Love Island Betting Odds

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Love Island
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Find the Best Place to Bet on Love Island
Rebecca E
Love Island is the show for you if you’re into romance, drama, and reality TV. And if you like betting, then Love Island is definitely for you. You will find everything you need to know about Love Island betting and the best bookmakers here. Although not a sport, you can bet on will win Love Island via various bookmakers.

And in this article, you’ll learn all about it while getting answers to 3 key questions:

  1. How to bet on Love Island?
  2. Where to find Love Island betting odds?
  3. Which are the best Love Island UK betting sites?

Best Betting Sites to Bet on Love Island

Love Island is a TV show, so when we talk about betting, it has a few things in common with other TV or reality TV shows – it’s a niche market. As such, Love Island odds aren’t as readily available as sports betting markets, but that doesn’t mean they’re hard to find.

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Many top bookmakers have Love Island betting odds – the trick is finding the best Love Island bookmaker.

And here are a few things to watch out for.

  • Any good bookmaker should be safe, legal, and have a valid betting license. It would help if you never trusted shady bookies, as this will put your money and personal information at risk.
  • Preferably, you should register with betting sites with the best Love Island winners odds and a generous offer of betting markets. You want to bet with the best available prices and have enough markets to place your picks however you like.
  • Look for bookmakers which offer betting bonuses and promotions. The bonus offer is not as generous as odds quality; however, promotions can offer great value for bettors.
  • If you’re a mobile bettor, consider registering with a bookmaker with a mobile betting app, which is far more convenient than a mobile website.
  • Bettors often overlook good customer support, but no less important. Even though most punters will rarely need to contact support agents, you want to have good and reliable customer support available so you can resolve your issues quickly.

If any bookmaker checks those marks, it’s likely a good choice for betting on Love Island. However, having multiple betting accounts is always better, as this is the only way to bet with the best Love Island odds.

Love Island Odds

Love Island odds are easy to understand, and while they’re not as easily accessible as betting odds on major sports, they’re not hard to find. But things get a bit tricker when discussing where to find the best Love Island odds.

Most will want to find the best Love Island online bookmaker with the best odds, but this doesn’t work that way. Betting markets are volatile, meaning that the offered betting odds will vary depending on your betting site.

William Hill could have the best odds on one contestant, while Betfred will have a better offer on another Love Island participant. So depending on who you want to bet on, you would have to bet on one bookmaker or the other.

This example shows how the only way to get the best possible Love Island is to have multiple betting accounts on the best Love Island online bookmakers and price shops, i.e., look through all available markets and bet with the best available price.

Love Island Historical Odds

The historical odds are important to evaluate what to bet on, showing how previous markets have moved and what events led to odds movements. It applies to sports betting just as much as to betting on TV shows such as Love Island.

Contestant Category Historical Odds
Ekin-Su Culculoglu Top Female 2/9
Gemma Owen Top Female 10/1
Davide Sanclimenti Top Male 2/9
Luca Bish Top Male 10/1
Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Culculoglu Winning Couple 2/9
Luca Bish and Gemma Owen Winning Couple 10/1

So if you’re serious about betting on Love Island, you should consider checking historical odds and use the knowledge to decide what to bet on. Although historical odds on reality shows are typically harder to find than historical odds on sports events, there are online services and websites that will provide them.

Offers & Promotions

As of 2024, it’s expected for all sportsbooks to offer bonuses and promotions. Initially designed to attract new customers to the site, bonuses have become a mandatory feature of any good bookmaker.

There are also specific bonuses and promotions in certain markets. Those are more commonly offered at major sporting events, but some sportsbooks also have bonuses for TV shows such as Love Island, granted those are very rare.

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Rakeboost bonus
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Instead, Love Island bettors should focus on sportsbooks with generous generic promotions and bonuses such as deposit, reload, enhanced odds, insurance, and best free bet offers. Those can be just as useful as Love Island-specific bets.

Love Island Specials

Placing Love Island final bets is straightforward since wagering on the show is simple. It also means there are fewer betting markets punters can use to place their Love Island predictions; however, that doesn’t mean there is no variety.

All bookmakers who offer Love Island betting odds will also have at least a few betting markets available, and you often only need to look for the best Love Island online bookmakers to be able to place up to one bet. But don’t expect there to be too much variety.


Betting on the favourite is the simplest way to place a Love Island bet, assuming you trust that the sportsbooks have priced the markets correctly. However, this is generally a bad choice since betting on any fav rarely offers value to the bettor. The only exception might be if you bet on Love Island final.

Any best Love Island bookmakers will have this market available as it’s the main market for betting on the show.


The winner betting market is the most popular market among Love Island bettors. As its name suggests, by betting on the winner, you’re picking a bet on which couple will win Love Island – the same way you can bet on which sports team will win the league it competes in.

Any best Love Island bookmakers will accept winner bets, as it’s the most popular betting market on the show. That is also due to how high the Love Island winning odds tend to be, as they can reach double or triple digits.

Previous Love Island Winners

Love Island was first introduced in 2015, and it has since had nine seasons, which produced a few unexpected outcomes which went against what many believed. It also wasn’t too uncommon for the love island bookies’ favourite to lose, and given the nature of the show, we can expect more upsets in the future.

  • Season 1 – Jessica Hayes and Max Morley
  • Season 2 – Cara De la Hoyde and Nathan Massey
  • Season 3 – Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies
  • Season 4 – Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer
  • Season 5 – Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea
  • Season 6 – Paige Turley and Finn Tapp
  • Season 7 – Liam Reardon and Millie Court
  • Season 8 – Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu and Davide Sanclimenti
  • Season 9 – Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan

Love Island Top Male Betting

It’s not hard to find bookies with love island odds to win, and most also offer alternative ways to bet on the winner, including individual bets on just one-half of the winning pair – on the top male. It is still an outright Love Island bet, where you have to predict which male will be the last one standing, but it can sometimes be easier to predict correctly compared to betting on the winning couple.

Love Island Top Female Betting

On the other side, punters can also bet on Love Island with any bookmaker on which will be the top female, or in other words, bet on the second half of the winning couple. It is one of the few specials bets which is fairly popular among those who enjoy betting on Love Island.

But it’s worth noting that the odds on the Love Island winner (couple) will always be higher than placing separate bets on the top male and top female.

Love Island Next to Be Dumped

And then there’s another way to approach placing bets on Love Island. Instead of outright Love Island betting, punters also have a chance to place bets on the next to be dumped, which gives them a weekly opportunity to place bets.

As the name suggests, the “next to be dumped” betting market – is available on all the best Love Island bookmakers and allows you to bet on which contestant will be next to leave the show.

Bet of the Day

Love Island bet of the day is a bet bookies consider having the highest chance of winning from today’s selection of bets, usually picked by betting experts.


And even though it’s tough to find the best bets for niche markets such as Love Island, you can follow our link below and check which is the best bet for today.

How to Bet on Love Island

Betting on Love Island is extremely simple, and anyone can do it.

But before placing your first Love Island bet, you must have an active account with one of Love Island’s betting sites.

  • The first step in your Love Island betting journey is to find a bookmaker where you will be able to place your bets. Many betting sites will offer that option, but make sure you pick one with competitive Love Island winner odds, enough betting markets, and one that is safe and legal.
  • Preferably you should register with more than one bookmaker since there is no such thing as one best Love Island online bookmaker, especially when discussing where to find the best odds.
  • Register for an account when you pick one or many bookies to bet on Love Island. It takes up to a couple of minutes as long as you have all the needed details ready.
  • With a betting account set up, it’s time to make a deposit, but before you do that, check for any deposit bonuses. Taking advantage of all available welcome bonuses is an excellent strategy to make the most out of your money, and it offers a lot of value for bettors.
  • Once you have money in your betting account, you can search the available markets and pick your Love Island winner predictions – or place a bet on any specials.
  • After you’ve placed your Love Island bet, all there is left to do is wait and see whether your picks have hit or not.

Remember that you must verify your account with a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before you can withdraw money from betting sites. So while you can make a bet on Love Island with any bookmaker, withdrawing your winnings will require a verified account.

Preferably, you should complete the KYC verification as soon as possible to make withdrawing winnings easier. So consider doing it as soon as you register with a bookmaker where you intend to place bets on Love Island.

Love Island Betting Tips & Predictions

If you’re not an avid show fan, watch every single episode, and take extra time to follow the latest news to understand better what might happen next. Finding solid Love Island betting opportunities will be tricky.

Luckily, many people follow Love Island very close, and some even share their thoughts and findings on various blogs or as a betting preview, which can be a very valuable source of information for anyone who wants to start betting on Love Island.

Even though it’s better if you learn how to find Love Island picks on your own, it doesn’t hurt to check online betting previews and Love Island predictions to see what other people say and get a second opinion on what to bet on.

Tips Explanations
Watch the Show That’s a very obvious piece of advice, but it can’t be overstated how essential it is. You must watch the show if you want to bet on Love Island and succeed. Although anyone can read recaps of what has happened in the previous episodes, watching the show and catching little details can greatly help you find solid betting picks.
Don’t Bet Too Early Betting early has some advantages, but often it’s smarter to wait for the story to develop and for the contestants to meet before you place any bets, mainly because it’s hard to tell who is the favourite to win before anything happens.
Look for Love at First Sight As mentioned, it’s often not smart to bet early and wait at least for the first episode, where you might see two contestants fall in love at first sight. It happened in season 8 and was obvious for the audience, making deciding where to place our money significantly easier.
Look for Value Betting Even though betting on the favourite is the simplest choice, it often offers no value. So instead, look at the underdogs on the winner market and decide if any contestants are priced with too high odds.
Look for the Troublemakers If you are good at understanding people and keeping a close eye on how they behave and how others respond, it will be easy to spot troublemakers. It will aid you in deciding on the best bets on Love Island and who to avoid betting on.
Look for Longevity Preferably, anyone should be betting on contestants that are in for the long run, typically those who are popular with other contestants.
Be Responsible Perhaps the most important piece of advice – be responsible with your bets. Even though Love Island betting can be fun, never bet with more than you can afford, and never chase your losses.

Love Island Betting Strategies

There is no such thing as a hidden strategy that’ll help you win betting on Love Island.

But we can offer you a few pieces of advice on what you should do and what will help you succeed.

  • Always use only the best Love Island bookmaker available to you. Whether you’re using Australian or Love Island UK betting sites, prioritize safe bookmakers with competitive odds.
  • Preferably you should have accounts with multiple bookmakers, so you can shop around and find the best offer on the picks you want to place.
  • Always watch the show. It is the only way to be on top of what’s happening and the only way to have the needed information to find solid betting opportunities.
  • Don’t be afraid to bet on the outsiders. Even though one contestant can be priced at higher Love Island winner odds, there might be value in backing him to go all the way.
  • Take advantage of any betting bonuses you can. Bookies like Betfred, Coral, Ladbrokes, Betfair, William Hill, Sky Bet, and bet365 all have welcome bonuses and other promotions that can offer bettors plenty of value.

Love Island Betting Worldwide

Love Island is a popular TV show worldwide filmed in more than one country. Although originally a British dating game show, it has since gotten its counterparts in Australia, Canada, Denmark, the United States, and more.

Love Island Australia Betting

Love Island was first introduced as a British dating game show in 2015, and three years later, the first season was filmed in Australia. It has since become one of the most-watched TV shows in the country, and like its UK version, the Australian Love Island also has its betting markets available.

Some of the most notable winners of the Australian Love Island include:

  • Tayla Damir & Grant Crapp
  • Anna McEvoy & Josh Packham
  • Mitch Hibberd & Tina Provis

Love Island USA Betting

Love Island USA premiered in 2019, four years after the original British series. Due to its popularity, it got renewed for one more season, and in 2021 again for the third season, which took place in Hawaii. Most recently, in 2022, it was confirmed that the US Love Island would get two more seasons in 2022 and 2023.

Although less popular than the UK version, the US Love Island is still fairly popular among viewers and bettors.

 Some of the most notable winners of the US Love Island include:

  • Zac Mirabelli & Elizabeth Weber
  • Olivia Kaiser & Korey Gandy
  • Zeta Morrison & Timmy Pandolfi

Love Island UK Betting

Love Island was first filmed in the UK in 2015, and it quickly became a hit among viewers. And it didn’t take long for the first Love Island betting markets to appear, allowing viewers to place their bets on who will win the dating show. The UK Love Island continues to grow in popularity and has already confirmed its 10th season, set to begin in summer 2023.

Some of the most notable winners of the UK Love Island are:

  • Liam Reardon & Millie Court
  • Amber Gill & Greg O’Shea
  • Jess Hayes & Max Morley

Love Island: Show Formal & Rules

Love Island is a reality TV dating show featuring ten single people (five men and five women). The show starts when the men arrive at a location (depending on the show) where the women are already waiting to pick their future partners.

The women get to pick whether they want to couple with presented men, while the men only get to choose if two women come forward. This stage ends with one couple who ends up together since everyone else is already paired.

The show then begins, and the five couples live together in a villa; however, to keep the drama at its peak, the contestants are not allowed to communicate with anyone outside of the show, meaning they have no access to mobile phones or TV.

New singles enter the villa throughout the season, allowing the couples to break up with their current partners and replace them with one of the newcomers. The problem is that everyone has to be in a couple to remain on the show.

The final goal is for one of the couples to remain together throughout the entire show, and they must appeal to the audience to win since the audience gets to decide who will remain on Love Island.

Facts About the Show

Love Island often moves its locations, but it has before remained in the same place for more than one season.

  • Love Island lasts between six to eight weeks or 2 months
  • Originally, Love Island was held in the summer but has since also gotten a “Winter” season
  • Every year, over 150,000 people apply to be on Love Island
  • Contestants are, on average, paid €250 per week to be on the show
  • While the contestants can occasionally drink alcohol, it’s very limited.

History of Love Island

Love Island is a dating reality show which originated in the United Kingdom in 2005 as Celebrity Love Island, which spawned a second version (Love Island) in 2015. It has since expanded to other countries and other international versions.

As of 2024, Love Island has over a dozen international versions, including one in Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Malta, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Love Island Key Stats

Even though it’s possible to bet on Love Island, there needs to be a pattern or data we can follow to make predictions on what will happen the next season. Because of that, watching Love Island closely is much more important, as it’s the only and best way to know what’s happening – which will ultimately help punters find the best picks.

Love Island Terminology

Love Island is filled with terminology and lingo the islanders use, which might not be too familiar to most new viewers.

Here are some of the most important terms you need to understand.

  • Ling – another way to say something is good or attractive.
  • Shoot your shot – take the opportunity.
  • The ick – when someone you like starts to cringe you out, making it tough to stand them.
  • Sauce – personality
  • Bev – an attractive guy
  • Pied – the act of being dumped

Love Island Overview

Before you place your first Love Island bet, here are some interesting facts about Love Island you should know about.

  • The current Love Island favourites are Michel Taylor, George Fensom, Molly Marsh, and Ella Thomas.
  • Some of Love Island’s most notable previous winners are Amber Gill & Greg O’Shea, Jess Hayes & Max Morley, Tayla Damir & Grant Crapp, and Anna McEvoy & Josh Packham.
  • Love Island is held in the UK, USA, France, Australia, Finland, the Netherlands, and many others.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers for betting on Love Island are Coral, Paddy Power, Sky Bet, and Bet365
  • Former health secretary Matt Hancock said he would appear on Love Island after coming third in the I’m a Celebrity show.
  • Love Island doesn’t allow contestants to have clocks.

Bottom Line

It concludes our article on Love Island betting, which includes all the information you’ll need to start betting on this popular international dating TV show. Now you can find and register with the best Love Island and start betting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there betting on Love Island?
    Yes, you can bet on Love Island on most online betting sites. Its betting markets and other TV shows will typically be available under the “entertainment” section.
  • Who is the favourite to win Love Island
    Mitchel Taylor and Molly Mash are the top favourites to win Love Island.
  • How do I bet on Love Island?
    Anyone can bet on Love Island like any other TV show, using the same bookmakers you would for betting on sports. The only tricky part is to find a bookmaker that offers Love Island betting markets.
  • What are the odds on the winner of Love Island?
    The odds on the winner of Love Island will constantly change, depending on what’s happening in the show, so for the latest odds, bettors should check their bookmaker’s current offer.
  • How do you read Love Island odds?
    Reading Love Island betting odds takes no special effort since they work like betting odds on sports. The higher the odds, the less likely the winner, and vice versa.
  • What are the best Love Island betting sites?
    Some of the most popular Love Island betting sites are William Hill, Coral, bet365, and Betfred. However, those are not the only bookmakers which offer Love Island betting odds.
  • Which betting site has the best Love Island odds?
    There is no betting site with the best Love Island betting odds; instead, you should check the offer of more than one bookmaker to find which bookie has the best price on the contestant you want to bet on.
  • What Love Island betting markets are there?
    The main Love Island betting markets include top male, top female, next to be dumped, and outright winner.
  • Are there any bonuses for betting on Love Island?
    Although less common than bonuses at sports events, some bookmakers will have special promotions and bonuses on Love Island. However, bettors can still use generic offers such as welcome deposit bonuses and free cash to bet on Love Island.
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