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Bet Vs Money Percentage

Difference Between Bet and Money Percentage

To minimize risk, sportsbooks often adjust their betting lines and odds. Two of the various factors considered in this process are betting percentage and money percentage. So, what is the difference between bet and money percentage, and what do they mean? In this article, I'll work you through these two important betting factors, covering how they impact betting lines and the main advantages of bet and money percentages for bettors.
IBAS Reviews

The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) Overview

Disputes between customers and businesses are inevitable in any industry, and the gambling sector is no exception. Issues such as payment discrepancies or mistakes in settling bets often lead to disagreements between punters and betting companies. This is where the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) steps in. Our guide highlights the role of IBAS in maintaining fairness within the UK gambling sector. We delve into how IBAS reviews and resolves betting disputes.
Sustainable Gambling Conference 2024 Report

BetZillion at the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2024

As a part of our goal of working and promoting a responsible gambling initiative, the BetZillion team took part in this year's Sustainable Gambling Conference 2024. There, we connected with leading actors from the gambling industry and talked about important topics related to our goal of creating a sustainable gambling industry.
Company News Industry
Unibet Casino Celebrates New Millionaire From Dream Drop Jackpot

Unibet Casino Celebrates New Millionaire from Dream Drop Jackpot

In an extraordinary turn of events at Unibet Casino, a fortunate player has transformed a modest €3.50 bet into a staggering €2.7 million windfall, courtesy of the Dream Drop Jackpot on the Pine of Plinko game, developed by Print Studios. This big win is the thirteenth time that a player has won a million euros from the Dream Drop Jackpot. In 2024 alone, this game has given away over €5.5 million.
How To Open A Betting Account

How to Open a Betting Account

Thanks to the digital age, punters can easily create a sportsbook account online and place bets from the comfort of their homes or while on the go. One of the most common questions on newbie bettors' minds is how to open a betting account online and what essential factors to consider.
Fanduel Strategy For Success In Washington Betting Scene

FanDuel’s Strategy for Success in Washington D.C.’s Betting Scene

The transition from GambetDC to FanDuel as Washington D.C.'s exclusive sports betting operator marks a pivotal change in the district's approach to sports betting. This move comes in response to persistent grievances with GambetDC, which ranged from the app's functionality and customer service issues to its failure to meet revenue expectations.
1win Partners

1win Partners Revolutionizes Affiliate Marketing in Online Betting and Gambling

1win Partners is making significant strides in the world of online betting and gambling through its affiliate marketing program. This initiative is central to the industry's growth, offering numerous opportunities for monetizing betting and gambling traffic. With a commitment to innovation and market expansion, the program is uniquely positioned to cater to various markets, including Latin America, Asia, and Africa, emphasizing localization to reach a global audience effectively.