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Unusual Races To Bet On

Most Unusual Races to Bet On

You can put your money into all kinds of races around the world. We all know about F1 races or motorsports. However, you can also find unusual races to bet on.
Wh Vs Betway

William Hill vs Betway: Which Bookie Is Better?

If you are familiar with sports betting, you have likely heard of William Hill and Betway. These 2 bookies are among the leading betting service providers in the world. They provide a wide selection of sports betting categories and markets and feature some of the best promotions and reliable payment options.
Betting Challenges
Football Industry

Betting Challenges Explained

Everyone’s looking to make money with sports betting online, but sometimes, even that’s not enough. Punters like to take things further with challenge bets which rush bookies can’t provide. Often posted on football betting tips sites, a cash bet challenge asks punters to turn an initial low stake into a massive win over a period.
Best Sports Betting Documentaries

Best Sports Betting Documentaries

Even if you're not a particular sports fan, there's a great chance you watched The Last Dance. The last Chicago Bulls run, narrated by Michael Jordan, offers incredible insight into what happened in those previous Bulls' Glory days. It may not be a Netflix sport betting documentary, but it put sports documentaries on the map.
Best Sports Bettor

Best Sports Bettors in the World

The world of sports betting is a wild one. While many of us struggle to get a single or double right, some people place sky-high wagers and constantly get fantastic returns.

Sports Betting Bankroll Management

Online sports betting and gambling have never been easier. Punters can place bets anytime and anywhere, and while it’s a great commodity, it also interferes with Responsible Gambling. All savvy punters know that a bankroll management sports betting system is needed to achieve success. Many of you are probably wondering – why shouldn’t I bet whatever I feel like? You can, technically, but it’s not a smart move. Your betting bankroll should always be kept on a leash if you want to be successful in the long run.

Legal Betting Age

Underage Gambling is rightfully a legal offence in many countries worldwide, which is why sportsbooks pay special attention to the legal betting age. The sports betting legal age in the US is 21, although states can make up their laws. In some, the betting age limit is lower at 18. Of course, that's not always the case in Europe, where the matched betting age might significantly differ.
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