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Find the Best Place to Bet on French Open
Jimmy E

The French Open (Roland-Garros) is an annual premier clay-court tennis championship. It is chronologically the second of the four Grand Slams, after the Australian Open and before Wimbledon. Founded in 1891, the French Open is the only Grand Slam tennis tournament held on clay court and was, until 1975, the only major contest not played on grass.

Due to its surface characteristics, which introduce a slower pace and higher bounce, the French Open is widely known as one of the year’s most physically demanding tennis tournaments. As such, it’s trendy among tennis fans and sports bettors, who eagerly await making their French Open picks and placing their wagers.

As one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world, everyone who calls himself a punter should know how to bet on the Roland-Garros.

This article will teach you everything about choosing the best French Open betting sites.

List of the Best French Open Betting Sites

The most important thing you need to do before making your French Open predictions and placing bets on the tournament is to find a solid bookie that will accept your wagers. That process isn’t complicated if you know where to look, and while it can be time-consuming, the time investment is worth it in the long run.

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You should always look only at the legal sportsbooks that have a betting license, solid reputation, as well as good market depth, and competitive French Open betting odds. If you locate a bookie that checks all those marks, you are set to choose your betting selections with optimal conditions. And don’t forget to make some French Open odds comparisons between the bookies to find the one with the best betting odds.

Although the factors mentioned above are the most important, you should also keep an eye out for bookies that offer betting bonuses and promotions. Most of the best tennis bookmakers will have rewards for the French Open, but no shortage of more traditional bookies will also have some proposals.

Offers & Promotions

Finding special promotions for the French Open isn’t difficult since most prominent bookies will have some offers ready once the tournament is on the schedule. For example, Bet365 will have free bets on the opening round of the French Open, while you can find boosted prices for French Open winner odds on William Hill.

Those are only 2 examples of bookies and types of promotions you will be able to find, but rest assured that other bookies will have some bonuses ready as well. The most common will be free bets and odds boosts, but you shouldn’t be surprised if bookies also start offering to reload bonuses during the French Open.

You should always consider picking a bookie with solid promotions, but don’t forget to read through the rules and the terms of the offers. Most won’t require you to do anything, but some might have a minimum bet/deposit, so keep an eye out for that!

French Open Odds

You must learn how to read French Open betting odds before betting on this tennis tournament. That might sound not very easy, but it isn’t as long as you understand how odds and betting markets work.

So if you have ever placed a bet on the Australian Open or have ever looked through Canadian Open odds, you should be very familiar with the French Open tennis odds and how to find the best wagers, but one thing you should always keep in mind is that the odds will differ depending on the bookie you’re using.

Bookmakers use very sophisticated models with their stats, and since no 2 bookies can have the same statistics, different bookmakers will also have other French Open tennis odds available. Because of that, you should always look through multiple bookies and bet only with the best odds.

French Open Specials

There are many ways you can bet on the French Open. You can wager on single matches, tournament winners, and proposition bets. With so many stakes, deciding what to bet on is often tough, but it’s easier if you understand each bet type. So here are French Open special wagers.

Men’s Singles Winner

Of all the competitions during the French Open, the men’s singles tournament is the most popular among viewers and bettors. It’s viewed as the pinnacle of professional tennis, as some of the world’s best tennis players go head-to-head for the crown.

Betting on men’s singles is very straightforward since you’re only betting on which of the 2 players will win any given match. The odds are very easily accessible, and you won’t have to look far to find them since they’re usually located on the main tennis betting page of any bookie you visit.

Women’s Singles Winner

Although slightly less popular than men’s, the women’s tournament is still a huge hit among tennis bettors. That is because the principle behind betting on women’s singles is the same as wagering on men’s singles – 2 tennis players meet on the court, and one walks away as the winner.

So if you’re betting on singles, you need to pick which of the 2 players you believe has a better chance of winning. Think of it like betting on soccer, but without the possibility of a draw. Like men’s singles odds, women’s are readily available across all bookies.


The French Open can be highly exciting, but no match is as important as the grand finals. If you want to bet on the final game, you will take the same approach as betting on singles since it’s still a one-on-one match between 2 tennis players.

The only real difference is the increase of bet bonuses and promotions you will find bookies offer on the French Open final. So if you can get your hands on French Open final odds bonuses or other promotions, there is plenty of value to be found in betting on the grand finals.

Although the French Open’s whole idea is for the world’s top players to play one-on-one games until there are only 2 standing, there are many ways you can approach betting on this tournament. From moneyline to totals, parlays, and props, here are the most popular wager types you can use to bet on the French Open.

Match Result (Moneyline)

Match result (or moneyline) is the simplest bet you can make across any sport. It’s essentially a wager on the outcome, so if you use the moneyline to bet on the French Open, you have to predict the winner of the given match. And there is nothing more to it.

Set Totals (Over/Under)

Set total betting in tennis is very similar to goal total wagering on hockey or points total betting in basketball – the only difference is that you’re not betting on goals or points, but instead on the number of sets.

Set totals are among the most popular options for betting on French Open tennis and are widely used by all tennis bettors. With it, you’re predicting the total number of sets in a given match, for example, whether a clash between Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal will go over 4 sets or not.

Note that the men’s singles matches are played as best-of-5 (Bo5), while women’s singles matches are played as best-of-3 (Bo3), which means that the total set French Open betting lines for men will usually be set at 4.5 and 2.5 for women.

Game Totals (Over/Under)

Game totals are very similar to the set totals, only that here you’re not betting on the number of sets but rather on the number of games. For example, if Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are playing a 3-set match, the line for game totals will be set close to 22.5 games.

The principle of all over/under bet types is the same – bookies will set a line they believe is fair, and then you can predict whether the actual number of a statistic (sets, games) will be higher or lower than the offered number by the bookie.

As a highly popular bet type, game totals are available on all bookies, usually under the “totals” tab.


Parlay bets are highly exciting, especially for those looking for bigger odds. Even though it’s not a special bet type, a parlay is a single wager that combines multiple other bets.

For example, you can bet on Roger Federer to defeat Dominic Thiem and combine that bet with 2 other moneyline or over/under wagers into one stake. Parlay bet then connects the betting odds of all 3 wagers and provides you with a much higher potential payout – but for the parlay to hit, all your selections must win.

Prop Bets

Prop bets (or proposition wagers) are special bets you can make that are not necessarily related to how a specific game will end. Instead, with prop bets, you’re betting on an occurrence or non-occurrence of a particular event in the game.

For example, you can bet on which player will score the first ace, a double fault, and more. You can even find more exotic prop wagers, such as bets on whether a player will break his racket or whether there will be a toilet break. There is essentially no limit to what prop bets can cover, making them one of the more unique wagers you can make on the French Open.


Futures betting (or outright betting) is essentially wagering on which player will win the whole tournament and is the favourite bet type for any betting expert, mainly due to the very generous wagering odds. The odds to win the French Open can range from only 3/1 on the favourites to 100/1 and more on the outsiders.

Additionally, betting bonuses and promotions are often added to future Roland Garros odds, further improving your chances of cash in huge profits. And since futures betting is prevalent, you will be able to find future French Open betting odds on all bookies – often well ahead of time.

Many prominent bookies, such as 1xBet, William Hill, and Bet365, will start offering future French Open odds for the next year shortly after the tournament finishes. So if you believe that Rafael Nadal will win next year’s French Open, you can bet on him a year in advance.

Bet of the Day

Some bookmakers will offer special promotions during the French Open by providing better odds or offers on a specific match, billed “Bet of the Day.” There is no telling which matches the bookies will choose, but it is often a match between 2 favourites of prominent tennis players.


Keep an eye out for these promotions and take advantage of the better odds they provide!

How to Bet on French Open

So far, we have covered where to find the best French Open betting sites, how to read the betting odds, and which wager types are available to you. Now it’s time to piece all that together into a step-by-step guide on what you should do to succeed in betting on French Open tennis.

  1. Find a reputable, safe, and legal sportsbook.
  2. Register with a bookie that can provide you with enough market depth and competitive odds.
  3. Consider creating accounts with multiple bookies for price shopping.
  4. Look out for bonuses, promotions, and other offers.
  5. Find a betting site that can provide you with stats and betting expert previews of the matches.
  6. Pick a bookmaker that has live wagering and offers a mobile betting app.
  7. Find a betting strategy that works for you and stick to it.
  8. Learn bankroll management.

French Open Live Betting & Live Streaming

Live or in-play betting is arguably one of the most exciting ways you can approach wagering on the French Open, and it can also be highly profitable. As its name would suggest, in-play betting is wagering on games while they happen. You might wonder why you should live bet rather than place your wagers before the game starts.

The answer is very simple. The French Open betting odds on the live markets are generally much better and offer far more value for those who know where to look. If you know the game and understand what is happening on the courts, you will know when and what to bet on.

For example, if Novak Djokovic is losing against Roger Federer 0-1, but you know that Djokovic usually performs better in the second set, you can place an in-play bet on the Serbian tennis player to win the second set.

If you want to wager in-play, you need to have access to 2 things – a bookie that can provide you with live betting and a live stream of the game. Usually, the 2 things come in a package since many bookies that offer in-play betting also have live-streaming options.

French Open Betting Tips & Predictions

Before you place your French Open bets, you need to analyze all the available stats, information, players’ form, trends, news, and the offered betting odds, which can be very time-consuming. Especially if you’re a casual bettor, you might not have enough free time to do all that to find one solid bet.

So while you should always make up your mind on what to bet on, it helps to check what tennis betting experts have to say and read through tennis betting previews to get a better idea of what to wager on. Of course, you shouldn’t blindly follow whatever online experts say about games. However, a written prediction or a betting preview can still be an excellent source of valuable information to help you make the right choice.

French Open Stats

You need to know a thing or 2 about the tennis players before you can expect to profit from betting on the French Open, but even if you follow all the games, you won’t make it far with gambling if you don’t have access to statistics.

It’s very easy to form a subjective opinion on a tennis player and bet on him or against him because of your beliefs. That is why you should always check the stats and combine the numbers with your opinion on the next game before you place your bets.

Stats never lie and are a bettor’s strongest weapon when picking smart bets on French Open or any other tournament across all sports.

French Open Overview

Before we end our French Open betting article, let’s look at some interesting facts and information about the tournament you might not know about.

  • 4 of the most successful men’s singles players in the history of the French Open are Rafael Nadal (13 titles), Max Decugis (8 titles), Björn Borg (6 titles), and Henri Cochet (5 titles).
  • On the women’s side, 4r of the most successful tennis players of the French Open are Chris Evert (7 titles), Suzanne Lenglen (6 titles), Steffi Graf (6 titles), and Adine Masson (5 titles).
  • French Open is the second of the 4 tennis Grand Slams, scheduled after the Australian Open and before Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.
  • The French Open has been held across several venues throughout its history, including Île de Puteaux, Racing Club de France, Societe Athletique de la Villa Primrose, Stade Francais, and Roland Garros since 1928.
  • The most popular legal online bookmakers for French Open betting include 1xBet, Bet365, SkyBet, William Hill, LVBet, and Bwin.
  • In 2006, the French Open awarded equal prize money to the women’s and men’s singles champions and was the last Grand Slam tennis tournament to do so.
  • The longest French Open match happened in 2004, when Fabrice Santoro defeated Arnaud Clement after 2 days, with 6 hours and 33 minutes of playtime.
  • Yannik Noah (1983) was the only French men’s winner, and Mary Pierce (2000) was the only women’s French Open winner since the Open Era began (in 1968).
  • The French Open was the first Grand Slam to become an open tennis tournament, allowing professional and amateur players to compete.

Bottom Line

If you have come to this part of our article, you now know everything there is to know about betting on the French Open. Now you’re ready to experience French Open betting first-hand!

Don’t forget to register on a reputable and legal sportsbook that provides competitive French Open betting odds! And remember to keep it simple, never bet with more than you can afford, and be aware of the potentially damaging impact gambling addiction can have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is favoured to win the French Open?
    The betting odds for the 2022 French Open are already out, showing Rafael Nadal as the main favourite to win the men’s tournament. On the women’s side, the online bookies offer Iga Swiatek and Ashleigh Barty as the 2 main favourites to claim the title.
  • How do you bet on the French Open?
    You can bet on the French Open on any online sportsbook. As one of the biggest and most prominent events in tennis and the global sports scene, the French Open is covered extremely well by all bookies, so you can rest assured that you will easily find betting markets on the event.
  • How to bet on Roland-Garros?
    Some bookmakers will offer odds on Roland-Garros instead of the French Open, but that shouldn’t confuse you. Roland-Garros is just another name for the French Open, a name that was given to the tournament in memory of Roland Garros, a French aviator known as the world’s first fighter ace.
  • Who has won the most French Open titles?
    Known as the “King of Clay,” Rafael Nadal won 13 French Open titles, the most out of any tennis player in history. On the women’s side, the now-retired Chris Evert leads the all-time standings with 7 titles between 1974 and 1986.
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