The Best Tether Betting Sites

Read our guide to learn more about Tether betting sites and everything you need about online betting with Tether.

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We’ll take a closer look at how Tether online sports betting works and provide you with all the information you’ll need before you place your first bet USDT, including:
  1. Where to find the best Tether betting sites?
  2. How can you use Tether for online betting?
  3. How does USDT betting work?
  4. What are the pros and cons of Tether USDT betting?

List of the Best Tether Bookies

Tether is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, which explains why there are so many Tether online betting platforms and why even Ethereum sports betting sites accept Tether. And since Tether is a widely adopted payment method, you won’t struggle to find a bookmaker for betting with USDT – yet you need to know how to recognise a good Tether betting platform.

The most important thing you need to look for in a solid Tether crypto betting site is its reputation and whether it is legal. The best Tether betting advice we can give you to enhance your unmatched bet experiences at BetZillion is to register only with reputable, legal gambling sites with a gambling licence, as only this way can you ensure the privacy of the information and the safety of your money.

Any good Tether sportsbook should have competitive betting odds and enough wagering markets. If you want to bet with USDT and make a profit, you must bet only with bookmakers with good odds and enough betting options.

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You might want to use a crypto betting website that accepts betting with USDT. Although there are traditional, end-to-end sports betting sites that will take Tether, it’s wiser to use crypto Tether online sports betting websites.

All top USDT sports betting sites will also offer in-play betting, have live streaming options, and preferably Tether app betting. Although not as important as safety and odds quality, having these features will significantly improve your experience betting with USDT.

Remember that it’s beneficial if you register with multiple Tether betting sites so you can price shop – which will help you with value betting and finding the best betting odds.

Tether Betting Bonuses

All Tether betting sites will have bonuses and deals you can take advantage of. The most common promotion is the welcome bonus, which has become an industry standard and is nowadays available on any gambling platform.

Notably, crypto betting companies tend to have much better welcome bonuses. Besides the welcome bonus, Tether betting sites will also have other favourable offers.

200% up to 20000 USDT
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash

Some of the most common deals include reloaded bonuses, Acca boosts, odds boosts, and VIP program deals. The latter is highly valuable for active bettors, as they give you exclusive rewards from free bets to no-fee deposits, better speed of withdrawals, more significant limits, and much more. Notably, only the best Tether sports betting sites will have a VIP program, so it’s wise to pay close attention to which bookmaker you choose.

How to Use Tether for Online Betting

Using Tether for online betting is very simple and is no different from using any other cryptocurrency as a deposit method. Still, you should know a few things about betting with USDT, which we will cover a bit more in-depth in our article and provide you with our expert Tether betting advice.

The first and most important thing to know about USDT betting is that Tether is a cryptocurrency, meaning it can only be used on crypto betting websites. Although there are traditional sportsbooks which will accept your Tether deposits, you should preferably be using crypto bookmakers.

What Is Tether?

Tether (or USDT) is a cryptocurrency, but unlike most other cryptocurrencies, Tether is a stablecoin. It means that it’s tied to a real-world asset, in this case, to the US Dollar, so its value will only change as much as the value of the US Dollar moves.

You won’t struggle to find a USDT betting site if you start betting with Tether, which has many advantages. The most significant 2 are the high deposit, withdrawal limits, and rapid payouts Tether betting sites offer. USDT betting guarantees a high level of privacy and anonymity.

Get Started with Tether Sports Betting Online

It’s effortless to start sports betting with Tether, but there are a few things you should know about it before you start your journey. Below we’ll review the main things you should know before you bet with Tether and provide you with our Tether betting advice to help you succeed.

Try to Find the Best Exchange Platform Where You Want Buy Tether

Naturally, you first need to own USDT before you can bet with it, so before placing your first Tether bet, you must find a solid exchange platform to buy USDT or other cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, hundreds of exchanges will sell you crypto, yet some are different.

Follow the Instructions Carefully

Depositing money with crypto differs from using fiat money. So after you find the best Tether sports betting sites and decide on which you’ll register, you should pay close attention to the deposit instructions and adhere to the terms and conditions.

Grab a Wallet and Store Your Tether

Once you understand the rules and have banked your USDT, you’ll also need to create a crypto wallet to store your USDT securely.

Wagers Are Deposited Successfully

When you opt for an exchange platform, you should also ensure that you have thoroughly checked the wagering requirements of the betting site so you’re familiar with the limits, fees, and other relevant things.

Making Deposits with Tether

Depositing on Tether betting sites is pretty straightforward, but it will require several steps and can take longer than you would expect from fiat deposit options. Still, the process is simple and should take a maximum of a few minutes to complete.

Converting Your Traditional Currency to Tether or Buy USDT from the Exchange

Before you can deposit money into any Tether betting app or website, you first need to own Tether or buy it via an exchange. Depending on your exchange, you can buy USDT from exchanges with a debit card, bank transfer, or an E-wallet.

Make the USDT Payment to the Bookie

Once you’ve bought Tether, you must store it in a crypto wallet. If you don’t own a crypto wallet, you’ll have to set one up as an additional step you’ll have to take before you can transfer money into any Tether betting sites.

To deposit Tether into your wallet, you’ll have to find the transfer option and provide your wallet address. Then you’ll have to select the correct transfer network and complete the transaction. Depending on the transfer network, USDT can appear in your wallet within a minute or hours.

Depositing USDT Funds in a Sportsbook

The last step is to deposit USDT funds into your betting account, which is relatively straightforward if you have bought Tether, have it stored in your wallet and already own an account with a Tether sportsbook.

Requesting Withdrawals with Tether

Requesting withdrawals with Tether is reasonably straightforward, yet it again requires a few steps. But unlike deposits, withdrawals with Tether are much easier and faster.

Select USDT as a Withdrawal Method

If you want to withdraw money from any Tether betting sites you’re using, you first need to navigate to the cashier tab and select USDT as the withdrawal option. Notably, if a bookmaker has Tether as a deposit option, it will highly likely also have it as a withdrawal option – yet some won’t, so make sure to check.

Transfer the Winnings to Your Wallet

After you’ve decided to withdraw your winnings and have selected Tether as your preferred withdrawal method, a bookmaker will ask you to provide your wallet address. Ensure you give the accurate address at this step, as a single typo will lead to your funds being lost forever.

Besides providing your wallet address, you’ll also be required to select the right network. So make sure to check with your wallet, which is the correct network for transferring Tether – again, a mistake here will lead to losing your money.

Cash Out Your Winnings

Upon completing the second step, the bookmaker should authorise your request within minutes, and you can expect the funds to appear in your wallet within minutes or hours – depending on the network you choose. And once the money is in your wallet, you’re free to transfer it to your bank account or keep it in your wallet to use for betting later.


Before betting with Tether or any other cryptocurrency, you should know about the technical characteristics of crypto betting. As alluded to, all crypto transactions are facilitated by a network (or many networks), which you’ll be required to pick when depositing and withdrawing money.

There are many networks you can use to move USDT, yet the most common are Tron (TRC-20), Ethereum (ERC-20), and Omni (OMNI), each with their characteristic. The ERC-20 is the most used network since it’s the most common and offers rapid payouts, but it also boasts high fees.

Sports to Bet on with Tether

Even though Tether, like other cryptocurrencies, is one of the newest methods to deposit money on betting sites. As of 2024, you can use USDT to bet on any sports or Esports you wish, mainly due to the accessibility of Tether as an accepted payment method for hundreds of bookmakers. It’s easy to find Tether betting sites, and it is easy to start betting with Tether.


More people bet on football than on any other sport, and just like you can bet on football on traditional bookmakers, you can do the same on Tether betting sites.


Perhaps not as popular as football, but betting on basketball is still highly prevalent and available on both traditional and crypto bookmakers.

American Football

Betting on American Football is significantly more popular in the USA than in other parts of the world, yet if you want to bet on it from Europe or elsewhere, you can do so. Most bookmakers – including Tether betting sites – will offer NFL betting markets.


Baseball betting is one of the most popular sports betting markets, and to satisfy the demand for baseball betting, most bookmakers started offering betting options. That includes crypto bookies and Tether betting sites.


As one of the world’s most popular sports, tennis betting is available on any Tether betting site and other crypto bookmakers.


Nowadays, you can bet on Esports on all bookmakers, from established traditional sportsbooks to crypto bookies and anything in between.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Released in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is one of the biggest first-person shooter games in the world, with a healthy and booming competitive scene.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the oldest online video games, released in 2003, with a powerful Esports scene. As one of the biggest and most well-known Esports titles, CoD is also well-covered by most online betting sites.

Dota 2

As a significant name in the Esports industry, Dota 2 is exceptionally well covered by all online betting sites, including traditional bookmakers, Esports bookies, and any Tether betting site.

League of Legends

Released in 2009 as a copy of Dota 2, League of Legends is available to bet on any bookmakers you visit, including USDT betting sites.


FIFA might have the most miniature Esports scene of the games on our list, but it’s still a massive name in the online betting world. Since this is a game that is essentially virtual football, it’s easy to see why so many people bet on FIFA Esports.

Virtual Sports

Betting on virtual sports is another activity that is very popular worldwide and also very accessible. Virtual sports markets are available on sportsbooks and crypto bookmakers, so if you intend to bet on virtual sports with Tether or any other crypto, you will be provided with favourable options.

Tether Sports Betting Markets

Betting with Tether, compared to betting with fiat currency, is not that different. There is no significant difference in how you can deposit money onto a betting site.

In other words, you’ll have just as many betting markets available while wagering on the best Tether sports betting sites as you would betting with Skrill, on Visa online betting sites or using any other payment method.

Outright Winner

Outright winner is a straightforward bet – similar to the win market – you’ll find when betting on sports or Esports tournaments. With an outright wager, you’re predicting which team or a player will win a given event instead of the next match.


Over/under bet is a particular wager on a statistic in any given match; you are predicting whether a specific statistic in a game will reach a predetermined number.

Next Score

Next to score is a wager that is available mainly as an in-play betting option. As the name suggests, with this bet, you’re predicting which team or a player will score the next point or a goal.

Line Betting

Line betting is when a bookmaker handicaps the match to level the playing field between 2 unevenly matched teams. For example, suppose the Colorado Avalanche are expected to defeat the Detroit Red Wings. In that case, a bookmaker could set a line at 2 goals, allowing you to bet on Avalanche to win with at least 2 goals to spare or on Red Wings to win or not lose by more than 2 goals.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap betting is a type of spread betting and the same as line betting – the only difference is that Asian handicaps introduce a fraction of points, such as 0.5, 0.25, and 0.75.

Half/Quarter Markets

Half and quarter markets are unique kinds of bets which allow you to bet on the result of the half or a quarter rather than the final result. It’s a pretty self-explanatory wager that is easy to understand and use.

Player Props

Player proposition bets are the unique wagers you’ll come across. With props, you’re not predicting the outcome of any match but instead betting on an occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific event.

Team Performance

Team performance bets are most commonly available during significant events, where you can bet on how a team will do without betting on whether they’ll win the tournament.

Overall Score

The overall score bet is somewhat similar to the over/under. Still, instead of predicting whether the final score will be higher or lower than the presented number, the overall score bet allows you to bet on the exact score.

Countries Where Tether Can Be Used for Sports Betting

Due to the rise of crypto bookmakers, which have become just as prevalent as traditional bookies, you can bet with crypto (and USDT) everywhere, whereas online gambling with crypto is legal.

There are still countries that prohibit any form of betting, but if you live in a country where online betting is legal, you can rest assured that you will be able to bet with Tether.

Mobile Tether Betting

Tether is a great mobile betting option, especially for new bettors to the cryptocurrency space. Notably, all wagering apps of bookmakers that accept Tether deposits will also accept USDT deposits since there are no differences in banking options between a desktop website and a mobile Tether crypto betting app.

Best Tether Betting Apps

Even though betting with a mobile app is not for everyone, it has advantages. Mobile apps are made as simple to use as possible, and most do a fine job at it – offering a clean and user-friendly design that makes it simple to place bets.

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Moreover, if you’re betting from your phone, you can place wagers anytime you want as long as you have an internet connection and telephone.

Tether Alternatives for Online Betting

It’s tough to find a betting site that won’t accept Tether deposits, but if, for any reason, you can’t access Tether betting sites or don’t want to use USDT for betting, it’s wise to know about some of the best alternatives that you might want to consider using.

PayPal – unlike USDT, PayPal is not a cryptocurrency but a highly popular E-wallet and one of the most reliable payment methods in the world. Online betting with PayPal is available on most bookmakers. It offers fast deposits, withdrawals, and bonus eligibility, yet it lacks anonymity since your transactions are not hidden.

Skrill is one of the best choices for funding your betting account. It’s widely accepted by most sportsbooks and offers under-the-radar money transfers and quick deposits/withdrawals. The only downside to Sktill is somewhat high fees.

PaySafe is a world-renowned prepaid voucher and a popular payment method among online bettors. It’s accepted by most betting sites, offers speedy transactions and is a great way to control spending. However, you must pay monthly account fees using a PaySafe card.

How to Stay Safe When Betting with Tether

As a cryptocurrency, Tether is one of the safest payment methods available. However, most of it will come down to how careful you are rather than how much work the bookmakers will put into keeping your money safe.

If you want to stay safe when betting with Tether, you, first and foremost, need to use only legal and safe Tether betting sites. Likewise, it would help if you used reputable exchanges to buy USDT and safe betting apps. While most exchanges and apps are safe and legit, there are many shady websites which you should avoid at all costs.

Besides using only safe websites, you should also be aware of phishing emails, which have become very popular. While phishing scams are very effective, you can avoid them by not opening emails from people you don’t recognise.

As long as you do your part in keeping yourself safe, betting with Tether is a safe journey.

New Tether-Friendly Bookies

Crypto betting is becoming very popular due to its fast transactions and complete anonymity. It also explains why more and more bookmakers started accepting crypto as a payment method, which effectively means that there are more new Tether betting sites than ever before.

With so much selection, it can be challenging to find the best new Tether bookmaker, and while all that is a lot of work, it’s a worthy time investment that will significantly benefit you long term. But if you need more time to look over all new Tether betting sites and want a solid choice, you can check our list of all new Tether bookmakers!

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Pros & Cons of Using Tether for Online Betting

Many people use Tether as their preferred deposit method on betting sites, and it’s easy to see why. There are many advantages to using Tether for online betting, and here we’ll look over some of the most notable pros and cons of sports betting with Tether.

  • Anonymity – regardless of which network you use to transfer Tether, all transactions are entirely anonymous, and no one can see who sent the money and to whom the money was sent.
  • Very low fees, even though the transaction fees will vary depending on the network, using Tron will guarantee meagre costs, which come out at just a couple of cents – one of the lowest among all deposit options.
  • Widely accepted – not a single crypto bookmaker won’t get USDT as a payment option. Moreover, many traditional bookmakers will accept Tether due to its price stability.
  • Fast transactions – the transaction speed will vary depending on the network; however, if you’re using the Tron network to move USDT, you can transfer your money within a few seconds.
  • It’s centralised – USDT relies on decentralised blockchains, but the company behind it is centralised. In other words, by using USDT, you also have to trust the people behind it.
  • Bookmakers’ licensing – most crypto bookmakers that accept USDT are offshore bookmakers meaning offshore regulators license them.

Tether Sportsbook vs Traditional Sportsbook

We end our Tether betting review by answering the most crucial question: are Tether betting sites better than traditional sportsbooks, and why?

Even though it only comes down to personal preference of which bookmaker you wish to choose, Tether betting sites have clear advantages. All Tether bookmakers will accept crypto deposits, which are faster, more secure, and have much lower fees than traditional deposit methods.

Moreover, Tether bookmakers offer much more generous bonuses and promotions than traditional bookmakers. And lastly, most crypto bookmakers are relatively young and tend to be more modern, with added features you won’t find on conventional sportsbooks.

So if we draw a line, there are pros and cons for each bookmaker. However, if you prefer anonymity and fast transactions, Tether bookmakers might be more innovative.

Tether Overview

Let’s conclude our in-depth article about Tether and online betting with Tether. We still have to look over some interesting facts about USDT you might need to learn about.

  • Tether was founded in 2014.
  • Tether is one of the most popular stablecoins in the world.
  • You can use Tether for sports gambling in any country where online betting with crypto is allowed, including Canada, the United States, the Philippines, France, Sweden, and Germany.
  • You can buy Tether with any currency and with any payment method you want – depending on the exchange – including US dollars, euros, British pounds, and Canadian dollars.
  • Some of the best Tether alternatives for online betting are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Skrill, Neteller, and PaySafeCard.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers that accept Tether include Stake, 22bet, Parimatch, and Ivibet.

Bottom Line

That concludes our in-depth guide on how to bet with Tether, providing you with Tether betting strategy, tips and all of our knowledge of online betting with Tether. Now you’re ready to find a Tether betting site you like, complete your USDT transfers and start betting with Tether!

Need a bookie that accepts Tether?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Tether betting legit?
    Yes, betting with Tether is legit and legal, as long as you’re old enough to gamble and use licensed online betting sites. So if you have an account with a legal bookmaker, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.
  • What is Tether betting?
    As the name suggests, Tether betting uses USDT. To bet with Tether, you’ll need to have an account with a bookmaker that accepts USDT deposits and own Tether, which you can buy on crypto exchanges. After that, you only need to deposit money into the bookmaker and start betting.
  • How to analyse Tether betting?
    To analyse Tether betting, you must know how to read Tether. USDT is a cryptocurrency stablecoin pegged to the US dollar value, meaning that it will always hold the same value as the USD.
  • How does Tether betting work?
    Tether betting works the same way as with other cryptocurrencies. You must own an account with a crypto bookmaker, own Tether and transfer your USDT to the bookmaker. Once you’ve funded your betting account, you can use USDT to bet on sports/Esports the same way you would gamble with any other currency.
  • How to win in Tether betting?
    If you want to win in Tether betting, you must read the betting odds, know where to find the best odds, and deeply understand the sport you wish to wager on. Alternatively, you can also find expert betting tips and predictions online, which will help you succeed on your betting journey.
  • Why is Tether sports betting so popular?
    One of the main reasons why Tether sports betting is so popular is all the advantages of using USDT as a deposit method. Most notably, USDT transfers are quick, safe, and low fees. Moreover, most Tether betting sites offer great odds and generous bonuses, which explains why so many people use them to bet online.
  • Do betting sites accept USDT?
    As a stablecoin, Tether is accepted by most online betting sites that allow crypto betting. Even some traditional bookmakers accept Tether deposits, making it one of the most accepted deposit options in the world.
  • Do I have to pay taxes using a Tether sportsbook?
    No, you don’t have to pay taxes to use Tether sportsbooks. However, depending on the laws in your country, you might be required to pay a tax on your betting winnings.
  • Can I bet completely anonymously with Tether?
    Yes. One of Tether’s most significant advantages is that it offers complete anonymity, meaning that all transactions with Tether are anonymous and can’t be tracked. So if you’re looking for a deposit method that offers anonymous betting, Tether is the right choice!
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