Best Sports Betting Sites in Australia

Top 3 Bookies in Australia

50% up to $1000

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Deposit €10 get up to €30
This guide to the best betting sites in Australia will tell you all you need to know about the top Aus. bookies. We have ranked and reviewed the betting sites that genuinely make a difference. If you’re new to online sports betting and you don’t know where to start, you’re at the right place.

Full List of Australian Bookmakers

Aussie players love to bet online. That’s not a secret. Online betting is legal in the land down under thanks to the thousands of sports fans that love nothing more than a weekend punt. If you’re from Australia and want to bet at the best Australian betting sites, you’ve come to the right place.

50% up to $1000
100% up to $500
Deposit €10 get up to €30
Up to £100 in free bets
Bet £5 Get £30
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50% up to $500
50% up to €100

Our expert team has identified the top bookies online for Aussies and made a detailed list. You should only make your pick from it to enjoy the best possible experience. The betting sites below are fully licensed and registered and offer top deals on all sports types, including AFL odds, horse racing, and cricket.

Best Betting Bonuses & Offers for Australian Bettors

Our top Australian bookies have the biggest deals in the business. When you bet online, you can be sure that you’ll earn plenty of excellent deals. The top Aussie bookies have plenty of bargains to claim that will allow you to place more bets and enjoy a better overall experience.

50% up to $1000
100% up to $500
Deposit €10 get up to €30
Up to £100 in free bets

The list of bonuses and promotions starts with the welcome offer. In most cases, new punters will earn a free bet to start with, usually of the ‘Bet 10 Get 20/30’ type. It means that you will get an offer double or triple that amount when you register, make your first deposit, and bet the same amount.

Other types of welcome offers are also available. Every betting website will do everything it can to lure new customers in and keep them betting. The odds are undoubtedly important, for that matter, but punters love getting bonuses that can boost their credit instantly.

Besides the free welcome bets, there are plenty of other promotions to earn. From deposit bonuses to sport-specific deals and even tournaments, you stand to gain plenty of extra cash by getting the best betting offers in Australia.

Before you get your hands on any offer, keep in mind that you need to read the terms carefully first. You don’t want to miss requirements that will result in forfeited bonus funds and leave you empty-handed.

Free Bets for Australian Customers

As mentioned, most of the sites on our best Australian bookmakers list offer free bets for new customers. That’s no surprise. Aussie bettors love free bets no matter how big or small they might be. And why wouldn’t they? Free wagers are a significant boost to your starting bankroll and a great way to start your online betting journey.

Welcome free bets can only be claimed after registration and upon your first deposit and stake. Further free bets have different terms. They might be given to loyal customers or upon other deposits. Make sure to read the terms and requirements carefully to learn these terms and additional stuff such as wagering, which needs to be completed on time so you can claim eventual winnings.

Free bets are among the top betting promotions in Australia and the most popular ones. Claim yours from the bookies on our list, and you’ll double your initial bankroll (or better) before you start betting.

Bet of the Day for Australia

As mentioned, sports betting is prevalent in the Land Down Under. Aussies love to place bets online, whether it’s on the AFL, cricket, horse racing, basketball, or the king itself, football. Football is unsurprisingly at the top of the list of favourite sports for betting in Australia. Our list of Australian online bookmakers offers top odds on the most prominent football leagues from around the world and the AFL as well.


Read any Aussie bookie reviews, and you’ll see that cricket is highly popular as well. The national cricket team’s successes have led to an explosion of the sport’s popularity, especially among the youth. Horse racing is also popular due to the several great horse races held on Australian soil, especially the Melbourne Cup.

The biggest Australian sports betting companies will also offer excellent odds on MMA/UFC, motorsports, and Esports. The latter is quite a famous betting market online these days thanks to the massive number of competitions, events, and tournaments on popular video games such as CSGO, WoW, DOTA 2, Fortnite, and others.

Additionally, Aussie bookmakers will also offer great odds on non-sporting events. Political events worldwide might not sound too exciting to you until you take a look at the odds. They might not be as popular as football, but these events and TV/music award shows often come with odds of great value.

Bet on Sport

While betting on politics is fun, sports betting remains the king in Australia. As mentioned, Aussies are crazy about football and cricket and place bets on markets with great value. These may include horse racing, Australian football, and Esports too.

The best bookies in Australia will offer all of these sports and maybe even more. Take a look at each review on our list, and you’ll find a bookie that suits your wants and needs.

Horse Racing Betting Sites in Australia

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in Australia. Going to the races on weekends is a tradition for Aussies, and so is betting on them. Times have changed in the past few decades. However, Aussie punters can enjoy races via live streaming while betting on every second of the action.

Pre-match and in-play bets are prevalent on horse races such as the Melbourne Cup. With so many wagers to pick from, including exotic ones such as the trifecta, it’s no wonder why horse race betting is so prominent in Australia.

You can bet on horse racing at the new Australian betting sites we listed at the top of this article and enjoy a safe and secure experience.

Australian Rules Football

Officially known as Australian football, Aussie rules is a unique sport that can only be found in the Land Down Under. It is played between two teams with 18 players on an oval field that resembles a cricket ground. The AFL governs Aussie football, and as you can guess, it is trendy among punters.

While foreign bookies might not offer it, the top online bookmakers in Australia certainly do. Choose a betting site from our list, and you’ll get the best odds on the sport and, of course, a slew of tips and tricks to improve your chances.

Bet on Competitions

Aussies love to bet on domestic sports competitions, including the AFL and Twenty20 cricket events. Cricket bets are available on the Big Bash League, the Cricket World Cup, and the ICC World Twenty20.

We already mentioned that the Australian Football League is among the most popular competitions to bet on. The A-League is quite popular in recent years, thanks to the emergence of young soccer stars and the league’s overall higher quality.

The Melbourne Cup, NBA, Super Bowl, and other competitions such as the soccer World Cup are also famous for betting on and giving Aussie punters plenty of choices to spend their money on.

Bet on Tournaments

Aussies love betting on tournaments, too, since their elimination rounds are exciting and offer great action. Competitions such as leagues go round by game, but the round-robin nature of matches provides a more thrilling experience.

The best betting sites in Australia we have on our list feature the top local and global tournaments in different sports such as tennis and cricket with great odds in tow.

Bet on Teams

Betting on teams means placing bets on a match or matches at Aussie bookies. Pre-match bets are a great chance to bet on your favourite teams, and the good news is that there are a large number of markets for each.

Team betting is at the core of every online betting website in the Land Down Under. If you have a favourite, you can easily track its schedule right from the site and use Aussie free bets to wager without breaking the bank.

Bet on Players

Betting on teams is surely exciting, but not more thrilling than betting on players. These days, individual bets are pretty popular, especially on the biggest stars in Aussie football, cricket, and the NBA.

You can place bets on how many points a player scores and their overall performance. There are plenty of fun stakes to put, and many of them offer great value in return. Make sure to check out sports betting tips Australia at our recommended sites for a bit of guidance on individual bets. We’re sure these tips will help you make the right predictions.

New Betting Sites in Australia

The online betting market in Australia is booming, so new betting sites are popping up fast. It can be hard to choose the right one since not all of them are of equal quality. Thanks to the heavy competition, Aussie punters can enjoy a great range of bookmakers with an excellent choice of sports markets, and of course, great odds.

All you need to do is find the right one, and our table below can help you do that.

How to Choose the Best Bookmakers in Australia

Choosing the best betting sites in Australia is not a simple task. As mentioned, not all online bookies in the Land Down Under are of excellent quality. There are still too many unlicensed sites that shouldn’t be trusted. We don’t feature such sites on our page, but it’s good to know that scams are out there.

  • To choose a great new Aussie bookie, you’ll have to take a look at the license first. If the bookie doesn’t possess a UK Gambling Commission or MGA license, it may not be safe to join.
  • The safety and security measures implemented should also be checked. A good bookmaker will have SSL encryption that will safely store the data you enter.
  • Of course, when choosing a new bookmaker online in Australia, you’ll need to take a look at the markets and odds. If there are too few markets and the odds are not great compared to other bookies, you better bring your money elsewhere.

Other factors should also be taken into consideration; it’s hard work, to be honest, so why not let the pros handle it?

We have compiled a list of the top-rated Aussie bookies you can join in a flash and enjoy a safe and secure betting experience. Make your pick from the list above, and you’ll get the best odds and the top betting bonuses in Australia as well.

Which Australian Bookmaker Has the Best Odds?

More prominent websites tend to have better odds, and it’s the same case with Australian bookmakers. The best odds we’ve seen on the market can be found at Ladbrokes Australia and Bet365. Both are considered among the top bookies globally, so it’s no wonder that their margins are better than the rest.

If you want even better margins, you’ll have to choose a betting exchange such as Betfair. You’ll be missing out on free bets and other promotions, but at least you’ll get much better odds.

Payment Methods at Australian Betting Sites

To start betting online, you’ll need to fund your account first. This can be done with various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and sometimes even Bitcoin. For your convenience, most bookmakers suggest using e-wallets. They’re fast, and there are plenty of options to pick from, making them an excellent choice.

You can compare what each e-wallet offers at the sportsbook from the Cashier/Payments page. Deposits are usually instant and fee-free, while withdrawals can take more time.

Keep in mind that you might not be able to claim the best free bets in Australia with some e-wallets. In that case, you will need to use another option, such as a credit or debit card.

Best Mobile Betting Sites & Apps in Australia

Everyone wants to bet on the go, and the top Aussie bookies have great mobile apps. Thanks to these, you can place bets on the go without a lot of hassle. Of course, you’ll need to download and install the third-party apps on your mobile devices, but in 2022, that’s a breeze.

50% up to $1000
100% up to $500
Deposit €10 get up to €30
Up to £100 in free bets

The best betting apps in Australia will have an intuitive interface, live betting, pre-match bets, and all other features you can find on desktop sites. Keep an eye on the promos. Some bookies like to promote their mobile apps by offering a no deposit bonus or another type of freebie that will lure you in to use it.

If we had to recommend a top Australian betting app, it’ll undoubtedly be Bet365. It’s available on all Android and iOS devices and quite easy to navigate and use.

Australian Live Betting & Streaming

Aussies love betting on live matches just like everyone else. Live betting and streaming are available at the top bookmakers such as Bet365 and Ladbrokes, among others.

It’s a completely different thrill than pre-match betting. Watching the match via live streaming is even better, allowing you to adjust your bets on the fly and hopefully win bigger and better sums of cash.

Live betting in Australia is a concept punters love. If you’ve never tried it, now’s the time.

Under the Interactive Gambling Act, sports betting, lotteries, and racing are the only three allowed gambling forms in Australia. Unregulated online forms of gambling are strictly prohibited, but licensed offshore sites are perfectly safe.

Local Australian Bookmakers vs. Online Betting Sites

The fight between local land-based shops and Aussie betting sites never ends. They’re all trying to snatch more customers than their clients, and so far, online bookies are winning.

Land-based shops are pretty hard to run and maintain from a financial perspective. While running a betting site isn’t cheap either, it cuts a lot of corners. Thanks to that, online bookmakers can offer better odds and, of course, a much better choice of markets.

Plus, they’re the future of betting, so why would you pick something dated?

How to Win at Betting in Australia

To win at betting in Australia, you’ll have to do your homework. That means following the sports you want to bet on and the form of the teams as well. If you’re going to be successful at sports betting, you’ll have to apply a betting strategy too.

Better yet, follow expert tips and predictions to get the latest info on everything happening in the sports industry. It might look overwhelming in the beginning, but it’ll help make you a better punter.

Australian Betting Tips & Predictions

Reading expert tips and predictions is not cheating – it will help make you a better punter. The betting sites featured on our list offer expert tips and predictions you can use to learn more information about different sports and help you make more educated bets and predictions.

The tips and predictions will cover everything from players and teams to other important information that can help you make better betting predictions. It will almost surely show you the best Aussie betting odds online, too, allowing you to play at top odds.

Matched Betting in Australia

Have you ever heard of matched betting? It’s a viral method to convert free bets to real money at Australian bookmakers. Place multiple bets with your free bets to cover all the possible outcomes, and you’ll have plenty of chances to earn a nice sum in return.

Matched betting in Australia is pretty popular since it allows punters to profit without caring who won the event. Try it yourself, and we guarantee that you’ll love it.

Australia Overview

Some interesting facts about sports betting in Australia:

  • Canberra is the capital of Australia. The country’s biggest cities include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. The biggest states include Western Australia and Queensland;
  • The official language in Australia is English. The other most commonly spoken languages are Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, and Vietnamese;
  • Australia’s main currency is the Australian dollar. The other popular currencies include the American dollar and British pound;
  • Aussies love using e-wallets to bet online. The most popular payment methods include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, as well as credit and debit cards;
  • The most popular legal online bookies in the Land Down Under include Ladbrokes, Bet365, and Betfair;
  • Aussies love to bet on Australian rules football, soccer, tennis, and cricket;
  • The most popular competitions to bet on are the Big Bash League, soccer World Cup, AFL, the NBA;
  • Australia’s national football team, the rugby union team, cricket team, Melbourne Victory, and Sydney FC are among the most popular squads in the country;
  • The most popular Aussie athletes include basketball player Ben Simmons, tennis player Nick Kyrgios, Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo, and golfer Jason Day, among many others.

Bottom Line

If you’re an Aussie looking for the best sports betting sites, you’re at the right place. There’s a whole network of bookmakers we have ranked and reviewed that you can use to make money. The best betting sites in Australia we have listed allow you to enjoy a great online betting experience in a safe and secure betting environment.

You’ll earn plenty of extra cash when you join these sites and bet on even more sports than you would have imagined. We have the top 10 Australian bookies for your convenience you should join to enjoy the full betting experience online.

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