N1Bet Review

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Payment options
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Betting variety
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Live betting
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300% up to €5000
Esports Background
Established in 2021, N1Bet is one of the new bookies trying to change the game in sports booking. Its short existence has spread to over 100 countries globally and is still growing rapidly. N1Bet is the betting division of N1Casino, which has existed for several years. The company is owned by Dama NV and already holds the Curacao Gaming Authority licenses while working on other regulatory licenses.

N1Bet’s strategy is to get localized in each country, often partnering with local entities to enter a country. Thus, if N1Bet is available in your country, they will likely offer website domains, payment channels and other services specific to your country. You will also find the website in your language, alongside your country’s currency.

Read this N1Bet review to learn about N1Bet’s bonuses, offers and rules.

N1Bet Website and Account Info

N1Bet is an online betting platform; thus, you can only access its services over the internet. You can find the general website for N1Bet here. However, since N1Bet is available globally, each country has specific domains. For instance, the domain for N1Bet Nigeria is this. The domain-specific website helps N1Bet offer bonuses unique to your country.

N1Bet Review

Nonetheless, you don’t need to search for that domain. The website will automatically switch to that domain using your IP address information.

On the website, you can place bets, including pregame, in-play, casino, and Esports. The site features a list of available sports, games statistics, fixtures, current odds, and access to support.

N1Bet Account Opening Guide

The website for opening an N1Bet online betting account is the local domain website.

Follow the steps below to open an N1Bet account:

  1. On the top right-hand corner, you will find a red button with the inscription “Sign Up.”
  2. Enter your email and password on the next page.
  3. The following form requires entering your contact details, including your name and phone number. Note that you have to be 18 years to scale past this page.

With this, you have opened an account. You will go through other steps, such as verification, later.

N1Bet Account Closing Guide

To close your N1Bet account, you have 2 key options:

Stop Using the Account for a Longtime

You can stay away from the account for a long time. However, N1Bet didn’t mention a specific date. Nonetheless, the typical period for most sportsbooks is 12 months.

Send an Email to N1Bet

You can speed up the account closing process by emailing your country’s Support Service Team on the domain email. Check your country’s N1Bet website for the email. For N1Bet Nigeria, the email is [email protected] You can also use Live Chat.

N1Bet will refund any amount you have in the account when you close it.

Banking Options

N1Bet has put measures to ensure that you can process payments seamlessly as multiple options are available.

Min. deposit €20
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal €20
Withdrawal time Up to 7 working days
Payout 94%

The deposit and withdrawal processes are also fast.

N1Bet Deposit Methods

Note the following key information about depositing into the N1Bet account:

  • Deposit Methods: They include bank transfers, credit and debit cards, top E-wallets and the most popular cryptocurrencies.

There is no “best method”, as some payment channels work better than others in some countries. Also, note that not all these options are available in every country.

The best way to select is to contact customer care and inquire about your country’s most favourable payment platforms. Looking for a bookmaker that accepts Paypal? Then take a look at the BetSafe review.

  • Minimum Deposit: This minimum allowable deposit depends on your country, as various figures exist. For instance, if you stay in the Eurozone, the minimum is €20. For N1Bet Nigeria, it is N 100.

Note that your payment method will also determine the minimum amount you can deposit. For instance, for some E-wallets, you have to have a certain figure before they can process your payment.

N1Bet doesn’t charge fees, but the various payment channels often levy charges for processing transactions.

  • Duration: How long the deposits will take will depend on the payment channel, your country and the time you conducted the transaction. For instance, making payments via bank transfers may take some time.
  • Are There Rules to Note?: N1Bet requires that the account you use for payment should bear your name. If you use a third-party account and N1Bet detects this, they can withhold your earnings and refuse to return the original deposit.

N1Bet Withdrawal Methods

You should have the following in mind when withdrawing your winnings from the account:

  • Withdrawal Methods: The withdrawal methods are the same as those used for deposits, including bank transfers, cards, E-wallets and crypto coins.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: The amount depends on your country. In the EU, the amount is €20. Note that some payment channels may require that you have certain amounts before they can enable you to process transactions.

There is a maximum of €2500 allowed for weekly payments. So, if you have withdrawals above €2,500, you can only withdraw them in instalments.

  • Duration: It depends entirely on your payment channel, as some are faster than others.
  • Are There Rules to Note?: During withdrawals, you should only use the same accounts you used when making deposits. Importantly, such an account must be in your name.

Also, note that you have to undergo a KYC check and verification before you can get any withdrawals.

Additionally, you must make bets at least 3 times before withdrawing funds. N1Bet doesn’t allow depositing and withdrawing without wagering.

N1Bet Bonuses & Promotions

You can enjoy generous N1Bet bookmarker offers as bonuses to boost your winnings. These bonuses are in stages:

  1. First Deposit Bonus: The first N1Bet bonus you can enjoy offers 100% of the first deposit amount, up to a certain amount. The maximum amount you can enjoy from this first deposit N1Bet bonus differs based on country. In N1Bet Nigeria, the first deposit bonus stops at N 1 million.
  2. Second Deposit Bonus: You get 75% of the deposit amount on your second deposit.
  3. Third Deposit Bonus: The third deposit gives 75% of the deposit amount.
  4. Fourth Deposit Bonus: You get 50% of the deposit amount.
4.7out of 5
300% up to €5000

Beyond these initial bonuses, you still have access to more rewards, but most are special bonuses offered to regular wagers.

Unfortunately, there is no N1Bet no deposit bonus., so you need to deposit to enjoy rewards.

What to Bet On

N1Bet bookmaker provides access to several sports and events on which wagers can make bets and record winnings if such stakes turn out correctly.

Number of Sport Games 27
Number of Sport Events 345
Live Events Daily 124
Live Events Monthly 3720
Pre-match Events per Month 12720

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the top things for which N1Bet is known.

Available Sports

Every N1Bet Sports review will reveal the wide array of sporting options wagers can access. N1Bet sports betting is divided into “Top Sports”, including soccer, basketball and tennis, and “Other Sports”, including ice hockey, water polo and cricket.

You can wager on the top events and tournaments across N1Bet Sports betting.

Sports Competitions, Leagues, and Events

Playing with N1bet, you are sure to find many really interesting championships to bet on.

There’s a really big choice.

Special Events

Increasingly, sportsbooks are making it possible for wagers to bet on things other than sports, such as political and entertainment events.

For instance, people bet on the outcomes of the Brexit vote. Unfortunately, N1Bet has not joined that trend as it doesn’t offer special events betting.

Esports Betting

N1Bet Esports betting enables wagers to bet on virtual sports and tournaments, called “cybersports”. You can play top Esports such as League of Legends, Kings of Glory, Dota, Rocket League and others.

These sports provide an alternative for betting when real sports do not have tournaments.

N1Bet Live Betting & Live Streaming

Before now, the common idea in betting is that you stake before the game. However, you can now bet even when a match or event has started. Although it is generally called live betting, N1Bet names it “in-play” betting.

N1Bet Live Betting

Just as people can bet live, they also want to know what happens during live games. Betting companies have given wagers access to ongoing competitions through live streaming directly from their betting platforms. Again, N1Bet doesn’t provide live streaming. Nonetheless, often available on the N1Bet online betting platform is an animated version of the live streaming that shows the ball’s movement around the pitch. It can help you know how the match moves.

Then, there are always live reports from whatever ongoing game or event.

Mobile Betting & App

The world is now accessible from our smartphones, and thus, betting platforms should also adapt to mobile needs. The website is the first mobile platform to access the N1Bet online betting platform. But often, the website alone is not enough.

There is the N1Bet betting app from which wagers can perform any function right from their palm. You can access the N1Bet betting app from either the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS).

Note that either app store can remove them anytime since they generally have some bias against betting apps on their platforms.

N1Bet Pros and Cons

N1Bet has significant strength areas, but it also harbours a few weaknesses. Let’s discuss them below.

  • Up-to-date Technology

N1Bet invests in using technology to provide much better services to wagers. It has a highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate website with top-notch security.

Then, it offers the latest payment options, including crypto coins, which are fast and sometimes cheaper than all other payment channels.

  • Customer Service

As part of its goal of providing the best to users, N1Bet has a great customer support strategy. It offers multiple access channels so that contacting customer service is speedy.

Then, customer support is available 24/7 across all channels, so you can get anything done at any time of the day.

Finally, the customer support personnel proved helpful and welcoming at all times.

  • Sports Offerings

N1Bet has one of the most elaborate sets of sports offerings you will find with most bookies.

With almost 40 sports on the platform, wagers are spoilt for choice. Then, across these sports, there are several events covered.

  • User-friendly Products

N1Bet has designed its systems to benefit and make wagering easy for the user. For instance, with several sportsbooks, you must go through complex verifications before placing any bet. N1Bet doesn’t put that pressure and enables you to do the KYC at your own pace.

In addition, there are several bonuses to boost your profits.

  • Limited Variety in Offerings

While N1Bet provides access to several sports and games, its offerings are limited. For instance, users can’t get access to lots of Esports options. Also, they can’t bet on special events such as political contests, even though several people want this service.

  • No Live Streaming

In a time when people can watch games from anywhere using their smartphones, it is sad that N1Bet doesn’t provide such on its platform.

  • Limited Availability

While N1Bet is available in several countries globally, it is not present in some key countries with several potential users, such as the UK and USA.

Cash Out

Cash-out enables closing a bet before the game or event ends and taking the winnings from it. N1Bet recognises the need for more opportunities for wagers to win and has made a cash-out available.

However, note that the odds are not very significant. And if you need a bookmaker with the cash-out option — we offer a Novibet review.

N1Bet Odds

N1Bet offers attractive odds to players across the various sports and events available on its platforms. One important thing you get from N1Bet is transparency. Odds and the changes that happen to them are available live on the website.

Note that odds for the same game may differ based on pre-game vs in-play gaming.

Other Products

N1Bet services go beyond only sports betting. You can wager on the best casino games and benefit from the amazing casino bonuses.

N1Bet Casino

N1Bet was first a casino-only bookmaker before kick-starting N1Bet bookmaker.

Contacts & Customer Support

The N1Bet customer service is available at all times across multiple channels, including email, phone and live chat.

Support email [email protected]
Support Phone Number No
Live chat Yes

All you need is to choose the channel, and you can get your requests resolved in no time.

N1Bet Verdict

A top-rated bookmaker, N1Bet ticks the box in all the key requirements for a great sportsbook. While it is not without cons, N1Bet can provide you with a seamless wagering experience, fast payments and withdrawals, security and highly-responsive customer care. You really can’t go wrong with N1Bet.

Open Acc at N1bet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is N1Bet legit?

    N1Bet is a highly-rated and respected sportsbook regulated by top betting authorities. So they are legit.

  • How good is N1Bet for Esports betting?

    N1Bet enables playing popular cyber sports with attractive odds and good payouts. You will get an overall great experience doing virtual sports betting on N1Bet.

  • How does N1Bet payout?

    N1Bet offers multiple payout options, including bank transfers, cards, E-wallets and crypto coins. Each method has its strong points and downsides. It is best to select which is best for your country.

  • Is N1Bet a good sportsbook?

    You can’t go wrong when you bet with N1Bet. The combination of an attractive platform, juicy bonuses, top-notch customer care and a user-friendly app makes it one of the top bookies to place your bets.

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