X Factor Betting Odds

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on X Factor
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Find the Best Place to Bet on X Factor
Rebecca E
In reality television, few shows like the X Factor capture the essence of talent, competition, and drama. Beyond being a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their skills, the X Factor has also become a source of excitement for those who wish to engage in a little friendly speculation. Betting on X Factor outcomes has gained traction, offering viewers a chance to merge entertainment with anticipation. As the show progresses, enthusiasts and punters immerse themselves in the world of odds and the X Factor predictions, enhancing their overall experience.

Key points to take away:

  • Predictive thrills
  • Diverse betting markets
  • Informed decisions
  • Responsible participation

Best Betting Sites to Bet on X Factor

When betting on X Factor bookie, selecting the correct betting site is paramount to ensure a betting excitement at BetZillion. With a plethora of options available, it’s crucial to make an informed decision.

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What Makes These X Factor Betting Sites the Best

We understand the significance of a trusted platform, so we pay meticulous attention to several key factors that set the best X Factor betting sites apart from the rest.

Criteria Explanation
Entertainment Betting Coverage Entertainment betting coverage refers to the range and depth of entertainment events available for betting on a particular platform. It includes shows like X Factor, reality TV competitions, award ceremonies, and other entertainment-related events. It’s important because a diverse selection of entertainment markets provides bettors with more options and opportunities to engage in their favorite forms of entertainment.
Competitive Lines and Odds Competitive lines and odds determine the potential payout of a bet. Having competitive lines and odds means that the betting site offers odds on X Factor Winners that are in line with or better than those of other platforms. It is crucial because better odds give bettors higher potential profits, encouraging them to choose a particular site over others.
Safety and Security Safety and security involve a betting site’s measures to protect users’ personal information and financial transactions. A secure betting platform is essential to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches, ensuring that bettors can confidently engage in betting activities without worrying about their sensitive information being compromised.
Banking Options Banking options refer to the various payment methods for depositing and withdrawing funds on the betting site. A wide range of banking options is essential to accommodate different preferences and ensure convenient transactions for bettors.
Reputation and History Reputation and history reflect the track record and standing of the betting site within the industry. A site with a positive reputation and a history of fair practices is more likely to be trustworthy and reliable.
Ease of Use Ease of use pertains to the user-friendliness and navigational aspects of the betting site. An intuitive interface, clear layout, and straightforward navigation are crucial for bettors to easily find their desired markets, place bets, and manage their accounts.
Quality Customer Service Quality customer service involves the betting site’s customer support team’s responsiveness, helpfulness, and professionalism. Bettors may have inquiries, concerns, or issues that require assistance, and a reliable customer service team ensures that their needs are addressed promptly and effectively, contributing to a positive user experience.
Mobile Compatibility Mobile compatibility refers to how well the betting site functions on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A mobile-friendly betting platform is essential with the increasing use of mobile devices to place a bet on the X Factor Online, including betting. It allows bettors to conveniently access and place bets on their favorite entertainment events, regardless of location.

The X Factor Odds

The X Factor odds are crucial in entertainment betting, offering insight into the perceived likelihood of different outcomes. Reading these celebrity X Factor winner odds may seem complex initially, but with some guidance, you can decipher their meaning and make informed betting decisions.

How to Read the X Factor Odds

The X Factor odds of winning are usually presented in fractional formats, such as 2/1, 5/2, or 10/1. The first number represents the potential profit you could make for every unit you wager, while the second number denotes the amount you need to bet to make that profit. For instance, if you see odds of 5/1, a $10 bet could yield a $50 profit, making your total return $60.

Where Bookmakers Get the X Factor Odds

X Factor Bookmakers’ odds are derived from a combination of factors. These include contestants’ performances, judges’ feedback, audience reactions, and trends from previous seasons. The best X Factor bookmakers also consider public sentiment and betting patterns to adjust odds as the competition progresses.

The X Factor Historical Odds

Historical odds represent the odds offered by the best X Factor online bookmakers for previous seasons. They highlight the initial perceptions of contestants’ likelihood to win or be eliminated, providing a snapshot of how public opinion and betting patterns evolved.

Contestant Historical Odds
Shan  7/4
Dalton Harris 6/1
Misunderstood  6/1
Brendan Murray 8/1
Bella Penfold 10/1
Molly Scott 12/1
Scarlett Lee 12/1
Anthony Russell  16/1
United Vibe 16/1
A-star 25/1

Where to Find the X Factor Historical Odds

Various online resources and betting websites archive the X Factor’s favorite odds. Examining these odds for the X Factor Contestants across different seasons allows you to identify patterns, underdogs who overperformed, and favorites who lived up to expectations.

What to Pay Attention to

When analyzing the X Factor finalist odds, focus on contestants who defied the odds and managed to outperform expectations. These insights can help you identify potential dark horses in upcoming seasons. Additionally, notice if there are consistent trends when odds shift significantly – this might coincide with pivotal moments in the competition.

Offers & Promotions

X Factor betting sites often entice bettors with offers, promotions, and bonuses that excite the betting journey. These special deals can enhance your chances of success while making the entire experience more rewarding.

Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
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Rakeboost bonus
Rakeback is a withdrawable bonus that is accrued for each bet and depends on your current Rank. Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.

How to Get the X Factor Betting Offers

Getting the X Factor betting offers is usually straightforward. Create an account on the betting site, make a qualifying deposit, and follow the instructions to opt into the promotion. Some offers require entering a promo code during registration or deposit.

Why Get the X Factor Betting Offers

The X Factor betting offers several advantages. They can boost your bankroll, allowing you to place more bets and explore different betting markets. Offers also increase your potential winnings or provide insurance against losses, giving you more chances to profit from your predictions.

Terms and Conditions

It’s essential to read the terms and conditions associated with each offer carefully. Consider factors such as wagering requirements, minimum odds for qualifying bets, and time limitations.

The X Factor Specials

Regarding the X Factor betting, the excitement goes beyond predicting the winner. Special bets open up a world of unique opportunities, allowing you to wager on various aspects of the competition that add an extra layer of intrigue.

From betting on a specific country’s performance to predicting audience favorites, these special bets offer a chance to engage with the show in new and exciting ways. In the following sections, we’ll delve into different types of special bets that add a distinctive twist to your X Factor betting experience.


Betting on the X Factor favorites involves predicting the contestant or group that will receive the most attention and support from audiences across different countries. This type of bet is prevalent due to the global nature of the competition, offering a unique opportunity to gauge international sentiment even before the event begins. Bettors are drawn to this category for its intriguing blend of cultural diversity and the thrill of anticipating who will capture hearts worldwide.

The X Factor Betting Winner

To bet on the X Factor winner revolves around predicting the contestant who will ultimately emerge as the champion of the competition.

This type of bet is prevalent due to the excitement of following contestants’ journeys as they compete and progress through the stages. It’s a thrilling way to align with your favorites while having a stake in the outcome.

Past Winners of X Factor

Here are some of the most popular past winners of the X Factor franchise from various countries, along with the respective years and the countries where the events were broadcast:

  • Leona Lewis (2006, UK): Leona Lewis shot to fame after winning the third series of the UK’s X Factor. Her powerful vocals and emotional performances captivated audiences, leading to a successful music career.
  • One Direction (2010, UK): While not the winners, One Direction, a boy band formed on the UK X Factor, achieved incredible success after finishing in third place. Their global popularity launched them into superstardom.
  • James Arthur (2012, UK): James Arthur’s unique voice and heartfelt performances helped him secure victory in the ninth series of the UK’s X Factor.
  • Melanie Amaro (2011, US): Melanie Amaro won the inaugural season of the US X Factor, showcasing her powerhouse vocals and earning a recording contract.
  • Alex & Sierra (2013, US): This talented duo won the third season of the US X Factor with their harmonious performances and musical chemistry.
  • Marlisa Punzalan (2014, Australia): Marlisa Punzalan triumphed in the sixth season of the Australian X Factor, showcasing her impressive vocal range.
  • Dalton Harris (2018, UK): Originally from Jamaica, Dalton Harris won the fifteenth series of the UK’s X Factor, impressing the judges and audience with his soulful voice.
  • Dami Im (2013, Australia): Dami Im, the winner of the fifth season of the Australian X Factor, wowed audiences with her exceptional vocal abilities and diverse performances.

X Factor Winning Judge

Betting on the winning judge in X Factor involves predicting which mentor’s contestant will emerge as the ultimate winner of the competition. This type of bet adds an intriguing layer to the show, focusing on the mentors’ ability to guide and nurture talent. It’s popular because it brings another dimension to the viewer experience by emphasizing the mentor’s role in shaping the contestants’ journey.

The X Factor Betting Next Elimination

Betting on the subsequent elimination involves predicting which contestant will be eliminated from the competition next. This type of bet adds suspense to the show as viewers speculate on who will be sent home. It’s popular because it engages audiences in the week-to-week progression of the competition.

The X Factor Betting Winning Gender

Betting on the winning gender involves predicting whether the winner of the X Factor competition will be male or female. This type of bet adds a layer of intrigue by focusing on the demographics of the winner. It’s popular because it allows viewers to align with their preferences and opinions on who will triumph.

Betting on the X Factor Finalists

Betting on the X Factor finalists involves selecting the contestants you believe will make it to the final stages of the competition.

This type of bet engages viewers in predicting who will excel and capture the audience’s hearts. It’s popular because it allows bettors to closely follow their favorite contestants’ journeys.

Bet of the Day

An X Factor Bet of the Day is a specially curated daily betting recommendation that provides a straightforward and hassle-free way to engage with the show’s betting markets. It’s designed to offer bettors a single, well-researched betting option that stands out as a promising choice for the day.


This type of bet is easy to use, making it an excellent choice for newcomers and experienced bettors who want a convenient and potentially rewarding betting experience.

How to Bet on the X Factor

To bet on the X Factor is an exciting way to engage with the show and win money based on your predictions. Here’s a short step-by-step guide to get you started:

  • Choose a reputable betting site
  • Create an account
  • Navigate to X Factor markets
  • Research and analyze
  • Place your bets
  • Monitor the competition
  • Manage your bankroll
  • Cash-out or hold

X Factor Live Betting

X Factor live betting, also known as in-play betting, offers an electrifying way to experience the show as it unfolds. This form of betting allows you to place wagers while the X Factor competition is ongoing, responding to the performances, judges’ comments, and audience reactions in real time. The popularity of live betting stems from its dynamic and interactive nature, bringing a host of unique advantages:

  • Real-time engagement
  • Adaptable strategies
  • Enhanced entertainment

X Factor Betting Tips & Predictions

Tips Explanation
Who Will Have the Most Appeal to the General Public? This advice emphasizes the importance of considering which contestants resonate most with the broader audience. A public appeal can significantly influence voting patterns and ultimately determine the competition’s outcome. To use this advice effectively, analyze the contestants’ performances, charisma, relatability, and the types of songs they perform. Recognize that those who connect well with a wide demographic are often favored, as they can amass a solid fan base and secure votes across various age groups.
Why It’s Useful Understanding public appeal helps you predict which contestants might capture viewers’ hearts, giving you insights into potential frontrunners. By aligning your bets with popular sentiment, you increase your chances of making accurate predictions and enjoying successful outcomes.
Avoid Betting on Over 25s and Groups This advice suggests being cautious when betting on contestants who fall into the “Over 25s” category or those competing as groups. Historically, these categories have faced challenges in winning the competition due to preferences for younger solo artists. While exceptions exist, such as Leona Lewis or Little Mix, assessing the public’s historical preferences is prudent before placing bets in these categories.
Don’t Write Off the Early Favorites This advice advises against dismissing contestants who emerge as early favorites. While betting on underdogs can be exciting, established frontrunners often maintain momentum throughout the competition. Rather than prematurely discarding popular contenders, consider their continued potential based on their talent, performances, and audience reception.

The X Factor Betting Rules & Strategies

The X Factor betting strategies encompass a range of approaches bettors adopt to maximize their chances of success while engaging with the competition. These strategies are designed to provide structure, analysis, and informed decision-making, making them indispensable tools for novice and experienced bettors.

Why the X Factor Betting Strategies are Helpful

  • Guided decision-making
  • Risk management
  • Optimized opportunities

Types of Bets You Can Place on the X Factor

X Factor offers various betting markets that cater to different preferences and strategies. Here are some popular types of bets:

  • Winner betting: Predicting the overall winner of the competition. It is a straightforward bet on the contestant you believe will emerge as the champion.
  • Subsequent elimination: Betting on which contestant will be eliminated next. This market involves considering performances, feedback, and public sentiment.
  • Top Male/Female/Group: Betting on the top-performing contestant in specific categories. It allows you to focus on particular demographics.
  • Judges’ decisions: Predict judges’ decisions, such as who they will save in a sing-off. This bet involves understanding judges’ preferences and past decisions.
  • Gender of the winner: Betting on whether the winner will be male or female. It adds an extra layer of prediction to your bets.
  • To reach the final: Betting on whether a specific contestant will make it to the final stages of the competition.

Using reliable payment methods is crucial when betting on the best X Factor bookies. Here are some popular payment options and why they’re favored:

  • Credit/Debit Cards.
  • E-wallets (e.g., PayPal, Neteller).
  • Bank Transfers
  • Prepaid Cards

The X Factor Betting Worldwide

The X Factor is a widely recognized franchise broadcasted in numerous countries across the globe, captivating audiences with its talented contestants and thrilling performances. The show’s format has been adapted to suit various cultures and languages, making it a global entertainment phenomenon.

The X Factor franchise has gained popularity in numerous countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, and more.

The X Factor UK Betting

The X Factor UK has produced iconic contestants and winners who have left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Some of the most popular contestants and winners include:

  • Leona Lewis: Winner of the third series, her powerful voice propelled her to international stardom.
  • One Direction: Although not the winners, this boy band formed on the show achieved remarkable success.
  • James Arthur: Winner of the ninth series, his unique voice and emotional performances captivated audiences.

The X Factor UK bets franchise has concluded, leaving a legacy of exceptional talent and unforgettable moments.

The X Factor Malta Betting

The X Factor Malta offers another exciting avenue for betting. While the franchise is not currently airing in the country, it is slated to return in the future. Betting on the X Factor Malta involves similar principles to other versions of the show.

Betting on the X Factor Malta entails predicting the winner, top performers, or other outcomes related to the competition. It follows a format akin to other X Factor editions, with contestants showcasing their talents in hopes of winning the audience’s favor.

The X Factor Malta has introduced noteworthy contestants and winners, including:

  • Michela Pace: Winner of the inaugural season, she showcased her powerful vocals and stage presence.
  • Destiny Chukunyere: Known for her soulful voice, she won the second season and garnered widespread acclaim.

As the X Factor Malta plans its return, fans can anticipate the revival of the franchise’s excitement and entertainment value.

Top X-Factor Betting Apps

Betting apps have redefined how we interact with events like the X Factor, offering unparalleled convenience and immediate access to a world of betting possibilities. Here are some of the most popular betting apps tailored for the X Factor betting:

Up to 180% bonus on 1st deposit
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Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
T&Cs Apply

These betting apps are favored due to their user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive market offerings, and real-time updates. They allow bettors to conveniently place wagers, even on the go, enhancing the overall X Factor betting experience.

How to Download Betting Apps

To acquire these apps, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Visit the relevant app store on your device (App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android).
  • Search for the desired app (e.g., “Bet365”).
  • Tap “Download” or “Install” to obtain the app on your device.
  • Once installed, open the app, create an account if required, and start engaging in X Factor betting.

The Format and Rules of the X Factor

The X Factor follows a format involving aspiring singers competing through auditions, performances, and eliminations. Contestants are categorized (Boys, Girls, Groups, Over 25s) and mentored by judges. The competition unfolds across stages like auditions, boot camps, judges’ houses, live shows, and finals.

Key rules include:

  • Contestants perform solo or in groups.
  • Judges offer feedback post-performances.
  • Judges and audience votes decide eliminations.
  • Low-vote contestants may face sing-offs, with judges determining who advances.
  • The public votes for their favorite contestants.
  • The winner earns a recording contract or other rewards.

Familiar Faces

The X Factor has served as a platform for numerous aspiring talents who later became household names or achieved significant success. Here are some familiar faces who participated in the event or gained fame afterward:

  • One Direction (X Factor UK, Series 7): Although they didn’t win, this boy band’s formation on the show led to global superstardom.
  • Leona Lewis (X Factor UK, Series 3): Winner of her season, Leona’s powerful vocals launched her into an international singing career.
  • Little Mix (X Factor UK, Series 8): Formed on the show, this girl group’s harmonious blend of voices has garnered immense popularity.
  • James Arthur (X Factor UK, Series 9): Winner of his season, James’s distinctive voice and music style have solidified his place in the industry.
  • Olly Murs (X Factor UK, Series 6): Runner-up in his season, Olly’s charm and talent translated into a successful solo career.
  • Fifth Harmony (The X Factor USA, Season 2): Though they didn’t win, this girl group’s journey on the show propelled them to international fame.

Strange Acts and Memorable Performances

The X Factor has also witnessed a range of unique and unconventional performances that left a lasting impact:

  • Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho (The X Factor UK, Series 7): Known for his quirky style, Wagner’s performances were entertaining and unusual.
  • Honey G (The X Factor UK, Series 13): With her rap performances and signature style, Honey G brought an unexpected twist to the competition.
  • Rylan Clark-Neal (The X Factor UK, Series 9): Rylan’s entertaining journey included memorable performances and humor.
  • Stevi Ritchie (The X Factor UK, Series 11): Stevi’s energetic and sometimes unconventional performances added a lively touch.
  • Jedward (The X Factor UK, Series 6): The energetic and eccentric twin duo stood out with their enthusiastic routines.
  • Chicken Rumor (The X Factor UK, Series 15): A humorous and bizarre act that involved people dressed as chickens, creating an unforgettable moment.

The X Factor Overview

Discover the X Factor betting tips excitement, a global phenomenon combining talent, competition, and entertainment. From seasoned favorites to unexpected twists, this article delves into X Factor betting, offering insights, strategies, and a captivating overview of the show’s legacy.

  • Favorites to watch: Watch standout contestants who have captured the audience’s hearts. Previous fan favorites include Leona Lewis, One Direction, and James Arthur.
  • Championing winners: Celebrate the journey of past winners who transformed their X Factor victories into successful careers. Notable champions include Leona Lewis, Little Mix, and James Arthur.
  • Global showcase: Explore the international reach of the X Factor, with countries like the UK, USA, Australia, and more hosting their versions of the competition.
  • Top betting platforms: Engage in the X Factor betting with reputable X Factor bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Paddy Power, offering competitive odds and user-friendly interfaces.
  • A global fan base: Experience the X Factor’s influence that spans cultures, languages, and borders, drawing in millions of fans who eagerly follow and bet on the X Factor Winner.
  • The X Factor has given rise to megastars like One Direction, whose journey began on the show.
  • Betting on early favorites can yield impressive returns, as past frontrunners often maintain their momentum.
  • Live betting during the X Factor episodes allows you to react to real-time performances and audience reactions.
  • Assessing public appeal and avoiding specific categories can enhance your betting prowess. Also, discover our special bet predictions.

Bottom Line

Embark on a journey that merges your passion for music and entertainment with the thrill of betting. The X Factor betting isn’t just about predicting winners; it’s about immersing yourself in the show’s twists, turns, and electrifying performances. From seasoned frontrunners to emerging talents, every episode brings new opportunities to engage, strategize, and potentially win big.

To get started, visit the best website for the X Factor betting and make your entertainment journey even more exhilarating.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you bet on the X factor?
    Yes, you can bet on the X Factor. Betting on the X Factor involves predicting various outcomes related to the competition, such as the winner, subsequent elimination, top performers, and more. Many reputable online bookmakers offer the X Factor betting markets, allowing you to engage with the show’s excitement and win based on your predictions.
  • What are the betting odds on the X Factor?
    Betting odds on the X Factor represent the likelihood of a particular outcome. They can be expressed as fractions, decimals, or money lines. Higher odds suggest a less likely outcome, while lower odds indicate higher chances of an event happening.
  • Where can you bet on the X Factor?
    You can bet on the X Factor through reputable online bookmakers. These bookmakers offer various X Factor betting markets, competitive odds, and user-friendly platforms for an engaging betting experience.
  • When do the X-Factor betting markets become available?
    X-Factor betting markets typically become available closer to the start of the show’s new season. As the contestants showcase their talents, bookmakers release markets for various outcomes, such as the winner, subsequent elimination, and more.
  • What is the best X-Factor betting market to wager on?
    The “Winner” market is one of the most popular X-Factor betting options. It involves predicting the overall winner of the competition. However, other markets like “Next Elimination” and “Top Male/Female/Group” offer intriguing opportunities.
  • Can I get free bets on betting sites for the X-Factor?
    Yes, many betting sites offer promotions that include free bets, especially for new users. These free bets can often be used on X Factor and other events, enhancing your betting experience.
  • Is online betting on the X-Factor legal?
    Online betting on The X Factor is legal in many countries, but checking local laws and regulations is essential. Choose licensed and reputable bookmakers to ensure a safe and legal betting experience.
  • How do betting sites decide who is favorite?
    Betting sites determine favorites based on contestants’ performances, public sentiment, historical data, judges’ comments, and the overall impact of their stage presence.
  • Do I have to watch the X-Factor to wager on it?
    While watching The X-Factor can provide insights into contestants’ performances and personalities, placing bets is unnecessary. Information about contestants, odds, and trends is often available on betting sites, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Are there any bonuses for betting on the X Factor?
    Many betting sites offer bonuses and promotions tailored explicitly to X Factor betting. These can include enhanced odds, free bets, or special offers tied to the show’s events and outcomes. Be sure to check the promotions section on your chosen bookmaker’s website.
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