Bet365 and Parimatch Shut Down Their Russian Operations Due to Intensification of Ukraine Invasion

Bet365 and Parimatch Shut Down Their Russian Operations Due to Intensification of Ukraine Invasion

As Ukraine suffers from Russia’s ongoing invasion, condemnation of Putin’s actions is growing worldwide, and many international bookmakers are now deciding to stop operating in Russia.

Kyiv-founded and Cyprus-based operator, Parimatch is the most notable bookie to announce the withdrawal of its franchise in Russia, stating the Russian Federation’s military aggression towards Ukraine as its reason for doing so.

The company released a statement confirming that they’ve now prepared the termination documentation, and it has been sent to the operator Betring LLC. This company had been given the rights for operating Parimatch’s trademark within that region under their 2016 agreement terms. The firm also said that it would carry on developing restrictions regarding its brand name use for sponsorship contracts. Parimatch is one of Spain’s La Liga’s local betting partners within the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Russia is its biggest territory.

The company has its roots in Ukraine, and the current conflict has only brought that love for its native country to the fore. Founded in 1994 in Kyiv, just 3 years after the country gained its independence from the USSR, the operator became one of Ukraine’s first online companies. Parimatch’s strong condemnation of Russian military aggression toward its home country involves doing everything it can to assist Ukraine. Part of that assistance is the 2.9 million Euro (UAH 30 million) fund it is launching to supply support directly to Ukraine’s armed forces in combat against the Russian troops across the nation’s key cities. The money will be used to supply medicines, food, and ammunition.

Parimatch has also detailed its keeping its guarantees for anyone who planned on leaving the organization before the invasion, continuing to hire more employees and pay salaries despite the current conflict.

Another firm has announced that it will end its operations in Russia. Bet365 – a global giant in the sports betting sector – will no longer offer its services within Russia, according to sources from within the country. That means Russian customers of Bet365 will have only until 15th March this year to withdraw their money from their player accounts. However, new registrations for Bet365’s Russian site have already been stopped, and no new Russian deposits are being accepted.

Like Parimatch, the betting firm based in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK has asked its partners to remove any marketing materials, banners, or logos that could promote its services in Russia. While no reason has officially been offered for canceling Bet365’s Russian services, it would be virtually impossible to see its timing as coincidental with Ukraine’s invasion by Russian forces, particularly as more companies are pursuing a similar strategy.

Many sporting organizations such as UEFA, NHL, and FIFA have condemned the war. They’ve also taken a range of actions against Russia. FIFA’s 2022 World Cup will now be off-limits to Russia. The Gazprom Arena in St Petersburg will no longer be used for UEFA’s Champions League. NHL has suspended its business dealings in Russia, including the regional betting partnership with Liga Stavok.

Statscore, a sports data organization from Poland that acts as the data provider for sports betting companies like BoyleSports, confirmed it no longer supplies updates and statistics for either Belorussian or Russian sports tournaments as of 1st March to underline sports’ united front. The company released a statement on Twitter that said it didn’t want to provide live scores or sports data for any competitions organized by a country that assaults any other nation or aided with the process.

While there were reported meetings for negotiations between Ukrainian and Russian delegates earlier in the week, the combat is currently ongoing.

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