and arguably one of the year’s most heavily anticipated and hard-hitting events. Since 1988, the annual event has been held at the world-renowned Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia, and it welcomes some of the best men’s and women’s tennis players, who compete for the coveted trophy and the glory that comes with winning a Grand Slam.

And not only is the Australian Open a very prestigious event for tennis players, but it’s also highly popular among tennis fans. Since the tournament moved to Melbourne in 1988, the Australian Open’s average attendance growth rate has been more than 7%, reaching its peak attendance before COVID in 2020 at 812,174.

The Australian Open offers an excellent viewing experience for fans and provides plenty of great betting opportunities for sports punters to explore. This article will cover all the essential points you should know to find the best Australian Open betting sites.

List of the Best Australian Open Bookmakers

Before you can start wagering on the Australian Open, you need to have an account with a sportsbook that can provide you with the betting lines on the tournament. Luckily, it’s tougher to find a bookmaker that won’t offer AUS Open odds than one that will, so there are many top tennis bookies to choose from.

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You need to pick a safe, legal, and regulated bookie to ensure it can provide you with a secure betting experience. It helps you look for a sportsbook with competitive Australian Open betting odds. William Hill is one of the most popular bookies for wagering on the Australian Open that checks all those marks, but it’s by no means the only bookmaker that is a solid choice for your tennis betting needs.

Offers & Promotions

Offers, promotions, and bonuses are one of the best ways for you to get a bit more value from your betting, and it’s effortless to do so, namely because bonuses are readily available on all online bookies. And besides the welcome bonuses that you can find on any sportsbook, there are also promotions readily available for any major sporting event – such as the Australian Open.

Bookmakers often offer exclusive bonuses, odds boosts, and other freebies on all 3 of the tennis Grand Slams. So it’s wise to keep an eye on the latest odds to win Australian Open and the promotions tab to see whether the bookie you’re using has any bonuses available.

Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
100% up to $500
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Know that the bonuses will vary depending on which bookie you’re using. Some may offer boosts on the Australian Open final odds, and others might present you with reloading promotions. Still, they all give excellent value to those betting on individual tournament matches.

All in all, Australian Open bonuses and promotions won’t be hard to find, so make sure that you check whether the bookmaker you’re using has any available.

Australian Open Odds

Australian Open tennis odds won’t be hard to find since the tournament is well covered by all reputable online bookmakers, who will provide you with more than enough outright or match betting markets. There is no shortage of betting markets to explore, from odds on men’s, women’s, or mixed doubles competitions.

But while finding women’s or men’s Australian Open odds is easy, the trick is to find a bookmaker with the best offer. First, you should know that each bookie sets its odds, which often results in price differences between 2 betting sites, resulting in situations where Rafael Nadal can be priced as 1/2 favourite against Andy Murray on William Hill. Still, he’ll be an 8/11 favourite on Paddy Power.

No bookmaker can guarantee you the best odds on all matches, so it’s wise to have accounts with multiple good bookies, which will allow you to price shop and bet with the best AUS Open odds. You first need to learn how to read tennis odds before you can start price shopping, but if you have a general understanding of how the basic bet types – such as moneyline, totals, and handicaps – work, it won’t be hard to know what the latest odds to win Australian Open show.

Australian Open Specials

Australian Open specials offer new and expert tennis punters an alternative way to bet on Australian Open tennis. Although AO specials are not particularly unique to tennis, they provide more diversity. They include betting on the men’s or women’s side of the tournament and a large selection of available wagers for the final match.

Men’s Singles Winner

Betting on men’s singles matches is the most popular approach Australian Open bettors make when wagering on the tournament. As the name would suggest, betting on the men’s singles winner is betting on which male tennis player will win a given match or the whole tournament.

Both bets are readily available on all online sportsbooks and can be located on the matching page or outright betting markets. Betting on the match-winner is very straightforward and is the same wager you would find if you were looking at the French Open odds.

Likewise, betting on the outright winner is equally as simple, as you only need to place a wager on a tennis player you believe will win the tournament. Predicting which male tennis player will be the best in his class isn’t easy, but that gets compensated by the generous men’s Australian Open odds you can find on the outright betting markets.

Women’s Singles Winner

Betting on women’s singles winners for the Australian Open is exactly the same as betting on the men’s winner – the only difference is that you will be placing wagers on the ladies. So if you’re betting on an individual match, you need to pick which of the 2 female players will win, while if you’re betting on the outright markets, you need to choose which female tennis player will go all the way.

Interestingly, the outright betting odds on women’s singles winners are generally much higher than on the men’s due to tougher competition. So if you’re looking for higher payouts, placing a bet on the Australian Open winner for the women’s side of the tournament might be right up your alley.


The Australian Open final is deemed the pinnacle of the tournament since it’s the competition’s final match, and the winner is crowned the new Australian Open champion. As the most anticipated match, the final (for both men and women) is the most-watched bout of the event and is highly popular among bettors.

That is because the bookmakers will offer special promotions and bonuses on the final, and there will be no shortage of special proposition bets on it as well.

There are special ways to wager on the Australian Open, but most of your bets will consist of the traditional options in moneyline, totals, props, and the combinations of the stakes. And while there are many ways you can approach making your Australian Open picks, you should get familiar with only a few bet types.

Match Result (Moneyline)

Moneyline (or match result) is the most straightforward bet on the Australian Open game. With moneyline, you’re simply predicting which tennis player will win a match, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes him or how many points he does it – the only thing you’re predicting is the outcome.

Set Totals (Over/Under)

Totals (or over/under) are among the most common bets you can make on tennis or any other sport. With it, you’re predicting the total number of sets that will be played in a match – similarly to how you would predict the number of goals in a football match or the number of points in a basketball game.

Depending on which game you bet on, the total line will be different. Most men’s tennis games are played as best-of-5, while women’s games are best of 3, meaning men’s matches end when one player wins 3 sets, while a women’s match ends at 2.

As a result, the total line will usually be set at either 4.5 or 2.5 sets, allowing you to predict whether the game will end in over/under 4 and over/under 2 sets, respectively. The set total betting will be available on all bookies since this is one of the most popular wager types you can make on tennis.

Game Totals (Over/Under)

Game totals are very similar to set totals, only in this case, you’re betting on the total number of games rather than on sets. As such, game totals present you with more betting opportunities since you are wagering on total games in each set rather than sets themselves.

You can find game totals betting markets under the “Totals” or “Over/Under” sections of the bookie you’re using, commonly located next to the set totals odds.


Parlay isn’t exactly a new bet type but rather a wager combining several other bets. However, it’s generally much harder to hit parlay stakes, bettors like using them, mainly due to the better odds.

Parlay is a combination of 2 or more bets into one, meaning you can combine moneyline with over/under wagers to create a parlay, which multiplies the odds of the selected bets. As such, the odds are extremely generous, but its downside is that all your selections must be winners for your parlay to hit.

You will often find special promotions for Australian Open parlays, where bookmakers will offer odds boosts on all parlay bets, providing you with even more value, and another reason you should consider betting with parlays.

Prop Bets

Prop bets (or proposition bets) are unique wagers you can make that are not directly related to how the game will end. Instead, props focus on an occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific event throughout the match.

So while props aren’t related to the game outcome, all wagers you can make that are not dependent on the match-winner can be considered a prop bet. That includes the winner of the first set, which player will score the first ace, win to nil or even a bet on whether a player will win from behind.

There is no real limit to what prop bets can cover, and it comes down solely to the bookmakers to decide which they will offer.


As the name implies, futures (or future bets) are wagers you place on a future event. Future bets commonly include the outright tournament winner; however, any wager on a player’s future performance belongs in this category of bets.

The most typical example is the tournament winner, but you can also bet on how far a player will go in a tournament (to reach Round 3, to reach the semi-finals). Predicting how well a specific player will do at the Australian Open is tough, but the rewards are worth the risk, as you can easily bet on players who are priced as double or even triple digits.

Bet of the Day

During the tournament, many bookies will offer the Australian Open bet of the day, essentially a wagering offer on a match the bookmakers believe is the most important on that day. They promote the match on the site and will often offer odds boosts or other forms of promotions on it.


If you locate an Australian Open bet of the day, you should consider betting on it. It usually has much better odds and provides more value for the money.

How to Bet on the Australian Open

Betting on the Australian Open can be exciting, and while anyone can do it, only a few bettors profit from it. It takes a lot of knowledge of the game and the players to be successful in betting on tennis, and it takes a long time to become an expert at it.

Still, you can achieve that status quicker if you follow 8 key steps to get you on the right path when betting on the Australian Open.

  1. Find a reputable and safe sportsbook with competitive odds and market depth.
  2. Consider registering at multiple tennis bookies – for price shopping.
  3. Keep an eye out for bonuses, promotions, and other offers and take full advantage of them.
  4. Take time to find a reliable source of information and stats for tennis matches.
  5. Visit betting sites that can provide you with a betting preview for a game you want to bet on.
  6. Understand all the available bet types and learn to read wagering odds.
  7. Find a betting strategy that suits you and stick to it.
  8. Never overbet, and learn the basics of bankroll management.

Aus Open Live Betting & Live Streaming

Watching tennis matches can be exciting, but you can improve the experience if you’re betting on the games with in-play markets. Live betting, or in-play wagering, is a unique tennis betting approach. Placing live Australian Open bets is arguably one of the most exciting betting strategies you can use to make a profit.

Admittedly, live betting isn’t easy since it requires you to pay close attention to the action on the tennis courts and wager according to what you believe will happen next. However, on a more positive note, live betting odds are generally much better than pre-match odds. They offer excellent value for tennis bettors, which is why in-play betting is very popular.

If you want to live bet, you need only 3 things – enough time to watch the games, a stable internet connection, and access to a bookmaker that can offer you live betting. Luckily, due to the popularity of live betting, all online bookmakers will have in-play markets available.

Still, not all bookies will have live streaming of the games, so make sure that you bet only on bookmakers that can provide it to you, which will make your Australian Open live betting experience much better.

Australian Open Betting Tips & Predictions

If you want to profit from betting on the Australian Open, you should research and find bets that you consider worthy of a wager. Unfortunately, finding value bets isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of knowledge and time to do it efficiently.

But while you should always bet on what you believe is the best choice, it doesn’t hurt to check Australian Open predictions and see what tennis experts say. Finding a gambling site that can provide you with Australian Open betting tips is important if you want to make a profit long-term.

That is not necessarily because you should blindly follow all the tips but use the betting prediction as an additional source of information to help you find the best bets.

Australian Open Stats

Consider many things before you make your pick on which player you will bet on. You need to check the latest news and look for information that can help you decide whether you want to bet on one player, but most importantly, you need to check the stats.

Statistics and data are kings of sports betting, and if you have a strong network of sites that can provide accurate information, you will have a much easier time making your picks. Data never lies, and if you know how to differentiate important stats from noise and combine that with your knowledge of the players, you’re set to make intelligent bets with BetZillion and profit!

Australian Open Overview

It covers everything you need to know about betting on the Australian Open, where to find the right bookie, and how to find the best bets. But before you go and place your first wager, here are a few interesting things about the Australian Grand Slam tournament you might not know.

  • Novak Djokovic is the most successful tennis player of the Australian Open, with 9 titles, followed by Roy Emerson and Roger Federer. They each won the Australian Open 6 times, and Andre Agassi, Jack Crawford, and Ken Rosewall, with 4 titles each.
  • On the women’s side, the now-retired Margaret Smith Court leads the all-time standings with 11 Australian Open titles, followed by Serena Williams with 7, Nancye Wynne Bolton with 6, and Daphne Akhurst Cozens with 5 titles.
  • The Australian Open is the first of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments of the year, and it takes place ahead of the French Open, Wimbledon, and The U.S. Open.
  • The Australian Open takes place at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The most popular legal online bookmakers for the Australian Open include Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill, Sportsbet, and LVBet.
  • Novak Djokovic has won 9 of the last 12 iterations of the Australian Open, including 3 in a row in 2011-2013 and 2019-2021.
  • Andy Murray has made 5 Australian Open finals, but he has yet to win his maiden title.
  • Rafael Nadal won his first Australian Open in 2009, and he needed 12 years to add his second title in 2022 when he claimed his 21st Grand Slam.
  • The longest match at the Australian Open lasted for 5 hours and 53 minutes – between Djokovic and Nadal in 2021 final.

Bottom Line

If you’ve come this far, you should know everything there is to know about betting on the Australian Open, from where to find the best Australian Open betting sites, which wagers you can make, and how to find value betting on this prestigious tennis tournament.

Equipped with all that knowledge, you’re ready to find the best tennis bookie and start betting on the opening Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the favourite for the Australian Open?
    The current favourite to win the 2022 Australian Open is Novak Djokovic. Priced as second favourites are the 2021 Australian Open finalists in Daniil Medvedev and the reigning champion Rafael Nadal.
  • Who Has Won The Most Australian Open Tennis Titles?
    Novak Djoković won nine Australian Open titles over his career and is the current most-successful men’s tennis player of the tournament. Margaret Smith Court leads the way on the women’s side, with 11 titles (7 in Amateur Era, 4 in the Open Era), followed by Serena Williams with seven titles.
  • How to bet on the Australian Open winner?
    You can bet on the Australian Open on all online sportsbooks. The outright betting markets for the next Australian Open straight after the last finishes, so you can place your bets one year in advance. Still, you need to wait until January to start placing bets on individual matches or proposition bets
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