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Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Rocket League
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Find the Best Place to Bet on Rocket League
Tim E

Rocket League is one of the world’s most popular online video games and a big name in the online Esports betting scene. Although it’s not as huge as the CS: GO betting scene, Rocket League remains a big hit among Esports bettors.

This article will cover everything you need to know about choosing the best Rocket League betting sites.

List of the Best Betting Sites to Bet on Rocket League

Rocket League is not the biggest Esports title in the world, but it’s surprisingly well-covered by most online bookmakers. Admittedly, finding Rocket League match betting markets on traditional bookies will be more complicated. Still, sportsbooks that don’t specialize in Esports betting – such as Betway, N1Bet, and Unibet – will occasionally offer RL wagering markets.

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Finding an Esports bookie where you’ll be able to bet on Rocket League is pretty straightforward, but know that not all sportsbooks offer the same gambling experience. So if you’re looking for the best Rocket League betting sites, you should make sure that you pick the right one.

The best Rocket League betting site will offer competitive Rocket League betting odds and enough wagering markets, as well as a solid selection of promotions and bet bonuses. Although not all bookmakers check those marks, there are plenty that does, so as long as you put in the time to find a solid Esports bookie, you should be set.

Rocket League Betting Bonuses

Bet bonuses and promotions are fairly common nowadays, and every sportsbook should have at least some offers available. Although the promotions vary, most bookmakers will at least have a welcome bonus, which usually comes as a first-deposit compensation.

Besides the welcome bonus, some bookmakers even offer Acca boosts, free bets, insurance, reload bonuses and special promotions for major events. Esports bookies will also have exclusive betting bonuses on Rocket League, particularly during major RLCS events such as the RLCS World Championship. And then there are skin-betting sportsbooks that will have their spin on bet bonuses, although they will mostly be the same as traditional rewards.

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So if you bet on RL, it’s wise to register on any Rocket League Esports betting sites or any Esports bookie, largely because those are most likely to offer Esports-specific bonuses.

Rocket League Odds

Before you make your first Rocket League betting picks and place your first RL wager, you need to understand how Rocket League betting odds work. However, understanding Rocket League betting odds is straightforward, especially if you’ve ever bet on football.

Since Rocket League is essentially a football video game, where instead of footballers, the players control cars, not only the rules but also the betting odds are very similar to that you would find wagering on a regular football match. But while reading odds on Rocket League bookmakers will come easy, you have to know one more thing about the odds.

Rocket League bookies often offer different odds or betting lines on the same game because they’ve evaluated the match differently. For example, LVBet could offer 3/1 on FaZe Clan to win the game.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that LVBet is undeniably the better of the 2 Rocket League bookies. Still, in this example, it would be wiser to bet on FaZe with LVBet and secure a higher potential payout. This example also shows why having accounts with multiple bookies is beneficial, so you can always bet with the best odds.

Rocket League Betting Markets

Rocket League has many wagering markets, allowing you to bet on anything you wish. Moreover, learning how the betting markets work is very straightforward since most are similar to gambling markets in football. So if you want to learn how to bet on Rocket League teams and already know how football betting works, you’re set!

Match Winner

Match winner is the most straightforward bet you can make while Rocket League match betting. It’s a single wager on which team will win the next match – and it doesn’t matter by how many goals they score; the only thing that matters is the outcome.

Map Winners

Some Rocket League matches are best-of-one, meaning there is just one game to determine the winner. But most RL matches – particularly in RLCS tournaments – are played as best-of-3 or best-of-5, where a team must win 2 of 3 games (or maps) to be crowned the winner.

When there are more maps played in a single game, Rocket League bookies will also offer map winner markets, which you can use to predict which team will win a certain map. The approach is the same as with Rocket League match betting, only that here you’re predicting a map’s winner rather than the winner of the entire series.


Handicap betting on Rocket League works similarly to handicaps in basketball, football, or other Esport. When 2 teams that are not evenly matched meet, Rocket League Championship Series betting sites will offer handicap wagering by giving a team a virtual advantage or disadvantage depending on their perceived strength.

So if FaZe Clan is expected to defeat G2 Esports and bookies believe FaZe should do it by at least 2 goals, they’ll set the betting line at 1.5 goals, allowing you to either bet on FaZe with a -1.5 handicap or on G2 Esports with a +1.5 goal handicap.

The handicap gets added/deducted from the final score, so if you bet on FaZe with a -1.5 handicap and they win 5-2, the adjusted score would still show them as the winners. Likewise, if you wager on G2 with a +1.5 goal handicap and they lost 4-5, your bet would win since the adjusted score (5.5-5) would be in their favour.

Total Points (Over/Under)

Totals (or over/under) points betting is very popular in Rocket League and is one of the simplest bets you can take. With it, you’re predicting whether a game’s total number of points (or goals) will reach the predetermined value.

So if a gambling site sets the betting lines at 5.5 goals, and you expect the game to end with more than 5 goals combined, you would bet on over, or vice versa.

Total Maps (Over/Under)

Total (or over/under) maps bet works the same way as wagering on total goals. The only exception is betting on how many maps will be played in any match. For example, if 2 teams meet in a best-of-3 series, the bookmakers will allow you to predict how many maps will be played in the game.

If you believe one team will win or lose 0-2, you will bet on under 2.5 maps, or if you think that the series will go the distance and that each team will win at least one map, you will bet on over 2.5 maps.

Odd/Even Maps

Odd/even maps betting is not as popular as other RL wager types, but if you look at it from a different angle, it’s essentially the same bet as the totals – assuming you’re betting on a Bo3 series. With this bet type, you’re predicting whether a game’s total maps will represent an odd or even number.

For example, if you believe one team will win the series 2-0, you would bet on the game ending in even maps, or if you think the game will reach the third map, you will wager on odd maps. Things get a bit more complex in a best-of-5 series, where there are more combinations of numbers.

Correct Score

The correct score bet is pretty self-explanatory. With it, you’re predicting the correct score of any given match, most commonly the correct number of goals. Moreover, correct score bets usually offer very generous Rocket League betting odds, which explains why this wager type is trendy among RL bettors.

Correct Map Score

Correct map score is the same bet as the normal “correct score” – the only exception is that you’re betting on the correct number of maps that will be played in a best-of series.

Bet of the Day

Rocket League bet of the day is a wager with the highest likelihood of winning and offers Esports bettors the best value for their money. If you wish to find the best Rocket League bet for today, follow our link to the best Rocket League betting sites available.


How to Bet on Rocket League

Thanks to the accessibility of Rocket League betting markets, anyone can wager on Rocket League, but not everyone will profit from it. That’s the sad reality of online betting; the sooner you realize it, the better off you’ll be.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re destined to fail. On the contrary, you can profit from betting on Rocket League, but you have to approach it the right way.

Here are our main Rocket League betting tips.

  • Find a reputable Rocket League betting site that is legal and can provide you with competitive Rocket League odds. Moreover, a solid Rocket League bookie must have enough betting markets, so you can wager on whichever RL tournament you wish.
  • It is advisable to register with multiple Rocket League betting sites to price shop and always bet with the best prices. Other advantages to having multiple accounts include taking advantage of bet bonuses and promotions across all bookies.
  • Once you get comfortable betting on Rocket League, you should consider trying out Rocket League live betting, which opens a new dimension of wagering on RL. Although it’s far more challenging, live betting can be highly lucrative.
  • Remember that there is such a thing as Rocket League item betting, slightly different from real money betting. Some bookmakers will allow you to bet on Rocket League items, although not directly. Rocket League item betting is the same as real money betting; the only exception is that you can deposit money into your wagering account with RL in-game items.
  • Once you decide how to bet on Rocket League and where you’ll do it, you must have a plan. Find a strategy that works for you, keep track of your bets and learn how to manage your bankroll.

Rocket League Live Betting

Rocket League live betting might not be for everyone, but it’s something any RL bettor should try. Since Rocket League is not as popular as some other big Esports titles, you might not be able to find live betting markets for it on any sportsbook. Still, if you visit prominent Esports bookmakers such as Fivestarsbets, there’s a good chance you’ll find them.

Besides finding a Rocket League bookmaker that can offer you in-play betting markets, you should also look for one with live streaming options. The latter is very important if you’re serious about live betting because you must know what’s happening in the game to make accurate predictions.

Although you can easily watch Rocket League from Twitch or any other live streaming platform, it is beneficial if you can access the live streams straight from the bookmaker you plan to bet on.

Live betting on RL is still a niche approach to wagering on the game – not as popular as straight match betting but more widespread as one-on-one betting. Regardless it’s worth a try for anyone serious about betting on RL.

Rocket League Tournaments

Rocket League has a well-developed Esports scene largely because the game is top-rated worldwide. It also explains why many RL tournaments and competitions are running across the year, giving fans something to look forward to and giving bettors plenty of betting opportunities to take advantage of.

But out of all Rocket League tournaments, just a few stand out as the most popular among RL bettors, namely the RLCS Series and the RLCS World Championship.

Rocket League Championship Series

The Rocket League Championship Series is the annual Rocket League Esports tournament series comprising the biggest and most important RL tournaments. Although Rocket League has other tournaments, events, and leagues, RLCS is equivalent to Dota Pro Circuit in the Dota 2 Esports scene and is well covered by all Esports bookmakers.

Rocket League World Championship

The Rocket League World Championship is a part of the RLCS as the culminating tournament of the RLCS season. It welcomes some of the best Rocket League teams, competing for the eternal glory of winning the world championship and the lion’s share of a multi-million prize pool.

As the most important tournament of the Rocket League season, the World Championship is well covered by all bookmakers, including skin betting sites offering garage betting and even some traditional bookmakers.

Rocket League Teams

Rocket League has a well-developed competitive scene, which features hundreds of professional teams from all corners of the world, including Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America. Many Rocket League teams are counted, but some of the best and most popular include Moist Esports, FaZe Clan, Version1, G2 Esports, and The General NRG.

Rocket League Betting Tips & Predictions

Successful betting on Rocket League is all about having the right tools and access to the right websites that can offer you valuable information and data to help you make the correct predictions. Finding as much information as you can before you visit a Rocket League betting site and place your Rocket League bets is significant, but while you can do all the research on your own, there is a way around it.

Many causal bettors don’t have the time to analyze all the stats to make educated bets, so they look for online Rocket League betting tips and predictions from expert bettors. These come mostly from wagering previews, available on most Esports betting websites.

Using Rocket League betting tips and predictions can be valuable, especially if you’re new to Rocket League betting and are still learning the ropes. But even if you’re an experienced punter, it is advisable that you check what other bettors have to say and read through betting previews for the next games. Even if you don’t follow the predictions, reading through the betting tips is a great way to get a second opinion on the match you plan to bet on.

Rocket League Betting Strategies

If you’re looking for a Rocket League betting strategy that will guarantee you profits, we have to inform you that there is no such thing. No hidden formula can ensure you win every bet you take, so instead of searching for one, focus on the basics and take the right steps to succeed in betting on RL.

Besides picking the right sportsbook and knowing how to read Rocket League odds, you have to do everything in your power to research the game or tournament you want to bet on. Check the latest news, follow the teams’ social media for any updates, and carefully analyze the available stats.

You must also take betting as an investment. Betting won’t make you rich overnight, so don’t expect to roll in money one week or month into your betting journey. Take your time, learn the ropes and slowly build your bankroll.

Leave emotions out of betting. It’s very easy to give into your feelings while betting, whether losing your wagers and feeling helpless or winning and feeling like you’re invincible. Don’t let emotions take over you and make you step away from the betting plan you’ve set for yourself, be disciplined and keep at it no matter how bad or unbeatable your record looks.

Payment Options

Rocket League betting sites offer plenty of betting options, but the methods will vary depending on which wagering site you choose. Still, any Esports bookie will offer the most common deposit options in Visa/MasterCard, bank transfers, Skrill, and Neteller, and some might even provide crypto deposits.

But unlike traditional bookies, some Rocket League betting sites also accept in-game item deposits. You’ll encounter a similar thing when betting on CS: GO or Dota 2, as some bookmakers will get CS: GO skins or Dota 2 items as a form of deposit, mainly because all these in-game items have a monetary value.

Whether skin deposits are better than bank transfers or crypto deposits is debatable, but it depends on your preference. If you have a lot of Rocket League in-game items and don’t mind losing them, you can use them for betting. If not, any traditional deposit options might be better suited for you.

Rocket League Betting Apps

Many Esports bookies are quite modern, which has advantages, mainly because most have a mobile betting app. So if you want to bet on Rocket League on your mobile device, there is a good chance that the sportsbooks that cover Rocket League will also have a dedicated mobile app.

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Installing a mobile betting app is advisable even if you don’t plan to wager on Rocket League from your phone. You never know when you’ll want to place a bet on the go, and beyond that, there are other advantages to using a mobile app, namely the accessibility of live streams.

And if you are a mobile bettor, we don’t need to write a guide about why using a mobile betting app over a mobile Rocket League betting site is better. Apps are far easier to use and more comfortable, and you might even get ahold of exclusive app promotions on a trusted betting companion.

Live Streaming

Like many Esports bookmakers offer a mobile betting app, most have live streaming options for Rocket League tournaments. Admittedly some won’t, but if you’re serious about betting on Rocket League, you should consider registering only with sportsbooks that have live streams.

If you want to bet on Rocket League live, an RL betting site must have live streams, but even if you only bet pre-match, it never hurts to watch your favourite teams play straight from the betting platform.

Know that some bookmakers will require you to place a bet on the match before you can watch the live stream, which is somewhat disappointing since live streams of all RL Esports matches are free on Twitch and YouTube. Still, very few Rocket League betting sites have this rule.

Rocket League Overview

Before we conclude our article, here are some interesting facts about Rocket League and its Esports betting scene.

  • Some of the biggest and most popular events in the Rocket League include Rocket League Championship Series World Championship, Saudi eLeagues, RLCS Regional Competitions, and the Collegiate Rocket League tournaments.
  • The most popular and successful Rocket League teams are FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, Moist Esports, Karmine Corp, and Team BDS.
  • Some of the best Rocket League players in the world are Ahmad “Ahmad” Abdullah, Axel “Vatira” Touret, Joe “Joyo” Young, and Massimo “Atomic” Franceschi.
  • You can play Rocket League on a computer, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Rocket League is very popular worldwide but has the largest fanbase in France, the United States, Brazil, Germany, and England.
  • Rocket League is not any other Esports title, but it shares some similarities with FIFA or PES, as they’re football simulations, while Rocket League is a football game with cars.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers for Rocket League betting are N1Bet,, Bet365, Unibet, Betway, and Pinnacle.
  • Rocket League was released in 2015 and quickly became one of the most-played online games in the world.
  • Rocket League is a sequel to a less-known Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.
  • It cost Psyonix less than $2 million to make Rocket League.
  • Rocket League is played by over 75 million people worldwide.
  • Gamers8 tournament, which took place in 2022, became the best-paid RL tournament in history with a $2 million prize pool equivalent to that year’s RLCS World Championship.

Bottom Line

It concludes our betting guide, providing all the information you’ll need to bet on Rocket League. Now you’re ready to find the best Rocket League bookmakers, create an account and start placing your RL bets!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bet on Rocket League?
    You can bet on Rocket League on most online sportsbooks. Although the availability of Rocket League betting markets will vary, you can’t go wrong with registering with an Esports bookmaker specializing in covering Esports, including Rocket League.
  • What is the best betting site for Rocket League?
    No one betting site is the best for betting on Rocket League; rather, there are many great sportsbooks you might want to check out. The most popular RL betting sites are Unibet, LVBet, and Bet365, which are all great choices.
  • Can I bet on Esports online legally?
    Yes, you can bet on Esports legally, as long as you do it on a licensed and legal online betting site. Moreover, you must be old enough to gamble online and ensure that your state laws don’t prohibit betting on Esports.
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