Best Online Betting Deals [April 2024]


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One great perk of online sports betting is the opportunity to boost your wagering prospects. Sportsbooks are generally invested in giving their customers a more seamless gambling experience and achieve this in various ways, including by offering top-notch betting deals.

Although they exist in different forms, the bookie deals boost punters’ wagering balance, giving them enough funds to make even more bets. Similarly, it can increase your profitability.

Apart from the benefits to the wagerers, betting deals also offer sportsbooks the opportunity to attract new customers and secure the loyalty of existing ones. Thus, bookmakers tend to outdo one another in giving great offers.

Whatever the case, it is best to study a sportsbook’s betting deals before signing up. Here, we discuss the best offers and everything you need to know about sports betting deals in 2024.

List of the Best Bookmaker Deals

Several bookmakers provide great betting offers to attract new customers and reward and retain existing ones. However, not all of them make it to the league of top wagering sites that provide the best betting deals. For a sportsbook to be regarded as giving the leading online bet deals, such a sportsbook must offer a combination of top-notch proposals and bonuses.

While several bookmakers meet the criteria of providing the best bookie deals, some of the sportsbooks that have remained consistent in delivering excellent deals include:

100% up to $600
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.

How to Get Betting Deals for New Customers

If you are newly signed up with a sportsbook, getting access to its best betting deals doesn’t have to be complicated.

You will access the top sports deals that your bookie has to offer through various channels, including:

  • Generally-available Offers

Sportsbooks prioritize reaching you with attractive new customer betting deals as a newbie. So, in most cases, they try as much as possible to make those deals as available to you as possible. Most new betting account deals are given automatically without you having to do anything special.

  • Through the Betting Site’s Media Channels

However, a few betting companies don’t make their betting sign-up deals automatically available to new customers. Thus, wagerers with such sportsbooks will have to get new customer bet deals through other means, including their media channels. These include email, social media, and websites.

So, if you need new betting acc deals with these sportsbooks, always check out these media channels.

How to Get Betting Deals for Existing Customers

If you’re an existing customer, getting the best bookmaker deals won’t come easily. You may need to put extra effort into getting these promos and bonuses. It is because, unlike new customer deals, these offers are not generally available to existing customers. But these are the common channels to look out for:

  • Email

Email is the primary communication medium for most sportsbooks, and if you’re searching for the best betting site deals, you should always check your inbox for emails from your bookmaker.

Some of these promos will be general ones. However, sportsbooks tend to send betting deals custom-made for you to your mail. So, be on the lookout for them.

  • Social Media

Sportsbooks know their customers are almost always on social media, so they use the channels to notify them of available deals. So, follow your sportsbook on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, to get live reports of various betting offers.

The problem with the deals published on social media is that they’re not tailor-made for each wagerer.

  • Website

Several bookies publish deals and offers on their website, including those proposals they don’t send to emails or publicize on social media. All you need to do is go to the “Bonuses” or “Promotions” section of the website and check those deals that apply to you.

A good thing about deals published on the website is that some are adapted for the customer.

New Betting Sites with Deals

A lot of the time, the best betting offers come from new wagering sites. These betting companies are just launching and need to attract customers. So, they introduce remarkable deals that are often better than what currently exists in the industry.

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However, punters must take precautions when signing up for new betting sites with attractive deals. Failure to do so can expose them to a lot of financial harm.

Things to note include:

  • Offshore Betting Sites

Several new bookies tend to be international bookmakers with their offices based in offshore nations like Cyprus, St. Grenadines, Malta, etc.

There is nothing wrong with being based in an offshore location. However, many sportsbooks are often either unregulated or have weak licensing. They are not likely to be registered with highly credible gambling authorities and regulators.

So, check their regulatory status and the licenses they have acquired.

  • Most Are Unproven

Since they were newly launched, most of these betting sites have not gained any decent reputation. They have not built the credibility and trust that more established betting brands possess. You should be careful when signing up unless they are connected to established brands.

  • Likely to Perform Poor

New betting sites tend to announce mouthwatering deals that bettors can’t resist. However, you don’t know how great their services will be. Beyond the attractive bonuses and deals, their services may be mediocre.

Do they pay early? Is their customer service responsive? Are their betting platforms fast and stable?

You need answers to these questions.

  • Read the Fine Print

Some of these attractive offers may look remarkable on the surface but are terrible when you check the details. They may come with unnecessarily strict conditions that prevent you from recording or accessing your wins.

So, always read the conditions attached to new betting site deals.

The top new betting sites include:

These betting companies generally just launched between 2020 and now.

How Do Betting Deals Work?

Bookmakers offer betting deals to attract new punters and retain existing customers. But it’s often unclear what betting deals are and how they work.

What Is a Betting Deal?

A betting deal is a promotional offer that a site provides to bettors to boost their wagering activities. They might exist in various forms, but their major aims often include increasing the betting balance and capital of wagerers and improving the ability of those wagerers to record winnings.

Although they were not popular before but have become necessary now, it is mainly because several sportsbooks prioritize the need to reward customers. Also, offering betting deals is a strategy that enables bookmakers to stay competitive and continue to attract wagerers to their platforms.

What Types of Betting Deals Are There?

Sportsbooks offer varying betting offers to wagerers to attract new punters and boost the winnings of existing customers.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Welcome Offers

Sportsbooks provide the welcome offer (also called a sign-up offer) to wagerers who newly register on their platforms.

Welcome offers often exist in the form of bonuses that boost the balances of those new registrants.

A key type of welcome proposal is the sign-up deposit offer. With this reward, sportsbooks provide a percentage of bettors’ initial deposits. The rates that betting companies offer differ greatly, but they can reach up to 200%. Thus, if wagerers deposit $100, they will get an extra $200 of betting credits on a 200% deposit offer.

Another type of welcome offer is the free bet, where sportsbooks require wagerers to make certain qualifying bets before being credited with an amount they can make bets. If they meet the conditions required, the free bet will be credited to them, but bettors can’t redeem those bets for cash.

Finally, there are enhanced winnings where the bookmaker offers exceptionally high odds for a betting event. If the odds for the event were typically 2.0, the sportsbook could increase it by 20 or more to boost the winnings that customers will derive from betting on such an event.

No Deposit Bonuses

If you’re considering betting without cash, the no deposit bonus is a great strategy to achieve this. The no deposit bonus involves sportsbooks offering free bets or funds to make bets without needing to fulfill any conditions. The only thing punters need to do to earn these no deposit bonuses is to register on the betting platform.

The amount you get for a no deposit bonus is usually low, and you can never convert them to cash. They are only available for you to make bets, and you can cash out the winnings made from those bets. However, it is common for sportsbooks to lay down several conditions to meet before you can derive cash from no deposit offers.

How Do Online Betting Deals Differ from Each Other?

When considering betting offers, it is crucial to look at the details of the bonuses offered. Don’t merely dwell on the fact that a sportsbook provides online betting deals; the terms and conditions of those deals should be your priority.

Some terms that differentiate wagering deals include bonuses, turnover requirements, and odds.

Bonus Amount

The bonus amount is the actual figure bettors get from the betting deal. So, if a no deposit bonus offers wagerers $50, that is the bonus amount.

However, some experts explain that the absolute figure you get out of a betting deal is not the most important thing but the amount of risk you take to get such a bonus. Thus, a betting offer with a reduced chance of getting a reward is better than those with higher risks.

Turnover Requirements

When wagering companies announce betting deals such as deposit bonuses, the funds or betting credits are not for punters to withdraw into their accounts, when they offer such rewards, they expect wagerers to make bets with the credits provided and record winnings before they can withdraw and convert the bonuses into cash.

It is called turnover requirement.

The turnover requirement is a multiple of the amount of the bonus plus the deposit amount that bettors must wager before withdrawing the winnings made from such bonus. In other words, the turnover requirement is the value of bets that wagerers must attain before they can withdraw their winnings, regardless of the number of profits they make.

Also called the wagering requirement, sportsbooks often represent the turnover requirement by a number followed by X – so you can have 10X, 20X, 30X, etc.

Let’s illustrate the turnover requirement.

If a sportsbook offers 100% on a deposit bonus, and you deposit $50, you have an extra $50 to make a total of $100.

Then, the sportsbook can set its turnover requirement at 10X.

It means you must make a total number of bets valued at 10X the deposit plus the bonus. In this case, the deposit with a bonus equals $100, meaning you must record wagers valued at least $1000.

Note that the wagering requirement of $1,000 differs entirely from your profits or winnings. Most times, the sportsbook has no control over your winnings. Thus, you can make $10,000 from the bonus plus deposits, but if you’ve not made bets that total $1,000 in value, you can’t withdraw the $10,000 in winnings.

It may seem harsh and difficult, but sportsbooks design these requirements such that bettors make certain efforts before they are allowed to cash out bonuses.

Minimum Odds

Sportsbooks also set minimum odds that you need to meet on each bet you make. Betting on low odds with bonus betting credits will make it very easy for bettors to record profits. To demand more out of punters, bookmakers set the minimum odds high.

If you can play the minimum odds severally and still record winnings consistently, it proves that you’re a great wagerer.

How to Choose the Best Betting Deal

Betting companies announce attractive betting deals, but when you check the details, you will discover that they’re not so remarkable. This guide will give you the information you need to select the best bookie deals.

  • Wagering Requirements

How many times does the betting offer stipulate you must make a wager before you can withdraw your winnings? You may need to reconsider the bonus and go for something if the wagering requirement is too high.

What’s the use of a betting deal when you can’t reasonably meet the requirements?

  • Period

Another requirement that betting companies stipulate is the time bettors must use up the bonus. These can range from a few days to weeks or months.

Ensure that your betting deal must give you enough time to fulfill the terms and conditions.

  • Payout Terms

Finally, take a look at the conditions for getting your winnings. Can you cash out the winnings, or are you only limited to using them to make bets?

You may need to seek other deals if it’s not available in cash but can only remain as credits.

In all, don’t go for betting offers that are impossible to benefit from simply because they are attractive. It is better to take advantage of deals without many returns but reasonably achievable terms than go for those with impossible requirements.

Bottom Line

There is a lot to gain from sports betting deals. They can boost your betting balance and increase your winnings. You shouldn’t go for any bookmaker if they don’t provide attractive offers.

However, how attractive or alluring the offers are is not the most important thing. The conditions and requirements you need to meet must be reasonable and within reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you get bonus deals at an online bookmaker?
    To get deals from an online bookmaker, you must be on the lookout for such deals by checking out the sportsbook’s media channels. Bookmakers will always announce their betting offers, so check your email for such notifications. Other channels where you can find information about the latest betting deals include the sportsbook website (the Bonuses and Promotions section) and social media channels.
  • Which sportsbook has the best deals?
    There are no sportsbooks with the absolute best deals. It is partly because sportsbooks regularly announce new deals and modify existing ones. Then, several factors need to be considered before selecting the best deal. These include the wagering requirements, the timeframe for meeting those requirements, the payout terms, minimum odds, absolute bonus amount or value, etc. The sportsbook that offers deals that have top-notch offerings across these factors is the sportsbook with the best deals.
  • Can betting deals make you rich?
    No. Betting deals can make you some good money, but don’t expect outrageous sums. You most likely won’t get rich from betting bonuses. Because the terms and conditions are fairly challenging to meet, exploiting the bookmaker deals to become rich is difficult.
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