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Top 3 bookmakers for betting on NFL
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Find the Best Place to Bet on NFL
American football is one of the most popular sports in 2022. Gone are the days when it was restricted to only America, now it has many fans worldwide. The same for the gambling universe; we have many people betting on NFL games day today.

On the other hand, there are those interested in betting on the games but have no idea how to start. In this review, we would go through everything, including how to get the best NFL betting sites. We expect that:

  • You should learn about the popular betting options available in the NFL.
  • You would also know how to bet on the NFL.

Best NFL Sportsbooks

The first step in your gambling journey starts with getting a betting site, and the NFL is not an exception. Your bookmaker is responsible for key factors that dictate your wins; they set and offer you the current NFL odds. When searching for a bookie, the first thing is to ensure that you are satisfied with the odds.

100% bonus up to €50

18+. New Customers Only. 100% Welcome Bonus up to €50. Minimum deposit: €10. Maximum Bonus: €50. Wagering Requirements: 12x (Deposit+Bonus). Minimum 2 selections with total odds of 2.00. Payment method and country restrictions apply. The offer is valid until 31.12.2021. Bets placed on different selections within the same market or bets placed on equivalent markets are not eligible for this offer. Gamble Responsibly
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The live NFL odds for today dictate your wins’ magnitude, so you want to make sure you are comfortable with it. Then you should ensure that the bookie’s activities online are regulated and licensed by a gambling body irrespective of if it is offshore or regular. Some of the most reputable gambling bodies are the UKGC, Malta Gaming Authority.

Once you are satisfied with the latest NFL football odds and the bookmaker is licensed, you can consider personal preferences. Check the general interface, payment methods, unique services, and any other as it may suit you. Your money is safest in a licensed bookie.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

We see a lot of bettors fail to look at offers and promotions. Although from research, we haven’t seen any proposal that is exclusive to only NFL games, there are many other offers that you can use for football games weekly. Your bookie should have bonuses for both new and existing customers.

100% bonus up to €50

18+. New Customers Only. 100% Welcome Bonus up to €50. Minimum deposit: €10. Maximum Bonus: €50. Wagering Requirements: 12x (Deposit+Bonus). Minimum 2 selections with total odds of 2.00. Payment method and country restrictions apply. The offer is valid until 31.12.2021. Bets placed on different selections within the same market or bets placed on equivalent markets are not eligible for this offer. Gamble Responsibly
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Most of the best NFL betting sites tend to focus on giving only new players offers; existing customers should also have their fair share of bonuses. It could be in the form of risk-free bet, deposit, or no-deposit bonuses; they come in several variants.

NFL Odds

NFL betting odds are the major determinant of your wins. A lot of beginners find it difficult to read the NFL odds. When you want to bet on an NFL game tonight, there is always a favorite team and an underdog squad. More times than often, the favorite wins the game because they are usually the stronger team.

The favorites usually have a minus (-) sign in their NFL betting lines for today, while the underdogs have a plus (+). Except you have solid analytical reasons, it is best to stake on the favorites. Beginners should not complicate things by reading the odds; rather, they should start simply betting on the winning team.

NFL Specials

We have answered the question of where to bet money on NFL games. Let’s move on. In the National Football League, there are usually better times to bet. A lot of new bettors make the mistake of going headfirst and betting on every game they see. You need to understand that there are times when the game odds are better, and you have a higher chance of winning.

The higher the odds, the more your payouts; always have it at the back of your mind when gambling. Let us take a look at some of the NFL specials.


The NFL preseason is usually a time to see new teams. All squads are coming from rest at times like this, so the gameplay is generally energetic and thrilling. It is also a time to discover the League title’s potential winners and rookie of the year.

Bettors seize this opportunity to also bet on the preseasons. The NFL preseason odds are usually unpredictable because no one knows what the teams have in store. Bookies also conduct lots of offers and bonuses at times like this. For starters, this is a perfect time to flex your prediction skills.


The championship in any sport is usually a big event; the NFL is not an exception. Everyone loves the championships! Even NCAA football bookies! It is a time that we see a rush for betting on NFL teams. Everyone wants to partake in the wins; you should not be an exception too.

The NFL Championship game odds are usually rewarding when you win, especially those who love to stake big. It is a competition that you want to watch and bet on at the same time. That way, you are maximizing what you get; fun and payouts!


Those that are familiar with the likes of basketball or baseball would know the worth of playoffs. Just like there is preseason, the playoffs are what we would deem as a postseason event. It sums up the whole NFL. You don’t want to miss the last piece of the action, do you? That is why the NFL playoffs are so popular.

Everyone wants to have a final bite before the season finally comes to an end. For that reason, the NFL playoffs odds are usually a beauty to behold. It is a time that every bettor anticipates, and it delivers every time.


We believe that everyone is familiar with regular team betting. Everyone knows how to bet on the winning team. There are also team specials that a lot of bettors are yet to explore. You can bet on the team stats in a game.

An excellent example of team specialness is betting on the number of free-kicks a team would have in a game or the number of fouls. It goes into several options; it is left for you to explore which one you like best. As you may also expect, the odds guarantee quality pay.

Best Player (MVP)

The MVP is also known as the best player. Many are so carried away with placing team bets that they refuse to look at this special one. It comes in multiple variants. The first and the most common of which is betting on the overall best player in an NFL game out of the two playing teams.

The other less popular variant is betting on the MVP in only one of the two teams. If you feel that speculating the overall best may be challenging, you can pick the best in only one of the teams. If you are a more patient bettor, you can bet on the MVP of a whole tournament, for example, betting on the MVP of the NFL championships. It is usually for a stretch of matches and not so easy to win. On the bright side, the NFL MVP odds are rewarding.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a special annual event in the NFL. It is one of the biggest in the world of spectators, and the same can be said for the gambling universe. When talking about one of the most anticipated events of the year, the NFL Super Bowl is among bettors love it!

Logically speaking, this is an event that you only get to witness only once a year; for that reason, everyone wants to take full advantage of it. The odds in this period, too, compliment the importance of the competition. If you are looking to win big, the NFL Super Bowl should be your pick.

We believe that everything is gradually making sense. We want to put it together step by step. At this point, you know the best NFL events for betting. As we move on, we begin to consider how you can make the most from the competition, what betting options you can use to reinforce your decisions. Let us take a look at some of the most common betting options in the NFL.


Moneyline is arguably the simplest betting option that you can use. NFL games are also not an exception. Unconsciously, most people already use this option, but they don’t know the official term. When you make a simple bet of picking the winner of a match that is Moneyline.

The simplicity is unbeaten by any other option, which is why we would recommend it for beginners. If you are just starting to bet on the NFL, the moneylines should be your number one option. It also does not require any special knowledge on the odds to play. However, you cannot compare the odds to that of other options.

Point Spread

Point spreads are arguably the most popular option in the NFL. We explained earlier that for every NFL matchup, there would always be a favorite team and an underdog team. The favorite with the higher probability of winning has the minus (-) sign while the underdog has the plus (+).

The signs also come with the odds. For example, if the NFL betting line for this week on the favorite is -10 and you place a point spread. It implies that you are betting on the team to win the match by at least ten goal points. If the team wins but with a point below 10, it counts as a loss for the bettor.

For the underdog, if the betting line is +10 and you place a wager, a point spread. It implies that the team can lose, but the goal points against them must be less than 10; if higher, the bettor loses the wager. If the underdog ends up winning, it counts as a win for you.

Total Points

It is an option that is independent of the match-winner, also called over-under bet. If you feel that you don’t have enough luck to speculate on who the winner would be, you should try out this option. Interestingly, the odds, too, are superb in comparison with such simplicity. It has to do with the scores in a match.

With this option, you bet if the addition of the two teams’ goals would be over or under a certain number as proposed by your NFL bookie, which is why it is also called over/under bet. You could choose whether your prediction is for the end of the whole game, or you can select the half you want.

Prop Bets

In prop bet, you are not betting on the team performance. Instead, you are betting on an individual player’s activity. The interesting part is that it isn’t necessarily for only one game. It could be for a whole competition, few matches, or anyhow based on preference.

In the NFL, you can bet on the number of goals that a player would score in a single match or a stretch of games. That is an illustration of what prop bet entails.


All along, we keep talking about playing the bet on a team or player in the form of single bets. Is it possible for there to be a combination of bets? Of course! That is the parlay bet. It allows you to play more than one wager; you could play the Moneyline and point spread together.

What makes the parlay bet special is that you can still use the same amount for single bets to play the combinations. You don’t have to place them separately; your sportsbook counts them as only one bet. Interestingly, it is an addition to the odds of every single stake that you play for the odds. Can you imagine how robust the win would be? That is why people love the parlay bet.


The future bet is for the patient ones. It is a long-term bet, as the name explains. In this case, you are putting your real money on a team’s performance in future games. It is easy to confuse it with the prop bet; the difference is that in this case, you can choose to bet on team performance and not necessarily the individual game of a player.

A typical example of futures is wagering on the number of goals a team would have in the championships. That is why this option is only for the patient bettors. Of course, the reward for waiting comes in the form of enormous odds. In the end, it would be worth the wait!

Bet of the Day

NFL football bet of the day is usually specific to certain bookies. Your NFL bookie would give you one game for every match day that you have a high chance of winning. Through several analytical tools and expert NFL betting help, bookmakers come up with their decision, usually a high probability bet.


Whenever you see the NFL bet of the day, more times than often, you should play it. It is more like a bonus; easy to use. It might turn out to be your best NFL bet of the week.

How to Bet on NFL

Gradually, the puzzle seems to be complete, how then do you bet on NFL games? Every bettor has a unique way of betting, something that works best for him. Over time, with more experience in the field, you will know exactly how to bet on NFL games. We would give a few tips that would help.

Keep it simple. Whatever you do, don’t overcomplicate things. Start with a simple Moneyline bet, and then work your way up. Make sure you also avoid emotional betting. The fact that you love a team doesn’t mean they would always win. If they are matched against a stronger opponent, don’t hesitate to pick the other team.

NFL Live Betting

Things have advanced in the gambling industry. From land-based Las Vegas systems to online methods, now, it is not a must for you to place your wagers before a match begins. You can wait for the game to start, watch some portion of the game and place a bet when it is underway.

Another name for this option is in-play betting. The interesting part is that the odds are not stable as they fluctuate based on the team gaining the upper hand. That adds to the thrills because apart from watching the game, you have to place your wagers fast!

Betting Apps

Betting has also evolved beyond the need for you to play on your computer. Now you can place your wagers with your mobile phone through a betting app. Many of the best NFL sportsbooks now have a mobile app that you can get in your phone App Store.

100% bonus up to €50

18+. New Customers Only. 100% Welcome Bonus up to €50. Minimum deposit: €10. Maximum Bonus: €50. Wagering Requirements: 12x (Deposit+Bonus). Minimum 2 selections with total odds of 2.00. Payment method and country restrictions apply. The offer is valid until 31.12.2021. Bets placed on different selections within the same market or bets placed on equivalent markets are not eligible for this offer. Gamble Responsibly
Bet £10 get £10
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NFL betting apps are relatively easier to use and save you more stress. You don’t need to log in each time you open the app to protect your details. You can add it to your personal preferences to check when selecting a sportsbook.

NFL Betting Picks

There are some games where both opponents are equally matched. In such games, what do the top NFL football betting sites do as regards the odds? The Moneyline is usually zero because there is no better or underdog team. Situations like this only require you to pick your speculated winner.

Only NFL betting picks matter in this situation; you don’t need to worry about any special calculation of odds.

NFL Betting Tips & Predictions

Everyone wants to win; that is why we have so many NFL tips and predictions online. Bookies nowadays also provide NFL betting predictions on how they analyze that the game would unfold. There are usually expert analysis and other sources online like CBS, ESPN, Fox, USAToday, Yahoo, Reddit, and many more if you would prefer different opinions.

Making use of them is not bad; we only advise that you do so at your own risk. Don’t make any major betting decisions on the NFL football picks based on merely the prediction you see online. If it is in line with yours, that’s fine; if it’s not, as long as you are confident, carry on.

NFL Betting Strategies

Several bettors have their ways of approaching betting on the NFL. A strategy is more of a personal thing to each bettor as what works for each person differs. You have to study yourself and know what works best for you. We can help you with a few NFL sports betting tips that could help you in coming up with something.

Something that you can give a try is live betting. It increases your chances of winning. Devise a plan to watch 10 minutes of each game before finalizing your betting decision. It works well. Another thing is to bet on only a few teams. You shouldn’t be staking your money on every squad you come across.

The best thing is to have a circle of teams that you regularly bet on; that would increase your odds of winning. Then you should not bet every day. A lot of gamblers are addicted. If you don’t see a game or team you like, move on. You can always come back to bet tomorrow. Employing this simple strategy would make you seem like an insider.

Live Streaming

Imagine if you love live betting, but you never have the time to sit in front of your television due to circumstances, probably due to Monday work. That is not a problem. You can stream the game live from your online NFL betting site or app. So far, you have a stable internet connection; you should encounter no problem with live streaming a game. We advise that you add it to your ‘should have’ list before settling for American football sportsbooks. It comes in handy several times.

NFL Stats

Many bettors are usually in a hurry to go into the main action of putting your money on the line. Your preparation is a big deal. Take a little time to check the NFL stats of each team that is playing. You don’t necessarily have to know their history, but you can check their performance in the past few games, from a year like 2020 is also okay.

The essence of this is that you will tell if such a team is in good form. Betting aims to put your money on only high probability events, and little things like this make a huge difference.

NFL Overview

We are gradually drawing this NFL sportsbook review to a close, and we believe that you have gained a lot. Here we want to take a quick look at the general overview and history of the NFL:

  • The highest number of Super Bowl wins is jointly shared by Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, holding 6 championships. Next to them is the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, jointly holding 5 championships.
  • Some of the most popular NFL players are Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes II, Drew Brees, and Aaron Donald.
  • The most anticipated NFL events are the playoffs and Super Bowl.
  • NFL events are usually played within the United States.
  • Some of the best legal NFL betting websites or bookies are Bovada, Pinnacle Sports, William Hill, and BetOnline.
  • The biggest NFL stadium is the magnificent AT&T Stadium located in Texas with a sitting capacity of over 100,000.

Bottom Line

At this point, we conclude everything explained on NFL Betting. We hope you have come to a consensus. It is a great sport to bet on; you should use our recommended bookies as that of our NFL bookmakers reviews’ the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I bet on NFL games legally?

    There are several legal NFL sportsbooks online. Feel free to check some of our recommended ones for the best services.

  • How to bet on NFL games?

    To bet on NFL games, you need to have a little knowledge of the sport. Then you have to know about the betting options.

  • How to read NFL odds?

    Reading the NFL odds is not difficult. We always advise that you start simple. Start by betting on the favorite team, the team with the minus (-) in the betting line.

  • What are the odds for NFL playoffs?

    The odds for the playoffs are never stable. It depends on the teams that are facing off. The best thing is to wait till the time comes before you can know the odds.

  • How to have success at NFL sportsbooks?

    To have success in NFL sportsbooks, you need first to learn how to bet on the sport. Start from the betting options and work your way up. We explained this in detail in our review.

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