Will Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady Retire in 2022?

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Retirement Odds

Tom Brady is favored with odds of -1000 to return to the NFL for the next season. However, the betting lines look even more overwhelming regarding the possibility of Aaron Rodgers returning for the NFL’s 2022 campaign. If Rodgers leaves Green Bay, then current sentiment is that the Denver Broncos will be his next club.

Tom Brady’s approach to talk of his retirement is in line with the usual sporting tactic – he’s listing his future NFL status as being on a day-to-day basis. Even though many people might welcome the idea of Aaron Rodgers, the anti-vaxxer going away, that’s unlikely to happen.

At the moment, betting lines look to be backing both Rodgers and Brady to return for the 2022’s season. Brady’s listing is at -1000 for a return next season, but the odds look overwhelming at -3500 that Rodgers will be back for 2022.

So where is Rodgers likely to play next season, should he part ways with the Green Bay Packers? The odds are +275 that he’ll go to the Denver Broncos.

The Latest Odds for Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady’s Retirement

  • Aaron Rodgers – “yes” odds stand at +550, and “no” odds stand at -3500.
  • Tom Brady – “yes” odds stand at +350, and “no” odds stand at -1000.

When it comes to the NFL’s MVP odds, though, the betting lines for Brady and Rodgers are 1-2. On 2 prior occasions, players announced they were retiring following their MVP win – Jim Brown, running back for the Cleveland Browns in 1965, and Norm Van Brocklin, the Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback in 1960.

Brady Hasn’t Decided About His Future

After Tampa Bay lost 30-28 in the NFL’s Divisional Round Playoffs to the Los Angeles Rams, Brady has revealed little about his future plans. But during the lead-up to that game, he’d been entertaining some thoughts about how his fortune in the NFL might look.

He admitted that his ultimate decision about carrying on playing would center around his family, and he acknowledged that Gisele Bundchen, his wife, doesn’t like seeing him hit during games.

Although he’s the oldest player in the NFL at the age of 44, it’s hard to argue that he’s lost any of his playing ability. His stat line for 2021 is impressive – certainly worthy of consideration for the MVP.

With 43 passing TDs, 5,316 passing yardages, and 485 completions, he was leading the NFL this season in all categories, and that doesn’t seem much like a man who should give up on his game.

The Packers Are Keen for Rodgers’ Return

Around this time last year, it seemed that the Packers and Rodgers would be parting ways, but now, reconciliation looks to be on the cards. Matt LaFleur, the head coach for Green Bay, indicated there’s no debate amongst anybody working in their team’s operations – all are keen to see Rodgers return to Wisconsin in 2022.

Aaron Rodgers and LaFleur met on Monday to discuss his future with Green Pay. Having 37 TDs and passing for 4115 yards, Rogers leads his team to scoop the NFC North’s title and the #1 NFC seed spot.

Rodgers has indicated that his decision will be made known before the NFL’s free agency opening on 16th March. Although he’s mentioned about possibly leaving the Packers before, he’s never said he’d leave the game.

Aaron Doesn’t Want to Rebuild

If the Green Bay Packers plan to enter a rebuild, Rodgers’ message is simple – he’s not interested. At the age of 38, he feels that he doesn’t want to build from the basics. Should Green Bay be heading in that direction, he’s likely to take his talent elsewhere to one of the teams he thinks will likely be in the running for the Super Bowl title.

Odds on Aaron Rodgers Next Team Will Go to in 2022 if He Doesn’t Stay With the Packers

  • Denver Broncos – odds of +275
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – odds of +425
  • Miami Dolphins – odds of +650
  • Philadelphia Eagles – odds of +800
  • Cleveland Browns – odds of +1025
  • New York Jets – odds of +1100
  • Las Vegas Raiders – odds of +1300
  • Tennessee Titans – odds of +1475
  • Carolina Panthers – odds of +1600
  • New Orleans Saints – odds of +1850
  • New York Giants – odds of +1850
  • Seattle Seahawks – odds of +1900
  • Baltimore Ravens – odds of +2475

As we look at the various teams interested in taking Rodgers on, not many are likely to tick his boxes. Pittsburgh likes to develop their quarterbacks, while the Steelers don’t use hired guns. Should Rodgers be determined to leave Green Bay, it looks like the most likely option is Denver – a team with a good defense but needs a consistent quarterback.

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