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NCAA Hockey Odds: Betting Sites & Bonuses

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on NCAA Hockey
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50
Find the Best Place to Bet on NCAA Hockey
The NCAA ice hockey championship refers to one of the 2 men’s ice hockey tournaments (Division I and Division II). It has been contested by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) since 1971. Even though it is a collegiate tournament, the NCAA hockey championship is one of the most-watched sporting events in the United States and a massive hit among sports bettors.

It is easy to see why NCAA hockey is as popular as it is, and it’s also reasonably effortless to start betting on it and make a profit. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about NCAA hockey betting, including:

  1. Which are the best college hockey betting sites?
  2. How to bet with the best college hockey odds?
  3. Where to find the best NCAA hockey betting prediction?
  4. What are tips & tricks for betting on NCAA hockey?

Best NCAA Hockey Betting Sites

The NCAA ice hockey championship is extremely popular in the United States among viewers, fans, and sports bettors. And that is made possible thanks to the ice hockey bookies, who offer college hockey betting lines and odds to its customers.

4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
50% up to £25 in free bets
4.64.6 out of 5 stars
50% up to $1000

Even if you reside in Europe or any other part of the world, the college hockey betting lines will be readily available on almost all bookmakers, but you should know that some bookies are better than others. The easiest way to spot good ice hockey bookies is by finding those that can provide you with competitive odds, market depth, and some bonuses and promotions for NCAA ice hockey.

MyBookie and Bovada are 2 of the most popular bookies for NCAA ice hockey betting since they check those marks. But they’re not the only 2 great bookmakers at your disposal.

Offers & Promotions

All ice hockey bookies and sportsbooks will have offers and promotions ready for the NCAA ice hockey championship, especially when the tournament reaches the playoffs. The bonuses will vary from bookie to bookie. Still, most common promotions will include a reload bonus, accumulator promotions, and better odds to win the NCAA hockey tournament in the form of odds boosts.

The odds and bonuses you will be able to find are the best and easiest way to get some extra value from your betting, so you should always keep an eye out for the bookies’ offers and take advantage of every promotion you can. Just read the terms and conditions to avoid missing out on the request.

4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50

NCAA Hockey Odds

Reading and understanding NCAA hockey odds is straightforward because the markets are simple and don’t differ from the betting marketers you will find betting on any other ice hockey tournament. If you check the latest NHL odds and know what they mean, then understanding college hockey betting odds should be a piece of cake.

But you should know that not all bookmakers will have the same odds. For example, Bovada could have Massachusetts Minutemen priced at even odds to defeat St. Cloud State Huskies, while 1xBet can have the Minutemen priced at 11/10.

That doesn’t mean that 1xBet is the better NCAA hockey betting site, but it does mean that you can expect better potential payouts by betting on 1xBet instead of Bovada. This example shows why it’s advantageous to have accounts with multiple bookies so that you can bet with the best odds.

The sooner you realize bookmakers use different systems to get their odds and hence offer different prices on the same games, the better your chances are to make a profit betting on NCAA ice hockey.

NCAA Hockey Specials

Betting on NCAA ice hockey can be exciting, but you can further increase your experience by betting with the special markets or specials. These allow you to wager on ice hockey in a way that is not traditional since it enables you to bet on the team’s achievements, on finals, and the tournament MVP.


The NCAA ice hockey final is not only the most important game of the competition, but it’s also a game that receives the most bets. And you can wager on the NCAA ice hockey finals in many different ways.

You can place a futures bet on the NCAA hockey odds to win the championship or predict which 2 teams will reach the finals. The latter option usually offers much better odds than the price you will find when looking through the odds of winning the college hockey championship.

The third way of betting on finals is on the pre-match markets before the final happens, which is technically the same approach you would take when betting on any other game. But know that the finals usually offer way more betting markets.


When we talk about betting on NCAA ice hockey teams, we don’t mean gambling on which team will win the next match. Instead, you’re mostly betting on their long-term success if you’re wagering on teams.

The most obvious bet would be a wager on which team will win the championship, but there are alternative bets you can take. Those include betting on which team will reach the playoff, which teams will get the final game, which teams will make the Frozen Four, and anything in between.

Best Player (MVP)

Like how you can bet on the team’s success, you can also wager on which player in the NCAA ice hockey championship will perform the best. There are many ways to do it, including betting on who will be the top scorer, the top goalkeeper, or the best defender, but the most common and most popular player-related bet is a wager on the MVP.

The odds of winning a college hockey championship MVP are extremely slim for any hockey player, making this bet one of the toughest to predict. But that gets more than compensated with the generous odds and the high potential payout this bet can earn you. And that also explains why betting on the NCAA ice hockey MVP winner is one of the most popular outright bets.

Specials can be a fun way to spice up your NCAA hockey betting experience, but know that most of the best you will place on either men’s or women’s NCAA ice hockey will come in popular bets. Of course, there are many available, but the most popular wagers include moneyline, spread, totals, props, and teasers, which we will touch on below.


Moneyline is the simplest bet you can make when betting on any sport. With it, you’re simply predicting which team will win the next match, and it doesn’t matter by how much they do it.

It’s the most straightforward bet type and is readily available on any NCAA hockey betting site. Although it does not offer much flexibility, moneyline is the most popular betting type in ice hockey and other sports.

Totals (Over/Under)

Totals (or over/under) is another prevalent bet type, which doesn’t care about which team will win but instead focuses on a specific metric in any given match. With totals, you predict whether a certain statistic will reach a predetermined number or not.

The total bet is commonly used to predict how many goals there will be in a game, so if the ice hockey bookies set the total line at 3.5, you can predict whether the game will see at least 4 goals. Alternatively, totals can also be used to wager the number of fouls, shots, or any other metric.


Props (or proposition bets) are special kinds of wagers, essentially a stake on something other than the game’s final score. With props, you’re predicting the occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific event that is rarely related to which team will win the game or the final score.

For example, a prop bet you can find on any NCAA hockey betting site is whether there will be a fight or if a player will get injured. Know that props can get as exotic or unusual as the bookmakers make them and can be used as a fun way to get a bit more action on any given match.

Against the Spread

Betting against the spread means wagering on the underdog team and the points in an NCAA ice hockey match. If you’re betting against the spread, you predict that the underdog will either win the game outright or lose by no more than the point spread you’re given.

The against the spread is essentially a form of spread betting, and it can also go the other way around; you can bet “with the spread.” In the latter case, you’re betting on the favourite to cover the point spread or win by more goals than the spread.

Spread betting is prevalent among ice hockey bettors since it is similar to the money line, but it offers more flexibility and a higher potential payout.


If you want even more variety when betting on NCAA ice hockey, a teaser wager might be the right fit for you. A teaser is a parlay bet, where you can alter the lines (point spread) to your linking (for or against you), albeit with a tradeoff.

You must know that while using a teaser rather than a normal parlay bet, the odds to win NCAA hockey tournament matches you’re betting on will shift with those lines. But that can work in your favour and improve the odds if you change the spread against you.

Teasers are mostly reserved for those NCAA ice hockey bettors who seek higher payouts and can be an excellent way to try your luck with a parlay that you can adjust to your liking.

Bet of the Day

NCAA ice hockey bet of the day is a wager that is most likely to hit and offers punters the most value. There can be many great bets you will be able to take during the NCAA ice hockey season, but just one is the bet of the day, which you can find by following our link below.


How to Bet on NCAA Hockey

Anyone can bet on NCAA hockey, but only a few will make long-term profits. And the latter group of people all have one thing in common – they approached NCAA hockey betting the right way and took the correct steps from the get-go.

Here we will touch on these steps and how you can set yourself up for a successful NCAA betting journey!

  • Find a reliable sportsbook that can provide you with competitive odds, market depth, and occasional bonuses and promotions.
  • Consider registering on multiple bookmakers so that you can shop for the best odds.
  • Live betting might not be for everyone, but you should have access to a sportsbook that accepts live bets.
  • Find a sports betting site that can provide expert betting tips and college hockey predictions for the NCAA ice hockey championship.
  • Familiarize yourself with the players and the teams before you start placing bets, or find a wagering preview and game prediction to understand better who to bet on.
  • Find an ice hockey betting strategy that suits you.
  • Only wager with the money you can afford to lose and learn how to manage your bankroll.

NCAA Hockey Live Betting & Live Streaming

Live betting is possibly the most exciting way you can approach wagering on NCAA ice hockey and is something any ice hockey punter should experience at least once. But know that in-play betting is very challenging.

Anyone can place a live bet, but you have to be very knowledgeable about the games to expect to profit from it. Still, live betting can be very profitable when you feel comfortable wagering on NCAA hockey.

You must choose an NCAA hockey betting site that offers in-play markets and has streaming options available. Even if you don’t plan to live bet at the start, it’s nice to have the chance to do it later.

NCAA Hockey Betting Tips & Predictions

Betting on NCAA ice hockey and making a profit from it long-term is not easy and even the best ice hockey bettors sometimes struggle to find the right picks. To be good at ice hockey betting, you need to dedicate a lot of your time and look through all available stats, trends, statistics, and everything else that can help you make an educated decision.

That is not the best approach for casual bettors who don’t have the time or the tools to get all the needed data for themselves. But you don’t have to. Instead, you can access all that information in the form of NCAA hockey betting previews, which provide you with betting tips and college hockey predictions for the next games.

Admittedly, you don’t have to follow expert picks, but betting previews can be an excellent source of valuable information to help you make the right bets.

NCAA Hockey Overview

Before we send you off to start placing your NCAA hockey bets, here are some interesting facts about NCAA hockey championships you might not know about.

  • Michigan is the most successful team in the history of NCAA Division I men’s ice hockey, with 9 titles, followed by Denver (8) and North Dakota (8), Wisconsin (6) and Boston College, Boston University, and Minnesota, who each won 6 titles apiece.
  • Wally Gacek, Chris Ray, and Bob McCusker hold the record for the most points in a Championship game, with 6 apiece.
  • Phil Sykes has scored the most points in multiple championships, with 9 points from 2 games (4 goals, 5 assists).
  • The NCAA ice hockey is just one of many collegiate sporting championships and is one of the most popular collegiate events besides NCAA basketball, NCAA soccer, and NCAA football.
  • The NCAA ice hockey finals have been held at Broadmoor Ice Palace in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the first 10th season. Still, they have since moved to multiple locations across the United States, with no permanent home.
  • Some of the most notable venues the NCAA ice finals have happened at include Pepsi Center, Wells Fargo Center, TD Garden, Olympic Arena, Bradley Center, and Verizon Center.
  • For the 2022 season, the NCAA ice hockey finals are set to take place at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • The NCAA also confirmed the venues for all the finals from 2022 to 2026, which will include: Amalie Arena (2023), Xcel Energy Center (2024), Enterprise Center (2025), and T-Mobile Arena (2026).
  • Some of the most popular and legal online bookmakers for NCAA hockey betting include BetMGM, Bovada, William Hill, MyBookie, LVBet, and 1xBet.

Bottom Line

We end our NCAA ice hockey betting guide, providing you with all the information and tips and tricks you need to know before you start wagering on NCAA hockey. So now you’re ready to visit the best NCAA hockey bookmakers and start placing your bets!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you bet on NCAA hockey online?

    Yes! You can bet on NCAA hockey online on most online bookmakers and all online ice hockey bookies. But make sure that you bet only on legal, licensed, and regulated bookmakers and with the best available odds.

  • How do betting lines work in college hockey?

    Betting lines in college hockey work the same way as in the NHL or ice hockey competition. The bookmakers set the lines with the same approach, but the spread size might be larger due to different rules in the NCAA and NHL.

  • How many NCAA hockey teams are there?

    As of the 2021/22 season, 59 schools field men’s ice hockey teams in NCAA Division I and 41 schools that field women’s teams, which compete in the (de facto) equivalent of Division I, the NCAA’s National Collegiate division.

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