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Trinidad and Tobago gained independence in 1962 and took just one year to legalize gambling with the Gambling and Betting Act, which got accepted in 1963. However, despite legalizing gambling very early, Trinidad and Tobago has struggled to regulate its online betting world, creating an interesting situation that we'll dig deeper into in this article and answer 3 key questions:

  1. Which are the best Trinidadian and Tobagonian betting sites?
  2. How to find safe sports betting sites in Trinidad and Tobago?
  3. What can you bet on with Trinidadian and Tobagonian bookmakers?

Full List of the Best Trinidad & Tobago Betting Sites

Despite legalizing gambling in 1963, Trinidad and Tobago has yet to give any attention to its online betting sector, which remains unregulated. But while this makes online betting in Trinidad illegal, the lack of laws that would explicitly state it's illegal technically makes it legal.

It's a familiar situation in most less-developed countries, with advantages and disadvantages. For one, the lack of regulation means that a sports betting site in Trinidad and Tobago doesn't need a betting license to operate in the country, meaning the list of available sportsbooks can include shady bookmakers.

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On a more positive note, the lack of regulations and the open market also allows any sports gambling website to operate in the country, meaning that local punters have more than enough sportsbooks to choose from. And the list includes some of the best bookmakers in the world, such as Bet365, one of the most popular bookmakers and one of the best sports betting sites in Trinidad and Tobago, but by no means one of the only great options.

How to Open an Account at Trinidadian Bookmaker

Opening an account at any Trinidadian bookmaker is extremely simple, and it doesn't take longer than a few minutes to complete. And even though there are dozens of sportsbooks to choose from, the registration process is the same regardless of which Trinidad betting sites we choose.

So as long as you have a stable internet connection, documents at hand, and a few minutes to spare, you can set up an account in no time.

The Criteria for Finding the Best Online Bookmakers in Trinidad and Tobago

Deciding which Trinidad and Tobago betting sites to register with can take time and effort, mainly because there are so many options. However, when deciding which bookmaker to register with, it's crucial to prioritize sportsbooks that meet a few criteria.

Criteria Explanation
Sports and Leagues When deciding which betting apps that surely work in Trinidad and Tobago or which bookmakers to use, it's wise to check its coverage of sports and leagues and prioritize those sportsbooks with solid market coverage. This way, you ensure that you can bet on whatever you want and however you want. Still, most importantly, good market coverage ensures punters don't miss out on solid Trini bet opportunities.
Payout, Odds, and Lines at the Best Bookies All solid Trinidad betting sites will have competitive odds, good betting lines, and solid payout limits. Good odds are essential for long-term profits and fair chance betting, whereas high rollers will appreciate high payout limits, ensuring they take advantage of potential profits.
Betting Offers: Bonuses and Betting Sites Promotions Looking for a bookmaker with the best free bet offers in Trinidad and Tobago or other promotions is a good move since betting bonuses and promotions offer much value. However, as advantageous as great promotions can be, the offers are not as generous as quality betting odds – unless for those looking for arbitrage betting opportunities.
Type of Bets A generous offer of this type of bets goes hand-in-hand with good market coverage, but only sometimes, especially when it comes to in-play betting markets. So it's wise to look closely at sportsbooks' betting markets and ensure it offers more than just moneyline.
Safety and Security Before registering with any bookmaker, it's critical to ensure it's safe. It is especially important in Trinidad and Tobago since the country doesn't have a regulated betting market, meaning that some of the available Trinidad and Tobago betting sites might need to be more safe.
Bet on Mobile with the Best Sports Betting App The availability of mobile betting apps is a huge plus, especially for mobile bettors but also for those who don't exclusively bet from their phones, both due to the convenience it offers and the fact that it's not hard to find a sports betting site in Trinidad and Tobago with exclusive betting bonus offers for mobile bettors.
Live Betting & Live Streaming Live betting options and live streaming are must-have features of all of the best Trinidad and Tobago betting sites as nowadays. It's required for all modern bookmakers to offer a solid live betting experience. Even those who don't regularly bet on live games will appreciate the option since there are many excellent opportunities for in-play betting.
Payment Methods at Trinidadian Betting Sites Nowadays, the variety of payment options is less of a problem than it used to be. Still, when selecting a bookmaker – especially in Trinidad and Tobago, it's important to keep an eye on its payment methods and ensure that it has the option you prefer. Likewise, it's wise to check if there are any additional fees with payments, even though most bookmakers don't have any.
The Website Functionality A good bookmaker will have a functional website and a mobile app, which should work without issues and crashes. The website must also be fast and work smoothly, which can be a huge problem, especially when placing live bets and chasing the right odds.
Extra Features Extra features such as a quick bet function, the ability to change the odds format, and pop-out live streams are a big plus. Although less critical than other features listed here, any bonus feature can add value and improve the bettor's experience using the bookmaker.
Customer Service Customer support is often overlooked, but it's no less important than any other factor. A good sports betting site in Trinidad and Tobago must have reliable and knowledgeable agents who can help punters with any issue, and preferably at least two ways of getting in touch with customer service – live chat and email. Other options, such as mobile phone and ticket system without the unnecessary contact information requirements, are a great addition but less critical than live chat, which should preferably have no closing and opening hours, but be available 24/7.
Sportsbook Reputation Sportsbooks' reputation is equally important as their security since they often go hand-in-hand. But there can be licensed and legal sportsbooks with a bad reputation – due to their shady past, slow payouts, or other factors – which make them a less desirable choice among punters.

The Best Betting Bonuses & Offers for Trini Bettors

Every available bookmaker will have betting bonuses in Trinidad and Tobago, but the number and quality of offers will vary depending on your chosen sportsbook. But it's worth noting that some sportsbooks will have better betting bonus offers and worse betting odds, and vice versa, so it's important to find a middle ground and a sportsbook with competitive betting odds and a solid offer of betting bonus offers.

125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
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New customers only! Get up to 180% bonus on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply

The betting bonuses in Trinidad and Tobago typically fall into two main categories – welcome offers and promotions of existing users, which are further divided depending on how users can obtain them. Most promotions will also come with some terms and conditions, including minimum deposit, rollover, and deposit requirements.

Deposit Bonuses

As the name suggests, deposit bonuses depend on the bettor making a deposit. One of the most popular examples is the deposit match bonus, where the sportsbooks match your first deposit up to a certain amount and award you free wagering cash.

Welcome Offers

Welcome bonuses are one of Trinidad and Tobago's most common betting bonuses, available on all sportsbooks. As the name suggests, the welcome bonuses are available to new customers and are usually very generous as this bonus is intended to attract new customers to the platform.

The most common welcome bonus is the matched deposit bonus, with which the sportsbook matches a bettor's first deposit with the bookmaker and gives him free cash to bet with. For example, if you deposit 100€ with a 100% matched deposit welcome bonus, you'll get an additional €100 in free wagering cash (with a rollover requirement).

Although the deposit match is the most common bonus that comes as part of the welcome offer, bookmakers can also add other promotions, such as free spins in the online casino or free bets.

Free Bets

Free bets are very self-explanatory bonuses offered to new bettors as part of the welcome offer or to existing punters as promotions. The free bets typically come in the form of free wagering cash of the same size as the punter's average wager with the bookmaker.

So if you regularly bet with 10€, then the free bet promotion will grant you 10€ in free wagering cash to bet with. These bonuses typically come with a 1x rollover requirement and usually don't have any restrictions on which markets they can be used.


Some Trinidad and Tobago bookies will have CashBack offers, special promotions usually available for accumulator bets. Cashback works because the sportsbooks give bettors back a portion of or a full stake on an accumulator bet if just X legs miss.

For example, Trinidad and Tobago bookies can offer a cashback on any accumulator bet where you place at least six legs, and the bonus enables if one or two of your legs miss.

VIP Offers

One of the rarest but most valuable betting bonuses in Trinidad and Tobago are the VIP offers, which work on a loyalty program, where the more you bet and the more active you are on a sportsbook, the better rewards you can get. VIP programs are rare and only available on the biggest sportsbooks, with the rewards they can include ranging from deposit bonuses, cashback, free bets, higher limits, free spins in an online casino, and more.

Trinidad Sports Betting Market Overview

📅 Sports Betting Legal Since: 1955
🏢 Regulatory Body: Gambling Control Commission
⚖️ Legal Acts: Gambling Act. 22 of 1963
🧾 Taxation: 10%
⚽ Favorite Sports to Bet on: Football, cricket, tennis, athletics, basketball
🏅 Widespread Tournaments\Competitions to Bet on: TT Premier Football League, TT Super League, TT Women's League Football
🎰 Other Popular Gambling Markets: Blackjack, online casinos, slot machines, roulette, poker
⭐ Most Popular Sportsbooks: 22Bet, Ivibet, 20Bet, TriniBet

Trini Bet of the Day

Trinidadian and Tobagonian have access to dozens of sportsbooks and consequently have access to many betting markets.


It includes markets on local events and all of the major international sporting competitions, making it very easy to place bets on Trinidadian and Tobagonian and any big international team or player.

Bet on Sports

Sports betting is very popular in Trinidad and Tobago and easily accessible, regardless of which sports you want to bet on. But while Trinidadian and Tobagonian punters have access to all sports betting markets, a few sports stand out as the most popular.

Cricket, football, volleyball, and athletics are particularly popular among local punters due to the popularity of those sports. And as of late, Esports is gaining serious traction among punters.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports among Trinidadian and Tobagonian punters and is easily accessible on all sportsbooks in the country. It also helps that many of the local population play the sports and religiously watch the national cricket team, which has achieved immense success on the international stage, namely at the Super50 Cup.


Football is the world's biggest sport and one of the most popular sports among Trinidadian and Tobagonian punters, who have plenty of ways to enjoy football betting in Trinidad. Not only does every sports betting site in Trinidad and Tobago offer football betting markets, they also accept bets on the local football league and all bigger, international football competitions.


Trinidad and Tobago is home to many excellent athletes, so naturally, athletics is very popular among the local population – including bettors. And it helps with the popularity of betting on athletics that many Trinidadian and Tobagonian athletes have succeeded on the international stage and regularly compete in some of the biggest athletics tournaments.


Volleyball is not nearly as popular as football globally. Still, it's one of the most popular sports among Trinidadian and Tobagonian bettors, largely thanks to the local bookmakers' (Trinibet) excellent coverage of volleyball events. It alone contributes to the popularity of volleyball betting, but primarily, it has to do with the fact that volleyball is a very popular sport in Trinidad and Tobago.


Trinidad and Tobago is not known for its Esports scene, but this doesn't take away from the popularity of Esports betting. Over the last decade, Esports became extremely popular worldwide, and it didn't take long before Esports betting took off.

Although still not as massive as sports betting, it's easy to find Esports betting markets since all sportsbooks cover at least the 3 major Esports in CS: GO, League of Legends, and Dota 2. However, in Trinidad and Tobago, PUBG, Fortnite, and Overwatch are three of the more popular Esports.

Bet on Competitions

Thanks to the large selection of sportsbooks and excellent market coverage, Trinidadian and Tobagonian bettors are open to more than which sports competitions they can bet on.

Yet a few sports competitions are by far the most popular, including the Super50 Cup and the TT Premier Football League.

Bet on Tournaments

Trinidadian and Tobagonian teams and athletes regularly attend various international tournaments, which are very popular among local punters, especially when the national team qualifies for a major event such as the FIFA World Cup, CONCACAF Gold Cup, the Caribbean Cup, the Caribbean T20, and more.

Bet on Trinidadian and Tobagonian Teams

Even though Trinidad and Tobago doesn't have as many teams as some European countries, it still has a well-developed sports ecosystem and plenty of domestic sports events so that the local punters can cheer on and bet on TT teams.

Yet the most popular is betting on Trinidadian and Tobagonian national football and cricket teams who compete in various international tournaments.

Bet on Trinidadian and Tobagonian Players

There are plenty of options to bet on Trinidadian and Tobagonian players and athletes, particularly the latter, who compete in various athletic events such as the Olympics, NACAC Championships, and various athletics world championships, including Olympic gold medalist Keshorn Walcott.

How to Choose the Best Bookmakers in Trinidad and Tobago

It is challenging to find the best sports betting site in Trinidad and Tobago because there are so many sportsbooks. However, the process can be much simpler and straightforward if we follow a few criteria.

Here are some of the most important things to check when deciding which Trinidad and Tobago betting sites to use that will help Trinidadian and Tobagonian punters locate the best sportsbooks.

  • Security – before registering with any sportsbook, it's important to check whether it's safe and legit. It is especially important in Trinidad and Tobago since the country doesn't regulate its online betting industry, so it’s easy to log in to a shady bookmaker.
  • Reputation – just as important as a website's security is its reputation, since some sportsbooks can be licensed and safe but aren't accepted well among bettors due to many reasons – mainly slow withdrawal processing or shady past.
  • Quality Betting Odds – Quality sport betting odds are essential to all great bookmakers, so it's important to check whether the Trinidad and Tobago betting sites we intend to register with offer competitive prices.
  • Betting Markets – Good betting market coverage goes hand-in-hand with quality odds as an important factor of all good Trinidad betting sites. It ensures we can bet on whatever we want and however we like, but most importantly, good market coverage ensures we don't miss out on betting opportunities.
  • Mobile App – especially for mobile bettors, the availability of a mobile app on a bookmaker is important. Still, even those who don't exclusively place Trini bets on their phones will appreciate the option to do so.
  • Customer Support is an often overlooked feature, but a good customer support offer is no less important. It ensures that if and when we encounter an issue, it'll get resolved quickly and professionally.

Since the country doesn't regulate online sports betting, there are no specific restrictions on which payment methods bettors can use on the sports betting site in Trinidad and Tobago they register with. However, because online betting in Trinidad is technically not legal, credit/debit card payments and bank transfers aren't possible.

Instead, local bettors prefer e-wallets for their deposits and withdrawals, namely Skrill and Neteller, two of the most popular payment options among bettors worldwide. Any sports betting site in Trinidad and Tobago accepts them.

PayPal and all crypto deposits are two alternative options; however, only some sports betting sites in Trinidad and Tobago accept them as valid payment methods, making them far less popular.

For withdrawal options, Trinidadian bettors have to deal with the same “restrictions” as with payment options, with bank transfers and credit/debit cards not among the available methods. Still, since e-wallets, namely Skrill and Neteller, also offer withdrawals, they are two of the most popular withdrawal options among Trinidadian and Tobagonian punters.

Crypto withdrawals are also an option, but it's worth noting that very few Trinidad and Tobago bookies accept crypto payments/withdrawals.

The Best Trinidadian and Tobagonian Mobile Betting Sites and Apps

Due to the country's passive approach to regulating online sports betting, there is no limit to which sportsbooks can offer their service to Trinidadian bettors. That has its advantages, mainly the large list of betting sites in Trinidad and Tobago, giving punters more options when selecting the betting sites in Trinidad and Tobago for their needs.

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However, among mobile bettors, two bookmakers stand out as the best choices for those looking for the top Trinidad and Tobago betting apps.

  • Bet365 – is one of the world's biggest and most reputable bookmakers and one of the best choices for mobile bettors due to its excellent mobile betting app out of all available Trinidad and Tobago betting apps. Bet365 is by far the most popular, largely due to its excellent design and many features, including live betting and live streaming.
  • 22Bet – is one of the most popular Trinidad betting sites largely because mobile bettors widely use it. Besides Bet365, 22Bet has one of the best mobile apps, with the same features as the desktop website, including live sports gambling markets, online casinos, and more.

The Regulation of Sports Betting in Trinidad and Tobago

Land-based gambling is legal and regulated in Trinidad and Tobago; however, online betting in Trinidad and Tobago has no mention in any of the regulations or laws. This would make it illegal; however, since it's not explicitly mentioned, online sports betting in Trinidad and Tobago is technically legal.

It is further confirmed that the government does not prosecute anyone who uses international Trinidad and Tobago gambling sites, nor does it actively block international bookmakers. So even though betting on sports in Trinidad and Tobago on online bookmakers is not legalized nor regulated, it's still possible to do it, and those who do won't get prosecuted for it.

Gambling Commission & Licence

Trinidad and Tobago legalized land-based gambling in 1963 with the Gambling and Betting Act, amended in 2014 and 2021. It established the Trinidad and Tobago Gambling Control Commission, which regulates all land-based gambling activity. Yet, it does not oversee online betting websites in Trinidad and Tobago, nor has the Gambling and Betting Act established any laws about online sports betting in the country.

Instead, the Gambling Act talks about the importance of a betting license, which everyone who runs a brick-and-mortar gambling has to obtain. Meanwhile, the government has yet to introduce or mention plans of introducing a local gambling license for Trinidad and Tobago online gambling sites.

Websites to Avoid

Since Trinidad and Tobago doesn't regulate its online betting sector, this creates an opportunity for any sportsbook to enter the market and accept local punters. On the one hand, this is a good thing, as it created a situation where it's easy to find a great bookie to use and bet in Trinidad and Tobago; however, it also opened the doors for shady bookmakers who prey on bettors.

Here are four Trinidad betting sites that are better left alone due to their shady reputation and concerning history:

  • 1xBet
  • DigiBet
  • RiverBet
  • 21Bet

History and Future

Trinidad and Tobago accepted its first gambling law in 1963, the Gambling and Betting Act, which was since amended twice, in 2014 and again in 2021, but though two amendments, it has yet to include the online betting sector.

It leaves Trinidad and Tobago in a gray area regarding online sports betting, making it not legal but technically not illegal either. It puts Trinidad and Tobago way back compared to other countries with a booming online betting industry, and the lack of strict measures makes it a great place for shady bookmakers to open their doors.

Even though the government has yet to mention when and if it intends to regulate online sports betting or issue a local betting license, there is a good chance it'll happen soon. That is largely due to the potential tax revenue the country could get, so while it could take a while longer, some amendments to the current Gambling and Betting Act in the coming years wouldn't be too shocking.

Trinidad and Tobago Overview

Before concluding our article, navigate BetZillion's realm. Here are some interesting facts about betting in Trinidad and Tobago and the country you might need to learn about.

  • Port-of-Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago but only the fourth most populated city in the country, behind San Fernando, Mon Repos, and Chagunas.
  • English is the official language of Trinidad and Tobago. Most people speak Trinidad English, while small minorities speak Spanish and French.
  • The official currency of Trinidad and Tobago is Trinidad & Tobago Dollar, which is also accepted on local betting sites, along with cryptocurrency.
  • Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and crypto are some of the most popular payment methods on Trinidadian and Taboginan betting sites.
  • Four of the most popular legal bookmakers in Trinidad and Tobago are Bet365, William Hill, N1Bet, and 22bet.
  • Football, volleyball, cricket, and athletics are the most popular sports in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Trinidad and Tobago's most popular sports competitions are TT Premer Football League, Regional Four Day Competition, and NAAATT Track & Field Series.
  • Trinidad and Tobago's most successful and popular teams are Trinbago Knight Riders, Central FC, and W Connection.
  • Some of Trinidad and Tobago's most popular and successful athletes are Keshorn Walcott, Ade Alleyne-Forte, Lalonde Gordon, Rodney Wilkes, and George Bovell.
  • Cricket Hall of Famer Brian “Prince” Lara was born in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Trinidadian and Toboggan national basketball teams won the Caribbean Basketball Championship 4 times in 1986-1990.
  • The first Olympic medal won by an athlete from Trinidad and Tobago was a silver medal in weightlifting by Rodney Wilkes, who added a bronze medal in 1952.
  • Hasely Crawford was the first athlete from Trinidad and Tobago to win an Olympic gold medal for his country in the men's 100 dash at the 1976 Olympics.

Bottom Line

It concludes our article on Trinidad and Tobago, teaching you everything you need to know about the country's online betting industry and where to find the best Trinidad and Tobago betting sites. Now you're ready to find the best Trinidadian and Tobagonian sportsbooks, sign up for an account and start betting – but remember to gamble responsibly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is online sports betting legal in Trinidad and Tobago?
    Trinidad and Tobago has a booming land-based gambling sector; however, the authorities have left out the online betting scene, which is not regulated. Still, that doesn't make online sports betting illegal, but rather puts it in a grey zone where it's not explicitly legal, nor will anyone get prosecuted for doing it.
  • Which is the best betting site in Trinidad and Tobago?
    Trinidad and Tobago is home to many excellent online bookmakers; however, one of the most popular and the best options for local punters is Bet365, one of Europe's biggest sportsbooks.
  • What are the most popular sports types for betting in Trinidad and Tobago?
    The most popular sports bet types among bettors in Trinidad and Tobago include the traditional moneyline, 1×2, handicaps, and totals (over/under), largely because those are the most accessible bet types on Trinidad and Tobago betting sites.
  • What betting offers can I find at Trinidadian sportsbooks?
    Trinidadian bettors are not limited to which betting offers they have access to, but the number and the exact type will vary from betting site to betting site. Some of the most accessible betting offers include welcome bonuses, enhanced odds, and cashback offers.
  • Is PayPal betting possible in Trinidad and Tobago?
    Although technically possible, PayPal betting is not as popular in Trinidad and Tobago, mainly because PayPal is not an acceptable payment option on most sportsbooks.
  • Is live betting possible in Trinidad and Tobago?
    Yes, live betting is possible in Trinidad and Tobago and is accessible on all betting sites. But some sportsbooks do a much better job at offering live betting, mainly those that also offer live streaming.
  • What is the best sports betting app I can download in Trinidad and Tobago?
    Two of the best mobile betting app options for Trinidadian bettors include Bet365 and 22Bet, 2 of the country's most popular sportsbooks. Other great sportsbooks with excellent betting apps include William Hill and N1Bet.
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