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The collegial division NCAA is common to a lot of sports. In this review, we would consider the football variant because it is one of the others’ most prominent. The same goes for NCAA football betting. The rate at which bettors are trooping into the sector is at an alarming rate. There are so many reasons that we can attribute to it.

This review would talk extensively and explain everything surrounding how to bet on college football online. Our aim is that by the end of this review:

  • You would know how to pick the best NCAA football betting sites for yourself.
  • You would learn about the best NCAA events that bring the best returns.

Best College Football Betting Sites

The first and arguably the most crucial step in betting is to get the best college football betting sites according to your taste. A lot of gamblers seem to underestimate the importance of getting a good website. They dictate a lot of things that affect your betting activities, especially the current NCAA football odds.

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It would be best if you previewed the odds of the bookmakers first. It must be to your exact taste. Once you are satisfied with the latest college football odds for today, the next most important thing is to check if the bookie is legal. How would you do this? That is through the gambling license. It must have a valid one that shows that the activity of such a website is regulated. In short, your privacy, details, and everything is secured.

Once those two are settled, you can begin to consider other options such as payment methods, website layout, and many more. In the end, you will get your best college football betting site.

Offers & Promotions

Several offers and promotions are associated with online college football betting. Although from research, we were not able to find anyone exclusive to NCAA college football. On the bright side, American football bookies offer general sports bonuses applicable to college football.

50% up to $250
50% up to $1000
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These bonuses come in different forms, such as a welcome bonus, only for the new customers, no deposit, and deposit bonus. There are also loyalty programs for existing customers, and they mostly come in the form of a risk-free bet. Either way, you should check it out before you settle for the sportsbook.

NCAA Football Odds

Many bettors find it difficult to read the NCAA football odds, especially the starters. Some go to the extent of finding out where NCAAF sportsbooks get their odds; there are logical calculations. They consider the form that both teams are in before facing off. Note that the favorites always have lower odds between the two.

There is usually an expert forecast on each of the games that the sportsbook considers asides from the two teams’ forms. After collating the data alongside some calculations, they can come up with the college football betting lines. It is the reason why bookmaker’s odds are always around the same range. They use a similar process.

NCAAF Specials

Now that you have where to bet on college football legally, there are some events, competitions, and tournaments that are always the best events to place your money on in NCAA college football. In times like this, the gambling universe usually sees a surge of huge percentages of bettors into the football sections.

The reason for such is that they are aware of the potentials that this competition holds for them. It is best that you also capitalize on this too. Let us take a look at some of them.


The NCAA Football Championship is a beauty to behold from both the angle of a spectator or a bettor. It is an exciting one to behold. We all love to see the atmosphere around the games in times of the championships. The same goes for bettors.

The College Football Championship odds are favorable for anyone ready to stake on the games. If you like to play and win big, you should aim for the NCAA football championships because you will get more than what you bargained for; exciting and profitable.


The playoff is common to other sports like basketball, baseball, and many others, and if you are familiar with them, you would know the importance that the event holds. In the world of spectators, they all love to watch the playoffs.

The same goes for the gambling universe; they all love to bet on the playoffs. NCAAF betting sites also offer all sorts of bonuses and promotions in these times. It is left for you to dial into the frequency of the surrounding. The odds generate massive payouts.

Bowl Game

The bowl game in NCAA football is more of a postseason event, so it is so popular. Everyone wants a part of the last action of the season. For those that bet on only collegial football games, these are times that they make the most use of the opportunity.

The bowl game usually features the top-tier teams, which is why it is wonderful. You always have high probability wagers in the event. It is also more likely for you to see your favorite teams there; it reduces your chances of being indecisive. College football bowls odds are also impressive.


We believe that betting on NCAA football teams cannot sound alien to you. Every bettor indulges in wagering on a team that would win a game, which is not bad. The only issue is that some fail to explore the other team specials that are at their fingertips.

You can bet on specific events or the performance of each team. A good example is to bet on the number of passes that a team would make in the championship or the specific number of goals or the squad that would undergo relegation in 2022. Making specials like this promote better odds but most bettors like to play it safe. In this industry, no risk, no reward.

Best Player (MVP)

The best player special is straightforward, and a lot of bettors make use of the options. As the name goes, it involves predicting the best player in a match. Where the confusion comes is being that the option has different variants. The first of which is more common is betting on the best overall player in both teams at the end of the match.

The second, which is less common, is betting on the best player in one team. If it seems almost impossible to pick out the possible overall best player, you can go for only one of the squads. Of course, the odds to win NCAA football of the former are greater than those of the latter. It is also commonly called MVP bet.

We believe it is starting to make more sense gradually. Now, you know some of the best times to bet on NCAA football. That is the most important because bettors have to target higher odds. Always have it at the back of your mind that the higher the odds, the more your payouts.

So what is the next step forward? You know the best events, how then do you place your bets? Which options will you use? That’s what we would be considering now. We want to take a quick look at the popular bets that are available in NCAA college football.


Moneyline is the simplest that you would ever come across in any sport. Most gamblers execute money lines in their day to day betting routine, yet they are unaware of what is officially called. College football Moneyline is when you pick one team to be a winner from 2 teams facing off. We bet that it sounds familiar now.

Our advice is that newbies start with the option because of its simplicity. You don’t have to know the calculation of the odds or compare anything. Once you pick your predicted winner, you are good to go.

Point Spread

Point spread, also commonly known as spread betting, is arguably the most common option in sports betting, especially NCAA college football. It offers reasonable high-paying odds, and it is relatively easy to comprehend. Beginners who are unsatisfied with the Moneyline bet should go for this option.

When 2 teams are playing, there is a favorite and an underdog, of which the favorite is supposedly the stronger team. The favorite always has a minus (-) while the underdog has a plus (+).

The NCAA football betting lines could be a -10 for the favorite. If you place the wager, what it means is that you are betting that such a team would win the game with nothing less than 10 goal points. If they win, but it is lower, it counts as a loss for the bettor.

On the other hand, if the underdog’s betting line is +10 and you place the wager, what it implies is that you are betting that such a team can lose the game but not conceding goal points above 10. It is also a win for the bettor if such a team wins the favorite. Easy isn’t it? Check the college football point spreads for this week; you would relate well.

Total (over/under)

Most people love the total bet because it is a simple option that doesn’t require you to predict the winning team. So if you feel that you don’t have enough conviction to pick one squad over another, this is an option that you can run to in that case.

The total bet involves predicting the total scores. You don’t have to do it accurately. You only tell if it would be over or under a certain number proposed by the sportsbook. That is the reason for the other name; over/under bet.


Parlay bet is very interesting in our opinion, and NCAA football picks and parlays are not for beginners in our opinion. All along, our discussions have been about how to place a single bet. We understand that some of you may plan to put more than one and, in turn, sacrifice your money in 2 places. Well, you don’t have to do that; that is the point of Parlay bet.

Here you can combine 2 or more options into one, meaning that with the same amount of money as simple bets. Fascinating, isn’t it? They add all the odds combined for the total odds, so you can trust that payouts would be massive.


We have to consider all options with betting directly or indirectly on team performance; how about player performance? That is a prop bet. It allows you to bet on only a single player. You could explore; it could be the number of goals or passes the player would have in a match.

What makes it interesting is that you may decide that it should not be a game’s performance. It would be in 3 successive games or however you deem fit. Whichever way, the odds are attractive.


A futures bet is also one relatively simple betting option. From the name, you can conclude that it involves betting on future events. It is only for patient bettors. For example, you can decide to bet on the future winner of the NCAA football championship. You would have the wait until the events are over before you can get your results. If it is a win, you win big because the odds are superb.

Bet of the Day

You may have come across the NCAA bet of the day unknowingly because each bookie recommends it. There are usually specific NCAA games with obvious results; your sportsbook sees it and speculates it as a massive chance for bettors to win. They tag it like the NCAA bet of the day. When you see such, take advantage of the opportunity.


How to Bet on the NCAAF

We believe at this point, we have completed every piece, and you should have enough to start looking for the best college football bets for this weekend. For you to start is not difficult at all. Once you have a good betting website that solves half of the problem because you have good odds.

In every case, it is most recommended that you place your wager on the favorite team over the underdog unless you have a strong analytical conviction that the underdog is capable of winning. Another key factor to NCAAF public betting on the NCAA is keeping it simple. Don’t overcomplicate the process.

NCAA Football Live Betting

Live betting is a wonderful innovation in the gambling industry. Most bettors are familiar with placing their bets before the game starts, Las Vegas style. Do you know that it is possible to put your wagers when the game has begun? That is what we call live betting, also known as In-Play betting.

The fascinating thing about live betting is that the odds are always constantly fluctuating because of the live game. So, in addition to being analytical about the game, you have to be fast to place your wagers so that you can get the best odds.

It is also a very profitable innovation if you use it well. When you watch the game, it is easier for you to make better decisions. For that reason, many bettors attest to the fact that they win better when they go for in-play betting.

Betting Apps

If you solely use only your betting website, we are sad to inform you that you are behind since 2020. Things have gone beyond using only the web version of your sportsbook. Now, most bettors are moving to mobile apps. It is easier and faster to use.

50% up to $250
50% up to $1000
100% up to $500

You don’t need to go through the stress of putting your details to log in all the time. Once you open the app, it takes you straight to what you need. It is the best option for those that prefer live betting because the live odds reflect faster here. It is safe to say that a mobile app’s availability is an excellent criterion to check in a bookmaker.

NCAA Betting Picks

Free college football betting picks are often in matchups, especially when two equal strength teams are matched. In that case, the Moneyline is zero, and there is no point for point spread because there is no favorite or underdog. In cases like this, you only have to pick your best team—no need to worry about the odds.

NCAA Football Betting Tips & Predictions

A lot of bettors use the free college football predictions offered by their sportsbooks. Before a game, they would always give a form of a forecast of the potential winners. Predictions are also available from different sources apart from your betting site; experts like ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, Fox Sports, and CFB also make their own. We advise that whatever you do, don’t allow the NCAA football games predictions for tonight to affect your original decision; use it more like a guide.

NCAA Football Betting Strategies

Many outsiders view gambling as something your register and dive in headfirst into anything you come across. It doesn’t work that way. It would be best if you had a plan, and a lot of bettors fall short in this area. Although your strategy should be more personal, we can provide some college football betting tips to help you formulate yours.

One strategy that you could employ is live betting. You can make a plan to watch at least ten minutes of each game before you make your bet. It would help to increase your profitability as you would win more.

Another thing you could employ is to only bet on selected teams. It would help if you didn’t go betting on every NCAA football team you come across; narrow it down to only ones that would give you a higher chance of winning. Minor things like this make a huge insider difference for you.

Live Streaming

You don’t have to sit in front of your TV to watch your NCAA games when you bet. A lot of the best sites to bet on football now provide live streaming features to players. You can decide to watch your games from your mobile device irrespective of the place you are; once you have a stable internet connection and a bookie that supports it, you are good to go.

NCAA Football Stats

In our opinion, bettors need to learn a little more about NCAA football stats before placing wagers, at least for the 2 teams that are playing. You should study their performance in the previous games, stats like this give you better decision-making. It helps you to determine whether the team is in form or not. It is never a good idea to bet on a team that is out of shape. You can use this to get the team with the best odds to win the NCAA Football Championship.

NCAA Football Overview

As we are drawing this college football sportsbook review to a close, we would like to show you some general information on the division.

  • Yale has the most NCAA football championships, with a total of 18. Next to Yale is Alabama, with 16 championships, third on the list is Princeton with 15. The fourth is Notre Dame edging close with 13 championships.
  • Some of the most popular NCAA football players are Trevor Lawrence, Dick Butkus, Nick Saban, Barry Sanders.
  • Some of the most popular NCAA events are the playoffs, championships, bowl games.
  • Most of the NCAA football games take place in the United States.
  • Some of the top NCAA football betting sites are BetOnline, Bovada, BetUS, MyBookie.
  • The largest NCAA stadium is located in Michigan, with a capacity of 107,601.

Bottom Line

That would be all on NCAA football betting. We hope you have come to a consensus with us that betting on NCAA college football is not complex. We advise that you bet on NCAA football in one of our recommended sportsbooks for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is college football betting legal?

    Yes, college football is legal in the states. You are free to bet on it online. You also have to be sure that gambling is legal where you reside.

  • What states can you bet on college football?

    Betting on college football is not restricted to any state. In every state that gambling is legal, college football is also allowed. Apart from the law, there is no other restriction.

  • Where to bet on college football?

    You can be on college football online. Several online sportsbooks allow it. We recommended some in the review.

  • How to read college football odds?

    Reading the college football odds is not difficult. You have to be able to differentiate between the favorite and underdog teams. The former has a minus (-) in the betting line, while the latter has a plus (+). Betting on the favorite is more profitable.

  • How to bet on college football online?

    You need to have a sportsbook to bet on college football online. There are certain things to look out for before settling for one. We also recommended some in our review.

  • How do college football betting lines work?

    The favorite teams have a negative betting line, while the underdog has a positive betting line. The sign in front of the odds is what you will use to differentiate. Betting on the favorite is more profitable.

  • What is the spread for NCAA football?

    The spread for NCAA football is not constant. It varies depending on the match you are wagering on; you have to look out for it each time.

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