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The Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Virtual Sports
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Find the Best Place to Bet on Virtual Sports

Online betting on virtual sports is a unique approach to gambling, and while it’s familiar to some, many have never really dug deep into it. So if you’ve never tried it or want to learn more about how online betting on virtual sports works, you’ve come to the right place!

In this virtual sports bet guide, we will touch on the most critical points about virtual sports wagering, including:

  1. Where to find the top betting sites for virtual sports?
  2. How can you bet on virtual sports?
  3. Which sports do online betting on virtual sports include?
  4. What are virtual sports betting tips & tricks?

List of the Best Virtual Sports Bookmakers

Many online sportsbooks offer virtual sports betting, but not all do. So if you want to start online betting on virtual sports, you first need to figure out where you will place your bets. But there is one more thing you need to consider.

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Before you even consider placing virtual sports bets, you need to find a good website for virtual sports betting which offers solid odds and has enough games available. Finding reliable virtual sports betting platforms is essential. Take your time and check whether the website you’re looking to register for has all the features and offers solutions for your virtual sports betting needs.

You can also check our list of the top virtual sports gambling sites, which offer great odds, plenty of sports to wager on and even provide its users with great betting offers.

Virtual Sports Betting Bonuses

When looking for the best virtual sports betting sites, you must prioritize the quality of the odds and the offer of virtual sports you can bet on. But it would help if you didn’t overlook the sportsbook’s bonus offers and promotions.

Promotions and betting bonuses are the best and easiest way to get extra value for your money at no additional cost. The rewards come in many shapes and sizes, from reload bonuses, free bets, accumulator odds boosts, deposit bonuses and more. But no matter which type of bonuses you find, it’s advisable that you can take advantage of as many as you can.

100% up to $1000
New customers only! Get 100% up to $1000 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
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Check the bookmakers’ promotion tab, and don’t forget to read through the terms and conditions to ensure you’re eligible for the bonus.

How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work

Online betting on virtual sports is a unique way to gamble, but it’s not nearly as complicated as it may sound. There is more real money betting sites with virtual sports than you might think, mainly because most online bookmakers have virtual sports betting available.

The simplest way to explain how to approach virtual football betting or to wager on any other virtual sport is to look at what virtual sports are. In essence, virtual sports are randomly-generated simulations of sports events ranging from football to horse racing and anything in between.

These events include fictional players and teams and all have randomly generated results, similar to how the outcome of a roulette game or a slots game is completely random. So while you’re still betting on sports in some sense, the whole experience is much closer to a casino game.

Initially, betting on virtual sports wasn’t that great, primarily due to poor graphics. But with time, the software developers improved their offer, providing better graphics and a more realistic feel to the games. With that, online virtual sports betting sites became much more popular than betting on virtual sports.

The selection of virtual sports betting markets is vast, and there is no way to list all bet types available to you. Essentially, the available betting markets on online virtual sports betting sites are just as large as you can get while betting on real sports.

Moreover, the available virtual sports bet types will vary depending on which sport you bet on, just like you would find different wagers depending on whether you’re bowls betting or placing bets on a football game.

Still, a few bet types are fairly standard across all virtual sports, and we will look at a few that are the most common on top betting sites for virtual sports.

Winner Bet

A winner bet is the most straightforward virtual sports bets you can take while wagering on virtual sports. It’s essentially a wager on which team, player, horse, or car will win the next match or race and is the same as a moneyline stake in sports betting.

Totals Goals/Points Scores

If you’re familiar with the traditional sports betting markets, the totals bet should be easy to understand. This bet type is often used to bet on the total number of points or goals scored in a basketball/football game, but it can be used to predict any statistic in any given match or event. With it, you’re predicting how high a certain statistic in a game will be.

Over/Under Bets

Over/under virtual sports bets are similar to total goals/points scored. The only exception is that with over/under wagers, you’re predicting whether a particular statistic in a match will exceed the predetermined number.

Forecast Bet

Forecast bet is used in virtual horse race wagering. It’s a simple bet type where the bettor, instead of trying to pick the winner, places a wager on which 2 horses will finish first and second in the exact order.

So not only do you need to accurately predict which horse will win the race, but also which horse will finish second. Although it’s hard to predict a forecast correctly, many virtual sports betting websites offer this bet type, and many bettors like to use it, mainly due to the high odds and potential payouts it offers.

Tricast Bet

A Tricast bet is like an advanced version of a forecast wager. While just as simple to understand, tricast bets on virtual horse races are extremely tough to pull off.

With a tricast bet, you don’t only need to predict which horse will finish first and second, but also which horse will end the race third. There is an alternative tricast bet many punters like to use: combination tricast bet.

With the latter, you need to pick which 3 horses will end the race inside the top 3 in no exact order.

Virtual Sports Types

Virtual sports are computer simulations, the outcome of which is randomly generated, similar to how each spin you make on a casino slot has an outcome predetermined – you watch the numbers spin and wait for the result.

But unlike casino slots, virtual sports are much more enjoyable to watch, as you see graphics similar to a video game such as NBA2K or FIFA, assuming you’re betting on virtual basketball or football. It’s important to note that the graphics you will watch will differ depending on the sport you’re betting on, and commonly it will only show important moments of the game.

Another thing to know is that there are many different virtual sports you can wager on, meaning you won’t be limited to only virtual football betting, even though it is one of the most popular virtual sports in the world.

Virtual Football

Most virtual sports betting websites will have virtual football available since it’s the most popular virtual sport. Therefore, if you plan to bet on virtual football, you can rest assured that you won’t struggle to find virtual sports gambling sites with betting offers.

Virtual Horse Racing

Not as popular as virtual football, but virtual horse racing is still one of the most bet-on virtual sports in the world. Like real-world horse racing, each virtual race ends very quickly, which is also the main advantage of betting on virtual horse races.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

In many ways, virtual greyhound racing is very similar to horse racing, and essentially it is – the only difference is that here you’re betting on greyhounds rather than horses. Due to the similarity between the 2, most bookmakers who offer virtual horse racing also offer virtual greyhound race betting.

Virtual Motor Racing

When it comes to virtual sports betting, there are many different sports you can wager on, so it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that virtual motor racing is also a thing. It is not the only variation of virtual motorsports available on virtual sports betting websites, as there are also car races, F1 races, and more.

Virtual Tennis

While not every sportsbook will have it, plenty of people in 2023 will bet on virtual tennis. Wagering virtual tennis is the same as betting on real-world tennis, with the same bet types and odds.

Virtual Basketball

If you have ever bet on the NBA or any other basketball tournament, you already know everything there is to know about how to bet on virtual basketball. Although it might be less exciting to watch, virtual basketball betting is prevalent and readily available on most virtual sports betting sites.

Virtual sports betting is legal as long as you bet on licensed, regulated and legal virtual sports betting sites. Make sure you either register on a reputable bookmaker or check if your website has a betting license, which is most commonly displayed in the footer.

You also have to keep in mind local laws. Although betting on virtual sports is legal worldwide, some countries might have restrictions for local or foreign users. Moreover, since virtual sports betting is a form of gambling, you need to be of age to engage.

There is a way around that, assuming you’re not betting with real money. But you must be old enough to bet and gamble if you use real money betting sites with virtual sports.

History of Virtual Sports

Even though virtual sports might be unknown to most gamblers, they’ve been around for over half a century. The first-ever virtual sports were used on a computer in 1961 as an early form of fantasy baseball for the IBM 1620 computer, coded by John Burgeson.

The initial virtual sports allowed teams to play one another using randomly generated numbers and player statistics, which were used to decide the game’s outcome.

Since then, virtual sports have come a long way, introducing much more complex betting systems and modern software. As a result, virtual sports nowadays are far more advanced regarding graphics, animations, and the complexity of the best you can place, some even offering matched betting and proposition wagers.

As technology advances, we will likely see even more modern versions of virtual sports, which could include VR or new technologies not heard of in 2023.

How to Bet Real Money on Virtual Sports

Betting on virtual sports is a reasonably straightforward process and, in many ways, even simpler than betting on real sports. But every method has its steps, and we will look at a few things you need to know if you want to bet on virtual sports with real money.

  • Before you can start betting on virtual sports, you need to register on real money betting sites with virtual sports. There are many you can choose from, but not all are great.
  • You must only use reputable and legal virtual sports betting sites with great odds and those that cover all the virtual sports you want to bet on.
  • While betting on virtual sports, also make sure to check whether the sportsbook has any bonuses, promotions, or any other betting offers ready such as free bets, deposit bonuses, and anything in between.
  • Virtual sports betting is gambling, so there is no such thing as the best virtual betting secrets to making you rich. Instead, use it for entertainment, like casino games and slots.

Virtual Sports Betting Apps

Betting on virtual sports is not as popular as betting on real sports, but it’s just as accessible on most prominent bookies. Some websites even specialize in offering virtual sports betting, and while the latter have a much better selection of sports to bet on, all virtual sports bookies have one thing in common – they all want to please their users.

To attract new players, many virtual sports betting websites started offering virtual sports gambling apps, which are available at every corner. The apps work the same way as any sports betting or casino app, allowing you to bet on virtual sports on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Although it is possible to bet on virtual sports via a mobile browser, a virtual sports betting app is far more comfortable. Compared to mobile websites, a virtual sports betting app works faster is more stable and is designed to be as comfortable to use as possible.

Some sportsbooks will even have special betting offers for mobile app users, so there are many positives to using a mobile app. So it’s advisable that you only use virtual sports betting sites that have a mobile app available, even if you’re not exclusively a mobile bettor.

Virtual Sports Betting Strategies

If you’re looking for the best virtual sports betting secrets, unique betting systems or a virtual sports betting strategy that will guarantee you profits, we’re sad to inform you that there is no such thing.

Although virtual sports might sound similar to sports betting, the only thing the 2 have in common is sports. However, from a wagering perspective, they’re entirely different.

You can bet with the same odds and use the same bet types, but virtual sports betting is not as much betting as gambling. Each game works off randomly generated numbers with entirely random outcomes. To some degree, sports events can be random, but with careful analysis, you can predict how a sports game will play out, while there is no way to figure out how a virtual sports game will end.

Virtual sports betting is pure gambling, just like any casino slot game. And like no betting strategy will help you profit from casino games, no virtual sports betting strategy will tell you what to do to achieve long-term profits.

Virtual Sports Betting Vs. Traditional Sports Betting

Virtual and traditional sports betting might share a similar name but differ greatly. And even though traditional sports betting is better for anyone looking to make a profit, there are some advantages to virtual sports betting.

The most notable difference between the 2 is that with virtual sports, there is always something happening. In addition, since virtual sports are just a simulation, the action doesn’t need to stop, meaning you can enjoy virtual football betting throughout the whole year, at any time of the day – which isn’t the case with traditional football betting.

Another big difference is that virtual sports games or races don’t last nearly as long as real-world events. If you bet on football, you will have to wait over 90 minutes to see the final result. With virtual sports betting, it only takes a couple of minutes to see whether your bet has hit.

You could argue that virtual and traditional sports are a bit random. Still, in virtual sports, the results are genuinely random, thanks to the randomly generated numbers that dictate the outcome. That is also the main reason there is no such thing as virtual sports betting tips since there is no way to predict how a match will end.

It also has advantages since you don’t need any resources and time to make your picks. If you wish to bet on traditional sports, you have to take your time and analyze the players, teams, and betting markets to find your pick – with virtual sports, no such thing is needed, nor is it possible.

If we draw a line, virtual sports and traditional sports betting are entirely different, with the only fundamental similarity being their names. But the main thing to know is that one is pure gambling, while the other is betting.

Virtual Sports Overview

Before we end our guide, here are some interesting facts about virtual sports betting you might not know about.

  • Virtual sports feature imaginary players and teams, meaning there are no tournaments or competitors like you would find with traditional sports. Different software developers might offer versions of football or horse racing leagues, but none are akin to UEFA Champions League.
  • Some popular virtual sports for people to bet on include virtual football, horse racing, motorsports, greyhound racing, and virtual basketball.
  • Virtual sports betting is famous worldwide, but Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, and Finland are the 5 countries where people gamble the most.
  • Virtual sports are similar to their traditional counterparts, but virtual sports are much closer to casino games or slots based on how they operate.
  • Some best and most popular bookmakers with virtual sports include Betway, BetVictor, William Hill, NetBet, and Bet365.

Bottom Line

That concludes our in-depth virtual sports betting guide, teaching you everything there is to know about virtual sports and virtual sports betting. Now that you know where to find the best virtual sports betting platforms and how to wager on virtual sports, you’re ready to explore a new and unique way of online gambling!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bet on virtual sports online legally?
    Yes! Betting on virtual sports is legal if you do it on a regulated, legal, and licensed betting website. Also, make sure that betting is legal in your country, and you must be of age to bet legally.
  • Which betting site has the best virtual sports?
    Virtual sports betting is readily available on most online sports betting sites, but a few stand out as the best. These include Betway, Bet365, NetBet, and BetVictor, some of the best betting sites for virtual sports betting.
  • Can you make money on virtual sports?
    You can make money from virtual sports betting, but don’t expect to come ahead in the long run. Its name might be a bit deceiving, but virtual sports betting is essentially a form of gambling similar to casino games, which are designed for you to lose money in the long term.
  • What is virtual football betting?
    Virtual football is a simulated version of a football game which has been adjusted so the spectators can bet on the outcome. It’s technically the same as wagering on real-world football, even though all the players and teams are fictional.
  • How to win virtual sports betting?
    If you want to profit from virtual sports betting, you must take similar steps if you wager on regular sports. It means picking a solid betting site with competitive odds before placing your bets. But at the end of the day, virtual sports are gambling, meaning you can’t expect any long-term profits.
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