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The Best Paysafecard Betting Sites

Top 3 Paysafecard Bookmakers

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New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
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Funding an online betting wallet has become easier thanks to outstanding brands offering high-quality payment services. Paysafecard is one of these brands offering excellent payment services for online betting without requesting debit or credit card details.

Unsurprisingly, punters are searching for Paysafecard betting sites to enjoy the brand’s seamless and highly efficient services. As a result, this post offers a list of the best online bookmakers that accept Paysafecard. It also explains how to use the payment method for online betting.

List of the Best Paysafecard Bookies

The best betting sites provide their customers with the best payment methods. Paysafecard is one of the best payment options offered by these betting sites.

Choosing one of the betting sites mentioned above can be tricky whether or not you're new to betting. So to help you choose the best betting site that suits all your betting needs, we have curated some factors you need to consider.

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Apart from being Paysafecard bookmakers, the first factor to consider is the availability of betting markets on various sports. The greater the range of betting markets on different sports, the higher the chances of punters winning.

Secondly, you weigh the odds each site offers. Punters are attracted to betting sites with the most attractive odds. So, in addition to the range of markets available, you have to see the odds given to these markets.

Popular Paysafecard Bookmakers Min Deposit  Deposit Charge  Min Withdrawal Withdrawal time
⭐ Betway £5   Free of charge £5  Up to 3 working days 
⭐ Unibet  €10  Up to 3%  €10  Up to 5 working days
JeffBet  £10  Free of charge  £2.5  Up to 7 working days
⭐ Goldenbet  €10  Free of charge  €20 Up to 3 working days 
10Bet  £5  Free of charge £5  Up to 5 working days 
⭐ 888Sport  £10  Free of charge  £3  Up to 6 working days
⭐ William Hill  £5  Free of charge  £5 Up to 5 working days 
Bet Dukes  £10 Free of charge   £2.5 Up to 10 working days 
MrGreen £10   Up to 3.9% £10  Up to 5 working days 
MyStake  €10 Free of charge  €20  Up to 5 working days 

Lastly, you have to consider the features available on the website. Do they have a live betting option that allows you to bet when games have started? Do they have a live streaming option that gives you real-time updates on how the events unfold? Do they have a push notification feature that reminds you about your chosen games? These, amongst several others, are important to look out for to choose the best Paysafecard bookmaker.

Make a Paysafecard Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

Online betting platforms offer new and existing customers various bonuses to wager on their favorite games.

100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.

One of these is a deposit bonus based on the payment method chosen. If you use Paysafecard to deposit funds in any of your bet wallets, below are bonuses to expect:

Popular Paysafecard Betting Sites Paysafecard Deposit Bonuses
Bet365 A Paysafecard deposit of £10 on Bet365 gives you 3 times the amount in free bets. You get the returns as bet credits when you wager this fund and win the bet.
BetVictor When you deposit £5 in your BetVictor account using Paysafecard, you get a £30 bonus in free bets. You can claim this when you bet on events with 2.00 odds and above.
Coral Coral offers customers a £20 bonus in free bets when they deposit £5 through Paysafecard in the first 14 days after account registration. If you win the bet, this offer lasts four days before it becomes nonrefundable.
888Sport 888Sport betting using Paysafecard deposit option offers a sweet £30 bonus from £10 deposit. You also enjoy a £10 additional bonus to bet on casino games.
William Hill You get a £30 bonus on a £10 deposit using Paysafecard on the William Hill betting platform. To fully use this bonus, you must be an eligible bettor and wager on a minimum of 1.5 odds on all markets, excluding virtual.

It's important to note that bonuses have terms and conditions. Be sure to check the best ones that work for you.

How to Use Paysafecard for Betting

If you’ve chosen one of the Paysafecard betting websites mentioned above, pay close attention to this section as we explain how to use it for betting.

The first step towards using Paysafecard for betting is to locate a Paysafecard retailer near you. You can check their website for outlets in countries including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Argentina, the US, and bookmakers in Australia.

After choosing the nearest retailer, buy a 16-digit Paysafecard pin between £10 – £100, depending on your choice. This payment requires cash instead of a credit card or other alternatives. Afterward, deposit the amount you wish to wager to your preferred betting site with Paysafecard.

Select Paysafecard as the deposit option, and enter the 16-digit code and the amount you wish to deposit from the balance. Confirm the entry, and funds will instantly drop into your bet wallet. If you used only some money in the balance, you can check your balance by visiting their website.

What Is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is an ingenious e-commerce payment service provider used to deposit on online betting sites and pay for goods and services. Paysafecard has enjoyed a surge in popularity in the betting world because users don't need credit/debit cards or personal information to make deposits.

Apart from its anonymity, it would be best to bet with Paysafecard because of its instant deposit, which is a significant factor in online betting. Additionally, it is super secure and widely available across multiple betting sites.

Making Deposits with Paysafecard

To make a deposit using Paysafecard, log in to one of the betting sites that use Paysafecard through their official website. You'll see different options, including Paysafecard. Navigate your way to the wallet and select the deposit option. Select it, enter the 16-digit pin you purchased, enter the amount you wish to deposit, then confirm the payment. You'll instantly get credited after this process.

Requesting Withdrawals with Paysafecard

Unfortunately, you can't request a withdrawal using Paysafecard when you win a bet. It has several options, including PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill. You'll have to set up another payment method to your betting account before you can withdraw the funds you've won.

Fees and Limits

Purchasing the 16-digit Paysafecard code is free, like depositing into your bet wallet also is. The possible charge after depositing with Paysafecard is a service maintenance fee of £5 or its currency equivalent in your country. It happens if you've left money in the account for 12 months without use. Paysafecard has a deposit limit of a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £100 or its currency equivalent in your country.

Countries Where Paysafecard Can Be Used for Sports Betting

Paysafecard has a global reach that extends to many countries. The popular countries that allow bookmakers that accept Paysafecard include the following:

Paysafecard Betting Apps

Paysafecard has a mobile app version that allows users to access, fund their accounts, and check balances. It is popular because bettors don't need to conduct a deep search to find retailers.

100% up to $500
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check iconMany bonuses
check icon24/7 support
check iconMobile apps

The app is safe as it has a 2-factor authentication despite users having a username and password. It is easy to use and comfortable for all users.

Paysafecard Alternatives for Betting Online

Many top-rated betting sites accept Paysafecard as a payment method on their platforms, but it’s not the only one bettors use.

Paysafecard alternatives for betting online include Skrill, ecoPayz, and so on.

Paysafecard vs Google Pay

Paysafecard and Google Pay are both safe for all online betting transactions. They offer instant deposits, and they also don't have withdrawal options.

They are different because you don't need a card to deposit with Paysafecard; you need to add debit/credit card details to deposit with Google Pay. While Paysafecard is available across multiple betting platforms, Google Pay isn't. You can only spend what you have purchased in the 16-digit Paysafecard code, while you can spend more than you have with Google Pay.

Paysafecard vs Apple Pay

Paysafecard and Apple Pay offer a great deal of privacy to all users. Both have highly secure platforms that protect users' sensitive information. Both are convenient to use for all users.

While Apple Pay software fails, both Paysafecard mobile app and web version work optimally. Paysafecard is generally free, but Apple Pay comes with added costs. There's no customer support for issues with Apple Pay, but Paysafecards has decent customer support.

Paysafecard vs Debit Cards

People use Paysafecard and debit cards to make payments for goods and services. Both allow you to spend your funds without borrowing from a third party. They are both widely acceptable.

Paysafecard offers a better level of security compared to debit cards. Users can withdraw funds to debit cards, but it's not possible with Paysafecard. There are charges to get a debit card again, but there are no charges to fund a Paysafecard at the first or subsequent times.

Paysafecard vs Skrill

Both offer top-notch security to all users. They are both easy to use across multiple platforms. They both provide instant deposit features.

You don't need any verification to use Paysafecard, but it's required using Skrill betting, and it takes time. It's impossible to withdraw to Paysafecard while you can withdraw to Skrill. Customer support is discouraging on Skrill, while Paysafecard has good customer support.

Paysafecard vs PayPal

Paysafecard and Paypal are popular options in the online betting market due to their extensive reach. They are on Saas and Web. Funding both PayPal and Paysafecard is easy. That's why they are popular options among bettors.

PayPal is a big target for scams and phishing, but Paysafecard is safe to a considerable extent. PayPal charges transaction fees, while this is free with Paysafecard. Punters can withdraw to PayPal, but there isn't such an option with Paysafecard.

Paysafecard vs Neteller

Both offer multi-currency solutions to their customers, as they can fund their accounts in their preferred currency. They both offer deposit services at an instantaneous speed. Depositing with both comes with generous bonuses in free bets.

Paysafecard is generally free, while Neteller isn't. Paysafecard has a good reach worldwide, while Neteller betting services are limited in Canada and the US.

How to Stay Safe Betting with Paysafecard

Paysafecard sports betting platforms are generally safe because financial and non-financial activities have high-end technological encryptions. While that’s a given for the Paysafecard bookies, Paysafecard itself also offers a highly secure payment method you can ever use. That's because you don't need personal information to purchase a PIN. As a result, you don't share any sensitive data to make a deposit.

Considering all these, you must stay safe when betting with Paysafecard. Ensure the 16-digit PIN you purchased is only accessible to you. Leaving it where another person can see it could mean others can use the money without your knowledge. So you have to be cautious when using it for online betting.

New Bookmakers that Accept Paysafecard

While some new bookmakers accept Paysafecard as a payment method, others do not.

Before choosing any new bookmakers, consider the factors mentioned above to pick the one that best suits your betting needs. After that, you must confirm they are safe, legal, and trustworthy.

Is It Worth Using Paysafecard for Betting Online?

The most significant factor that attracts many users to Paysafecard is the anonymity they enjoy. You can make payments without sharing information about yourself, making it a good betting option.

Pros Cons
  • Whether you're using the web or mobile app, Paysafecard is easy to use and control. Finding a retailer, loading the Paysafecard, and depositing it into a bet wallet is seamless.
  • It offers a highly secure way of depositing funds because users typically load the Paysafecard with cash. They don't have to submit personal details to deposit into the account.
  • Punters are generally required to withdraw to the platform through which they made their deposits. Paysafecard doesn't have a withdrawal option. Punters would have to add another method to their accounts to withdraw funds.
  • The degree to which each punter wager on bet markets varies from one person to another. Paysafecard limits punters' ability to have a large deposit, and that handicaps big bettors as they can only deposit a maximum amount of £1,000.

History of Paysafecard

Paysafecard is a payment service brand that originated in Austria in 2000. From that time till the present, users across different countries worldwide have enjoyed outstanding services that don't require a bank account to function. Paysafecard is fast, secure, and safe for all transactions.

It comes in 2 types: the Classic PIN Paysafecard and the Paysafecard MasterCard. While the former requires a purchase of a card that has a code representing the amount bought between £10 to £1,000, the latter is a prepaid card used to pay for goods and services from retailers.

Paysafecard Overview

If you've been contemplating a payment method for online betting, Paysafecard is a viable option. It is a fast option for everyone interested in sports betting with Paysafecard sportsbooks. Paysafecard has gathered so many users over the years because it shields users' data by not requesting it for deposit.

Below are interesting facts you should know about it. 

  • Paysafecard is available for online betting in over 40 countries worldwide, including Belgium, Germany, the US, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, and many more.
  • Paysafecard accepts funds in currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, DKK, etc.
  • Paysafecard is supported in English, French, Italian, Dutch, and German, to mention a few.
  • Provided you can't access Paysafecard for online betting, its alternatives include Skrill, ecoPayz, PayPal, VISA, and others.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers that accept Paysafecard include Bet365, BetVictor, 888Sport, William Hill, Paddy Power, etc.

Punters can purchase multiple Paysafecard codes at the nearest retailer at the same time. Additionally, you can easily track your transaction history when you use Paysafecard. That would help you budget accordingly for your betting expenses.

Bottom Line

As a punter, a swift deposit option with data security should be your priority. Since Paysafecard offers that, it should be your go-to option when depositing bookmakers who accept Paysafecard. So please choose one of these bookmakers suggested in this post and visit their official website.

Need a bookie that accepts Paysafecard?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What bookies accept Paysafecard?
    Many highly-rated bookies that accept Paysafecard include Bet365, BetVictor, Coral, 888Sport, and William Hill.
  • Is there a minimum deposit amount when betting with Paysafecard?
    Yes, punters can make a minimum deposit of £10 or its currency equivalent with Paysafecard.
  • How much can I deposit into my betting account with a Paysafecard?
    You can deposit a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £1000 to your betting account with a Paysafecard.
  • Will the pay by Paysafecard impact the odds?
    Sportsbooks provide odds, and the deposit payment method doesn't impact them.
  • Will Paysafecard refund me if I change my mind about a bet?
    Yes, you will get a refund if you change your mind about a bet. But this comes with a $7.50 charge or equivalent in your currency.
  • Can I cancel my Paysafecard account and get my balance refunded?
    You can cancel your Paysafecard account and get refunded if you provide the Paysafecard PIN and bank account details.
  • Will I still get free bets if I use Paysafecard?
    Yes! There are deposit bonuses in the form of free bets for all punters. You can get free bets if you use Paysafecard.
  • Are there any fees if I use a Paysafecard?
    Depositing with Paysafecard requires no additional fee. But you may be required to pay £5 after 12 months for every month the money stays in your account.
  • Will I get the welcome offer if I use Paysafecard?
    Every new customer gets a welcome bonus when they use Paysafecard. These bonuses and offers come with wagering requirements and other T&Cs.
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