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Next Prime Minister Odds: Who Will Take Over From Boris Johnson?

Next Prime Minister Odds Who Will Take Over From Boris Johnson

If Boris Johnson decides to leave number 10, who is his most likely replacement set to be?

Pressure is mounting on the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and now the odds have been slashed to 6/4 from 2/1 on Rishi Sunak, the current Chancellor, taking over the top post.

So Who Else Is in the Running?

The Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss, is a fairly new name tipped to be a favourite, with bookies odds on her cut to 5/1 from 10/1.

Interestingly, Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, is in 3rd place to take over as Prime Minister, but he’s way behind in the race so far. The odds on his entering number 10 are still drifting, even though the most recent opinion polls look promising for Labour. At the moment, his odds are about 7/1, but just 5% of bets during the past week have been on Starmer.

Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, is next, with odds of around 43/5. Michael Gove follows him with odds of 21/1, then Tom Tugendhat with odds of 24/1. Close behind is Penny Mordaunt with odds of 25/1, then Dominic Raab at 28/1. Finally, Priti Patel is rounding the contenders off with odds of 49/1.

As for the odds of Boris leaving his post in 2022, they have been slashed to 1/2 from 2/1 during the past month. Punters are becoming ever more eager that Johnson won’t survive in his position to the year-end, and this has led to betting attention turning to who will be next to take over as the PM. Although there has been a lot of media attention on him, it looks like punters are still backing Sunak, since the Chancellor is accounting for almost 40% of bets during the past 7 days.

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Latest Odds on the Next PM

  1. Rishi Sunak – odds of 7/4
  2. Liz Truss – odds of 5/1
  3. Keir Starmer – odds of 7/1
  4. Jeremy Hunt – odds of 43/5
  5. Michael Gove – odds of 21/1
  6. Tom Tugendhat – odds of 24/1
  7. Penny Mordaunt – odds of 25/1
  8. Dominic Raab – odds of 28/1
  9. Priti Patel – odds of 49/1

Are you ready to place a wager? There’s no better time to bet on who could be the next Pm!

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