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Settled Bets

Settled Bet Explained

The term settled bet refers to an essential part of the betting process that signifies the status of the wagers that punters place with bookmakers. But what exactly does it mean, and why does it matter?
Sports Betting Syndicates

Betting Syndicates Explained

While sports betting is fun, the indisputable truth remains that everyone wants to win. Punters increase their chances of long-term success through betting syndicates, an age-old concept that involves groups of bettors pulling their knowledge and resources together.
Betting And Gaming Council

Betting and Gaming Council

The UK gambling industry has become bigger than ever, becoming a key part of the nation’s entertainment and financial sector. However, this unprecedented growth also comes with diverse issues like ethical standards, unsafe gaming practices, problem gambling, etc. That is why the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC)was set up and tasked with ensuring a safer, fairer, and more enjoyable gambling experience within the UK.
Insider Betting

Insider Betting Explained

While controversial, a fundamental reality within the sports betting world is that people can sometimes get access to insider information. Naturally, many bettors in such a situation would be lured to use this information to their advantage to get big wins, resulting in what is known as insider betting. However, there are rules and legal implications surrounding this act.