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Best Sports Betting Sites in Liberia

Read through our article to find the best betting sites in Liberia and learn everything there is to know about the online sports betting scene in this African country.

Top 3 Bookies in Liberia
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Online betting in Liberia is live and is in a perfect spot, but even though you can rest assured that you will be able to bet in Liberia, there are a few things you need to know, including:
  1. Where to find the top betting companies in Liberia?
  2. Which online betting company in Liberia has the best sports betting bonuses?
  3. What are interesting facts about Liberia and its online betting scene?

Full List of the Best Liberia Betting Sites

Liberia’s sports betting laws are fairly lenient, which allows any international bookmaker to offer its services in the country. And even though most don’t own a local gambling license, Liberian bettors are free to use them legally.

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It creates a reasonably common situation across most African countries, where local punters are encouraged to use locally licenced sportsbooks but tend to prioritize international bookies, largely because they tend to offer better odds and are generally considered much safer.

But no matter which bookie you prefer, you can rest assured that there are enough options – from the global sports betting juggernaut Bet365 to Star Bet and one of Africa’s most popular bookmakers, Premier Bet.

The Best Betting Bonuses & Offers for Liberian Bettors

Sports betting promotions, bonuses, and other offers are readily available on any bookie you will visit; however, there is no clear answer if you’re wondering which bookies have the best bonus offer. Some will have more bonuses and promotions on football, while others will emphasize tennis, volleyball, or Esports.

So depending on which sport you wish to bet on, you should pick a sportsbook that has the most bonus offers. Alternatively, you can settle for any international bookies that don’t necessarily promote a specific sport. Instead, you can offer generic bonuses such as Acca boosts, free bets, deposit bonuses, and special promotions on bigger sporting events.

100% up to $2500
New customers only! Get 100% sports up to $2500 on your First Deposit! To claim - use promo code: JOIN125 Full T&Cs apply
Up to 5m₿ in risk free bet in horse racing
Place a Fixed Odds win bet on any Thoroughbred, Greyhound or Harness & if your horse or Greyhound does NOT win you will receive the value of your first bet back, up to 5 mBTC in a bonus bet. Full T&Cs apply.

All in all, there is no clear best bookie with the best-betting bonuses and offers. But there are plenty of bookies that provide very generous proposals and other promotions for all sports and competitions.

Sports Betting in Liberia

Sports betting in Liberia is trendy, especially when discussing gambling on the country’s most popular sports. These include basketball, football, and athletics. Since those are the most popular sports among bettors, the local bookies make sure to provide adequate coverage of all events.

Moreover, you can also bet on local competitions, and you will have access to special wagers on Liberian athletes. That is because Liberians are very proud of the success of their local sports teams and athletes, and they don’t shy away from betting on them if given the opportunity.

Bet on Sport

Volleyball, basketball, and football are among the most popular sports in Liberia. Yet of the 3, football reigns supreme as the most-watched and the most popular sport among bettors.

As a result, all Liberian bookies will have excellent coverage of football events, and there will be no shortage of special promotions and bonuses on football matches. But know that while bookies focus on its football betting offers, they also cover other, less popular sports in the country, such as ice hockey, golf, Esports, and more.

Bet on Competitions

Liberia is a fairly undeveloped country, which explains why it doesn’t have many local professional sports competitions. Still, it shouldn’t surprise you that it has a domestic football league, the Liberian First Division, easily the most-watched Liberian contest and a big hit among sports bettors.

The clubs that compete in the Liberian First Division have yet to achieve any noteworthy success in domestic competitions, but that doesn’t stop Liberians from betting on the league.

How to Choose the Best Bookmakers in Liberia

Before you can place your first bet in Liberia, you need to pick a bookie that can provide you with the opportunity to do so and guarantee you a solid betting experience. Finding a sportsbook that will check that mark can be a time-consuming task, but you can follow a few steps to make the process easier.

  • The most important thing is that you always register on a legal sportsbook, guaranteeing that your personal information and your money will be safe.
  • Secondly, you need to focus on the quality of the service it provides or, in other words, that it can offer competitive betting odds, enough market depth, and the right payment methods.
  • Keep an eye out for bonus promotions and other offers. Although not an essential feature that a bookie must have, it is beneficial to have access to an occasional bonus or promotion, which will add plenty of value to your online sports betting experience.
  • It helps you register with a sportsbook with a mobile betting app, even if you don’t plan to wager on the go. This way, you can ensure that you will be able to bet anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Live betting markets, and live streaming options are 2 very beneficial features a bookie should have, so consider registering on a sportsbook that has them available.
  • Some online betting sites will also have online casinos, but while that can sound like a perfect addition, we would not emphasize it. Instead, focus on the odds quality and the depth of betting markets.

Which Liberian Bookmaker Has the Best Odds?

There is no Liberian bookmaker that has the undisputed best betting odds. Instead, a handful of bookies are considered the best betting sites in Liberia because they offer competitive odds, deep betting markets and solid bonuses.

It all depends on what sport you want to wager on. For example, Premier Bet will have a great offer for tennis, but its basketball odds might not be as good as that on Star Bet. So if you primarily bet on tennis, Premier Bet would be a clear choice.

This example also shows why it’s advisable to register at multiple bookmakers, so you always have access to the best odds no matter which sport you want to bet on. By having accounts on Premier Bet and Star Bet, you can wager on tennis and basketball and ensure that you get the best available price.

Know that the 2 mentioned bookies are just examples of the top-rated bookies in Liberia and that there are many more excellent sportsbooks you should consider picking.

Payment Methods at Liberian Sportsbooks

The most popular payment methods at bookmakers in Liberia are credit/debit cards; however, there are other options at your disposal. Some Liberian bettors also use bank transfers via UBA and Ecobank; however, you should know that not all sportsbooks will accept payments from the 2 banks.

Unfortunately, due to the poor economy in Liberia, the bookmakers in Liberia – unlike any bookmaker in Lesotho – don’t accept E-wallet payments. As a result, some of the most popular payment methods in Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz are not available in the country.

It results in a somewhat unfortunate situation where you’re fairly limited in which payment methods you can use on Liberia betting sites. Nevertheless, there are still enough payment options for you to fund your online betting account.

Mobile Betting Sites & Betting Apps in Liberia

Mobile betting is spreading at such a fast rate that it seems like it will become the most common way of wagering worldwide. And perhaps it would reach that point much sooner in African countries, where the accessibility of computers is very limited.

In Liberia, in particular, very few people own computers, but many have a mobile device, so as you might have guessed, mobile betting is the most common and popular way to wager on sports in 2022. As a result, top betting companies in Liberia developed their mobile betting app to meet the growing demand for mobile betting.

So if you’re a mobile bettor and wonder whether mobile gambling is available on bookmakers in Liberia, the answer is a resounding yes. There are more betting apps in Liberia than you can count, mainly because any online betting company in Liberia has one.

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Not all sportsbooks will have a mobile betting app and instead offer only a mobile version of their website. So if you’re a mobile bettor, make sure that the bookie you plan to register on has a wagering app.

Admittedly, you can use a mobile website and do the same thing, but mobile betting apps are generally far more convenient and stable than mobile ones. Moreover, some betting apps in Liberia will have special promotions and an occasional bonus exclusive for mobile punters, so there are advantages to using a mobile app.

Liberian Live Betting & Streaming

Live betting has become increasingly popular in the sports betting world, mainly because this is easily one of the most exciting ways you can bet on sports, Esports, or anything in between. Besides that, in-play betting can also be highly profitable for those who know what they’re doing.

With live gambling, you’re essentially placing a bet on a game already happening. And if you’re good at recognising what’s happening in the match, you will easily be able to find solid betting opportunities. Since bookmakers are also relatively ineffective in following the action precisely, live betting will often offer you very generous odds and ultimately provide you with plenty of value.

Even if you have never tried live betting, this is something any bettor should experience at least once, and it’s fairly easy to do. Any online betting company in Liberia has in-play wagering markets available.

But besides the accessibility of live betting markets, you should also find a bookie with live streaming options. This way, you will be able to follow the action by watching the game unfold via the live stream on the betting website, which is far more convenient than watching it on TV or any live streaming platform.

Sports Gambling Laws in Liberia

Sports betting and all forms of gambling are legal in Liberia and are regulated by the National Lottery Authority (NLA), which was formed in 1982. It had briefly stopped operating in 1990 but returned in 1993 when it issued the first Act of Legislation, which regulates all games of chance, effectively allowing anyone to bet in Liberia.

According to the country’s gambling laws, betting is legal, but sportsbooks have a physical presence to obtain a gambling license. Moreover, all bookies must have a starting capital of at least $750,000 and are taxed at 10%.

The lenient rules result in many new bookies opening their doors in Liberia. However, even if they don’t meet the requirements of a betting license or don’t wish to obtain one, any international sportsbooks are free to offer their service in the country. And you can use any global sports gambling provider without any concerns, as it’s legal to do so.

Moreover, there is no tax on sports betting winnings for residents. Meanwhile, non-residents need to pay a 20% commission on net winnings.

It’s important to note that since Libera has no laws that cover online sports betting, even non-residents don’t have to pay a 20% commission if they’re online gambling in the country. Liberia is a safe haven for anyone who wants to bet on sports online.

Liberia Overview

Here are some interesting facts about sports betting in Liberia and things you might not know about this African country.

  • Monrovia is the capital and the largest city in Liberia as of 2022, with over 940,000 population, followed by Gbarnga (45,800), Kakata (34,000), Bensonville (33,200), and Harper (32,600).
  • More than 2 dozen languages are spoken in Liberia, with English as the official language of this West African country. Other popular languages include Kpelle, Bassa, Grebo, and Dan.
  • The Liberian dollar is the official currency of Liberia, but most punters use US Dollar or Euro for online sports betting.
  • Since Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz are not available in Liberia, online bookies’ most popular payment methods include bank transfers and credit/debit card deposits. Some bookies also accept crypto deposits, which have become increasingly popular.
  • The most famous sports in Liberia are basketball, athletics, and football.
  • Liberia’s most popular sports competitions include Liberian First Division, FIBA Africa Championship, Olympic Games, and World Championship in athletics.
  • Mighty Barrolle is the most successful and famous football club in Liberia and one of the only professional teams in the country. Other popular teams include the national football and national basketball teams, which have appeared in many international competitions.
  • Former professional football player and the current president of Liberia, George Weah, is the most popular sports person from Liberia, alongside Sayon Cooper, Grace-Ann Dinkins, and Leo Gibson.
  • Liberia has no tax on sports betting winnings for local punters. Meanwhile, non-residents must pay a 20% commission on their gambling winnings.
  • Since Liberia has no laws about online sports betting, this rule does not apply to online betting. If you are engaging in online betting in Liberia, you won’t be needed to pay any tax on your winnings.

Bottom Line

With that, we conclude our Liberia sports betting guide, where we have covered everything you need to know about the sports betting scene in the country and where to find the best Liberian sports gambling sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is online sports betting legal in Liberia?

    Online sports betting and all forms of gambling are legal in Liberia. And since the online sector is fairly unregulated, there are no restrictions or enforcements that would tell you which online bookmaker you can use.

  • Which is the best betting site in Liberia?

    There is no clear best online betting site in Liberia, albeit there are several excellent options, including Bet365, Premier Bet, William Hill, and Star Bet.

  • How do I deposit money on my betting site?

    The deposit methods on Liberian bookmakers will vary depending on which bookie you choose. But on all, you will find bank transfers and credit/debit payment options as some of the most popular deposit options in Liberia.

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