The Best Sports Betting Promotions in 2024


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Bookmaker promotions and bonuses have become an industry-standard feature any bookie should have, and while most do, bookmakers approach offering goodies to their customers differently.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at sports betting sites promotions and answer 3 key things you should know:

  1. What are online betting promotions?
  2. How can you grab a betting promotion?
  3. Which types of bonuses and promotions are available?

List of the Best Bookmakers' Promotions

A betting promotion or offer is a promotional feature available on most online sports betting sites, mainly used to attract new customers. Although giving away free money or other goodies might not sound like a good idea, it has proven to be a solid business move for sportsbooks, who compete with each other about who can offer better promotions and attract more new players.

Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
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As a result, most bookmakers will have some bonuses and promotions available, granted those won't be the same. There's a clear gap between sports bookies with excellent offers and those who do the bare minimum with their promotions – luckily, there's enough offer to find the best betting promotions.

You should look for online betting promotions when picking the best website. Even though betting deals are not and should not be considered the main reason to choose one bookie over the other, they offer great value and shouldn't be overlooked.

How to Get Betting Promotions for New Customers

Sports betting sites make promotions as accessible as possible, rarely requiring customers to do any extra work to claim them. Betting deals are made to attract new people to the website, so it makes sense to make them easily obtainable.

Although the process of getting online betting promotions will vary depending on the bookmaker and the type of bonus you're trying to claim, it rarely requires you to do much more than accept the offer (opt-in) or make a deposit with the website. Then there are also no deposit offers that get added to your betting account automatically, but that availability will vary depending on the bookie.

The primary and most common betting promotion for new customers is the welcome bonus, which often comes in the form of a matched deposit. Some sports bookies will instead offer free bets to new customers, but those betting deals are far less common.

As the name suggests, the welcome matched deposit bonus is a betting deal that awards new customers free wagering money of the same size as their first deposit. It's important to know that while this is an easily obtainable bonus, you'll have to check the terms and see what's the minimum required deposit and whether you have to use any promo codes to claim the offer.

Most matched deposit betting promotions for new customers will have a relatively low minimum deposit requirement of either $10 or £10 (depending on whether you're using a USA or UK bookmaker), so the minimum deposit is not as necessary. But you should check the upper limit, often set at a couple hundred dollars, pounds, or euros.

How to Get Betting Promotions for Existing Customers

Even though bookmaker promotions attract new bettors to the betting platform, any betting agency also keeps its existing customers satisfied, so they don't leave the bookie searching for new bonus deals. So it makes sense that sports bookies take care of existing customers by offering online betting promotions to their players.

If you already own an account with a bookmaker, you'll be eligible for various betting bonuses, including all except the welcome bonus. But the list includes many offers, including Acca boosts, insurance, deposit bonuses, free bets, enhanced odds, special promotions offers such as the World Cup betting bonus, and many more.

How you can claim the promo deals will vary depending on the promotion offered. Deposit bonuses (reload bonus) will require you to make a minimum qualifying deposit. To claim Acca boosts, insurance, and enhanced odds, you'll have first to place a bet, whereas free bets and other of the best betting promotions often don't require you to do anything.

Betting promotions for existing customers come in many shapes and sizes, and it pays to keep an eye out for new offers, such as Bet 10 Get 30.

New Betting Sites with Promotions

As we've established, betting deals are a handy tool for sports bookies to attract new bettors to the site. So it shouldn't come off as a surprise that sportsbooks constantly compete with each other to offer the best promo deals and make their platform more appealing.

This competition is excellent for bettors, as they get better and better bonuses and promotions, making it very tough to find the best sportsbook promotions. But if you're looking for top bet promotions, it's often best to look for new betting sites.

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New bookmakers who have yet to make a name in the betting industry often offer significantly better betting deals to attract new customers. So if you're hunting for the best sportsbook promotions, new bookies are the best place to look.

While established bookmakers like 888sport and 10Bet might provide a “Bet 10, Get 20” offer, those betting sites that only started operating in 2020 will offer “Bet 10, Get 40”, doubling the offer of its competition. So while it's advantageous using new bookies, there's one more thing to know.

New bookmakers will have very generous offers, but before you pick a bookie solely due to its betting deals, you have to ensure that it's safe and legal. People rarely trust new betting sites because they're not as established as top bookmakers, which raises the question of security.

Still, if the bookie is licensed, nothing should stop you from grabbing the generous deals.

How Do Betting Promotions Work?

Sports betting site promotions are pretty simple to understand – they're promotional features bookmakers offer to attract new customers and entertain existing players. The betting deals have developed over the years as sports bookies became more innovative with what they were ready to offer.

Nowadays, we have anything from welcome deposit bonuses to free bets, insurance, enhanced odds, special promotions during significant events, and anything in between. The wide selection of bonuses ensures something for everyone, but you should also know a few things about them.

If you decide to claim any of the offered promotions, you must check the terms & conditions, as some offers will have specific requirements. Those can range from a minimum deposit, location limitations, or the necessity to opt-in.

If you're after top bet promotions, those are typically available on new betting sites, which are forced to offer better deals to attract new customers. So if you're promotion hunting, new bookies are the place to look.

Some bonuses, such as a welcome bonus, you can claim only once, while free bets, enhanced odds, and special competition promotions are available even to those who have already claimed them. Even if you decide to make a new account in the name of your parents or partner, you might not be eligible for the welcome bonus – which some bookmakers limit to one per IP address.

What Is a Betting Promotion?

Betting promotion and any bonus offer bookies offer is not only a tool to attract new customers, but from the bettor's perspective, it's the best and easiest way to get extra value for your money. So it's a win-win situation for both the bookie and the bettor.

Especially in recent years, bookmakers have become very generous with their bonuses and promotions, mainly due to the stiff competition, as betting sites started to compete to see who can offer the best betting promotions and stand out. Some have even become very innovative with what kind of bonus deals they offer, which is only more advantageous for bettors, who nowadays have promotions and offers available anywhere and for anything.

Betting promotions are also a platform with great betting promotions that stand out from the rest.

What Type of Betting Promotions Are There

Initially, betting promotions were pretty limited to free bets, but as of late, bookmakers have become very innovative and generous with their offers. As of 2024, you can find a long list of betting deals, ensuring that there's always something for someone, no matter what you want to bet on or what you intend to achieve.

Money-Back Promotions

As the name suggests, money-back promotions are special betting deals many bookmakers offer, where the bookie returns your stake if the bet loses. Widely known as one of the best betting promotions, the money-back value is often available on big games, and they typically have a maximum limit you can place on the game.

Free Bets

Free bets work similarly to money-back promotions, as they give bettors free money to bet with. The only exception with free bets is that the bookie will provide you with free wagering cash without needing to place a bet.

Free bets come in many shapes and sizes. Some betting sites will grant you free bets upon registering with the website. In contrast, others will offer free bets as a part of betting promotions for existing customers, occasionally giving you free wagering cash to use on the site.

Accumulator Bonus Promotions

Accumulator bonus promotions are one of the betting promotions for existing customers that are offered primarily during big competitions such as the World Cup, Wimbledon, or the Premier League. The accumulator bonus promotion is one of the most common betting deals, which, as the name implies, gives you bonus rewards for placing an accumulator bet.

For example, a betting site might offer a 10% bonus payout on Premier League accumulators, where an accumulator that would pay out at $1,000 will pay at $1,100. It's essentially an odds boost but with a different approach.

Acca Insurance

Acca insurance is another betting deal for accumulator bets, which is reasonably common among big bookmakers. The Acca insurance is a special deal that insures you from losing an accumulator by a single pick.

So if you pick a 5-game accumulator with accumulator insurance, you will get your stake back if you win four out of five picks. It might not be the best promotion to increase your winnings, but it's still beneficial if you regularly play accumulators.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds promotion is one of the best betting promotions and is regularly available. Notably, this kind of promotion is often offered only during significant events or essential matches, which receive much attention, but its usefulness is still maintained.

Enhanced odds, as the name suggests, is a promotion that increases the odds on selected markets. The amount by which the odds will get increased can vary. For example, 888sport might offer an enhanced odds promotion on a match between AC Milan and Lazio, increasing the odds on AC Milan from 1.80 to 1.90.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Best odds guaranteed is a widespread promotion, mainly available on horse races. As the name suggests, the best odds guaranteed promotion ensures that you will get the best odds on the bet you place, regardless of how the market moves.

So if you bet on a horse to win at 4.00, but he starts the race at 6.50, your bet will count as if you have placed it at 6.50. Extremely useful promotion and arguably one of the best betting promotions you can find.

Competition/Special Events Promotions

Special events promotions come only during significant events, such as World Cup, competition Playoffs, the Olympic Games, or anything in between. These promotions range from enhanced odds, accumulator boosts, insurances, or anything else the bookie offers.

Some competition promotions include more betting markets or free bets if you place enough wagers.

Mobile Betting App Offers

Mobile betting app promotions are special offers exclusive to only mobile betting apps. While they're no different from the promotions mentioned above, these are offered only to mobile app users, so if you're hunting sports betting sites promotions, it pays to download an app and have a better chance to grab extra offers.

Betting Promotion Terms & Conditions

All betting promotions will have terms & conditions, which are extremely important to know for customers. Even though bookmakers ensure that the betting deals are as accessible as possible, some offers will require you to follow.

One prominent example is the welcome deposit bonus, which will always have a minimum and maximum deposit limit. Even free bets will sometimes require you to accept the prize separately, while some will only be usable on particular sports.

There are many rules bonuses and promotions can come with, and if you don't want to encounter an unpleasant surprise, you should check the terms & conditions. You rarely have to read through it all, but ensure you're taking the proper steps to claim the offer.

Why Should You Try to Get a Betting Promotion

If you're wondering why you should try to get and use betting promotions, you might instead want to ask yourself, why not? You stand to lose nothing by taking advantage of bonuses and promotions; you will be rewarded for it, and often you don't risk anything.

Welcome bonuses, mainly deposit bonuses, are types of offers you should grab without a second thought, as they grant you free wagering cash for doing what you would've done either way – deposit money on the betting site.

Likewise, if a bookmaker offers you a free bet, you should take advantage of it, as you lose nothing. So whether you take advantage of offers and deals comes down to each individual, but realistically, there is no good reason not to do it.

Advantages of Betting Promotions

The advantages of taking advantage of betting promotions and bonuses are relatively obvious. Betting deals are made to satisfy the customers and reward them for picking a bookmaker or staying loyal. So obviously,  there are good reasons to use betting promotions.

  • Some betting promotions will award you free bets, which you can use to place riskier bets without losing your money.
  • Deposit bonuses will often increase your betting power by giving you free wagering currency of the same size as your deposit, effectively doubling your wagering money.
  • Acca boosts which increase the potential payout, will increase the value of accumulators and can be extremely useful for Acca bettors.
  • If you like to bet during significant events, competition promotions are excellent as they offer various deals on the games you would bet on either way.

Disadvantages of Betting Promotions

While promotions and bonuses are generally very advantageous, they also come with some drawbacks, mainly connected to the requirements.

  • Some bonuses will require you to make large deposits to be eligible for them, which might not be available for some bettors.
  • While a bookmaker might offer great promotions, those are often location-limited, so you might get a worse deal than a neighboring country or might not even be eligible for the bonus.
  • Some of the best betting promotions are often available on betting sites with subpar odds and market offers. So while looking for the best betting deals, make sure you're picking a reliable bookmaker.

How to Choose the Best Betting Promotion

Every bettor should strive to grab as many offers as possible while ensuring he gets his hands on the best betting promotions. But while you're at it, there are a few things to know.

  • If a betting site offers great promotions doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good bookmaker. Some of the best betting promotions are available on bookies that are not good, offer poor odds, or are even shady, so you should always prioritize picking a safe bookie over blindly following its offer.
  • Remember that the welcome deposit bonuses are available once per account, so if you want to get the most out of them, you should make the maximum allowed deposit.
  • Enhanced odds can be inviting, but bookmakers often offer it on matches they have not priced correctly and want more people to bet on the other side. That's not always the case, though.
  • The best betting promotions often come with some requirements, but if the conditions are too demanding, there's nothing wrong with skipping the offer. Only use promotions that benefit you and don't require you to make large deposits or bet on games you don't want.

Bottom Line

That concludes our in-depth guide on sports betting promotions and bonuses, teaching you everything you need to know about how to benefit by taking advantage of offers, what to look for, and how to make the most of it. Now you should be ready to start your hunt for the best promotions and register with the best sports bookies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which betting site has the best promotions?
    There is no betting site with the best promotions, so searching for one is pointless. Moreover, some of the best bonuses are often available on bookmakers that don't have the best betting odds, so you should look for the right mix of solid promotions and great betting offers instead.
  • What are the most profitable betting promotions?
    Every promotion is good for something, and there is no best offer. It's hard to say which betting promotions are the most profitable since that will vary from bettor to bettor. Deposit bonuses instantly give you a lot of value, but accumulator odds boosts can be far more valuable if you get lucky.
  • How do you access betting promotions?
    Betting promotions are generally easily accessible, but the process of getting them will vary depending on the bonus. Welcome bonuses are straightforward, as they only require you to deposit, while odds and Acca boosts will only activate after you place your bets. Free bets, on the other side, are typically awarded automatically and are, therefore, the easiest to get.
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