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7 EUR no deposit bonus
Valid until 23:59 CET on 31.12.2024. Log in and enter the promo code LOVE7BET on the My Account/Bonuses/Promocode page to claim | Max transferable *or withdrawable of €50 upon completion of the wagering req. | Bonus wag. 10x with min. odds on each selection 1.25 and with min. total odds of 2.00 | Play responsibly | 18+ Terms and Conditions Apply
Esports Background
Tim Harrison
Since its inception in 2016, LVBET has rapidly ascended as a prominent figure in the global betting arena, captivating audiences spanning over 40 countries. Holding a Tier 1 operating license in Malta and localized licenses in Poland and Ireland, LVBET proudly stands as a multi-licensed bookmaker, extending its premium betting services across diverse regions. Adding to its popularity is the mobile-friendly approach, complemented by two dedicated apps available on Android and iPhone platforms.

In this comprehensive LVBET app review, our focus centers on the mobile experience delivered by the LVBET app. Throughout this article, you will gain insights into the following key aspects:

  • User Interface: We’ll examine the LVBET betting app’s real-world performance, evaluating its user-friendliness, highlighting its strengths, and pinpointing areas needing improvement.
  • Betting Options: You’ll gain insights into the wide array of betting choices available, understanding the depth and variety of options at your fingertips.
  • How to Use: We’ll guide you through a detailed, step-by-step process explaining how to download and seamlessly operate the LVBET sports betting app on Android and iOS devices.
  • Bonuses & Promotions: We will dive into the world of exclusive deals tailored for LVBET sports app users, discovering exciting offers designed to enhance your betting experience.

So, without further ado, let’s start with our LVBET mobile app review and explore what it is all about.

LVBET Betting Application: Detailed Overview

The LVBET online betting app offers a sturdy platform tailored for bettors, granting effortless entry into a wide array of pre-match and live events spanning global sports. Prioritizing user ease and safety, the app guarantees a secure betting environment, enabling users to participate in round-the-clock betting. Here are some standout features of the LVBET app:

Feature Explanation
⚪ Extensive Event Coverage The LVBET sportsbook app provides access to monthly 60,000+ pre-match and 30,000+ live events from various sports worldwide.
⚪ Virtual and Esports Betting Users can bet on virtual sports and e-sports, offering diverse options for 24/7 betting. Fast & Functional Deposits: The app allows users to make quick deposits using different payment providers for seamless transactions.
⚪ Fast Payouts Users can receive the fastest payouts in the market, with money credited to their account in as little as 10 minutes.
⚪ Cash-Out Option Users can accept early payout offers during live bets, enhancing control over their betting choices.
⚪ Comprehensive Game Statistics Users can Access detailed teams and players’ head-to-head statistics, aiding in informed betting decisions.
⚪ Live Event Visualization You can utilize the Match Tracker feature to visualize events, including sports like ski jumps, speedway, and Formula 1.
⚪ Live Streaming The app offers live streaming of various events, providing an immersive betting experience.
⚪ Bet Slip Management Users can easily manage their bet slips, allowing for effortless review, modification, and placement of bets directly from BetZillion.
⚪ Secure and Safe Transactions The LVBET application for sports betting ensures secure transactions, prioritizing the confidentiality and safety of user information and financial data.

Overall, the LVBET betting application is a reliable and user-focused platform, offering unparalleled access to various sporting events.

App User Experience, Design and Functionality

The LVBET app boasts a sophisticated and contemporary design, ensuring a visually captivating interface that is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Its choice of a wildly harmonious black, yellow, and green color scheme plays a pivotal role in enhancing readability and optimizing the overall user experience. The strategic use of these colors creates a visually soothing environment, making it effortless for users to navigate through the app’s various sections.

Upon launching the app, users are greeted with a main screen thoughtfully curated to display a wealth of information. Here, upcoming events, popular sports, and leagues are neatly organized, streamlining the betting process. This intuitive layout allows users to find events of interest swiftly, enhancing efficiency and saving valuable time.

LVBET App Review

Diving deeper, users can access detailed event pages seamlessly with just a few taps. These comprehensive pages offer information crucial for making well-informed betting decisions. From viewing the latest odds to studying in-depth statistics, users have access to a wealth of data, empowering them to strategize their bets effectively.

One of the app’s standout features is its intuitive layout, ensuring accessibility for users of all levels of expertise. A user-friendly bet slip located conveniently at the bottom of the screen further enhances user interaction. This bet slip serves as a hub for managing bets effortlessly. Users can easily review, modify, and place bets, making the betting process seamless and enjoyable.

The LVBET app’s sleek design, intuitive layout, and user-friendly features create an immersive and hassle-free betting experience.

LVBET App Security and Safety

LVBET is a paragon of authenticity in the betting world, fortified by multiple licenses that attest to its legitimacy and trustworthiness. The app is safeguarded with state-of-the-art SSL encryption measures, ensuring your sensitive data remains protected from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

While the app might lack some of the more cutting-edge security features like biometric or facial recognition login, it maintains a robust level of security. Your account’s safety is bolstered by responsible practices, urging users to restrict their phone access to themselves.

Moreover, the app is designed to keep users informed and vigilant. Regular notifications are deployed to keep you updated with your account’s latest activities and occurrences, providing an additional layer of transparency and control. With these security protocols, LVBET ensures a secure betting environment, promoting user confidence and peace of mind throughout the betting experience.

How to Use the Application

Using the LVBET application is a straightforward and effortless process designed for user convenience. Whether you’re a new user or an existing member, the app ensures a seamless experience from start to finish.

Upon launching the app, you’ll find the interface incredibly user-friendly. If you already have an existing LVBET account, logging in takes moments. New users can swiftly create an account within minutes, allowing quick access to the platform’s offerings.

Once inside, the app provides clear options for the casino or sportsbook. Opting for the sportsbook leads you directly to many available betting options. Select your preferred match, then choose the specific market and odds you wish to bet. Adding your desired bet amount to the betting slip is as simple as a few taps, and your bet is placed.

Moreover, the app offers comprehensive functionality beyond betting. You can easily manage your bankroll, facilitating hassle-free deposits and withdrawals directly within the app. The side menu acts as a hub, granting access to various sections, including the innovative bet-builder feature, live games, Esports, Multiplier, and other essential areas of interest. To streamline navigation further, a quick access menu at the bottom of the screen allows for seamless movement between different sections, making the entire app usage experience efficient and highly enjoyable.

For user assistance, the live chat support is readily accessible, ensuring quick resolution to any queries. Additionally, users can explore and claim various bonuses and promotions directly through the app, enhancing the overall betting experience.

With its intuitive design and comprehensive features, the LVBET application ensures users can navigate, bet, and manage their accounts easily and conveniently.

Download LVBET App on Android

Downloading the LVBET mobile app Android version is a straightforward process that grants you easy access to a world of betting excitement. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to downloading the LVBET app for Android.

System Requirements and Compatibility

The LVBET Android app offers an unparalleled betting experience, fully compatible with all Android phones and tablets. To ensure optimal performance and seamless gameplay, it’s essential to meet the following system requirements.

LVBET App Play Market

With these specifications, you can enjoy smooth navigation, quick loading times, and uninterrupted betting sessions on the LVBET app. Upgrade your betting experience by ensuring your Android device meets these requirements.

How to Install The LVBET Mobile App on Android

Due to regulatory constraints set forth by Google, the LVBET app cannot be directly accessed or downloaded from the Play Store. However, you can still enjoy the seamless betting experience LVBET offers on your Android device.

Latest LVBET App on Android

Alternative: Download the APK File

If you find it more convenient to have a standalone app on your Android device instead of accessing LVBET through your browser, you can download the APK file. This method provides a dedicated app experience, ensuring quick access to your favorite sports events and betting options without the need to navigate through a browser each time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on the LVBET download application process:

Steps Instructions
Step 1: Download the APK File
  • Click the download button below to access the APK download page.
  • Tap on the “LVBET APK Download” button.
  • Your browser may show a warning; click “Download Anyway.”
Step 2: Allow Installation from External Sources
  • After the download, go to your browser’s download section and tap the downloaded APK.
  • Allow installation from external sources in your device settings.
Step 3: Install the App
  • Tap the downloaded APK again and follow the on-screen instructions to install.
  • Once installed, find the LVBET icon on your home screen.
Step 4: Launch the App and Start Betting
  • Launch the app, log in to your existing account, or sign up for a new LVBET account.
  • Enjoy a seamless betting experience with quick access to sports events, odds, and more.

Following these steps, you can easily download the LVBET app and install it on your Android device, ensuring hassle-free betting whenever and wherever you want.

Download the LVBET App on iOS

Like the Android version, downloading the LVBET app for iPhone and iPad is also a simple, user-friendly experience, granting you immediate access to diverse betting opportunities. Follow these easy steps to swiftly navigate the process and delve into the world of exciting bets, but first, let’s have a quick look at the minimum system requirements:

System Requirements and Compatibility

To ensure a smooth and seamless experience while using the LVBET app on your iOS devices, please make sure your device meets the following system requirements:

LVBET App Store

By confirming your device’s compatibility with these specifications, you can enjoy the full range of features and betting options LVBET offers on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Upgrade your betting experience by ensuring your device meets these requirements, providing access to a world of betting excitement at your fingertips.

How to Install the LVBET Mobile App on iOS

Installing the LVBET mobile app on your iOS device is a seamless process designed for convenience. Here’s a quick link to help you make the most of your betting experience:

Latest LVBET App on iOS

The application will work on both devices whether you are trying to install the LVBET iPad app or iPhone app. Download now and enjoy the convenience and excitement of betting with LVBET wherever you are, enhancing your overall mobile betting experience.

LVBET App Bonuses & Offers

The LVBET app presents a variety of bonuses and promotions tailored for users seeking additional value in their betting endeavors.

7 EUR no deposit bonus
Valid until 23:59 CET on 31.12.2024. Log in and enter the promo code LOVE7BET on the My Account/Bonuses/Promocode page to claim | Max transferable *or withdrawable of €50 upon completion of the wagering req. | Bonus wag. 10x with min. odds on each selection 1.25 and with min. total odds of 2.00 | Play responsibly | 18+ Terms and Conditions Apply

These bonuses include:

  • Sports Welcome Offer: New users are greeted with a 100% first deposit bonus, allowing them to double their initial deposit up to a maximum of €50. This offer offers an advantageous start for newcomers, significantly boosting their initial betting funds.
  • Double Up Your Winnings: LVBET offers bonuses that allow users to double their winnings, reaching up to 100%. This feature provides an excellent opportunity for users to maximize their profits on specific bets, enhancing their overall betting experience.
  • Bonus Feast: Users can indulge in a bonus feast, enjoying rewards of up to €100. This generous bonus allows for expanded betting options, providing users more flexibility and opportunities to explore various markets.
  • Race & Win: Engage in racing events and stand a chance to earn €50 back. This promotion excites users interested in racing bets, enhancing their potential earnings and overall betting enjoyment.
  • Virtual Acca: Take advantage of the Virtual Acca feature, which boosts odds by up to 50%. This feature allows users to increase their potential winnings significantly, making their bets even more rewarding.
  • Operation Esports: Esports enthusiasts can participate in Operation Esports, offering a chance to win a weekly €200 bonus. This promotion caters to Esports fans, giving them a valuable incentive to engage in betting activities.

Please note that the availability and terms of these bonuses may vary, and users are encouraged to review the app for the most current and detailed information regarding these promotions.


Promotions on the LVBET app give users exclusive benefits, including bonuses, free bets, and enhanced odds, enhancing their overall betting journey. Users can easily explore ongoing promotions within the app, discovering enticing offers tailored to different sports events and markets. Users can capitalize on these opportunities by following specific guidelines outlined in each promotion, maximizing their betting potential.

The promotions section, accessible directly from the main menu, serves as a hub of valuable offers, ensuring users can seamlessly access and engage with the latest bonuses and special deals.

Please note that the availability and terms of promotions may vary, so users are encouraged to stay updated within the app to make the most of these valuable incentives.

LVBET App Features

The LVBET app stands out by offering a range of practical features designed to enhance the betting experience objectively. Here’s a detailed overview of these functionalities:

Live (In-Play) Betting

LVBET’s Live Betting feature lets users place bets on ongoing events, providing real-time odds and markets. Bettors can adjust their strategies based on the evolving game dynamics, enhancing their engagement with live sports.

LVBET App Live Betting

To access this feature, users can navigate to the designated ‘Live Betting’ section in the app’s main menu or homepage.

Live Streaming

LVBET’s Live Streaming option, if available, allows users to watch sports events in real-time within the app. This feature enhances the betting experience by providing live visual coverage, aiding users in making well-informed betting decisions. Users can typically find the Live Streaming feature alongside the corresponding live events, ensuring seamless access and immersive sports viewing.

LVBET Cash Out

The cash-out betting feature empowers users by allowing them to settle bets before the event concludes, providing flexibility in managing their bets. Users can secure profits or minimize losses based on real-time game developments.

LVBET App Cashout

The cash-out option is accessible from active bet slips, enabling users to make strategic decisions during live events.

LVBET App Sports Betting

In the dynamic world of sports betting, the LVBET app offers an expansive array of sports, providing options for enthusiasts with diverse interests. The app boasts an impressive selection from popular mainstream sports like football, basketball, and tennis to niche and unconventional choices such as chess, petanque, and surfing.

Here’s a glimpse into the extensive list of available sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice hockey
  • American football
  • Baseball

This diverse selection ensures that users can explore various sports and events, catering to every betting preference. Whether you are a traditional sports fan or inclined towards unique choices, the LVBET app promises a comprehensive and enriching betting experience.


Within the LVBET app, virtual sports betting adds an exciting dimension to the betting experience. Users can immerse themselves in simulated sports events such as the following:

  • Instant Football
  • Virtual Racing
  • Virtual Tennis
  • Virtual MMA
  • Virtual 3×3 Basketball

These virtual simulations are crafted to mimic the dynamics of real-world sports, providing users with an engaging platform to strategize and place bets. Bettors can enjoy the unpredictability of virtual events, enhancing their betting ventures with an element of surprise and excitement.

LVBET App Payment Methods

The LVBET app provides users various payment methods, ensuring convenient and secure transactions. Whether you prefer traditional card payments, modern E-wallets, or reliable debit/credit systems, LVBET caters to all preferences.

Min. deposit €10
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal €20
Withdrawal time Up to 5 working days
Payout 96%

Here’s how these payment methods stand for the LVBET deposits and withdrawals.

LVBET App Deposits

In online betting, depositing funds should be effortless and secure. The LVBET app caters to players’ needs with various payment methods designed for simplicity and efficiency.

  • Card Payments: Players can make instant deposits with a maximum limit of £5,000 using card payments. There are no additional fees, ensuring a straightforward transaction experience.
  • E-Wallets: For those who prefer E-wallets, options like MuchBetter, Jetton, Zimpler, Skrill, ecoPayz, Euteller, and Neteller allow deposits of up to £5,000 per transaction. These transactions are processed instantly, providing players with swift funding without extra charges.
  • Sofort: Sofort offers a maximum deposit of £2,000, processed instantly and without transaction fees, providing players with a convenient alternative.
  • Interac Online: Players can instantly deposit up to £2,500 using Interac Online, making it a hassle-free choice without additional fees.
  • Visa: Visa deposits boast a maximum limit of £5,000, ensuring instant processing and no transaction fees. Players can trust the reliability of VISA for their deposits.

The LVBET app puts players first by offering diverse and user-friendly deposit options. Players can easily initiate deposits using cards, E-wallets, Sofort, Interac Online, or Visa, ensuring a seamless start to their betting journey.

LVBET App Withdrawals

LVBET app offers users a selection of efficient withdrawal methods, ensuring timely access to their winnings.

Here’s a breakdown of the available options:

  • E-Wallets: Withdrawals up to £5,000 can be processed swiftly through various E-wallets, including MuchBetter, Jetton, Zimpler, Skrill, ecoPayz, Euteller, and Neteller. Transactions are usually completed within 1 hour, providing quick access to funds. No additional fees are charged for eWallet withdrawals by LVBET.
  • Debit/Credit Cards: Withdrawals, with a maximum limit of £20,000, can be processed within 1 hour using major debit and credit cards like VISA and Mastercard. LVBET ensures a seamless experience without any transaction fees.
  • Bank Transfer: For users preferring traditional methods, bank transfers are available with a maximum withdrawal limit of £5,000. Although these transfers take 3 days to process, they offer a secure way to access your funds. No extra fees are applied for bank transfers.

LVBET values user convenience and transparency, providing detailed information about withdrawal methods. These options are designed to meet various user preferences, ensuring a smooth and reliable withdrawal experience for all users.

LVBET App Pros & Cons

The LVBET app offers a seamless betting experience, combining user-friendly design, extensive betting options, and secure transactions. With quick deposits, 24/7 live chat support, and compatibility with older devices, it provides convenience to players. However, users must ensure their devices meet system requirements for optimal performance.

  • User-friendly interface for smooth operations
  • Extensive betting options, including live-streaming
  • Generous Bonuses and Promotions
  • Secure transactions with quick deposits and withdrawals
  • 24/7 live chat support for instant assistance
  • Lightweight and compatible with older phones
  • Widely available for easy access
  • Performance might be dependent on the system requirements.

Other Apps by LVBET

LVBET offers a comprehensive gambling experience within a single app, integrating sports betting, live casino, RNG casino, bingo, and more. Players can access all these services seamlessly through one unified platform. Although no separate apps exist for specific categories like poker or bingo, the all-in-one LVBET app ensures players have diverse gambling options.

Additionally, users can find localized versions of the app, such as German and Polish versions, on the Apple App Store for a tailored experience.

LVBET Mobile App vs LVBET Mobile Version

The LVBET mobile platform offers two distinct options for users: the dedicated mobile app and the mobile version accessible through web browsers. Here’s a comparison to help you choose the best option for your gambling experience.

LVBET Mobile App LVBET Mobile Version
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation
  • Access to exclusive app-only promotions and bonuses
  • Enhanced security features for safe betting
  • Quick and efficient performance, specifically optimized for mobile devices
  • Seamless integration of all gambling services in one app
  • No installation is required, and it is accessible instantly through web browsers
  • LVBET mobile version is compatible with various devices and operating systems
  • Saves device storage space
  • Automatic updates, ensuring the latest features and security measures

Which One Is Better for You?

Choose the Mobile App if you prefer a dedicated, feature-rich gambling experience with exclusive app-only offers and optimized performance. Or opt for the Mobile Version if you prioritize instant access, device compatibility, and saving storage space, even if it means sacrificing some exclusive app features.

Customer Service Through the LVBET App

The LVBET app streamlines customer service with its 24/7 live chat support, enabling instant assistance directly within the app. Users can also submit detailed inquiries via email, receiving comprehensive responses promptly.

Support email
Support Phone Number +35 627 780 032
Live chat Yes

The app’s FAQ section offers quick solutions to common queries, enhancing user self-service options. Moreover, in-app notifications keep users updated on important events and exclusive bonuses, ensuring a seamless and informed experience.

LVBET App Verdict

LVBET has firmly established itself as a premier destination for online betting enthusiasts, offering a robust and user-friendly experience through its dedicated mobile app. With a comprehensive selection of sporting events, live streaming, and virtual sports betting, the app caters to diverse tastes. The app’s sleek design, secure transactions, and prompt customer service ensure a seamless betting journey. It’s a top choice for newcomers and seasoned bettors, providing a winning combination of convenience and excitement.

At the end of our LVBET review, we can say that the mobile app is a stellar option for anyone looking for a reliable and engaging betting platform. Its user-centric features and wide array of betting options stand as a testament to LVBET’s commitment to delivering top-notch services in the competitive online gambling world. Experience the thrill for yourself – click below to download the app and dive into the exciting world of LVBET betting.

Download LVBET App

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the LVBET app free?
    Yes, the LVBET app is completely free to download and install. There are no charges associated with downloading the app on your mobile device. You can access the app without any costs, allowing you to enjoy the betting experience without any initial fees.
  • Is the LVBET app safe?
    Yes, the LVBET app is designed with the utmost priority on security. The app employs state-of-the-art encryption technology to safeguard your personal and financial information. Additionally, the app is licensed and regulated by reputable authorities, ensuring fair play and adherence to strict standards. Your safety and security are paramount when using the LVBET app.
  • How to install the LVBET app?
    Installing the LVBET app is straightforward on Android and iOS devices. For Android, visit the LVBET website using your mobile browser, download the app directly, allow installations from unknown sources, and follow on-screen instructions. Once installed, log in or create an account to start betting. For iOS, visit the App Store, search for “LVBET,” download and install the app, then log in or sign up to begin your betting experience. This hassle-free installation ensures quick access to a world of exciting betting opportunities.

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