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The Best International Betting Sites

Top 3 International Bookies

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New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at international bookmakers, how they work, how they operate in regulated and non-regulated betting markets, and provide answers to three key points in:
  1. Which are the best international betting sites?
  2. How can you use worldwide bookmakers?
  3. What are interesting facts about international bookies?

Full List of International Bookmakers

An international bookmaker is any sportsbook that operates in multiple countries and includes the most well-known sportsbooks. The best international sportsbooks are also generally considered the best bookmakers in the world, yet some are still better than others for one reason or another.

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In this article, we’ll look at the best and most popular international bookmakers, where you can find them, how to use them, and where they are available. And ultimately, we’ll help you find a safe sportsbook that is the best for your needs, with good odds, enough betting markets, and excellent bonuses.

It can be time-consuming since there are thousands of international bookies, but if you know what to look for, it’s not difficult to find the one that is best for any individual’s needs.

How to Be Sure That Our Rankings for the Best Sports Betting Sites Are Accurate

There are thousands of international betting sites, which makes it tough to pick the best one. Most offer competitive odds, and it’s not hard to find international online betting sites with excellent offers, but that doesn’t mean some are better.

When deciding which are the best betting sites worldwide, there are a few things to consider and many factors to look over, and while anyone can do it on their own, it’s much simpler to trust a reliable website that does all the job for you.

Our list of the top international betting sites includes only those that match specific criteria, which we deem essential for our readers’ safety and a solid betting experience. Yet out of all the things we check, here are some of the most important.

  • Security – We ensure that all the international betting sites we recommend are legit and safe for anyone to use.
  • Deposit options – all of the best international betting sites have to have plenty of payment options so that anyone can deposit and withdraw money without any hassle.
  • The competitive odds are crucial to all good international online sports betting sites and are very important for any sports bettors.
  • Good market coverage – just as important as the quality odds is the market offer, which has to include more than just betting markets on a few of the world’s biggest sports leagues.
  • Mobile app – all great international bookies nowadays must have an international betting app, mainly due to the rise of the popularity of mobile betting.
  • Solid customer support – often overlooked but very important for all of the best international sports betting sites is solid customer support, and we ensure all our recommendations check this mark.
  • Reputation – while some new sportsbooks don’t have an established reputation, all international bookies who have been around for a while must have a good reputation in the betting community to earn a spot on our top 10 international betting sites list.

International Bet Sites Offers

International bookies are generally very generous with their offers, and it’s not hard to find international betting sites with free bets, welcome bonuses, promotions, and more. International sportsbooks often have better proposals than any local bookmaker, mainly because they have the capital to do so and want to expand further by attracting new customers.

100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
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We match 50% of your First Deposit in Free Play. Use this industry leading Welcome Bonus to add more action to the games you love. Limited time only. Full T&Cs apply.
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Some of the most popular offers you’ll come across on international bookies include welcome matched deposit bonuses, free bets, enhanced odds, reload bonuses, insurance bets, risk-free wagers, Acca boosts, and various promotions. But even all that comes with an Asterisk.

International bookies’ promotions will often be location-limited, so someone from the US might get offered a $5 free bet on horse races, while someone from the UK won’t even though he’s using the same sportsbook. Nevertheless, even though there are location-limited promotions, international betting sites make sure that there are plenty of bonuses to go around.

International Betting Scene Explained

The sports betting industry is constantly changing and evolving, which applies to domestic and international markets. Generally, the changes benefit the bettors, especially when discussing certain countries and regions where online betting was prohibited but eventually became legalized and accepted.

The countries where betting was previously banned or illegal are especially interesting for international betting sites, which can enter a new market quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it’s usually the international betting companies’ desire to enter a new market that leads to the eventual legalization of sports betting after the governments realize the potential and the monetary benefit legalizing sports betting brings.

Yet even in countries where sports betting is and has been allowed for years, there is no shortage of developments. That mainly includes international betting websites expanding their reach, entering a new market, and making it more competitive. This competition eventually leads to international sports betting websites competing, offering better odds, bonus offers, and other goodies to attract new customers.

So no matter from which perspective we look at the betting industry, it’s easy to see that it’s constantly changing. And for the most part, the changes are highly beneficial for casual and professional bettors, who get access to more and more of the best international sports betting sites.

What Makes a Betting Site “International”?

The main difference between any sportsbook and international betting sites is that the latter operate in many countries, unlike some sportsbooks, which only offer their service to local bettors. But it can do both. For example, not all UK bookmakers are international betting sites, but most are.

The other significant difference between a local sportsbook and an international bookmaker is which customers they accept. For example, some US bookmakers accept US residents and no one else, whereas international US sportsbooks will accept US residents and bettors from other countries.

And the third difference between a local sportsbook and an international betting sites is the betting market coverage and odds quality. All international bookmakers tend to have much better market coverage than any local sportsbook.

Unlike local bookmakers, the international sports betting market is much better. It includes all sports competitions, US presidential elections, Israeli elections, or other niche markets. In contrast, the options are far more limited for bookies that operate only within one country or region. And this also explains why most people prefer international bookies over local bookies.

Regional Analysis of International Bookmakers

Many international betting sites operate worldwide, but there’s a big difference in how they can work, depending on the country and the region. Generally, we can divide the global betting market into 3 parts – regulated, semi-regulated, and non-regulated, each with its own rules.

The regulated wagering markets are very inviting for international betting websites since they can operate legally and have access to, usually, a big market with huge potential.

Semi-regulated markets are technically no different, as they’re still very popular among international bookies, but most are forced to operate without a license. Nevertheless, those international betting sites which enter semi-regulated markets tend to attract the most bettors due to their excellent market coverage and solid betting odds.

There aren’t many unregulated betting markets, and the number will decrease even further in the coming years. But unregulated markets are filled with international bookmakers who technically aren’t allowed to offer their services but still do due to the demand. They have a full monopoly since no local bookmakers can compete with them.

International Betting Sites in the USA

The United States is the world’s largest economy, and after the country legalized gambling in 2018, it also became the world’s fastest-growing betting market. Even before, there were international betting sites for US customers, but the number has grown exponentially since 2018 when states were free to legalize and regulate the betting market.

As of 2023, thousands of sportsbooks are operating across the US, and the number continues to grow weekly. You can find anything from offshore sportsbooks to local bookmakers, AMEX betting sites, top worldwide sports betting sites that take MasterCard, and anything in between.

Despite being late to join the party, the USA now has one of the largest selections of sportsbooks, yet a few stand out. Caesars, Elite Sportsbook, BetOnline, and MGM Bet (owned by MGM resorts international) are some of the biggest bookmakers in the country. Yet, some still prefer to enjoy sports betting on international bookies.

International Betting Sites in the UK

The UK is one of the biggest and most appealing markets to enter for international betting sites, but also one of the harder due to the tough licensing process any international betting firm has to go through. Nevertheless, the UK is brimming with international sportsbooks and is even home to some of the best betting sites worldwide.

Some of the main players in the UK include Sky Bet, Coral, Bet-at-home, Unibet, and Bet365, yet those are some of the best international sportsbooks operating in the UK.

International Betting Sites in Canada

All forms of gambling and betting in Canada are legal when regulated by the provincial government and on sportsbooks licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC). However, while there are many Canadian bookmakers where locals can bet on sports, most prefer to use international betting sites.

That mainly concerns international bookies with better bonus offers, odds, and better market coverage. Luckily, some of the best international sportsbooks also operate in Canada, including Bet365, Coral, and BetMGM, giving local punters enough options when deciding which international betting websites to use for their gambling needs.

International Betting Sites in Australia

Sports betting in Australia has been legal for a while, but it wasn’t until 1996 that it was brought online. Since then, many of the world’s biggest betting firms, including many international bookmakers, have entered the market.

Moreover, Australia is home to many international bookmakers, so for the locals, it doesn’t matter whether they register on a local bookie, such as Sportsbet, or use one of many offshore sportsbooks. The list of available sportsbooks in Australia is seemingly endless, making Australia one of the best marketers to be whether you intend to place the best international football bets or wager on any other sport.

International Betting Sites in New Zealand

Sports betting is very popular in New Zealand, which explains why many NZ sports betting sites operate there. There aren’t many local sportsbooks, so the locals prefer to use the best international sportsbooks for the same reason as anywhere else – the best international bookies offer better bonuses and odds and have much better market coverage.

Some of the most popular and best international sportsbooks in New Zealand include 1xBet, 22Bet, Bet365, and N1Bet.

International Betting Sites in India

Online betting in India isn’t technically legal, but it’s still available on international sportsbooks. So while you can’t find any local legal betting sites in India, locals are free to use international bookies for their needs, and most do.

Sports betting in India is extremely popular, especially in cricket and football, and all international betting websites have adequate market coverage to offer that to local punters. Yet out of all available sportsbooks in India, the most popular include Betway, 22Bet, Parimatch, and Bet365.

International Betting Sites in the Philippines

Sports betting and gambling are legal in the Philippines and regulated by the regulatory body PAGCOR, which issues local and international bookmakers licenses. Those that PAGCOR doesn’t license aren’t allowed to operate in the Philippines, but the government is fairly inefficient in enforcing that.

So while the local bettors have many sportsbooks to choose from, most pick the best international sportsbooks and use them instead of local bookmakers, mainly because the international bookies have better odds and market coverage. It also explains why sportsbooks like Bet365, Coral, and William Hill are some of the most popular sportsbooks in the country.

International Betting Sites in Kenya

In 2019, Kenya replaced the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act of 1966 and modernized it; however, it didn’t legalize sports betting, which remains illegal. However, people can still gamble on international spread betting platforms without issues operating in the country.

Today, hundreds of international bookies are operating in Kenya, and the most important include Coral, SkyBet, Bet-at-home, Bet365, and Diamond Sportsbook. Although not legal, they’re still available, and most accept M-Pesa as one of the most popular payment methods among Kenyan bettors.

International Betting Sites in Nigeria

Unlike in most other African countries, online sports betting is available and legal in Nigeria. It has been since the 2005 National Lottery Act came into force, giving Nigeria a state-owned licensing body. The legal framework in Nigeria allows for both casino gambling and sports betting. Still, the latter is far more popular among locals, with some reports suggesting that over 60% of the population bets on sports.

It is made possible due to the prevalence of land-based betting shops and the presence of international bookies, most of which offer an international betting app – since most Nigerians bet from their phones. Moreover, the most popular international betting sites in Nigeria – such as Sky Bet, Sportsbet, and 22Bet, all accept Nigerian ATM cards as viable payment methods, besides various E-wallets and crypto as a popular deposit and withdrawal method.

International Betting Sites in Uganda

Online sports betting and gambling have been fully legal and regulated in Uganda since 2016, with the Lotteries and Gaming Act No. 7. The country has a regulatory body that issues icenses to land-based betting companies, which are fairly popular, but not as popular as the international betting sites.

Uganda is home to hundreds of international betting websites, including some of the world’s biggest firms, such as 1xBet, 22Bet, and Lvibet, on top of over a dozen of local sportsbooks. Still, most people prefer to bet on the best international betting sites due to better bonuses, odds, and market coverage.

International Betting Sites in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, all forms of land-based gambling are illegal (except for Costa Rican lottery); however, many Costa Rican sportsbooks have a license to operate. But like in many other countries with local sportsbooks, the locals prefer to use international bookies, even in Costa Rica.

Unlike local sportsbooks, international betting sites offer objectively better betting and can be used for matched betting. In contrast, local sportsbooks tend to have worse odds and bonus promotions. So while many sportsbooks exist in Costa Rica, the biggest companies, like Bet365, 20Bet, and Unibet, tend to be the most popular.

International Betting Sites in Brazil

There are no licensed Brazilian betting sites, and while some prefer to be called local, there aren’t any truly local sportsbooks here. Instead, most sports betting in Brazil is done via international betting sites and apps.

Since sports betting is very popular in Brazil, many of the world’s biggest and best international sportsbooks have entered the market, creating diverse betting platforms. It is excellent news for local punters who can pick between hundreds of international bookmakers such as Bet365 and William Hill, which tend to be more popular than Bumbet, Betboo, and Rivaldo, which like to portray themselves as local sportsbooks.

International Betting Sites in Mexico

Betting and gambling in Mexico are fully state-controlled, and the only way for any sportsbook to operate in the country is to obtain a local betting license. It is very easy to do, which is why many of the best international betting sites decided to submit the needed documents to hold a betting license.

Nowadays, Mexico is filled with some of the world’s biggest international bookies licensed to operate in the country, including Bet365, which is by far the most popular sportsbook in Mexico, followed by Betway, 888sport, and BetVictor.

International Betting Sites in Colombia

It’s no secret that sports are very popular in Colombia, and sports betting is no exception, as it’s a common pastime for many Colombians. Moreover, sports betting was legalized in 2016, and since then, the Colombian betting market has grown exponentially, welcoming many sportsbooks that continue to operate and offer their services to locals.

There are no local bookmakers here, but that’s hardly an issue due to the long list of international betting sites that accept Colombian bettors, including 20bet, Roobet, Bovada, BetOnline, and Bet365. Those are some of the most popular sportsbooks in Colombia. Still, there are plenty more to choose from, regardless of what you’re after – even if you’re looking for international bookmakers using ecoPayz.

International Betting Sites in Peru

Peru introduced the required legislation to make betting and gambling in 1999 and later added some amendments to the law to create a solid betting market, which continues to grow today. All sportsbooks operating in the county must have an online betting license. While the local bookies in Inkabet, Doradobet, Apuesta Total, and Livesport initially worked under a Curacao license, the regulatory body didn’t charge fees for them to acquire the local permit.

Still, there’s total freedom of access, meaning that locals are free to use any international bookie as they please, and most do because international betting sites tend to have better odds and better market coverage. So while some still use local bookies, most Peruvian bettors prefer to use Bet365, 20Bet, and Unibet as some of the most popular international bookies.

International Betting Sites in Argentina

Like most countries where betting is legal, Argentina has a handful of local sportsbooks. Still, those are not as popular as hundreds of international bookies that offer their service to Argentinian bettors. The reason is that international betting sites have better odds, better market coverage, and better bonuses than any local sportsbook.

So even though Argentinian bettors can pick between local and international bookies, the latter, namely Bet365, Mercury, and SkyBet, are by far the most popular.

Choose from International Gambling Sites for a Specific Type of Sport or Game

When deciding which sportsbook to register with, it’s first important to narrow down the list of the best international sportsbooks that are safe and have a good reputation. Safety should be anyone’s number one priority, as there’s nothing good that can come from using shady bookies.

After you have a list of safe bookies, it’s time to ask yourself what you want to use them for. Suppose you intend to bet on any major sport or major sports league. It usually doesn’t matter in that case, but if you want to bet on more niche tournaments and sports, picking the right international betting websites becomes much more important.

For example, anyone who wants to bet on the Bundesliga can easily pick any bookmaker, and the same goes for big sporting events such as the Cricket World Cup. But if you want to bet on the Finnish chess league, you must realize that not all sportsbooks will have markets for it.

So before you register with any international betting websites, check if they have the markets for the sport or league you want to bet on. Even the best international betting sites don’t cover all sports/tournaments.

Best International Bookmakers for Football

Football is by far the most popular sport in the world and, unsurprisingly, the most popular sport among sports bettors, so it’s easy to understand that all sportsbooks offer football betting markets – and most do a great job at it.

No international betting firm won’t have football betting markets, especially in the bigger leagues such as the Premier League, MLS, Serie A, and La Liga. Still, when we talk about smaller leagues and events, there’s a difference between the bookmaker’s market offer.

So if you intend to bet on bigger football leagues, it doesn’t matter that much which sportsbooks you pick, as long as it has competitive odds and is safe. However, those who want to enjoy sports betting on international bookmakers in more niche leagues must be more careful about which bookmaker they choose.

Generally, Bet365, William Hill, and Sky Bet are the most popular sportsbooks among football bettors due to their excellent coverage of football betting markets. Moreover, the three betting firms have a strong reputation and competitive odds and are praised by all online reviews for their exceptional football betting offers.

Other great options exist, but Bet365, William Hill, and Sky Bet are the golden standard for sportsbooks where you can place the best international football bets.

International Rugby Betting

Rugby isn’t nearly as popular as football – depending on who you ask – so it’s not shocking to learn that fewer sportsbooks offer rugby betting. But that doesn’t mean that it’s hard to find international bookies where you can bet on rugby.

All of the best international betting sites will have rugby betting markets, especially those that operate in countries where rugby is very popular – Australia and New Zealand. But much like how it’s with football betting, some bookmakers will do a better job in offering rugby betting opportunities.

Some will only cover the biggest tournaments and ignore leagues that lower the ranking. Yet plenty of sportsbooks offer an all-inclusive rugby betting experience, including Sportsbet and Sky Bet, two leading rugby betting sites.

Note that other excellent choices can easily be found. Visit the sportsbook you want to register with and check its betting offer by navigating the markets. That is especially effective during big rugby tournaments, as it gives you better insight into how good the sportsbooks’ rugby coverage is.

International Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse race betting is easily one of the most popular activities among sports bettors, regardless of their location and residence. So naturally, all international and even local sportsbooks will have horse racing betting markets available.

But once again, there’s a question of which races you want to bet on. For example, all international betting sites will have markets for Kentucky Derby and other major races, but some won’t go further.

So if you want to bet on horse races all year round and even place bets on some lesser events, you should find an international betting app or site that offers that option. Many of the best international bookies check those marks, especially bookies like Sky Bet, known as the best international sportsbook for horse races.

With excellent odds, promotions, and solid market coverage, Sky Bet is widely known as the go-to international bookie for horse race bettors. Other great alternatives include Bet365, William Hill, and Coral.

Major International Sporting Events to Bet on

When picking which international betting site to use, it’s important to consider a few things. It has to be safe, offer competitive odds, and have solid betting market coverage. The latter is different for everyone, some want to bet on certain sports, others prefer to bet on others, and likewise, there’s a difference in bettors’ desire for which tournaments and leagues they want to wager on.

Regarding bigger leagues and competitions, it usually doesn’t matter which sportsbook you pick since all international bookies will have markets on the NBA, Premier League, Cricket World Cup, and other major events. Still, even this comes with an asterisk.

Some bookmakers will generally have far more betting markets and bet types available, and those usually also do a much better job covering major leagues. So while you can use Mercury or Bet365 to bet on the FIFA World Cup, Bet365 will have far more markets in the league.

So even though it’s easy to find international betting sites to bet on major international sporting events, you have to consider that some sportsbooks do better with their market coverage.

International Betting Apps

Nowadays, all modern bookmakers are essentially forced to offer a way for their customers to bet from their phones, and all do. All current bookmakers have a mobile website optimized for mobile phones and work the same way as the desktop website.

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But nowadays, offering a mobile website isn’t enough. International bookies who want to be taken seriously must also have an international betting app.

Luckily, any international betting firm will have a mobile app, especially those that run the top bookmakers such as Bet365, Bet-at-home, and William Hill. And even some lesser sportsbooks started investing in a mobile app after realizing how popular mobile betting has become.

Notably, there are differences between solid and great mobile betting apps, but it mostly comes down to personal preference. So if you want to bet from your phone on international bookies, make sure that you pick the best international sportsbook with a good mobile app.

International iOS Betting Apps

Android continues to reign supreme in the global market, with nearly 3/4 of the worldwide population using Android phones rather than iOS devices. However, a fourth of the population is not small, so when a sportsbook creates a mobile betting app, it must support Apple devices.

Nowadays, creating an iOS app is pretty straightforward, which explains why every sportsbook with a mobile app also has it for iOS devices. But before you download any app, remember to make sure you’re downloading it from the official website, as it’s very easy for scammers to create a betting app that looks similar to the real thing.

Besides that, ensure the app runs smoothly on your device, has all the features you want, and is stable. But realistically, any solid international betting app will have those features, so it’s hard to miss the mark.

International Android Betting Apps

Android mobile betting apps are by far the most available, which makes sense because most of the world’s population uses Android. So if you find a sportsbook with a mobile app, it will 100% have it for Android.

Still, before you download an Android mobile app, you must remember the same things as you would if you were using an iOS device. You should only download apps from the official website or Google Play to ensure you’re not downloading malicious software.

Moreover, it would help if you used only apps that work for you – they are easy to use, convenient, and stable.

Is It Worth Using International Betting Sites?

For people living in countries with no local bookmakers, whether it’s worth using an international betting site does not apply since they’re the only option. But deciding between an international and local sportsbook becomes a thing in more developed markets.

Typically it’s wiser to use an international sportsbook since they tend to do much better in offering betting options. But as with anything, there are pros and cons to using an international betting app or site.

Advantages of International

  • International betting sites often have better odds and more generous bonus offers.
  • In some countries, winnings from an international betting site can’t be taxed.
  • Some of the world’s most reputable sportsbooks are international betting sites.
  • International bookies typically have much better market coverage and offer more betting opportunities.

Disadvantages of International

  • Some international bookmakers will offer bonuses exclusive to certain regions.
  • While accessible, international bookmakers might not legally use it in certain countries.
  • The law can’t protect you from scams if the local regulatory body licenses an international bookie.

The Best New International Betting Sites

The online betting industry is ever-growing and parallel to it, we get to see new international betting sites entering the market, trying to get their slice of the multi-billion industry. Every year, thousands of sportsbooks close down, and thousands more open their doors for business, leading to a situation where there’s always a new sportsbook to visit and use.

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But amid all new sportsbooks, some bad apples should be avoided. Preferably, everyone should stick with betting on a reputable and established international betting site, but there are advantages to using new sportsbooks.

Since new international bookies must compete in a competitive market, they often offer better odds or bonuses to attract new customers. And from a bettor’s perspective, that’s great as we can take advantage of their generosity.

However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that we must be careful which sportsbook we register with. Especially if an international betting site is new, there’s no telling whether it’s safe or not – granted, it’s easy to make sure by checking whether it has a valid betting license, preferably MGA or UKGC.

How to Choose the Best International Sportsbooks

Picking a bookmaker is the first and most important thing any bettor will do at the start of his betting journey. And it can’t be overstated how much of an impact picking the right (or wrong) sportsbook has.

Although it’s a process to find the best international betting websites, there are a few key factors to check that will help you find the right sportsbook.


When deciding which international sportsbooks are best for you, it’s first mandatory to ensure that the ones you’re looking at are safe. Safety should be anyone’s priority since using sportsbooks that may scam you out of your money doesn’t make much sense.

There are 2 ways to ensure that international bookies are safe – it has to have a solid reputation and a valid betting license. Even if your local government does not license the sportsbook, if it has a reputable gambling license from MGA or ICGC, it is 100% safe to use.

Picking a safe and legal bookmaker in a regulated market is very straightforward. Visit the sportsbook and check if it has a betting license issued by the local authority.

It is worth noting that even some of the best international sportsbooks won’t have licenses in all countries yet will still accept customers from there. It doesn’t technically make them illegal to use; however, local law won’t protect you if you decide to do so.

International Sports Betting Sites – Unregulated Markets

Although checking if an international betting site has a betting license is a great way to ensure its safety, things become more complicated in unregulated markets. Countries like Saudi Arabia don’t have a regulated betting market and no authority that can issue betting licenses. Therefore, even the best international sportsbook can’t get a permit to operate in the market.

However, that doesn’t make them any less appealing. Especially in unregulated markets, international bookies are extremely popular as they’re the only option the locals have. But there can be problems.

Any sportsbook can operate in an unregulated market, even those not allowed to use elsewhere due to being shady or their past. So if you’re betting from an unregulated market, it’s much more important to pick a safe and reliable international betting firm – preferably a sportsbook with a good reputation and a valid betting license in other countries.

The Best Odds on the Market

It’s no secret that international betting sites are far more popular than any local bookmaker, and the main reason behind it is that international bookies often have better odds. Unlike smaller sportsbooks, big international bookmakers can afford to offer better odds. However, it mainly concerns that most local bookmakers have a monopoly over the local market, so they take advantage of the situation and provide worse prices.

Luckily for bettors, we don’t have to be content with the local sportsbooks’ offers and instead register on hundreds of international bookmakers, which will almost always have better offers.

So if you’re betting in a market that tries to force a monopoly on a local betting operator, it’s always wise to register with international betting websites and check if they have a better offer– since they usually will.

Convenient Payment Options

Another major advantage of using the best international sportsbooks is their wide selection of deposit methods. Since these bookmakers operate across many countries, they must adapt to their customer’s needs and offer enough payment methods to keep everyone happy.

So besides accepting credit/debit cards and bank transfers, international betting websites always accept various E-wallets and even crypto.

The actual list of the available withdrawal and deposit options will vary depending on the sportsbook you use, but nowadays, all of the top bookies have enough options for everyone.

Deposit Methods

Before registering with any international betting site, you have to check which deposit options it has, the processing times, and whether it charges any fees. As of 2023, all top sportsbooks will have at least a few deposit options, so that’s hardly an issue, but the costs and deposit times will vary, so it’s worth checking out the terms and conditions.


Visa is one of the most popular payment methods on online betting sites, and it’s also one of the most accessible deposit options for any international bookmaker. Every sportsbook which accepts credit/debit cards (most do) will have Visa as a viable deposit option, so if you’re a Visa user, finding a bookmaker that will accept your payments is hardly an issue.


Much like Visa, MasterCard is a very popular payment method among bettors and also generally a well-accepted payment method by any international betting firm.

Credit Cards

Depositing money in a betting account with credit cards is considered a traditional method and possibly the most popular payment method worldwide. That largely concerns its convenience and accessibility – as all international bookmakers will accept credit card deposits.

Debit Cards

Debit cards fall into the same category as credit card deposits, a traditional deposit method accepted by most sportsbooks. There are some exceptions, though, as some countries, including the UK, don’t allow credit and debit card deposits.

Diners Club

Diners Club isn’t as popular as Visa or MasterCard, but still readily accepted by the vast majority of international betting sites. It works like any credit/debit card, allowing quick deposits by providing your card number and CSC.

American Express (AMEX)

Not available in Europe but very popular in the United States, American Express (or AMEX) is the preferred payment method for most bettors who look for a simple and convenient way to fund their betting accounts.


Instadebit is an online bank transfer payment method popular mostly in Canada and therefore accepted by all international bookmakers that operate in Canada. It’s an extremely efficient and convenient payment method, offering fast transfers no matter which bank you use, as it supports every financial institution in Canada.


The world’s most popular online payment method that can be used to buy various online goods; however, despite its popularity, PayPal isn’t as well accepted by international bookmakers as it may seem. Some top international betting sites accept PayPal, but the reality is that most won’t, so it’s not the best option for those looking for a convenient payment method.


Neteller is one of the world’s biggest E-wallets, but not only is it very popular, but Neteller is also readily available as a viable deposit method on most sportsbooks. As an excellent alternative to PayPal, Neteller is, by many bettors, considered the best online deposit method and is widely used by international students.


If Neteller isn’t up your alley, Skrill offers an excellent alternative. It offers quick and safe transfers and is generally accepted by all European sportsbooks as a valid and secure deposit and withdrawal method.


EcoPayz joins the group of reliable online payment methods besides Neteller and Skrill as one of the most popular deposit options among sports bettors. It’s just as good as Skrill and Neteller in terms of security, speed, and availability, and it only exists to offer a good deposit and withdrawal method to those who live in countries where Skrill and Neteller don’t operate.


iDebit is a very popular online payment provider that makes quick and secure payments to merchandise directly from your online banking account. Although not as popular as Skrill or Neteller, iDebit is as good and accepted by most international bookies.


As the name suggests,eCheck is simply an electronic version of a check. It’s a viable payment method accepted by plenty of international bookmakers, and even though it’s extremely safe, eChecks aren’t as fast as E-wallet deposits.


Over the last half a decade, crypto payments have become very popular, especially the top crypto, such as Bitcoin. And before long, sportsbooks started accepting crypto deposits as a valid payment method.

Nowadays, hundreds of international betting sites will accept Bitcoin as a valid payment method, but not all will. Nevertheless, while BTC isn’t the most accessible payment method, it’s extremely fast and safe, which explains why many people use it.


As the second-biggest cryptocurrency, Ethereum enjoys the same attention as Bitcoin as a valid payment method on crypto sportsbooks. But just like Bitcoin, Ethereum deposits won’t be available on most international sportsbooks – despite offering quick and secure payments.

Withdrawal Methods (Payouts)

The best international betting sites offer many withdrawal methods, but no matter which sportsbook you use, there will typically be fewer withdrawal methods than deposits. That is because some payment methods (such as PaySafeCard) can’t be used for withdrawals.

Still, there are plenty of withdrawal methods, including the most popular in: Skrill, Neteller, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and crypto.

Best International Betting Prediction Sites

Every bettor needs help deciding what to bet on, which is where international betting prediction sites come in handy. But not only are there websites offering free betting previews, but some sportsbooks also have blogs with written previews, which you can use to decide what to bet on.

Bookmakers like Sky Bet and William Hill also offer short predictions of their writers on various matches and horse races, which can be extremely useful. And those are just two of many international bookmakers that offer blog posts and betting previews that can help you find solid betting opportunities.

Ultimately, there is no such thing as one best international betting prediction sites. Still, there are plenty of solid options for anyone wanting to get more information on the matches they want to bet on.

Custom Service at International Betting Sites

Any best international sportsbook must have reliable customer service; for the most part, they do. All bookmakers with a solid reputation will have a good customer support department which is an integral part of a good betting site.

It’s also important to note that the biggest international bookies offer customer service in many languages, from English to French, German, Chinese, and more; granted, this will depend on where they operate and how invested the sportsbook is to offering its services to specific regions.

International Bookies Overview

Before we end our article on the best international betting sites, here are some interesting facts and tips about international bookies you should know about.

  • When picking an international betting site, remember to check if it is safe and legit. Check if it has competitive betting odds, has enough betting markets, a solid offer of payment and withdrawal methods, and has other features such as in-play betting and mobile betting app.
  • Some of the most popular international bookmarks are William Hill (Caesars), Bet365, Unibet, Sky Bet, and Coral.
  • The most accessible and popular payment methods on international betting sites are Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Skrill, Netller, and Crypto.
  • International bookies offer betting markets on any sport imaginable, but the focus is football, basketball, horse races, and cricket, as some of the world’s most popular sports.
  • Although international bookmakers do a fine job in offering enough betting markets, they rarely provide specific bets on local athletes or smaller sports leagues, so you might not have as many prop bets and futures on smaller competitions available.
  • International betting sites often have great bonus offers, but some are location-restricted.

Bottom Line

With that, we come to the end of our article, explaining everything there is to know about international betting sites, how to use them, and how they operate. So now you know everything there is to know about betting on international bookies, so you’re ready to find the best sportsbook for you and start betting – but remember to bet in moderation and never wager with more than you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best international betting site?
    Although there is no best international betting site, sportsbooks like bet365, William Hill, Unibet, Pinnacle, and Betway are some of the most popular international bookmakers.
  • How does international betting work?
    International betting sites are bookmakers operating in multiple countries and are often better than any local sportsbook. So to bet on them, you must visit an international betting site that accepts customers from your country and signs up.
  • How do you withdraw money from a betting site?
    Most modern bookmakers have plenty of withdrawal options you can choose from, so withdrawing money isn’t an issue. Typically, all sportsbooks have e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers as viable options, while some also accept crypto withdrawals.
  • Are there any sports betting sites that don’t use international charges?
    Very few sports betting sites have international charges, but this will entirely depend on the country you’re betting. Some of the most well-known sportsbooks without any charges are bet365 and William Hill.
  • Can international students bet on sports?
    Yes, anyone who resides in a country where betting is legal can bet on sports on local or international sportsbooks. Online betting restrictions only relate to the location and not necessarily to the individual’s home.
  • Are there any sports betting sites that aren’t international?
    Many non-international sports betting sites operate only in their country. However, those sportsbooks usually offer worse betting offers and odds than international bookmakers.
  • Is betting legal for international students?
    International students can bet on sports as long as they’re located in a country where sports betting is legal. Moreover, some countries don’t allow sports betting for residents but allow it for tourists and students from other countries.
  • Why do people not bet on international sports?
    Although most people bet on international leagues, especially those not residing in a country with big sports competitions, some prefer to only bet on local sports and matches. It’s up to any individual to decide what to bet on.
  • Where can I bet on international elections?
    Most international bookmakers also offer political betting markets, where you can bet on elections of any other country. However, those markets mostly include elections of big countries – such as Germany and France in Europe.
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