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Arena of Valor (also known as Kings of Glory) is one of the world’s most popular mobile Esports games and a big hit in online Esports betting. Although still considered a niche Esports title, it’s worth a look by any Esports bettor who looks to wager on something new.

This article will examine how to choose the best Arena of Valor betting sites.

The Best Betting Sites to Bet on Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is extremely popular in Asia, but that doesn’t mean that only Asian sportsbooks offer betting markets for this game. On the contrary, most international bookmakers cover Arena of Valor exceptionally well, allowing anyone to start betting on it.

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However, while finding a bookie with Arena of Valor odds is not hard, discovering a good betting site will require some time investment. But even that shouldn’t take long if you know what to look for in the best Esports sportsbooks.

Above all, a good betting site must be legit and own an operating betting license. Even though there aren’t as many shady bookmakers nowadays, even in 2024, it’s not hard to find a sportsbook that is either unlicensed or has a dark past.

Besides that, a solid Arena of Valor bookmakers will offer both competitive betting odds and have enough betting markets which cover more than just the major tournaments. If you want to begin your winning streak at BetZillion and succeed in betting on Arena of Valor, you have to bet with solid odds and have enough bet types available to find the bet you’re looking for.

Lastly, a solid AoV betting site will have generous bonuses, promotions, and other useable features, such as a mobile wagering app and live streams of the game. Although those are not nearly as important as a betting license, solid Arena of Valor odds and the availability of betting markets’ live streaming options, bonuses, and mobile betting apps are not to be overlooked.

Arena of Valor Betting Bonuses

As of 2024, betting bonuses and promotions are considered more industry-standard than an added feature an online sportsbook should have. So you can rest assured that any betting website you create an account with will have some promotions ready for you.

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The bonuses and promotions will vary depending o the bookie you choose, as some will have better offers than others. Moreover, Esports-exclusive rewards are not as common among traditional bookmakers, so if you’re after Esports promotions, your best bet is to register with an Esports wagering site.

Those will generally have special offers every time a big Esports event is on the menu, and the special promotions can come in many shapes and sizes. But most commonly, Esports bonuses will be in the form of free bets, Acca boosts, or deposit bonuses for the duration of a big Esports tournament.

Whether you value betting bonuses and promotions on a sportsbook or not, one thing is certain – rewards are the best and easiest way to get extra value for your money, and you should take advantage of any promotion you can.

Arena of Valor Odds

Understanding what Arena of Valor odds mean and how to read them is the first thing you need to do before placing your first Arena of Valor bet. However, if you have a basic understanding of betting odds, you won’t have to do extra work besides learning all the wager types available for AoV betting.

Still, you must understand that the Arena of Valor odds on bookmakers won’t be the same across all bookies. That is because bookies use various providers to get their odds, leading to situations where one bookmaker will offer different prices than the other.

For example, Parimatch can have V Gaming priced at 3/1 to win the next Arena of Valor World Championship, while Betway could have V Gaming priced at 4/1. In this case, it would make more sense to bet on V Gaming at Betway since you’re guaranteeing better returns, but it’s also important to note that it doesn’t mean that Betway will always have better odds than Parimatch.

This example shows why having accounts with multiple AoV betting sites is highly beneficial so that you can check all the available odds and wager with the best offer. Names price shopping, it’s an essential tool for any successful bettor.

Arena of Valor Betting Markets

Learning how to bet on Arena of Valor is pretty straightforward because the wager types available for AoV betting are elementary to understand and use. In addition, many of the bet types for Arena of Valor are the same as the bet types you’ll find wagering on other MOBA titles, and some are even the same as the bet types you’ll come across while Valorant betting.

Here are some of the most popular AoV bet types any aspiring bettor should know about.

Match Winner

Match winner is the simplest and most commonly used wager type for AoV betting. It’s a straightforward bet on which team will win the next match, and it doesn’t matter how they do it, how long it takes, or how much they do it.

As the simplest and most common bet type, match winner will be available on any Esports gambling sites that offer AoV betting.

Outright Winner

Outright winner is a very similar bet to a match winner, but instead of predicting which team will win the next match, you’re expecting a tournament winner. So while both denote a team’s success, outrights are futures bets, which you make on a future event – most commonly, which team will win a certain competition.

Like match winners, outright are readily available on all Arena of Valor bookmakers, and they’re commonly used by AoV bettors, largely due to the generous payouts outright bets offer.

Round/Map Winner

Round or map winner is another highly popular bet you’ll find while looking through Arena of Valor betting odds and markets. As the name suggests, this bet type is used to predict which team will win a certain map or round and is only available in the best-of series, where teams have to win 2 or more maps to win the match.

First Blood

The first blood in Arena of Valor works the same way as the first blood bet in League of Legends or any other MOBA title. It is a simple bet on which team or a player will secure the first kill of the game.

Although used far less as the match-winner bet, first blood remains highly popular among AoV bettors due to the generous Arena of Valor betting odds you’ll find on this gambling market. Even though this is a proposition bet, it is readily available on most Esports betting sites due to its popularity.

First Turned Destroyed

The first turret destroyed is another proposition bet commonly used for AoV betting. As the name suggests, this bet type allows you to predict which team will destroy the first turret of the game, and it works the same way as the first blood bet.

First Objective Secured

The first objective secured is a bet type that includes the first turret destroyed bet since turrets count as objectives. But unlike the first turret-destroyed wager, the first objective is far broader as it has dragons, Garnak, or other neutral monsters.

Most Damage Dealt

Most damage dealt is another proposition bet that you can make on Arena of Valor, but unlike other wager types that focus on the teams’ performance, the most damage dealt is a bet on which player will do the most damage in a game.

Although this bet type is not as common on betting sites, the best Esports sportsbooks will have it ready, allowing you to bet on Arena of Valor differently.

Bet of the Day

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How to Bet on Arena of Valor

Betting on Arena of Valor is extremely simple if you’ve ever bet on any MOBA Esports game before, but even if you haven’t, the game’s simplicity makes it easy to learn the basics. However, while anyone can find Arena of Valor bookies, create an account and place bets, there are a few things you need to do to succeed on your AoV betting journey.

  • Most importantly, you must register with a legal bookmaker and a betting site that can offer you competitive Arena of Valor odds and enough betting markets. These 2 things are a key part of any top-rated Esports betting site and critical for your long-term success.
  • Preferably, you should register with multiple Arena of Valor bookmakers to compare the odds and always bet with the best prices. Moreover, having accounts with various gambling sites allows you to take advantage of all bonuses and promotions.
  • Before you place your first bet on Arena of Valor, you should know the basics of the game. You can learn that by watching professional games or by playing the game yourself – but preferably, you should do both to better understand how the game is played.
  • Finding websites that provide data and information about upcoming matches is critical to your success as an AoV bettor. Although having access to betting data is valuable, you should also search for websites with Arena of Valor betting tips and predictions.
  • Consider trying live betting after getting comfortable with pre-match wagering. Even though live betting is not for everyone, it can be highly lucrative if you approach it the right way and should be tried by every AoV bettor once he gets a bit more experience betting on Arena of Valor.

AoV Live Betting

Even though live betting is not for everyone, it is highly entertaining, and in the right hands, it can also be highly profitable. As the name suggests, live betting is wagering on AoV matches while it’s happening, which is entirely different from traditional pre-match betting.

The biggest difference between the 2 is that with live betting, the betting markets are far more volatile since they need to reflect the game’s current state. That is not easy, and many bookmakers struggle to price the match correctly with in-play odds, which presents AoV bettors with plenty of excellent betting opportunities.

However, you must be very experienced in AoV betting and have a strong knowledge of the game to see the actual game state before the bookmakers adjust the odds. It also explains why while live betting is tough to execute properly, it can be extremely profitable if you know what you’re doing.

Even though live betting should be reserved for only the most experienced AoV bettors, anyone can bet on Arena of Valor live, as long as you have access to a bookie with in-play betting markets. Whether you should try it as a rookie is really up to you, but before you go all-in on placing in-play Arena of Valor bets, you should first get some experience betting on the game.

Arena of Valor Tournaments & Leagues

Arena of Valor might not be one of the biggest Esports titles, but it has a well-developed competitive scene with plenty of tournaments and leagues. Still fewer than CS: GO or League of Legends, but there are more than enough AoV tournaments to offer you plenty of betting opportunities throughout the year.

Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC)

The arena of Valor World Cup is the biggest and most prestigious AoV tournament of the year. It was first introduced in 2019 and has been held annually, except in 2020, due to COVID.

As the biggest Arena of Valor Esports event, the AWC is also a big hit among AoV bettors, and it shouldn’t surprise you that all Esports betting sites will have betting markets for it ready. Moreover, due to the importance of this event, even some traditional bookmakers who don’t cover Esports will occasionally cover the AWC, making it one of the most accessible AoV tournaments to bet on.

Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC)

Although not as prestigious as the World Championship, the Arena of Valor International Championship remains one of the most-watched AoV tournaments in the world. Moreover, just like the AWC, the Arena of Valor International Championship is a trendy event among those who like gambling on Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor Leagues

Besides the 2 major international events, Arena of Valor’s competitive ecosystem also features regional leagues, which contain teams competing for various prize pools and championship points, which are used to qualify for the major international tournaments.

There are many AoV leagues, but one of the most important remains the AoV Star League, the champions of which directly qualify for the Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC). And just like all major international tournaments are well covered by online bookmakers, most Esports betting sites will also offer wagering markets on all bigger AoV leagues, including Star League.

Arena of Valor Teams

Even though Arena of Valor is not as popular in the western world as it is in Asia, there are hundreds of AoV teams from various countries, including Europan nations. However, while some European organizations have entered the scene and competed in some of the biggest tournaments, AoV is dominated by Asian teams, namely V Gaming, One team, and Bikertopia Esports.

AoV Betting Tips & Predictions

If you’re new to betting on Arena of Valor, finding a website that can offer you wagering predictions and expert AoV betting tips will be essential to your success. Admittedly, it would be best if you always did your research on the games you wish to bet on, but even so, reading through betting previews can help you make the right choices.

Even the most experienced AoV bettors and top-rated punters will check other guides and predictions on the upcoming games to better understand what other people think will happen. And it never hurts to get a second opinion on the match you intend to bet on.

Moreover, you could argue that betting previews are the best source of valuable wagering information, offering essential data in a compact form, perfect for those who don’t have the time to do all the research independently. So no matter whether you need AoV betting experts to provide a prediction for you or just an additional source of information that will help you make the right bets.

Arena of Valor Betting Strategies

If you decide to start betting on Arena of Valor but aren’t sure how to approach it, here are some of our top betting tips and strategies you should use.

  • Follow the teams’ social media

Finding good bets in Arena of Valor or any other Esport is about having access to as much information as possible. And the best and easiest way to get quick updates on the teams, potential players’ injuries, and other important info is to follow the teams’ social media.

  • Play the game

If you want to be a successful AoV bettor, you have to be an expert on the game, and simply reading through an AoV guide won’t cut it. Learning the basics of how AoV is played is one of the first things you need to do before you place your first bet, and the best way to do it is to play the game yourself.

  • Consider registering with multiple sportsbooks

As noted, you should have accounts with various betting sites to check which bookie has the best odds on the game you intend to wager on and take advantage of more generous prices.

  • Have a plan

Although no betting strategy guarantees you profits, you have to have a plan and strategy for betting on Arena of Valor. Set a bankroll and the amount you will bet on each match, and stick to the plan – making a profit from betting is a long-term process, and you have to remain consistent if you want to come out on top.

Payment Options

Payment options are an essential part of any solid AoV betting site; however, when it comes to the accessibility of payment options, this should be the least of your concerns. That is because you will most likely bet on AoV on Esports betting sites, which are known for having one of the best selections of payment methods.

Esports betting sites are generally much younger than traditional sportsbooks and, for the most part, far more advanced – particularly in the payment department. So, Esports bookies accept all the traditional payment methods, and most will also accept crypto payments and skin deposits.

So whether you want to deposit money via Visa/MasterCard, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even CS: GO or Dota 2 skins, there’s a good chance that the AoV betting site will have all those options available.

Arena of Valor Betting Apps

Mobile betting has become very popular over the last few years, which explains why most Arena of Valor bookmakers will have either a mobile betting website or a mobile wagering app available for its users. So if you’re planning to bet on AoV from your phone, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to do it.

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However, if you’re someone who exclusively bets from the phone, it’s highly advisable to find a bookmaker with a mobile betting app. Even though mobile betting apps do the same job as a mobile website, they’re far more convenient and generally more stable than a mobile website.

Not all real money bookmakers have a mobile app, but most Esports bookmakers do, especially some of the top-rated Arena of Valor betting sites such as Parimatch.

Live Streaming

If you plan to bet on Arena of Valor in-play, you must find a sportsbook that can offer you live streaming on the site, as only this way will you be able to follow the games and place live bets accordingly to what’s happening in the games. Even though you can watch AoV matches on YouTube or Twitch, it’s far more convenient to have the live stream from the betting platform.

Luckily, most Arena of Valor betting sites have live streaming options, so you shouldn’t worry about not having this feature available as long as you register on reputable bookies. Still, it never hurts to double-check whether the bookie you chose can provide you with stable live streams.

Arena of Valor Overview

Before we conclude our article, here are some interesting facts about Arena of Valor you might not know about.

  • The biggest and most popular Arena of Valor tournaments are the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC), Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC), and Arena of Valor StarLeague.
  • Some of the most popular Arena of Valor teams are TH Dtac Talon Esports, QG Happy, Talent Gaming, and V Gaming.
  • The best and most successful Arena of Valor players are Peng “Fly” Yunfei, Zhong “1dao” Letian, Yang “Fanfan” Fan, and Li “XiaoPang” Daheng.
  • Arena of Valor can be played on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Arena of Valor is very popular in China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • Games similar to Arena of Valor are League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift.
  • The most popular online bookmakers for Arena of Valor are Betway, LV Bet, Bodog, EfBet, and vBet bookie.

Bottom Line

With that, we end our Arena of Valor article, teaching you everything you need to know about this hugely popular Esports title and how to approach betting on it. Now you know where to find the best Arena of Valor betting sites and how to make a profit betting on one of the most popular mobile Esports games in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of game is Arena of Valor?
    Arena of Valor, also known as Strike Kings, is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Level Infinite. Unlike other MOBA games like League of Legends, Arena of Valor is a mobile game available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Can I bet on Arena of Valor?
    You can bet on Arena of Valor, an Esports title and a viral mobile game that quickly found its place in the online betting world. Although not all bookmakers offer AoV betting odds, most Esports wagering sites will.
  • What is the best betting site for Arena of Valor?
    There is no one best betting site for Arena of Valor, but rather many great Esports bookmakers, where you can bet on the game. Some of the most popular Esports wagering sites for AoV betting include EfBet, Parimatch, Betway, and vBet.
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