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Top 3 bookmakers for betting on EURO
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Find the Best Place to Bet on EURO
Sergio E
The UEFA Euro Championship is one of the biggest football competitions in the world. Even though the tournament is limited to only one every four years, many bettors will tell you that Euro Cup betting is worth the wait, as it often offers plenty of great wagering opportunities.

The UEFA European Football Championship, or the Euro Cup or EURO, is the biggest European men’s national team football competition, whose beginnings date to 1960. It was initially called the European Nations Cup but remained in UEFA Euro in 1968 and has been held every four years since 1960 – except for 2020 when it had to be postponed due to COVID-19.

Although the competition ranks below the World Cup, the UEFA Euro Championship remains one of the most anticipated and watched football competitions globally. As with any sporting event popular among viewers, this competition also attracts bettors, who eagerly await the odds to open so they can place their bets.

I aim to help aspiring and experienced bettors gain an edge over the bookies and make the most of their wagering endeavors. That is why I have created an ultimate guide that covers everything about choosing the best UEFA Euro betting sites.

List of the Best Euro Cup Betting Sites

Before placing your first Euro Cup bet, you must register at one of many Euro Cup betting sites. And even though plenty of bookies offer UEFA Euro Cup betting lines, you should never register at the first one you find, as chances are there are better bookmakers out there.

Finding the right sportsbook to register on is not only the first thing you need to do before starting betting, but it’s also an essential step you will take on your journey of becoming a Euro Cup punter. No matter how good you are at betting on football, if you’re not placing bets on a bookie with solid odds, you won’t see profit in the long run, or in the best-case scenario, your long-term yields will be lower.

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Finding the best sportsbook for you isn’t easy, mainly because so many are available online. However, you can follow a few simple steps to make it easier.

The most important thing is to find a reputable sportsbook, ensuring a certain quality of service. There is a good reason why some of the most well-known bookies have been around for decades, and the answer to why is usually the quality of the betting service they provide.

The second thing you should keep an eye on is the character of the odds. Not all sportsbooks are the same since some may offer better odds on ice hockey, while others will try to cater to football bettors by providing excellent odds on football events.

So if you locate a bookie with great La Liga odds, it’s fair to say the sportsbook puts a lot more focus on football leagues and tournaments, so chances are it will also have solid Euro odds.

You should always look at the bookie’s offer of bonuses and promotions. While not as crucial as the quality of the betting odds, promotions and bonuses can add value to your betting, especially if they’re focused on the league or competition you’re trying to bet on.

The site’s layout and aesthetics are the last important factor when choosing a bookmaker. Still, you should always pick a platform you like and find it easy to use.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right football bookmaker, and there is no way of telling which is best suited for each individual. Still, with the help of our betting experts, we have compiled a list of some of the top sportsbooks you should check.

Offers & Promotions

Great offers and promotions should not be the main reason you pick one sportsbook over the other, but it helps you register as a bookie with a generous selection of both. Bonuses, offers, and promotions are the best and easiest ways to gain extra value from your betting journey, so while they’re not the most important feature you should look for when picking a bookmaker, it’s wise to take full advantage of them.

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With so many sports betting sites available, you can be sure that there’s also a large variety of bonuses and promotions available.

Sportsbooks are free to choose what kind of offers, bonuses, and promotions they will provide, but generally, they fall into one of 4 categories:

  1. Free bets on first deposit
  2. Refunds on your first bet
  3. Odds boosts on specific events
  4. Parlay payout boosts

While free bets and refunds are usually a one-time bonus, odds boosts and other promotions that increase the potential payout of your bets are not. You can expect the latter to pop up every time a big sporting event is on, so it’s essential to pick a bookie that focuses more on the sport you’re planning to bet on.

For example, bookies focusing more on football often offer promotions on football derbies, huge international events, or even a sponsored team.

Although finding a bookmaker with great bonuses and promotions might seem tedious, it isn’t. Most sportsbooks will have their offers and bonuses displayed on the home page, making it very easy to see which is the best fit for you, as long as you take time to comb through several sports betting sites.

To make the task easier for you, we have assembled a list of some top wagering sites with the best Euro betting offers.

UEFA Euro Odds

Since the Euros is one of the world’s largest and most important football tournaments, European Championship odds won’t be hard to find. And if you’ve wagered on football before, it will also be easy to understand them.

The Euro betting odds and bet types are very similar to any other international football tournament, and it carries a lot of similarities to the World Cup. You can still bet on the match-winner, the tournament champion, and everything.

But while the markets will be mostly the same across all bookmakers, the quality of the odds will differ. Most bookmakers approach setting the odds differently, resulting in diverse prices on the same game or the same team.

So while one bookie might have Wales priced at 2/1 to defeat England, another could offer odds as high as 11/5. And that is why it’s essential to find the best sportsbook with the best odds to get the most value out of your bets.

Euro Cup Specials

When betting on Euros, you will get presented with a large selection of wagering markets and bet types. While there are different ways of betting on the Euros Championship, you could argue that specials offer the most excitement.

Specials are an umbrella term that includes many bets, which are too many to cover in one article. So instead, we will take a look at the most popular specials, starting with qualification – a bet you can make well before the tournament begins.


With a qualification wager, you’re betting on which nation you believe will qualify for the Euros or which country will make it through Euros groups and into the playoffs. Depending on the bookie you choose, a qualification bet will have a different meaning, so it’s wise to double-check which market you’re wagering on.

Still, it won’t be challenging to differentiate between the 2. Betting on which team will qualify for the Euros Championship will be available well before the tournament begins, while betting on which team will be eligible for the playoffs will generally be open only after the end of the qualification.

However, there are exceptions. For example, some bookmakers will accept bets on which team will make it into the playoffs even before knowing which countries will attend the event. And since these bets are highly risky, they’re often accompanied by very generous Euro betting odds.


Group wagering is one of the most popular ways to bet on Euros, mainly because there are many ways to approach it and the high Euro betting odds it offers.

With group betting, you can pick which team will win, which team will qualify for the next stage, which team won’t make it through, and much more. So if you believe France will win their group, you can bet on that, just like you can also predict the team’s exact placement.

The most courageous football bettors will also try their luck by predicting the exact standings, which requires them to predict which team will finish the group first, second, third, and fourth. It is one of the most challenging bets, but the risk gets compensated with high potential payouts.


Betting on Euros offers plenty of wagering opportunities, but the most exciting one is arguably staking on the finals. As the tournament’s final match, the Euros finals is not only the most-watched game but also the most bet-on game of the event.

The finals also serve as the ultimate test for the bettors, who can put the knowledge and the stats they’ve accumulated over the tournament into one final test and see whether they have done enough research to know which team has what it takes to win the whole thing.


Although all Euro Cup betting predictions can be considered team wagers, this market includes many specific bets. Depending on the bookmaker you choose, you will get presented with a large selection of team-specific bets, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Total number of points a team will accumulate in the group stage
  • Number of wins a team will achieve over the tournament
  • Which team will score the most goals?
  • Which team will concede the most goals?
  • Will a country end the group stage without conceding a single goal?

Not only are these wagers very exciting, but the odds on European Championship special team bets are generally high. Those are also 2 main reasons why betting on team specials is highly popular.

Best Player (Top Goalscorer)

You can bet on how the teams will do in a tournament and place wagers on a player’s performance. And the most popular player bet is the best player or top goalscorer.

The odds offered on the Euro’s top goalscorer are often dictated by how a certain player has done in domestic leagues. And while top scorers in any of the 5 major football leagues tend to perform well in international events, it’s not as uncommon to see an underdog claim the MVP award.

As a prime example, at EURO 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrik Schick ended the tournament as the top goalscorers. And while Ronaldo was one of the favourites to claim the Golden Boot, Schick was a complete outsider and has earned many bettors a huge payout.

The best advice we can give you when betting on Euro’s top goalscorer is not to be afraid to back an outsider. Although their chances to win the Golden Boot are slim, you could be looking at high payouts, at odds that often reach triple digits.


The winner bet (or outright) is a bet you make on which country will win the trophy. There isn’t much more to it since this is one of the most straightforward wagers you can make when betting on the European championship.

Although a simple bet, picking the tournament’s winner isn’t simple, mainly because it’s very rare for the top favourites to justify their tag as such. However, outright betting is also prevalent since wagering on outsiders isn’t necessarily bad.

Most notably, Greece won the 2004 Euro as an 80/1 underdog, proving that taking the risk of betting on complete outsiders on Euro winner odds can pay off.

Betting on UEFA Euro Championship is highly entertaining due to the high-level football the tournament provides and the large selection of bets you can make. But out of all the stakes available to you, a few stand out as the most popular.

And when we talk about the most popular football bets, it all starts with the most basic of them – moneyline.


Moneyline is a bet type that allows you to wager on the most fundamental thing in the world of betting – who will win a match? As much as we would like to explain more about the moneyline, there isn’t much more to it than that.

With moneyline, you’re simply predicting which team will win a match, so either you’re betting on Team A or Team B.

It is important to mention that while moneyline is widespread, most football bettors will instead bet on the 1×2 market. The 1×2 is very similar to the moneyline; the only exception is that 1×2 allows you to bet on Team A (1), Team B (2), or on a draw (X), whereas the moneyline does not include a draw as a possible outcome.

But there are advantages to using a moneyline. If you bet on Belgium to defeat France on the moneyline and the game ends in a draw, your wager would be refunded. Meanwhile, if you had bet on Belgium on the 1×2 market, your stake would result in a loss.

Totals (Over/Under)

The totals (or over/under) is a single bet that allows you to predict several statistics in a game. In football betting, the total will most commonly be used to predict the total number of goals, but it can also be used for fouls, corners, goal kicks, and more.

The bookmakers will set the line based on the information and stats on the teams. If you’re betting on a game featuring 2 teams known for scoring goals, the line could go as high as 3.5, but most commonly, it will be set at 2.5.

So if you believe a game will end with more than 2 goals, you would place a wager on over, whereas you would bet on under if you think there will be 2 or fewer goals. Typically, the total line will be set with half-goals to avoid a possibility of a void bet, but if you wish, you can also bet on whole numbers (over/under 2 goals).

Point Spread

The point spread is one of the most popular bets across all sports, as it’s a wager on the margin of victory in a game. It’s essentially an upgraded version of the moneyline (or 1×2) bet, where you’re predicting which team will win and by how much.

This bet type will be presented with a + or – goal spread, allowing you to wager on the outsiders with a positive or underdogs with a negative spread. In other words, you’re either handicapping one team or giving the other an advantage.

Most commonly, the spread will be set at 1.5 goals. With that, you can bet on the favourites to win by 2 or more goals (-1.5), or you can wager on the underdogs to win, draw, or not lose by more than a goal (+1.5).

The spread gets added to the outcome, giving you the new adjusted result to decide whether your stake won or lost.


Props or proposition bets are unique wagers that can add excitement to betting on the Euros or any other tournament. Props are remarkable in a way that the outcome is not necessarily related to the final result of the match. Still, they focus on a specific event’s occurrence or non-occurrence.

Betting propositions allow you to wager on anything you can imagine; the only limit is the bookie’s imagination. Who will score the first goal is a prime example of a prop bet, while you can also wager on which player will get sent off or whether there will be a handball during the game.

But the selection of prop bets goes well beyond that. Some of the unique props you will find when betting on Euros include:

  • Will the first goal of the game be a header?
  • Will fans invade the pitch?
  • Will a team coach get shown a red card?
  • Will there be an injury?
  • Will a player take off his jersey?


Futures or future bet is a special type of bet used to predict a specific event in the future. The most common and famous example of a future is a bet on which country will emerge as the tournament’s champion.

Betting on the winner might be the most popular future wager, but it’s not the only one. Although betting on a winner of the match that will happen in a few days is technically wagering on a future event, Euros futures primarily include bets on:

  • Tournament winner
  • Top goalscorer
  • Qualifications
  • To reach Playoffs
  • To be eliminated

Bet of the Day

At BetZillion, our goal is to help punters on their betting journey by providing sports betting guides, sportsbook reviews, and wagering previews and predictions, with the help of our betting experts, who work tirelessly to provide only the best content on the internet.


As a site created to help punters, we pride ourselves most on our betting previews, which offer opinions and picks from our team of experts who share their knowledge about specific matches or tournaments and provide a betting prediction. But every once in a while, our experts find a game they believe offers incredible value to our readers, and we add these predictions to our “Bet of the Day” section.

We will keep an eye on Euro 2024 odds for the Euro Cup and do our best to find these gems. So you can rest assured that there will be plenty of great UEFA Euro predictions on our website.

How to Bet on Euro Cup

Betting on the Euro Cup can be exciting and highly lucrative, but only if you approach it correctly. Like anything in life, you need to start with the basics, and as long as you take the proper steps, you’re set to achieve great things.

You must first learn to read before writing a book. Any bettor must take a few crucial steps before placing his first wager.

  1. Find a good sportsbook.
  2. Choose a bookie with great bonuses and promotions.
  3. Consider making several betting accounts for price shopping.
  4. Registering at a betting exchange (Ladbrokes, Betfair) can be beneficial.
  5. Build a network of websites with valuable information.
  6. Follow reputable sports betting sites with UEFA Euro predictions.
  7. Learn to read UEFA Euro Cup betting lines.
  8. Find the right wagering strategy.
  9. Learn to manage your bankroll.

Euro Cup Live Betting

Betting on Euros with special markets is entertaining, and you can make it even more exciting by exploring prop markets. But out of all things you can do to make wagering on the Euro championship as exciting as possible, live betting takes the cake.

Live betting or in-play betting is a unique and highly popular wagering strategy many punters use to place bets on games while they’re happening. But not only is in-play betting fascinating, but it can also be lucrative.

Admittedly, in-play betting is mainly reserved for only the most experienced bettors, who have a good idea of what will happen next in the game. But that doesn’t necessarily mean casual punters should be excluded from it.

The biggest reason in-play betting is so popular is that live football bookmakers make mistakes when setting the in-play odds. As efficient as bookies have become in evaluating games, they still make errors, which are most noticeable in in-play markets.

So as long as you have a basic understanding of football and can see what’s happening on the pitch, you should be set to stake on live betting markets. And if you get good at it, profits will follow.

UEFA Euro Cup Betting Tips & Predictions

No matter how experienced you are as a bettor or how knowledgeable you are about the teams and players, you will never have access to all the information. Admittedly, the most successful punters are also the most efficient in reading stats and accessing valuable information about the games, but even they can miss crucial details.

That is why looking for a second opinion is a wise thing to do. Even the best football bettors will admit they check what other experts think, not because they want to copy the predictions but to see what others believe will happen.

The best way to get a second opinion, which you can use to make your own decision, is to check Euros betting tips at reputable wagering sites. And while you might disagree with the final prediction, the preview could present you with a piece of information you might have missed.

Live Streaming

If you want to bet on Euros on in-play markets, it’s essential that you have access to a stable live-streaming platform, so you can follow the action as it happens. Admittedly, you can watch the games on TV, but running from the TV to your PC to place a bet isn’t optimal if you have your computer in the same room.

Most punters who bet in-play will instead watch the games on streaming platforms, which allow them to place bets almost instantly. However, there’s an even better way to approach that.

You must bet on a sportsbook that offers a live streaming service if you’re an in-play punter. With that, you can watch the games straight from the bookmaker’s website, and the bookies will often offer you an option to place an in-play wager with a single click of a button.

So while you can approach in-play betting in many different ways, the optimal way is to bet on a bookmaker that accepts in-play wagers and offers a stable streaming service. Remember – time is of the essence in live betting, and every second counts.

Euro Cup Stats

To be a successful bettor, you need knowledge and access to information and stats.

Wisdom comes with time and dedication to learning the ins and outs of sports betting. Meanwhile, accessing information and stats is much simpler as long as you know where to look for them.

For information, it’s often wise to follow major media outlets and even the players’ social media accounts. For Euro Cup stats, you need to find a reputable website that provides football statistics of the players, teams, leagues, and tournaments.

Luckily, plenty is available online for free, so accessing stats is simple. But while it may be simple, building a solid network of stats sites will be essential to your success as a sports bettor.

Euro Cup Overview

The Euro Cup is right behind the World Cup, the world’s biggest and most popular football tournament. And by many measures winning the UEFA European Championship is just as prestigious as lifting the Jules Rimet trophy.

Here are some interesting facts about EURO you might not know about:

  • There have been only 10 different champions of the Euros since 1960, and there are only 4 countries that won it more than once – Germany (3), Spain (3), Italy (2), and France (2).
  • The Euro Cup might feature some of the world’s best strikers, but not a single player in the history of EURO ended the tournament with double digits.
  • The current record holder is Michel Platini, who scored 9 goals in 1984, while the second-best scorer was Antoine Griezmann, with 6 goals in 2016. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo, Milan Baroš, Savo Milošević, Patrick Kluivert, Alan Shearer, and Marco van Basten all won the Golden Boot with only 5 goals.
  • Euro Cup is one of the most prestigious football tournaments globally and shares that status with World Cup, Copa America, and AFC Asian Cup.
  • The Euro Cup happens once every 4 years, and the tournament travels to a different European country each year.
  • Traditionally, the tournament happens in one country, but there were exceptions in 2020 (Belgium + Netherlands), 2008 (Switzerland + Austria), and 2012 (Poland + Ukraine), when the Euro Cup was held in 2 neighbouring countries.
  • In 2021 (EURO 2020), the event was held across 11 European countries to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Championship competition.
  • The 2024 Euro Cup will take place in Germany for the first time since 1988, when it was held in Western Germany, before the German reunification.
  • Since the Euro Cup is one of the most popular football tournaments globally, it will receive plenty of coverage from sports betting sites. But even though there will be plenty of bookies to choose from, most punters prefer LvBet, Bet365, William Hill, and 1xBet for their EURO betting needs.

As a bettor, you should know a few more things about the Euro Cup.

  • Underdogs often outperform expectations (Denmark SF in 2021, Wales SF in 2016, Greece won in 2004).
  • Betting on outsiders to win the Golden Boot is a popular strategy.
  • Group stage matches are known for upsets.
  • Traditionally, fewer goals are scored in the playoffs.

Bottom Line

UEFA European Championship is a football tournament that welcomes some of the strongest European football teams in the world to compete for the coveted title of Europe’s top football nation. Admittedly, the Euro Cup lacks South American football powerhouses in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, but it still features most of the world’s elite football teams.

With so much talent in one tournament, the Euro Cup is easily one of the most-watched sporting events in the world, and the fact that it happens only once every 4 years only adds to the excitement the fans feel once it’s finally on. And as with any major sporting event, Euro Cup is also highly popular amongst bettors, some of whom make a nice profit wagering on the special UEFA Euro Cup betting lines and with in-play betting.

But it’s not only the best football punters who can bet on the Euro Cup and make a profit. So whether you’re a casual bettor or an experienced punter who lives and breathes football, there’s plenty of money to be made betting on the European football championships.

A lot goes into betting on the Euro Cup, but as long as you pick the right bookmaker and visit the best wagering website, you should be set to make some profit betting on one of the biggest football tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can you bet online on the Euro Cup?
    You can bet on Euro Cup at almost all online sportsbooks, but while there are plenty of bookies that offer Euro odds, you should always do your research and find the right bookmaker for you.
  • Who is the Favourite to win the Euros?
    As some of the strongest European football teams, Germany, France, England, Spain, and Italy are widely considered among the top favourites to win the European Championship.
  • How often is the Euro Cup?
    Since its inception in 1960, the Euro Cup has been held every 4 years. The only exception was EURO 2020, which had to be postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19.
  • What are the odds for the Euro Cup 2024?
    Most bookmakers won’t start offering odds on the Euro Cup until a few months before it happens, but there are bookmakers who will open markets years ahead of time. You can access them by visiting bookmakers’ future markets and navigating the international football category.
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