Patent Bet Explained

What Is a Patent Bet - Patent Betting in Football & Horse Racing

Many punters think that betting on sports is risky because of the unpredictability of the outcome. It isn’t all that risky, especially when you use a Patent bet.

In this article, we explained what a Patent bet is and the differences between a Patent bet and a Trixie. You will also learn about how a Patent bet works so you can start using it.

What Is a Patent Bet?

A Patent bet is a cover wager that allows you to use multiple betting methods to place stakes across 3 different sections. These sections are Three Singles, Three Doubles, and One Treble.

The concept of a Patent bet covers all the potential outcomes of the sport you are betting on. So, even if two of the bets didn’t go as you predicted, you can still receive some returns if the other remaining wager went as you expected.

Also, a Permed Patent bet can consist of 4 or 6 selections, with the max number of individual bets placed up to 28.

How Does a Patent Bet Work?

To help you understand the permed Patent bet’s meaning, we would like to explain how it works.

A Patent bet is a betting strategy that allows players/punters to use multiple betting, including 7 bets placed on 3 different selections. The wagers are 1 Treble, 3 Singles, and 3 Doubles.

You can use those 7 bets and 3 selections to cover all the potential outcomes of your betting sports.

The rule of thumb is that at least one of the bets will win so that you can earn a return. The more bets that win, the more returns you make from the game you wagered on.

Generally, Patent bets empower you to wager on any sport that catches your fancy. And the amazing thing about it is that the entire process is automated, so you don’t have to worry about the calculations that come with it.

Patent Bet in Football

It is possible to use it as a bet type in football. You can use the Patent bet strategy better because football offers better odds.

When using Patent bets in football, ensure that you make different predictions and place various wagers for each football match to increase your chances of yielding big results.

Patent Bet in Horse Racing

Football is not the only sport where you can use Patent betting. Horse racing is another type of sport where you can use this type of wagering technique to improve your probability of getting a return on a bet.

The only difference is that the returns on Patent Horse Bet are lower than that of football. Also, using a Patent bet for horse racing has an exception: you can only use the three betting selections across the horse racing betting markets.

Calculating a Patent Bet Payout

One challenge players tend to have with using a Patent bet is calculating their stakes. If you have this challenge, we encourage you to use a Patent bet calculator so you don’t make mistakes.

Here are some of the details you need to enter in the Patent bet calc:

  • The Type of Bet: Here, you will select Patent as the type of bet you placed.
  • Stake Type: Select the type of stake – Stake Per Bet or Total Combined Stake
  • Stake: Enter your stake for the bet.
  • Odds Type: What type of odds did you use? It is either Fractional or Decimal.
  • Conditions: The conditions for the Patent bet also matter. Some popular conditions are Dead Heat, Each Way, and Rule4.
  • After that, enter your Odds and wait for the calculator to come up with your Returns and Profits.

Is it Possible to Do an Each Way Patent?

Yes, you can do each-way patent, provided you use the 14 bets you are offered. The rule of thumb is to place 7 of the wagers for a win, and the system will automate the remaining 7.

Patent Bet Example

The Patent bet definition may seem complicated, but it is not. Here are 2 scenarios depicting the winning and the losing example of Patent bets in football matches.

There are 3 football matches in the following schedule:

  • Chelsea vs Real Madrid
  • Manchester United vs Liverpool FC
  • Barcelona FC vs Leicester City

You want to use a Patent bet to predict the outcomes of those matches to increase your chances of earning returns on your predictions.

Let’s say you predicted that the first match would end in favor of Real Madrid with an odd of -160. At the end of the game, the result was 16:33, with Real Madrid winning the match as you predicted.

For the second match, you used an odd of -120 to predict that Liverpool Football Club would lose the game. The game’s result was 1:3, which means your prediction was wrong because Liverpool FC won the match. That means you are one Patent bet down.

Then, the last match prediction of Barcelona FC vs Leicester City, with an odd of -110, was predicted to end in favor of Leicester City. The match’s result was 2:4, which means that you made an accurate Patent bet because Leicester City won the game.

Patent Bet Strategy

The explanation above shows that the Patent bet explained how you could use just 2 accurate predictions to earn some returns, even when all the stakes didn’t come out as you predicted.

The strategy used here is to make a bet that consists of three selections. These selections are rolled up into seven bets that include 1 Treble, 3 Singles, and 3 Doubles. The strategy here is to back each section at slightly higher odds because that is one of the easiest ways to increase your chances of earning a return, even if only one of the selections wins.

Likewise, you can lose your bet at a football bookie like Bet365 if all your 3 bets or picks don’t come out as you predicted. That means our 3 wagers with 7 different selections did not win as you expected them to.

What Is the Difference Between a Patent Bet and a Trixie?

A Patent bet and a Trixie guarantee a return on your picks when betting on any sport. And while many players confuse a Patent bet with being a Trixie and vice-versa, the primary feature that makes them synonymous is that they both have 3 selections.

Yet, there are differences between a Patent bet and a Trixie that will help you understand how they will help you when betting at horse racing bookmakers.

The primary difference between the two is that a Trixie has just 4 bets instead of the 7 selections included in the main 4 sets in a Patent bet.

Why Place a Patent Bet?

You have much to benefit from using a Patent bet as a guide to making an informed betting decision.

Here are some of the reasons why you should start using a Patent bet as a punter to maximize the returns you will get from each sport you wager on:

  • A Patent bet serves as insurance on an accumulator, meaning that it increases your chances of winning.
  • A Patent bet bolsters your chances of earning more payouts than you could have if you had made 3 separate bets on betting markets.

As a bettor, it is in your best interest to start using a Patent bet to get a higher chance of earning a return because the winning potentials here are much higher than what a traditional accumulator offers.

Also, sign up for an account on a bookmaker site that guarantees the best results. Bookmakers like Betfair and Betfred are a great place to start.

Above all, make the most out of the bonus bets or free bets you will receive to wager on sports that will increase your winning potential with a Patent bet.

We are confident that the tips we shared will help you become a better punter that uses a Patent bet to diversify your betting portfolio to make more money from the sports that excite you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Permed Patent Bet?
    A permed Patent bet is a type of betting strategy that creates an additional Patent bet by covering each possible combination of a Patent bet’s existing (three) selections. This wagering option is mostly used when you want to bet on multiple choices. It would help to split your stakes into smaller combination bets to increase your chances of earning a return.
  • How to work out a Patent Bet?
    You can work out your payout in a Patent bet by using a Patent bet calculator. Before that, you must have picked 3 selections that comprise 1 Treble with all the three choices that come with it, 3 Singles and 3 Doubles with only two of the selections. After that, you will only need one correct choice from the three to win and get a return from your stake.
  • What’s the Difference between a Trixie and a Patent Bet?
    The difference between a Trixie and a Patent bet is that a Trixie only pays you after two of your three selections win, unlike the latter that scores of the winning singles your bet provided that any of your selections won. The other difference between a Trixie and a Patent bet is that it has 3 Singles in its 7 wagers, unlike the Trixie, which doesn’t have any Single. Another difference between the two is that a Patent bet costs more than a Trixie does.
  • How Many Horses can be Patented?
    You can use a Patent bet to select up to 3 horses in 3 different horse races. The idea is to help you spread out your bets for the horses. You are backing each of the horses using the 7 bets on a Patent bet to back all of them to win while spreading the risks of none winning across different combinations.
  • Is a Patent Bet worth it?
    Yes, a Patent bet offers more winning opportunities to punters because of the straightforward way of amplifying your earnings across different sports markets. You only need to be careful when making your selections because the bet only moves to the next level if your choice is successful. Otherwise, you will lose your stake in that particular bet.
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