Top 10 Sports Statistics and Database Sites for Bettors

Top 10 Sports Statistics and Database Sites for Bettors

There is only so much you can do researching all the needed information for each wager. But this is where sports stats sites come in handy. These platforms provide huge volumes of historical and statistical data on teams, players, and matches. Analyzing this data allows bettors to identify trends and gain valuable insights for placing informed wagers.

However, with so many sports betting stats websites around today, you might get confused trying to find reliable ones. So, I have decided to cover the best sports stats sites for bettors, highlighting what makes them stand out.

Top 10 Sports Stats Sites for Betting

As mentioned, there are tons of stats sites out there. However, this list is curated based on essential criteria, which I will discuss later in this article. Let’s jump straight into the best 10 sports stats sites for bettors.


Flashscore is one of the best sports statistics sites for punters, experienced or noob. The website is primarily a live scoring platform, providing live score updates for over 30 sports and 5000+ competitions. Notably, 1000 of these events are football tournaments.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with Flashscore

Besides live score updates, Flashscore covers almost all other important live match stats. These include bookings, fouls, possession percentage, offsides, penalties, saves, and corners. The platform also offers live streaming options and audio commentary on selected matches. Lastly, it provides real-time odds for live matches from up to 4 bookies, allowing easy comparison. These features make it an invaluable tool for a live bettor.

Besides its live match updates, Flashscore offers other valuable sports bet stats for bettors. You can easily access any team’s head-to-head matchups, league rankings, past and future fixtures, etc.


Sofascore is another popular live scoring platform. It provides fast real-time scores and updates across 20 sports, 11,000+ tournaments, and 500+ leagues. Besides live scores, it offers detailed live match data, including player and team stats and play-by-play heatmaps. What’s more? The sports statistics website features a slick interface and covers around 30 languages.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with Sofascore

Beyond its excellent live match updates, Sofascore has covered historical data for you. It comprehensively discovers player and team stats, including H2H matchups, past matches, etc. A standout feature here is its “Player Statistics Table.” This table uses extensive data from major competitions and over 80 metrics. Hence, it offers the opportunity for in-depth analysis and comparison of player performances.


Whoscored is one of the best apps for football stats in the market. The platform is renowned for its comprehensive soccer statistics, covering every major tournament. Its Livescore updates cover goals, match commentary, and heatmaps. It also offers live streaming for selected matches. Another key feature is its in-depth match preview, which analyzes each team’s lineup before the game. The website also has a vast database of historical stats, with detailed H2H stats, table rankings, home/away performances, etc.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with Whoscored

A major standout feature of Whoscored is its unique player rating system. This system uses sophisticated algorithms with 200+ statistics to evaluate each player’s performance. Hence, it provides an objective analysis that is as accurate as possible.


Footystats is also among the best sports betting stats sites for football enthusiasts and bettors. The platform stands out among similar sites for its emphasis on pre-match analysis. Its vast database provides detailed stats on teams and players across a wide range of leagues and tournaments. These include meticulous details like goals per match, expected goals, both team’s score (BTTS) percentages, and more. Besides, its live scoring stats service can stand toe-to-toe with any other platform.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with Footystats

Another feature that makes Footystats an invaluable tool for any football bettor is its predictions page. This page features 100+ tips on upcoming matches across several competitions.

The only consideration about Footystats is that most of the above services are only available on a paid subscription. The fee costs £19.99, but it’s well worth it.

Soccer Stats

Soccer Stats is easily one of the best football stats sites around. As the name implies, the platform only covers football, so it is very extensive about it. It covers about 400 domestic football leagues across several countries. These include top leagues and tournaments in Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with Soccer Stats

One of the peculiar features of Soccerstats is its excellent interface. Although it covers vast amounts of matches and league stats, it presents the data user-friendly. It ensures bettors can quickly harness the information when placing a wager, making it the ideal sports betting stats database.

For example, let’s say you want to wager overs in an accumulator bet. You can easily select the “Goals Per Match” option to find out the average goals of each team per match. The teams will be displayed alphabetically so you can see and decide which team to add to your accumulator and which not to.


FiveThirtyEight is beyond just a sports stats site. It analyzes and polls on politics, science, economics, sports, and more. The site employs top-notch statistical methodology for analysis and prediction. Notably, it correctly predicted the vote winner for all fifty states in the 2012 U.S. presidential election.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with FiveThirtyEight

Although it is not primarily like other sports stats companies, it also performs predictive analysis on sports such as the NBA and NFL. It employs and combines the ELO and CARMELO ranking systems to forecast game results. Notably, Nate Silver, the founder of FiveThirtyEight, created the CARMELO projection system. The system is dependent on 50,000 simulations of the remainder of a sports season. It considers various factors, including past results, fatigue, team rosters, etc.

By properly harnessing these well-analyzed data and predictions, you can unleash your betting potential and place more accurate wagers.

Soccer Base

Soccer Base is another goldmine of football stats and information. Its attention to detail is what makes it stand out. The platform allows you to explore players’ and managers’ career stats, referee history, and H2H records. Also, it offers comparisons between two teams, access to a complete fixture list, and more.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with Soccer Base

Besides football stats, the platform offers betting tips and proposed stakes bettors can easily wager on.


Want to know why Kickform is one of the best sites for sports betting stats today? A major reason is that its stats, odds, and predictions are scientifically backed. Physics professor Andreas Heuer developed Kickform’s statistical prediction model. The good thing is that the platform is free so that bettors can access it easily.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with Kickform

Kickform also provides match stats for bettors’ use, such as H2H records, team form, and recent lineups. It, however, only focuses on the top leagues in Europe, notably the EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1.


FBref is arguably the best sports stats website when it comes to historical football data and stats. Its football data archive reaches as far back as the origin of the league or competition covered. It covers the entire career of hundreds of present and past players.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with FBref

Beyond its historical depth, FBref provides a wide range of stats and data points across several competitions. One of these data points is the xG (expected goals), which is highly valuable for betting on goals. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee for more stats and features, such as team and player comparison,

Sports Insights

Sports Insights is another major stats site you can leverage for more accurate wagers. It is one of the sports betting stats sites that covers a wide variety of sports. These include American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and college football, and basketball.

Sports Stats, Data & Analysis with Sports Insights

Sports Insights offers valuable betting features. Notable among these is a statistically curated list of transparent daily picks and betting systems. Also, by collecting data from several sports betting sites, the site allows bettors to identify betting trends. It helps bettors determine the percentage of bettors betting for and against a particular option. Bettors can use this information to identify value bets.

What Makes a Good Sports Stats Website?

Below are certain qualities that a good sports stats website should possess:

  • It must cover a wide variety of data and stats that can be easily seen and understood.
  • It must include matchup information, data indicating how well a team or player is doing compared to another.
  • It must offer transparent betting selections available on popular betting apps.
  • It must be able to track and curate the best football betting odds.
  • Must offer prop bets.

Final Words

Sports stats sites can be a major asset to bettors thanks to their detailed and comprehensive statistical data. They help bettors to identify trends and gain valuable insights for placing informed wagers. Therefore, using them appropriately instead of relying on sheer luck can make a difference in your betting journey.

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