Best New Betting Sites in 2023

Top 3 Brand New Bookies
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When browsing the online betting market in 2023, it is easy to come across the same names time and time again. While sites like Betfair, Bet365, William Hill, and Paddy Power offer incredible online sportsbook experiences, they are practices we have seen even more than one time. Instead, new bettors and seasoned betting veterans are deciding to use a range of new bookmakers.

This detailed article is going to give you the following information about all new bookies:

  • The best new betting sites in the UK and outside of it.
  • What brand new bookmakers can offer a bettor.
  • What offers are usually given on new bet sites.
  • What you should be looking for in brand new bookies in 2023.

Full List of New Bookmakers

Good recent bookmakers can be a little hard to find. Quite often, the newest betting sites in the UK are a bit short of content. The betting experiences on them are not always up to par compared to some leading operators. However, some sites more than live up to their older brothers. Space Sports, Mansion Bet, InterBet, Vbet, and Mr.Play Sport are some of our picks for the best new bookies in 2023.

Up to 5m₿ in risk free bet in horse racing
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Familiar Offers on New Betting Sites

Despite these sites just being established this year, they frequently offer the same high-quality offers that the leading online sportsbooks do. These classic offers range from no deposit bonuses to free bets and more. Even brand new betting sites understand how vital promotional offers are to online bettors. That is why new bookmakers give their player-base plenty of promo codes and welcome bonuses. These offers can usually be found right on a website’s homepage under the tab marked “Offers,” “Deals,” or “Promotions.”

Up to 5m₿ in risk free bet in horse racing
Place a Fixed Odds win bet on any Thoroughbred, Greyhound or Harness & if your horse or Greyhound does NOT win you will receive the value of your first bet back, up to 5 mBTC in a bonus bet. Full T&Cs apply.
100% up to €300
New customers only! Get 100% bonus up to €300 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
100% up to €100
New customers only! Get your Sports Spirit on with a Welcome Sports Bonus of 100% up to €100. Full T&Cs apply

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses on brand new betting sites function as on older online sportsbook sites. All a player needs to do to claim a welcome offer is sign up to the site and create a login. Once signed in, they will be given a specified welcome bonus. The bonuses that tend to be delivered by new UK betting sites revolve around free bets and no deposit bonuses primarily. We will go into more detail about what each type of promotion offers in just a moment. On the whole, new sports bookies can be frequently found to give just as good welcome bonuses as their older competitors.

Free Bets

Free bet offers are online sportsbooks’ bread and butter. No matter where you go, or what website you log into, these free bet deals are everywhere, especially in 2023. For those who are unaware or new to the online betting scene, a free bet offer gives a player a free bet of a certain amount once they have placed a specified amount. For example, a recent proposal on MansionBet gave new customers £20 when they made an initial bet of £10.

No Deposit Bonuses

Another common promotional offer new betting companies give is the no deposit bonus. It works fundamentally the same way as a free bet offer, just without needing to place a deposit or make an initial bet. That is why these offers are commonly referred to as “Free Cash Bonuses” in the UK. No deposit is required to claim these offers, giving players an utterly risk-free bet just for signing up to the site.

How to Choose the Best New Sportsbook in 2023

There are many determining factors when choosing a new sportsbook site for you. First and foremost, you must select a website with plenty of options to suit your particular preferences. It includes sports betting options, any additional options, payment methods, and more. A new betting site should also give you consistent and reliable service and always keep you safe. No matter how unique the website is, it must again meet all of the necessary legal requirements before operating. The following section should give you all of the information you need to determine if a new online operator is the best option for you or not.


A new betting site must keep you safe at all times. It boils down to keeping your details and banking information safe and secure. The best new bookmaker sites will use state-of-the-art encryption software to ensure that all your details remain safely secured on the site, protected against all cyber threats, such as hackers. This information can usually be found by visiting reviews of new betting websites and reading the data there if the bookmaker itself does not make it immediately evident.


The latest betting sites should be deemed completely legal. Online bookies achieve this by obtaining the necessary legal documents and licenses from the region’s government or country they wish to operate. For example, the newest betting sites in the UK have to receive a licence from the UK Gambling Commission if they wish to operate in London or elsewhere in the UK or Ireland. A legal bookmaker will make this information readily available on their website.

For offshore betting companies (those not situated within the UK), the legality may be a little different depending on what country you reside in. For example, the USA’s laws differ from those in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. Additionally, those based in the US must check the legality of particular sites within their specific state as the laws change heavily between states. For example, online betting is legal in New Jersey but not in New York.


The reliability of an online betting site is key, especially for brand new ones. Simply put, users won’t visit a site if it is unreliable. The reliability of a site usually revolves around how safe it is and how trustworthy and legitimate the operator is on the whole. Customer and critic reviews of new betting websites will discuss the reliability of new operators at length, telling you whether or not the site can be trusted.


The popularity of a sportsbook is an intriguing factor. While a website may be trendy, attracting crowds of thousands per day, this does not mean that bookmakers are the best on the market. Additionally, this does not mean the site is legal or inherently trustworthy. You should not let other people’s betting trends dictate your own. Instead, make sure you do your research on a new betting site before registering, making sure to check the site’s legality and safety before anything else.

Great Odds

The best brand new bookies in 2023 will try to give you the best odds currently available on the market. It is not easy for a start-up company, but the best new websites will try to put the player first. It is usually a tell-tale sign that the operator will be an excellent and trustworthy option in the long run. The sports, casino, and even lottery odds on new online bookmakers will be thoroughly researched and updated continuously to ensure that their players are always getting the best deal possible.

Convenient Payment Options

An online bookie should give its users plenty of payment options to choose from, regardless of how new the company is. An operator needs to understand that not all players will have the same current financial situation and that some players may need alternative options to choose from. That is why the best new sports betting sites in 2023 give their players a range of convenient payment methods to pick out.

Deposit Methods

Depositing money into your account should be simple and easy, not intimidating and off-putting. One way in which new betting companies ensure this is by providing their customers with plenty of payment options. The most popular forms of payment include card payment options, bank transfer options, and E-wallet methods. Popular providers like MasterCard, VISA, and PayPal are all usually accepted on these new websites.

Minimum Deposit Required

It is common for an online betting site to have a minimum deposit. It is often the case as some operators may take a minuscule deposit fee. New online sportsbooks may require a minimum deposit amount for all users. This amount will vary between sites, but it will usually be quite low. The best betting sites in the UK have a minimum deposit of only £10-20.

Withdrawal Methods

As was the case when discussing deposit methods, all new sports bookies must give their users plenty of payment options when it comes to withdrawing their money. Payouts can frequently occur if a player is skilled enough, and withdrawing your winnings should be easy. The withdrawal methods used by most brand new bookmakers tend to be the same payment options for depositing cash. It includes E-wallet payments, card payments, bank transfers, and sometimes cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin or Tether.

Live Streaming Sports Events

Some of the best new bookmakers will allow their players to live stream certain sports games and events. While this is quite rare amongst betting sites new to the industry, some top in-play sportsbooks display this feature prominently on their site to attract new players in this crowded 2023 market. On these sites, you can choose a popular sports betting option, select a currently in-play game, bet on it, and then watch it from the comfort of your browser or, in some cases, the dedicated sports betting app.

Reviews Can Help

When it comes to new betting sites, especially ones that are extremely brand new, you must be fully informed before deciding to register with the site or not. Customer and critic reviews can help this decision-making process. Checks can be found all across the internet, including on BetZillion! They will give you a clear overview of what to expect from a particular site and what it offers, and how trustworthy it is overall.

Reviews will also give you a list of new online betting sites that are popular amongst customers. Most online operators understand how critical and influential user reviews are. These reviews often mean the difference between a user checking out the website and avoiding it altogether. That is why many leading operators choose to put the player first and make a big deal. Consumers do run this market, and the best operators know it.

How Do We Collect Our Reviews?

The reviews featured on this website are designed to help you find the best bookmaker. We give you a detailed overview of the site, providing clear information on how to access it, what betting options are available, and how trustworthy it is. These aspects are discussed in detail to keep you informed about this ever-changing industry. The reviews on this website are gathered in two primary ways.

The first way we collect reviews is via customer feedback. These customer reviews come directly from bettors who have used the operator in question, giving you a first-hand rundown of what the website offers and how it runs. The second way in which we gather reviews is via industry experts. Our team of industry experts reviews these sportsbooks, knowing exactly what to look for and passing that knowledge onto you.

Is It Worth Using New Betting Sites?

When you think of an online betting site, you are likely thinking of a website that has been around for a while. Most leading online betting companies started a decade ago and have evolved and adapted to ensure that their player-base remains satisfied. Despite this, some new betting sites still give these older sites a run for their money. Many companies bring a top operator level of quality to the online sportsbook industry but are just lesser-known. It does not mean, however, that these new sportsbooks should continue operating under the radar. There are plenty of reasons to check out new bookmakers.

Advantages of Using New Bookmakers

When it comes to the advantages of using new betting sites, there is plenty to talk about. The list below aims to give you these advantages in a more condensed way, only picking out the most prevalent benefits of using new sites:

  • New bookmakers often feature a wide range of betting options. These tend to cover many betting markets, such as the casino market, the live service market, and the traditional sportsbook market. It will keep players of all types invested in the site for a long duration.
  • New websites frequently use the most updated forms of cybersecurity. While some online operators that have been around for years will say that they have a high level of security, their software can often be quite old, dating back to when the website originally started. New bookies commonly use the most recent cybersecurity software iterations, making your online betting experience safe and secure.
  • The casino options on newer sites are usually much more varied, including the most recent iterations of virtual slot machines that provide users with a more graphically intensive online gaming experience.

Disadvantages of Using New Bookmakers

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to using some new online bookmakers. The list below gives you a breakdown of some of the most commonly discussed disadvantages:

  • Not every site is entirely safe or legal. Because brand new sport betting sites don’t usually have much information circulating on the internet, there is no guarantee that the site is completely legitimate or trustworthy. The site may not hold the necessary legal documents or may not implement an entirely fair betting system. It is difficult to determine these things when a website is brand new.
  • You know what you get with a traditional online betting brand, whereas you don’t get a new bookie. While more recent websites may offer the same quality level as leading brands, they do not have the same level of brand recognition as the leading operators.
  • Some leading operators may offer better customer support services and odds as they have more money than employing industry professionals’ dedicated teams.

An Overview of New Betting Sites

On the whole, new betting sites should not be dismissed. Instead, the opposite should be the case. New bookies should be sought out, researched, and used (if they meet the players’ requirements and preferences). There was much to discuss and detail in this article, so you would be completely forgiven for forgetting something.

To help you out, here is a list of all of the main talking points in our guide:

  • The things you need to look out for when choosing a new online betting site include the payment options it accepts, the betting features it gives players, how good the odds are on the site, the inclusion of a cash-out function, and any additional live betting or streaming options.
  • Some of our picks for the best new bookmakers include MansionBet, Space Sports, InterBet, and Mr.Play Sports.
  • New betting websites’ most common payment methods usually include card payment options, bank transfers, E-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Some popular sports gambling options include football, cricket, darts, snooker, American football, basketball, baseball, horse racing, motorsports, UFC, and MMA.

Gamble Responsibly

While online gambling can be an enriching experience, it can also be potentially dangerous. Nowadays, it is easy to lose yourself in online gambling as the services provided now are extremely immersive and highly addictive to some. Suppose you have a history of gambling problems or feel you may be prone to this behaviour in the future. In that case, you should make sure that you are doing everything you possibly can to gamble responsibly. Many leading operators and new sites alike give you the option to limit your daily betting behaviors, including setting a deposit limit and bet limit. It should be utilized by all players who feel they would benefit from it.

The Bottom Line

In summary, new betting sites can offer just as good a betting experience as the leading bookmakers. If you are a seasoned bettor looking for something new or a new player looking to find the best online sportsbooks out there, don’t hesitate to check out one of the operators we have recommended in this article. You are sure to find something you enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which online bookie is the best?

    An online bookie is usually judged on some common determining factors. These factors typically include what sports betting options are featured on the site, how good the odds are on the site, what the customer support and payment options are like and what the site usually gives promotional offers. While an online bookmaker can rank highly in these objective categories, it is still up to the individual to decide about the platform. The best online bookie is usually the one that ticks the most boxes for you and what you need or want from an online betting operator.

  • How many online bookmakers are there in the UK?

    The UK online sportsbook market is quite a crowded one. A recent survey in 2023 reported that over 80 online sportsbook operators are situated in the UK. Of course, not all of these options are of the same high quality as the well-recognized betting brands.

  • Which new bookie gives the best odds?

    The odds used on new bookie sites tend to be surprisingly decent. There is not, however, one specific website that offers the best odds. Each new betting site has its specific qualities when it comes to odds. Some operators have better sports gambling odds, while others have better casino offers.

  • How many new bookies are there in the UK?

    The online sportsbook market in the UK is constantly growing. As of 2023, there are a total of 80 online bookmakers situated within the UK. This number continues to grow daily as new betting sites continue to be founded and established.

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