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The English Premier League is a significant competition in England, and it’s also essential in other regions of the world. Outside the United Kingdom, most people stream the event and call it the EPL. The event consists of 20 clubs, and they operate on the promotion and relegation of squads.

This article reviews essential facts about wagering on the English Premier League season and how to make the best decision on the football competition. Here are some other crucial aspects you’ll learn in this write-up:

  • Best English Premier League betting sites.
  • Available offers and promotions on the competition.
  • Helpful information about the Premier League specials.
  • Popular bets on the competition.
  • Steps to wagering on the Premier League with a football bookmaker.
  • A detailed overview of the competition.

Best EPL Betting Sites

There are various Premier League betting sites available for bettors in and outside England. Ensure you pick a reputable site based on their unique offerings for both new and existing players. You can know how legitimate a betting website is by reviewing the license and registration of the platform.

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For the Premiership, ensure that you look out for sites with a long record of market success in football wagering to avoid losing funds. You should also consider reading through the platform’s terms and conditions before choosing to bet on the Premier League.

Some reputable Prem League bookies provide odds and match predictions to create a better chance of winning. If you have a good or general knowledge of soccer wagering, you can compare your predictions to make a perfect choice.

Common examples of reputable sportsbooks for wagering on the competition this weekend include Sky Bet, BetOnline, MyBookie, Betfair, BetNow, and Bovada.

Offers & Promotions

Offers and promotions are rewards that sportsbooks give to new and experienced players on their site. Depending on the bookie, some deals are better than others. Note that they come with requirements to encourage more wagering on the competition.

50% up to $250
50% up to $1000
100% up to $500

Some Barclays Premier League betting sites use promo codes for punters to claim the available bonus, especially the welcome offer for new bettors. Existing punters can enjoy the ongoing promotions on the sportsbooks and the VIP promotion, which has several benefits.

You can take advantage of the Premier League’s ongoing promotions on any website by subscribing to their email updates. The VIP promotion uses player reward points, unlike the common free bet offers. Once the points reach a certain level, you will qualify for the VIP scheme as an existing and loyal player.

In the Premier League’s VIP scheme, punters can have a personal account manager, direct contact with the platform’s support team, and faster payouts. Note that this is usually by invitation. Apart from the conventional welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, and VIP schemes, punters also benefit from no deposit bonuses and Premier League free bets.

Premier League Odds

Before using the English Premier League odds, you need to understand how to read them. Most betting sites have unique ways of displaying football odds, including fractional, decimal, or American.

Bookies usually display the latest Premier League odds in the American or fractional style. In the American technique of displaying odds, the sportsbook uses a positive (+) sign (signifying the underdog) or negative (-) symbol, which means favorite. If a team like Liverpool, ManUtd, or Everton has odds of +2500, it means you can win that amount per $100 stake.

Sportsbooks display the fractional odds in the form of a ratio, indicating the profit rate to stake in the competition. Fractional odds of 7/2 for a team like Chelsea, Tottenham, or Leicester City means you have to bet 2 to win 7.

Like the World Cup bookie, note that wagering platforms get odds by analyzing previous match starts, player form, team form, and other significant factors.

Premier League Specials

The Premier League specials provide a significant opportunity for winning wagers on the competition. Both new and experienced players may refer to the EPL betting sites as a better technique to earn more. The specials are different from the conventional methods of placing wagers on the Premier League, making them quite common.

You need to understand significant aspects of online betting on Premier League before successfully placing these types of bets. It’s essential to use specials if you’re looking for a significant opportunity to earn from the competition by exploring the various possibilities.

Significant examples of 2022 Premier League specials include wagers on competition winners, final table, top-four finish, relegation squads, teams, best player, and the manager. For a better understanding of the specials in the Premier League, here’s more information.


Wagering on the Premier League winner odds is straightforward and fundamental. New players may find it a tasking because it involves picking from 20 different teams. Experienced punters may find it essential because of their veteran technique of analyzing match stats and other critical aspects in the competition.

Bet on the Premier League winner may be difficult for amateur punters; they can use specific tips to a better opportunity. You can also compare odds from different bookies and participate in wagers’ hedging for a safer and better result.

Teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool are commonly known to be significant competitors and favorites in the League. When checking for the winner odds, ensure that you use a reputable betting site to avoid making avoidable mistakes in your wagers.

Final Table

The Premier League final table is easy to know if you study the gameplay and different matches. Like wagering on the winner of the League, it can be challenging to know the final table. So, as a new punter, this may require you to use helpful tips and predictions. If you’re an experienced punter, you can compare odds or use the available tips.

Betting on the final table in the League is common because it provides a large payout for an equivalent degree of risk. When punters place their bets on this special appropriately, it’s easy to have massive cashouts.  Note that both amateur and veteran bettors can take full advantage of this specific special.

You can bet on the Premier League’s final table using any of the reputable sites for football wagering. Ensure that the website is licensed and regulated by a known commission.

Top 4 Finish

Like the name sounds, the Top 4 Finish deals with wagering on 4 different teams’ possibility to be among the top 4 on the Premier League table after the competition. There are 20 other teams for the League, and they all have different capabilities and odds. Hence, picking the top 4 teams to finish may require a significant level of analysis.

New players can take advantage of the Premier League Top 4 odds special because it offers a large payout on every amount. It’s essential to avoid mistakes as an amateur bettor by using expert picks, where necessary. A correct prediction of the Top 4 Finish on the table gives a chance to win big.

Wagering on the Top 4 Finish is common because it’s an easy method of succeeding in your wagers. It also provides a chance to explore different possibilities, making it an exciting special. You can bet on this opportunity by picking any of the reputable bookies in the League.


You can refer to the relegation as the opposite of the top 4 finishers of the League. In the Premier League, the relegation teams are the squads that finish at the competition’s bottom. Generally, in football, the worst-ranked crews in a particular match are always relegated to lower divisions for the next football season. Note that that method also applies to the Premier League.

If a team is relegated in the Premier League, they compete in the English Football League Championship. Wagering on the Premier League relegation odds is interesting because you can figure out the teams to enter relegation by studying their gameplays and observing match records. You can bet on this special by using any of the reputable sportsbooks for soccer.


Twenty teams compete to win the Premier League title. Each of these teams may be tagged underdogs or favorites. You can decide to place wagers on the possibility of a particular squad like Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal winning a specific match in the competition.

Depending on the opponents in a particular match in the Premier League, squads like Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, and Manchester City FC are commonly regarded as favorites. Check the Premier League betting lines for match updates on any trusted bookmaker for wagering on the Premier League teams.

Best Player (Top Goal Scorer)

Top soccer fans can easily predict the best player or Premier League top scorer odds in a certain competition like the Premier League. Depending on your level of experience in the League, the best player or individual to score the contest’s highest goals may be straightforward to pick. Most new punters also find this special easy because it involves little analysis. Players with the highest number of goals typically get the Golden Boot.

Placing wagers on the EPL’s best player is sometimes synonymous with the Premier League title odds in the tournament. This special is common because it’s straightforward for both experienced and amateur punters. You can bet on the best player or top goal scorer by using a trusted sportsbook.


Different teams have their unique managers in the Premier League. Some of them have an excellent record of success in the competition, while others are average in team performance. If there’s a vacancy in a specific team for a manager, you can place a bet on that special. You can also wager on the next Premier League manager to be sacked odds in the competition.

What makes this special interesting is the uniqueness that it conveys in football. It’s different from placing bets on matches, as most individuals understand. Like most conventional specials, you can bet on the manager by using any reputable sportsbook. Familiar Premier League managers include Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel, Pep Guardiola, and Ole Gunnar Solskjær of Manchester United.

There are various bet types available for wagering on the Premier League. Before using any of them, ensure that you analyze the English Premier League betting odds to know the best one to use.

In the League, the bet type you choose depends on your level of experience in placing wagers. All of the available bet types are straightforward and easy to learn, but you should pick what you comprehend for the best results in your stake, even if you want to employ Fantasy football wagering.

Here are some of the standard and most significant bet types you should understand.


The Moneyline bets are very easy and straightforward, and they may appeal to most new bettors in the Premier League. It means you’re wagering on a specific team like Arsenal, Everton, or Man Utd to win a game in the competition. Note that the Moneyline could also involve wagering on a particular player to win.

If you successfully pick the winning squad, you’ll get the appropriate winnings from the bookmaker. What makes the Moneyline bet suitable is that it doesn’t involve any kind of point spreads. The Moneyline’s favorite team is listed with a negative (-) sign, while the underdog is given a positive (+) symbol.

One of the significant advantages of this bet type is that you can use it easily as a new punter. If you’re a new or expert sports bettor, you should consider using this bet type for a higher probability of winning your wager.


One of the most typical bet types in the Premier League is the total. It’s also known as the over/under bet. In this bet type, you’re wagering based on the possibility of the run total, combined goal, or total points of a game between 2 Premier League teams that will fall below or above the value that the oddsmaker sets.

In Premier League betting, the oddsmaker is responsible for creating odds values of different games in the Premier League. When placing the over/under wager, you don’t need to contact these experts for odds on the competition matches directly. EPL bookmakers get the odds from these oddsmakers and update the values to place their total wagers.

You don’t need to be biased when placing the over/under wagers, making it a very suitable bet type. Hence, you are neither supporting the favorites or the underdogs on the betting lines. An essential thing in the total is the overall points scored by both clubs in the event.

Point Spread

Point spreads are essential and popular bet types in sports wagering, especially for bettors in Premier League. Most punters in various wagering sites for the competition use the point spreads. The point spreads are common, but you need to understand how it works as an amateur punter.

In soccer wagering, you can call point spreads handicap betting. It means that an EPL team should win by a particular number of marks, or they must not lose by a specific number of points. In most cases, the point spread is used to even the Premier League outright odds between 2 unevenly matched teams in the competition.

One of the significant advantages of using point spreads in the Premier League is that the odds become balanced. Hence, soccer bettors typically need to stake $1.10 to win $1.00. This type of wager is more suitable for recreational Premier League punters.


Proposition bets are very different from other conventional wagers in the Premier League. Most prop bets are on a specific player or event in the English Premier League. Thanks to the tremendous flexibility you can maximize, this bet type is very suitable for amateur and veteran punters.

Ensure that you carefully review the odds before placing a prop bet. If you are confused about the appropriate step to take, you may also make good use of the Premier League betting tips and predictions for the most reasonable outcome. The prop bets take an excellent knowledge of Premier League team players, matchups, and game plans.


Wagering based on the futures is a common type of wager. Like the name sounds, it involves placing a bet on events that may occur in the Premier League’s future. You can place a future bet on different EPL teams, depending on your analysis as a predictor. For instance, you may place a future bet on a team like Everton, Arsenal, or Wolves to get eliminated at a specific point in the Premier League.

Most bettors love placing wagers using the futures in soccer because it’s a single and long-lasting bet. You can have money at risk for several games in the League without researching the games. Hence, the bet type requires little time but offers a chance for a high payout.

Asian Handicap

In the Premier League, the Asian handicap wagering is a kind of betting in the competition in which the squads are handicapped based on their form. Hence, stronger teams like Liverpool and Man City must win by more goals for a bettor wagering to win.

One of the significant advantages of this kind of wagering is that your profit margins can be three times more than the typical fixed odd technique. You can win the wager as a new or experienced punter no matter the success or loss state of the team you pick.

Bet of the Day

The Premier League bet of the day is an excellent opportunity to win wagers without intense analysis or use of strategies. It involves a particular bet from the day’s fixtures, making it essential to maximize when placing wagers. Experienced punters could also make good use of this type of stake.


How to Bet on Premier League

The steps on how to bet on the Premier League are fundamental and easy, depending on the bookmaker. Most platforms follow similar methods to placing bets on the competition. Ensure you pick a bookmaker with good navigation to make the process clear and easy to comprehend. Here are the typical steps to follow:

  • Create a valid account and login into the betting site.
  • Click the “SPORTS” button on the homepage of the site.
  • Pick the Premier League competition.
  • Enter the bet amount.
  • Click the button that finalizes the process.

Premier League Live Betting

Live betting is an essential feature for those who love the action in Premier League matches. When placing in-play wagers, you don’t have to make decisions before the game starts. You can also place prop bets based on the outcome of certain events in the Premier League.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to live wagering on most sites:

  • Visit the sportsbook homepage.
  • Click on the “LIVE BETTING” button.
  • Select one of the Premier League matches.
  • Choose a bet type (usually props).
  • Enter the betting amount.
  • Place the bet.

Premier League Betting Picks

Successful and experienced soccer bettors make winning betting picks for amateur punters. All you need to do is follow the requirements of the English Premier League picks for today and win big with little to no critical analysis on your part as a punter. With the Premier League picks, you have a better winning chance.

Premier League Betting Tips & Predictions

If you’re new to wagering on soccer competitions, you can get some beneficial tips and Premier League predictions. These predictions will help you make the right decisions for a higher chance of winning your wagers on the event. Ensure that you follow the tips to the letter as an expert punter for a reasonable outcome.

Premier League Betting Strategies

There are certain things bettors need to understand about wagering on the EPL for a surer result. In soccer wagering, the strategies depend on the bettor’s level of experience and work for the individual. You can engage in strategies like wagering on favorites in the Premier League, betting on corners in matches, and wagering on double chance.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a feature that you can use with the in-play betting feature to yield the most massive wins. Some sportsbooks provide this feature on their websites, while others may require you to visit a football live streaming site. Common platforms like Sky Sports, ESPN, LiveTV, and Live Soccer TV allow for streaming different matches in the Premier League competition.

Premier League Stats

Premier League stats are critical records that you should consider when placing a wager on matches or the squads. The statistics will help you make the best decisions, which makes it easier to win. If you’re experienced in betting on soccer, the stats may be essential for accurate competition analysis.

Premier League Overview

The Premier League is a crucial competition in the United Kingdom and other regions of the world. There are several possibilities to wager on in this competition, but you need to ensure that you’re taking the proper steps for survival. The Premier League bet of the day is one of the most advisable wagers to place for a surer chance of success.

Here are some essential details about the League that you should know:

  • Some of the Premier League’s top teams include Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Everton FC, Chelsea, and Manchester City.
  • Famous athletes in the Premier League are Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane, Paul Pogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, Sergio Kun Aguero, Gareth Bale, and Alexandre Lacazette.
  • Some of the top goal scorers in the competition include Mohamed Salah, Sergio Aguero, Bruno Fernandes, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Patrick Bamford, Jamie Vardy, and IIkay Gundogan.
  • The Premier League is a prevalent competition alongside others like the FA Cup, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Copa America, and Africa Cup of Nations are common in football.
  • The Premier League took place in cities like London, Liverpool, Brighton & Hove, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, and Leicester.
  •  Well-known online bookmakers for wagering on Premier League include William Hill, BetOnline, Paddy Power, BetNow, Bet365, and Bovada.
  • The English Premier League is the most-watched competition globally, and its broadcast in 212 territories to 643 million different homes.

Bottom Line

Wagering on the English Premier League champion and other probabilities is straightforward and doesn’t require any technical processes. It’s essential to take advantage of the betting specials, including the wagers on the final table, teams, best player, manager, and more.

Before betting on the competition, it’s also essential to understand the different bet types available on the bookmakers. Pick a betting site today for a great experience wagering on the Premier League using daily and weekly EPL odds.

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