Injuries Betting

How Do Injuries Affect Betting?

Like it or not, injuries are a major factor in sports you can't ignore. We're not just talking about the impact on the field – injuries affect betting lines too. If you're a punter, you know perfectly well how much impact they can have. Injuries often happen in the most uncomfortable time. If your money is already placed and a star player is out with an injury, your winning chances may be severely impaired.
Weird Things To Bet

Weird Things to Bet on

We’ve already covered some funny bet ideas before, but the ideas on this list are even wilder. If you think that chicken bingo or bog snorkeling are the weirdest sports and tournaments to bet on, wait until you’ve seen these.
Bet Or Wager

Wager vs Bet – What is the Difference?

To bet or wager – that’s the million-dollar question. Also known as a punt, sports betting fans these days believe that the two terms are the same. And while their meaning these days is equal, the truth is that these two words have different etymology at their core.
Oddshark Review

OddsShark Review

If you ask us what changed the world and made it a better place in the past few decades, we'd say it's the Internet. It made a lot of information available to people, from minute-to-minute news to product reviews. The latter comes in many forms – we're not just talking about products you can buy, but services too. Take the OddsShark gambling site, for example. It reviews the best sportsbooks in the industry while giving bettors a lot of updated sports news.
Make Money On Sports Betting

How to Make Money on Sports Betting

It could be a title for a movie or a motivational book. It’s a question many new bettors ask, but unfortunately, the answer is often far from what they want to hear. The fact remains that you can make money on sports betting, but not in an easy way. Compared to casino games, online sports betting requires a combination of luck and personal skills and knowledge.
Betting Credit Score

Can Online Betting Affect Credit Score?

Credit scores are important when it comes to bank loans that many people worry about. This numerical expression can make all the difference if a bank or a financial institution decides whether to give you a loan or not. While some people are blessed not even to need loans, the fact is that they're an integral part of our lives. In most cases, people couldn't afford houses if it wasn't for loans.
Strange Sports To Bet

Strange Sports to Bet On

Betting on football, basketball, or tennis is pretty common nowadays, but there are bettors who love strange sports. We're not just talking about rolling the dice on a friendly bet. There are strange sports out there alive for centuries that range from arm wrestling to snorkeling and chasing a roll of cheese down a hill (not kidding). 
Oddschecker Review

Oddschecker Review

If you're a regular bettor, you know that good sports information is hard to find. Every review and the odds-checking site claims to have the best info for you, but there are just a few worth visiting. One of them is Oddschecker. If you read Oddschecker reviews online, you'll see that it covers the UK market, bringing you the best odds from over 25 sportsbooks.
How Does Sports Betting Work

Sports Betting Explained

Sports betting is one of the earliest and most popular pastimes for people worldwide. People have gambled over everything for centuries. Whether it was a bet between friends or a wager on the races, it's a well-known fact that we can't refuse to gamble. Bookies have emerged in the XX century and have been quite popular for decades until the sports betting industry moved online.
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