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Find the Best Place to Bet on NCAA Basketball
Jimmy E
NCAA Basketball is fun to watch because of its thrills and entertainment. However, many fans tend to overlook the betting aspect of the game. NCAAB betting is just as fun as watching the games, plus it also graces players with high returns due to the odds.

This article will enlighten you on the bright side of choosing the best NCAA college basketball betting sites.

List of the Best College Basketball Betting Sites

Your priority as a bettor is getting the best NCAAB betting sites. The website you are using makes a big difference. We see that a lot of people tend to ignore this crucial step. The betting site you apply to offers the betting odds, which determine your wins.

125% up to $1250
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You also need to look at the payment methods. Make sure you are comfortable with the payment options. Most importantly, your website must have a gambling license for security sites. Run from a site without one. Some of the best NCAA Basketball betting sites are DraftKings, PointsBet, BetMGM, and William Hill, you can also choose any other betting site with the highest odds.

Offers & Promotions

A good NCAAB public betting site should have offers and promotions for new and existing players. There are several ways you can get your bonuses. It could be a sign-up reward, no deposit, deposit bonus, risk-free bonus, and many more.

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Existing customers should also have offers at intervals to appreciate their loyalty. The terms and conditions must also be lenient. DraftKings gives a $1000 risk-free bet for new sign-ups, one of the highest in the business. William Hill provides a $150 deposit bonus, while BetMGM offers new sign-ups $500 in the form of risk-free bets.

NCAA Basketball Odds

New bettors tend to have problems reading the NCAA College Basketball odds and predictions. It is not difficult to figure out, and once you are accustomed to it, you will attest to that. Many bettors, especially the new ones, are curious about where the bookies get the odds. There are a couple of things that contribute to the odd setting. The competition matters a lot; the odds of the NCAA basketball Championship are more than average.

They also consider the teams’ recent and historical performance to gauge their strength compared to the opponents. The bookmakers take into account the analytical aspects of the match; they end up getting similar odds. Not all bookies have the same odds, just like NBA sportsbooks; however, they are always around the same range. The number you see in the odds is the amount of money you need to stake to win $100. The NCAA basketball odds and picks work hand in hand.

NCAA Basketball Specials

Many bettors log into their bookie and stake on a winning side. They refuse to explore the various available options. It is not wrong to only stake on the winners, but there are usually more potential wins in exploring other variants.

Different specials are available in the sportsbook NCAA Basketball. You could bet on specific players’ performance in a game rather than the whole team. You could bet on the winner of a cup ahead of time. Exploring can be fun and rewarding at the same time.


Regular fans of NCAA men’s basketball should be aware of what promotions are in collegial sports. In Bball, there are several divisions. The better a team is, the higher the division. It is also possible for a team to rank through the ranges depending on their performance.

There are betting options where you can bet on the team that would get a promotion. It seems fun, isn’t it? It looks quite challenging to pull off the accuracy. That is why the odds are relatively high. It is like a consensus to compensate for such a challenging task. Once you can win a bet on promotions, expect very substantial returns.


Many people are familiar with the NCAA Basketball playoffs, even those that don’t watch basketball. It is a big event. Both players and speculators always expect the playoffs. The betting universe is equally one of the biggest anticipators of the event.

The NCAA College Basketball betting lines for the playoffs usually feature the top dogs, meaning you tend to see your favourites play and equally staking on them. Due to the nature of this event in terms of anticipation and results, the odds are high. It guarantees high returns for bettors; it is not something you should miss.


The name alone says a lot about the event. The NCAA betting line is always high on the Finals as they are captivating and are a major decisive factor in picking the overall champions. It is a highly anticipated event in the gambling universe.

When you see the NCAA BB Finals approaching, you should begin to ready your predictions beforehand. If you can accurately stake on the Final winner and it pans out well, the returns are massive.

If you want it to be more, you could also try to wager on the event’s exact scores. That way, you bolster your wins.


It is where your knowledge of watching the game affects you. We always advise bettors to have a decent understanding of the sport they bet on; you need to watch a few games, at least. The NCAA basketball betting lines on teams are the commonest. Some teams you can look out for are Gonzaga, Baylor, Lowa, and many more.

The odds on teams are usually above average. It would be better to explore more than the team option to unlock NCAA Basketball betting full capabilities.

Best Player (MVP)

Many bettors shy away from this option because they assume it is difficult to win. In every NCAA basketball game, there is always one player that stands out to be the best. It could be the overall top player in the game, and it could also be the best player in a specific team.

Either way, you stake your money to predict the best player, also known as MVP. Here is our betting advice. Undoubtedly, accurately predicting a game’s MVP can be quite tricky. Due to this, winning the bet compensates you with high returns. The best players always have high odds. Options like this are what you should try out.

One thing that makes NCAA Basketball fun for bettors is the availability of numerous betting options. When punters are restricted to only one option, they get tired of it over time. They start seeking other sports options in those current varieties when such happens. Let us take a look at some of the popular ones.


NCAA basketball Moneyline is arguably the simplest option to use when making wagers. We always advise those new in the industry to start with it. When you pick the winner of the match, which is Moneyline. Immediately your predicted team wins the game; your bookmaker pays out your winnings.

When you want to place such bets on College Basketball today, besides the two teams facing off, you will see either a minus (-) or plus (+) sign beside each. The characters are there to guide you. The team with the minus sign is the stronger, stronger team with a higher probability of winning.

On the other hand, the team with the plus (+) sign is regarded as the underdog, with a lower probability of winning the game. You will notice that the underdog team’s odds are usually higher than the stronger side because they have lower chances of winning. The odds are not so high with moneylines because of the simplicity, which is why most bettors shy away from it.

Point Spread

On the other hand, point spread is arguably the most popular and one of the best NCAA basketball bets, including sports and events outside the NCAA Basketball. The popularity is one reason why everyone wants to rush into it. However, it might take a while to understand it fully.

As we said in Moneyline, there is usually a stronger team with the minus sign, while the weaker one has the plus sign. The point spread aims to level the playing field among two unequally matched teams.

If the college basketball point spreads of the favourite are -50, that implies that the team needs to win by at least 50 points for your bet to be a win. On the other hand, if the underdog team has +50, it needs to win the game or lose by a score lower than 50 for your wager to win. Everything seems fair enough, isn’t it?

Totals (Over/Under)

The totals or over/under wager type is another common option. The good thing about the totals is that it is independent of the game-winner. If you feel that you are bad at predicting who the exact match-winner would be, this option is for you.

What you do is predict that the addition of both teams’ scores would be more or less than a certain number. For example, predicting that a match would be over 70 means that the addition of both teams’ score must be more than 70 for you to win the wager at the end of the game.


The parlay is one interesting bet for those that would love to switch things up a bit. A parlay bet is a combination of different other bets, at least two of them. You could combine Moneyline and points spread in the same NCAA Basketball game; that is a parlay. As you would expect, combining two or more wager types would yield high odds, meaning more wins.


The prop is a shortened form of propulsion bet. Earlier, we mentioned that you could choose to stake on individual player performance. That is a typical example of NCAA basketball prop bets. When you pick out a player you trust will perform well in a game, you can determine how well such a player would perform a particular action.

It could be the number of points the player would win, blocks, assists, or anything else; so far, you are betting on an individual player rather than the whole team, making it a prop wager type.


The name gives it out a bit. Sure, it involves betting on future events beforehand. In this wager type, you are not staking on a match alone. It could be the NCAA league, cup, or any other event; either way, it involves predicting the winner before the final game occurs.

It is a common wager type found among those new to betting. The name comes from the fact that you only get your result in the future and not almost immediately. Think about it; the wager type involves multiple games, depending on how early you place it, so the odds are also attractive.

Bet of the Day

You must have come across a College Basketball bet of the day one way or the other on NCAA bookies. On each match day, there is usually one that gives a high probability win to bettors. Whenever you see the NCAA featured in the bet of the day, it graces you with a comfortable win; another one pops up tomorrow. You should not miss out on it.


How to Bet on NCAA Basketball

The main aim of this article is how to bet on College Basketball. First and foremost, we advise you never to gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. It doesn’t usually end well.

You should not start betting on this event for the first time and begin with technical wager types like the parlay. It is not advisable. It is in your best interest to start with relatively simpler options like the Moneyline or, better still, point spread. However, most are unsatisfied that they don’t have big odds. It is a safer process; gradually work your way from one pick of the day to more significant options.

NCAA Basketball Live Betting

Live betting is experiencing massive growth, especially in NCAA Basketball. Earlier betting was one-sided when you had only to stake before the game began. Now you can place your wagers when the match is in play.

In-play betting in NCAA basketball is highly advantageous for most experts because you can choose to watch a portion of the game before staking. You could get more assurance and confidence in what you bet. Another exciting part is that the odds are always fluctuating based on the live game’s progress, so you have to be fast!

Betting Apps

Gone are the days of having to go to Las Vegas. A lot of people prefer to gamble on the betting site. Sincerely, it is not bad. However, you can get something that is better; betting on the app. It makes it way more comfortable, especially on your mobile device. Now, most bookies have a mobile app available to players.

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Once you download the latest updates from your respective app store, put it to use. The app is faster because you don’t necessarily have to log in details all the time. Asides from that, people find it more comfortable to use betting apps. For such reasons, more people are beginning to port away from using websites.

NCAA Betting Picks

People also fail to watch out for NCAA basketball spread picks. There are usually games that have no point spread. What does that imply? How does it affect you as a bettor? You don’t need to follow any complicated process to place your bet. Pick the winner, don’t go against the spread.

NCAA Basketball Betting Tips and Predictions

You should have come across your bookie’s NCAAB predictions for today one way on the other. People barely put it to fair use. Daily, before each game, your bookies have tips and possible predictions on the game’s outcome.

If you are not satisfied with the ones your bookie offers, you could check third-party predictions and compare the CBB final odds for today. Several websites specialize in such analysis. What predictions and tips do is to give you a pointer on how to stake on the game. If you find the prediction and tips aligning correctly with your speculation, the confidence is more.

NCAA Basketball Betting Strategies

You should approach betting tactically and not without plans, especially in NCAA Basketball. You have to map out techniques and strategies you would employ to get the best College Basketball betting predictions. Our first advice is that you should always shop around for odds.

Once you find a bookie, you should not stick to it, assuming it is the best. Shop around in different NCAAB bookies reviews, and try varieties; you might find a better one. As we also mentioned earlier, as someone new to the gambling industry, you should start with simple wager types. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Always check the starting lineup before taking on a team. You never know if they are not using the best lineup. You aim to wager on the best team that bolsters your odds of winning.

In NCAA Basketball betting, more times than often, less is more. You should be realistic with your picks. Don’t go around betting on all the games on the day. Streamline your selections to only your highest probability games; that way, you win more. Use these NCAA basketball betting tips, and you will see the difference.

Live Streaming

Live streaming involves being able to watch NCAA Basketball games online. A lot of betting sites now support live streaming for their customers. If you don’t have the opportunity to be in front of a TV, log into the website and stream the game at no cost.

If you can get it on a mobile app, it is preferable. Live streaming on a betting app is usually faster and better. You don’t need to log in or do any complicated process; once you open the app, it alerts you of the live games, and you can stream them tonight. It is best that you also deliberately lookout for bookies with the feature because not all of them support live streaming.

NCAA Basketball Stats

Many gamblers rush into NCAA Basketball without background knowledge of the game standings or the teams they are wagering on; that is not the best of ideas. It would be best if you took a little time to check through the current stats in the news.

You should know the present table standings and be aware of the recent performance of the team you stake on; a few games behind will do. Once you figure out and collate the stats, you can weigh them against that of the opponents; it increases your chances of winning. After all, the current College Basketball betting odds depend on the team stats.

NCAA Basketball Overview

On a general note, following up on NCAA Basketball is always fun. When you add staking on the games to it, the fun becomes double. The NCAA Basketball has been around since as far back as 1939, so you should experience that there would be lots of history to the division.

  • The team with the most championships is UCLA, with 11 wins. Next to them is Kentucky, with 8 titles. In third place in North Carolina, with 6 championship tournament wins. On the other hand, Duke and Indiana jointly have 5 championships.
  • Some of the most popular NCAA Basketball players are Shaquille O’Neal, Cassius Winston, Patrick Ewing, Markus Howard, and Bill Walton.
  • Some of the most anticipated NCAA Basketball events are the playoffs, championships, and finals.
  • NCAA Basketball is not restricted to any specific country. The games and events spread out all over the colleges and over the states.
  • Some of the most popular bookmakers you can bet on the NCAA Basketball are DraftKings, PointsBet, BetMGM, William Hill, and Bovada.
  • As of 2024, the biggest NCAA Basketball court was Carrier Dome, in Syracuse, with 34,616 seats. Next to it is far below; Rupp Arena, in Kentucky, has 23,000 seats. Third on the list is KFC Yum! Center, located in Louisville, with 22,090 seats.

Any advice is that you should take some time to pay a visit to a live game. It makes you understand the mechanics of the game more.

Bottom line

At this point, we are drawing the curtains to this review. You would already know that we support betting on NCAA Basketball. There is much to gain from it. We advise that if you want to do so, get the best online bookies. You should check out some of our recommended sites for the best College Basketball betting picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I bet on College Basketball?
    Where to bet on College Basketball should be the least of your worries. Many online bookies offer good services. We recommended some in the review.
  • How to bet on College Basketball?
    To bet on College Basketball, you must have a foreknowledge of the game, have a team you are willing to stake on, and start simple options like betting on match winners.
  • How do you read College Basketball odds?
    It doesn’t differ from other basketball variants. The team with the plus (+) sign is the favourite, while the one with the minus (-) is the underdog. The odd is the number in front. If the number is 100 for the favourite, it means the team has to win by at least 100 for you to win. If it is the underdog, the team has to win or lose by less than 100 for you to win the wager.
  • Can you bet on Women’s College Basketball?
    You can also choose to be in College Women’s Basketball. There is no difference; the same applies to men’s and women’s College Basketball games. The odds may vary a little.
  • How do you predict College Basketball games?
    You cannot always accurately predict and win every single College Basketball game. However, you can bolster your chances by betting on only the top dogs.
  • Who will win the NCAA Basketball Tournament?
    We would not point fingers at any team to be the sure winners of the tournament. However, all eyes are on Duke as one of the favourites.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts
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