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Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Serie A
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Find the Best Place to Bet on Serie A
Sergio E

Betting on Serie A might seem as simple as registering at one of many football bookmakers and placing your first wager. Still, as we will cover in our Serie A wagering strategy, more goes into betting on the top division of the Italian football system.

Established in 1898, Serie A is one of the largest football leagues in the world. While it has had dark days filled with controversy, corruption, and the involvement of the Italian mafia, the league has retained its status as one of the world’s strongest and most respected football organizations.

Home to one of the most accomplished football clubs, Serie A is one of the most popular football leagues globally. Its popularity goes beyond the impressive viewership numbers. As with any sports competition, the high viewership numbers often lead to popularity among bettors, and Serie A is no exception.

At BetZillion, we have asked our football experts for help in bringing you an ultimate guide that will answer important questions about choosing the best Serie A betting sites.

List of the Best Serie A Betting Sites

Finding a bookie is the first and most critical step of your sports betting journey; any experienced punter would confirm that. But while locating a Serie A wagering site is extremely easy, you need to know what to look for to make the right choice.

check iconVIP program
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When searching for websites to bet on Serie A, you should first make a shortlist of reputable brands and pick between those. If you locate a bookmaker you have never seen before or a site that seems sketchy, there’s a good chance it won’t provide you with the betting experience you deserve.

Like you wouldn’t buy a car from a brand you haven’t heard of before, you likely shouldn’t be registering for an account at a sportsbook you don’t know. Still, there are plenty of reputable brands out there, so you will have plenty of options available even by following that rule.

Once you locate a reputable and legal bookie, you should focus on 2 essential elements of any great sportsbook – market availability and quality of the odds. Admittedly, the prices are similar across most sportsbooks but rarely the same.

Even if you compare 2 highly respected sportsbooks in Bwin and Sky Bet, you will soon realize that the betting odds on different leagues are not identical. So if you’re planning to wager on Serie A, it makes sense to register at a bookie with the best Serie A betting odds.

Besides the market availability and wagering odds quality, you should consider the bonuses & promotions. While not the most important element of a solid sportsbook, it always helps get more value from your wagering money.

Lastly is the ease of use and the appearance of the bookmaker’s website and mobile betting app. Although it is the least essential feature, you should never bet on a website you don’t find aesthetically pleasing or hard to navigate.

There’s much to look out for when picking the right sportsbook for betting on Serie A. And while it can become a tedious task to find the right one, we at BetZillion are here to make the process easier for you.

With the help of our experts, we have put together a list of the top 5 Serie A betting sites you should check out.

Offers & Promotions

Betting offers and promotions are a great way to get more value from your wagering. Luckily, due to the increased competition between the sports betting sites, all bookies have some welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions available to attract new bettors and keep them on the site.

Most common are welcome bonuses, which will match your first deposit on the site or award you free betting credits if your first stake loses. And while the welcome bonuses are similar across all bookies, the same doesn’t hold for promotions.

100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply

Bet promotions are like an extension to the welcome bonuses and are an excellent way to get the most out of betting on any bookie. Note that those will differ depending on the bookmaker you choose and which sports or league the bookie prioritizes.

So if you’re wagering on a bookie that focuses on the NBA, most promotions will be directly tied to the NBA. Likewise, football bookmakers will offer bonuses on football games, so if you’re into EFL Cup betting, you can rest assured there will be special promos available for EFL Cup games.

Most common promotions on football matches include:

  • Odds boosts
  • Insurance on futures
  • Parlay payout bonuses
  • Same-game parlays

Above, you can find our top 5 picks for the best betting sites with premium Serie A betting offers.

Italian Serie A Odds

Finding a bookie with Serie A betting odds isn’t hard, directly related to the fact that Serie A is one of the most popular football leagues people bet on. Still, while you won’t struggle to find odds on the Italian football league, you must learn how to read them.

Finding the best approach to bet on Serie A can be tricky, but reading the odds isn’t. Since Serie A is a football league, its markets and odds are the same as any other football competition. If you can understand Ligue 1 odds or markets for different football leagues, you are set to bet on the Italian Serie A.

Reading football betting odds should come easy to any punter, no matter his experience level. While understanding the odds can be simple, finding the best ones can be a bit trickier since bookmakers compile their odds based on the statistics and information available.

And that brings us to one of the main points we have made: you need to find a bookmaker with the best odds to get the most value from your betting.

Serie A Specials

There are numerous ways to approach betting on Serie A, and while most of your bets will consist of the more traditional wager types, exploring special markets can be a great way to add a bit more excitement to your betting journey.


The Winner bet (also known as outright) is a wager type that allows you to predict which team will win a tournament or a league. So if you believe Juventus can win Serie A, you would navigate to the Serie A winner odds and place your wager on them.

The winner bet is a very simple stake that is also extremely popular. The appeal comes mainly from the generous Serie A title odds – the only downside is that your wager will be tied until the season ends.

If you’re betting on the winner in the second-division league, you will find this bet under the promotion tab. Although the 2 are not the same since most leagues promote more than one team into the upper division, the idea behind the wager remains the same – you’re betting on the team you believe will perform the best.

Past Serie A Winners

Who won the Serie A last year? Will it repeat this year, or will a new team take the crown? Look at our custom table of previous Serie A winners and conclude.

Season Winner Runner-up
20/21 Inter Milan
19/20 Juventus Inter
18/19 Juventus Napoli
17/18 Juventus Napoli
16/17 Juventus Roma
15/16 Juventus Napoli
14/15 Juventus Roma


The relegation bet is the exact opposite of the winning wager. Instead of betting on which team will win the tournament or league, you’re betting on which team will perform the worst.

Similar to wagering on promotions, the relegation bet can have multiple winners. In Serie A, the 3 lowest-placed teams at the end of the season get relegated to Serie B, meaning you could hit 3 winners by betting on relegation.

Since there are more ways of hitting this bet, Serie A relegation odds are usually lower, but you won’t have a hard time finding odds that reach double or triple digits – depending on the perceived strength of the team you’re betting on.

It is no surprise that relegation wagering is very popular, and it again comes down to one simple fact – generous betting odds and high potential payouts.


Betting on who will win the league and which teams will get relegated are 2 of the most popular special bets. But those are not the only 2 futures bet types you can make on a team.

The bookmakers offer a plethora of other team bets, most related to how well the team will do in a given competition. If you look at the winner and relegation wagers differently, those are bets on which team will place first and which squads will finish the season inside the bottom 3.

The team bets expand that offer by allowing punters to predict where the team will end the season. The most common team stakes include:

  • To Finish Top 4/6/8
  • To Finish Bottom 4/6/8
  • To Finish Top/Bottom Half
  • Team Exact Position

So if you believe AC Milan will finish the season 4th, you can bet on that, like you can predict that the Rossoneri will finish in the bottom half of the table. Alternatively, you can also try your luck by predicting the team’s exact position, which is a very risky bet. Still, the risk gets compensated with very high Italian Serie A odds.

Note that those are just some examples of team bets. The bookies have free will when setting the market and can offer various wagers mentioned above.

Best Player (Top Goalscorer)

Betting on teams and how they will do in any competition can be fun. But most Serie A punters prefer wagering on players instead.

Like numerous team bet types, the bookies also offer a nice selection of player-related stakes, the most common of which is the top goalscorer market.

The top goalscorer bet is a simple wager to predict which Serie A player will end the season with the most goals. With so many talented strikers in the Italian football league, it can be tricky to find a winner, but that gets more than compensated with the very generous Serie A top scorer odds.

Players who have done well in the previous seasons will have lower odds to win the Golden Boot, but it’s not as uncommon to see an underdog claim the award for himself. The high possibility for an upset winner and the generous Serie A top scorer odds are 2 main reasons why betting on the Golden Boot winner is very popular amongst Serie A bettors.

Past Serie A Top Goal Scorers

The Serie A Top Scorer is a prestigious trophy that legendary forwards have won. Who scores it this year? Check our table of past Top Serie A Goalscorers before placing your bet.

Season Top Goal Scorer
21/22 Ciro Immobile (27) – Lazio
20/21 Cristiano Ronaldo (29) – Juventus
19/20 Ciro Immobile (36) – Lazio
18/19 Fabio Quagliarella (26) – Sampdoria
17/18 Mauro Icardi (Inter) and Ciro Immobile (Lazio)
16/17 Edin Dzeko (29) – Roma
15/16 Gonzalo Higuain (36) – Napoli
14/15 Mauro Icardi (Inter) and Luca Toni (Hellas Verona)

Special bets are a great way to make your wagering experience a bit more exciting, but for the most part, betting on Serie A will consist of more traditional stakes. These include all of the most popular bets you will find when wagering in any football league, and it should not surprise you that there are plenty to choose from.


A Moneyline bet is the simplest and most common wager type, as it is essentially a stake on who will win the match. There isn’t much more to it; you pick Team 1 or Team 2.

A wager type that is very similar to moneyline and usually more suited for betting on football is the 1×2 bet. It’s the same wager, except that 1×2 allows you to bet on a draw, whereas moneyline does not.

The 1×2 bet has the draw incorporated in its name, where 1 represents Team 1, X a draw, and 2 represents Team 2.

Since moneyline does not allow betting on a draw, it follows different rules. If you wager on a team on a moneyline market and the game ends in a draw, your bet will result in a push, i.e., you will get your wager refunded.

Points Spread

Points spread shares the tag with the moneyline as one of the most popular bet types amongst sports punters. While this wager type follows different rules, it offers bettors more flexibility when betting on Serie A or any other football league.

If you want to stake on Inter Milan to defeat Genoa and aren’t satisfied with the low moneyline odds the bookies are offering on the favourites, points spread will come to the rescue.

Points spread allows you to wager on the margin of victory, or in other words, it allows you to predict by how many goals the favourites will win. So if you believe Inter Milan can defeat Genoa by 2 or more goals, you can bet on them with a -1.5 spread.

Alternatively, you can back Genoa with a +1.5 spread if you believe they won’t lose by more than a goal.

Points spread is a form of handicap betting, where you can handicap the favourites by X goals or give the underdogs an X goal advantage. The points spread gets added to the final result, deciding whether you’ve picked the right team to win the match.

Total (Over/Under)

In football, the total (or over/under) is a bet used to predict whether the combined goals in a game will be over or under the value the oddsmaker sets before the match. The bookmakers will set a line based on the statistics they have on the teams, and while the lines will differ, the most common is set at 2.5 goals.

So if you expect a match between AC Milan and Inter Milan to end with at least 3 goals, you bet on over 2.5 goals. Likewise, you would wager on under 2.5 goals if you expect to see 2 or fewer.


Futures (or future bets) allow you to wager on future events. Since these bets require you to predict specific outcomes weeks or months in the future, the wagering odds are generally very high.

The most common futures in Serie A include betting on which team will emerge as Serie A champions, which players will end the season with the most goals, which manager will get sacked first, and more. There is no rule to how many future bets a bookmaker can offer, so you can be sure there will be plenty of wagering opportunities, often with generous betting odds.

Bet of the Day

Almost every round of Serie A has a fixture, with everyone talking about it. Whether it’s a clash between 2 arch-rivals or a match between 2 of the league’s strongest teams – no round of Serie A passes without that “one” game.

And, like there are matches to look forward to, there are also fixtures that offer great betting opportunities. It doesn’t happen too often, but even bookmakers make a mistake when pricing a match, which is how expert bettors make the most profit.


At BetZillion, our team of expert Serie A analysts constantly scout the betting markets to find games like that, and we’re happy to share them with you as our Serie A Bet of the Day.

How to Bet on Serie A

Betting on Serie A is similar to wagering on any other football league. That’s because the markets across all football competitions are the same, and each league features strong favourites, dark horses, and complete outsiders.

And like the approach to betting on Serie A and the English Premier League is the same, so are the rules any bettor needs to follow. Here are 9 steps you need to take when betting on Serie A.

  1. Put together a list of reputable and legal sportsbooks.
  2. Examine the market availability and the odds quality, and pick the right Serie A betting website for you.
  3. Consider creating accounts at several bookmakers and exchanges, such as Betfair.
  4. Do not forget to claim bonuses and promotions.
  5. Learn about the odds, markets, and familiarise yourself with betting terms.
  6. Find a good source that offers expert betting previews.
  7. Create a wagering plan and follow it.
  8. Learn how to manage your bankroll.

Serie A Betting & Live Streaming

Betting on Serie A can be enjoyable, but you can always make it even better by exploring the wonderful world of Serie A in-play betting.

In-play betting has been around for a long time, but it remains to be viewed as one of the more exotic ways of wagering on Serie A. Although live betting can be difficult for those who aren’t too familiar with the league, it is also an extremely profitable strategy for experienced bettors.

With in-play betting, you can put your knowledge of the teams, players, and their style of play to the test by wagering on a match while it’s happening. This bet type is trendy mainly because the in-play markets are often priced wrongly.

Even though Serie A bookmakers have become good at pricing in-play markets over the years, they still make mistakes, which offers you, as a bettor, a perfect opportunity to make some extra profit.

To succeed at Serie A in-play betting, you need 3 things:

  1. Good knowledge of the league, teams, and players.
  2. A keen eye for what is happening in the game.
  3. Access to a bookmaker with in-play betting and live streaming service.

Serie A Betting Tips & Predictions

As mentioned, having access to information is one of the key elements you need to succeed when betting on Serie A. Following the news, players’ social media, and watching the games are great ways to gather the required data, but no one can do all that themselves.

With so much information to absorb and keep track of, it’s often impossible for an individual to do all the work. Even the best and most successful Serie A punters will tell you that you can’t do everything on your own, which is where getting information from reputable betting sites that offer Italy Serie A predictions can help.

Finding a bookie with Serie A betting tips will be essential to a successful and lucrative wagering journey and should be on top of your list of things to do before you start betting on Serie A.

Note that you should never blindly follow a betting preview you will find online. Even Serie A wagering experts can make mistakes, so you should instead take the Serie A betting predictions as a source of information that you can use to make your own calculated decisions on what to wager on.

Italian Serie A Betting Strategies

A gambling strategy or gambling system is a structured approach to betting to make the most profit. Since sports gambling first entered the mainstream, people have been looking for a way to beat bookies. While some were successful with unique strategies in the earlier days, the bookmakers caught up and more or less removed the possibility of punters gaining an edge by following a plan.

Perhaps that’s not entirely true since some strategies can (potentially) gain you an edge. Unfortunately, most have downsides and are rarely worth following, so it’s generally wiser to gain an advantage elsewhere.

For example, we can look at the Martingale betting system, which states that you should keep doubling your bet until you win, guaranteeing that you will always end up breaking even. The problem with this system is that it demands that you have the funds to keep doubling your wager, meaning it only works if you have infinite money to spend.

Knowledge is king, and it’s no different in sports betting. So instead of looking for the secret recipe that promises guaranteed profits (spoiler, there is no such thing), it’s wiser to use that time to familiarise yourself with how the bookies operate, how they set the odds, and how to take advantage of the mistakes they make.

Serie A Overview

Serie A is one of the most popular football leagues amongst sports bettors, and it’s very easy to see why. It’s one of the oldest football competitions, with a rich and controversial history, and is the home of one of the world’s most successful clubs. Here are some interesting facts about Serie A that you might not know.

  • The first official Italian league for professional football teams was Campionato Italiano di Football which started in 1898, but it wasn’t until 1929 that Serie A was formed.
  • Juventus is the most successful Serie A club, with 36 titles, followed by Inter Milan (19) and AC Milan (18), Genoa in 4th with 9, and Torino with 7 champion titles.
  • As home to the world’s most successful teams, Serie A also featured some of the best football players in history, including Gianluigi Buffon, Paolo Maldini, Diego Maradona, Fabio Cannavaro, Francesco Totti, Alessandro Del Piero, Andrea Pirlo, Zinedine Zidane, and many more.
  • Although most Serie A football legends are either retired or complete in other leagues, Serie A continues to present an incredible lineup of high-profile names, including Paulo Dybala, Kalidou Koulibaly, Lorenzo Insigne, Matthijs de Ligt, Leonardo Bonucci, and Zlatan Ibrahimović.
  • Silvio Piola, who competed in Serie A in 1929-1954, is to date the all-time top goalscorer with 274 goals in 537 appearances and is just one of 7 players to have ever scored more than 200 Serie A goals.
  • The remaining 6 are Francesco Totti (250), Gunnar Nordahl (225), Giuseppe Meazza (216), José Altafini (216), Antonio Di Natale (209), and Roberto Baggio (205).
  • Serie A consists of 20 teams from 16 cities, 4 of which are home to 2 rival squads. That includes Milan (AC Milan and Inter Milan), Genoa (Sampdoria and Genoa), Rome (Lazio and Roma), and Turin (Juventus and Torino).
  • Some of Serie A’s biggest rivals also share the same stadium, including Stadio Luigi Ferraris (Genoa and Sampdoria), San Siro (AC Milan and Inter Milan), and Stadio Olimpico (Lazio and Roma).
  • Many Serie A betting websites exist, yet a few stand out as the best sportsbooks to bet on in the Italian football league. These include (but are not limited to) 10Bet, Bet365, William Hill, and 1xBet, as the official sponsor of the Serie A.

The list of interesting facts about the Italian Serie A is endless, but as a bettor, you should know a few key characteristics of the league.

  • Serie A teams have been traditionally very defense-oriented.
  • Despite the emphasis on defence, Serie A has evolved into a more attacking league, averaging 2.81 goals per game.
  • For the past 2 decades, Serie A has been dominated by 3 clubs, Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan, who have all claimed champion titles since 2001.

Bottom Line

Serie A is extremely popular amongst football bettors, like the other “major football leagues,” including Ligue 1, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, and La Liga. That isn’t as shocking, knowing how big of a name the league has made for itself thanks to its teams’ international success and the fact that Italy is the home of some of the largest football fan bases.

You will have a hard time finding a sports bettor that doesn’t bet on Serie A, and it will be even tougher to find someone who hasn’t watched at least one season of the league. The importance Italian football has had on football development over the last century is not to be underestimated. The history behind Serie A makes it a very appealing league to follow and bet on.

Betting on Serie A can be an exciting journey, and if you have come to the end of our Serie A wagering guide, you’re on a good path to turn it into a profitable endeavour. Now, all there is left to do is to visit the best websites and choose a bookmaker, and you’re set to place your first Serie A wager!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many teams are in the Italian Serie A?
    For most of Serie A’s history, there were 18 or 16 clubs at the highest level; however, there have been 20 clubs since the 2004/05 season. The sole exception was the 1947/48 season, played with 21 clubs.
  • How many games are in Italian Serie A?
    With 20 clubs and a double round-robin format, each club plays 38 games, resulting in 380 matches played across the season.
  • How to bet on a team winning the Serie A?
    If you wish to wager on a team to win Serie A, you will have to navigate the futures betting markets on Serie A bookies and locate the squad you want to bet on under the Italian Serie A outright odds.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts
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