Bet-at-home Review

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Payment options
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Betting variety
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Live betting
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Esports Background
Bet-at-home is one of the leading sports betting platforms across the globe. The bookmaker has its headquarters situated in St. Julian’s, Malta. It also has a license to operate in Schleswig-Holstein, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany. So if you are in Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Slovenia, and Switzerland, you can use it to wager your bets.

Here is a Bet-at-home review to find out all you need to know about the sports betting platform:

  • How to open an account
  • How to claim the welcome offer
  • How to deposit and make withdrawals

Bet-at-home Website & Account Info

Bet-at-home is one of the best European sportsbooks where you can wager. Different sports are available on the platform, including football games, the most popular sport across Europe, and several other sports like American ones.

Bet-at-home Review

You have a series of options to choose from, and you can also wager on Esports games. Firstly, you have to open an account with the betting platform. At the moment, Bet-at-home is available in 9 countries. If you are not in those areas, it would not be possible to open a Betathome account.

New users can follow the steps below to create an account with the Bet-at-home sports betting platform.

Fill Out the Registration Form

  • Visit the website and click the Register Now icon on the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

A registration form will pop up on the resulting page, where you must fill in your data appropriately. The first step in filling out the registration form is to select your Title. You can choose Mr or Ms. After that, enter your first name and last name in the spaces provided. You will then find areas where you can enter your street no., postcode, city, place of birth, country, and currency. Then pick your date of birth and mobile phone number.

  • On the other side of the page, you must enter your login details.

Input your email and enter your password. Check whether the password is strong enough, and then re-enter your password in the Repeat password space.

  • After that, select the period for your deposit limit.

For example, it could be per day, week, or month, or you can choose “no limit.” Then click the following button to receive information about betting highlights and bonus promotions via the newsletter from the website. You can also tick the second button to get personalized offers and vouchers via SMS.

  • Click the Register Now icon to finalize your Bet-at-home registration when you are done with all that.

Once you finalize your registration, you must verify your email address. Bet-at-home would send a confirmation link to your email, click the link, copy it to your browser, and verify your email accordingly. The betting platform will then generate the account number you can use to log in anytime you want.

Note that if you use Gmail as your Email address, the link may not drop in your ‘Primary’ folder. Kindly check your ‘promotions’ and ‘spam’ folders.

It is essential to verify your email address because you will only be able to log into your account when you confirm it.

Furthermore, you can request a new link if you can’t find the one sent to you. Do this by entering your customer data in the login bar and clicking the Login icon. You will then see a pop-up with further information on how to get a new link.

You must contact customer support via email if you did not receive an email or entered an incorrect email. The support team will update your data, and you can then place another request for a link.

Verify Your Identity

Bet-at-home request for account verification for licensing reasons, serving as prevention to money laundering. Also, it will help the betting platform understand that no one has an account with the desktop site with a fake account. After confirming your email, you will also need to verify your identity.

Bet-at-home will lock your account if you do not confirm your identity within the time frame. You will often get a request to verify your identity when you want to withdraw your winnings. So, if you are serious about getting your winnings, it is compulsory to complete the verification process.

To verify your identity, you need the following documents:

  • Official photo ID (valid passport, ID card, or driver’s license)
  • Proof of address not older than 6 months (banks, letters from government agencies, or utility bills)
  • Credit cards
  • A photo ID of the credit card owner

How to Verify Your Identity

You can verify your identity using 3 methods:

  • Bet-at-home lets users perform the verification process using its verification partner Jumio. Through Jumio, you can complete your verification process. You will need to upload a selfie and an ID of yourself. To do this, contact the home customer service to get the individual link that will enable you.
  • The second method is to send the requested original document via email to [email protected]
  • You can also upload the documents directly to your betting account by visiting the “personal documents” tab.

When uploading the documents, take note of the following:

  • Ensure you upload the original copies of all documents. They should be in the colour scan, and they must be of good quality.
  • All corners and edges of the documents should be visible, and you should not cover any data.
  • Due to security reasons, you can cover the middle 8 digits of your credit card numbers and the 3-digit security code at the back of the card.
  • Bet-at-home may also ask you to upload a picture of yourself holding your identity card. It happens in extreme cases when the website wants to be certain you own the account.

How to Close Your Account

You may sometimes want to take a break from betting and may wish to close your account with Bet-at-home. In that case, you will need to contact the customer care representative to close your account for you.

Banking Options

Immediately after creating an account with Bet-at-home, you must deposit funds to place your bets. Also, you will need to withdraw your earnings from the website when you win after placing your bets. Hence, a need for withdrawal methods.

Min. deposit £10
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal £10
Withdrawal time Up to 7 working days
Payout 96%

Bet-at-home offers numerous payment methods, and you may need to choose one according to your country. Most of them are the same methods you use when you make your daily billing transactions.

Deposit Methods

The deposit methods are straightforward, and none of them requires a processing fee. Remember that the deposit methods available on the platform are those available for bettors in your country.

Generally, the following are the deposit methods available on the betting platform:

  • Credit card: Use your Visa, MasterCard, or EuroCard to deposit into your betting account. The deposit will be credited into your account immediately, and the minimum deposits are 10 EUR, 10 GBP, 10 PLN, or 15 CHF.
  • Apple Pay: This payment method is for users that use Apple devices. So if you use an iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can use this simple, secure, and private deposit method to fund your betting account. The minimum deposits are 10 EUR, 10 GBP, 10 PLN, or 15 CHF, and the deposit will be credited into your account immediately.
  • Direct bank transfer: If you don’t want to worry about entering any card number or creating an account somewhere, you can use this method. With the direct bank transfer, you can send money into your betting account using your online banking payment. The deposit is immediate, and you can complete online direct deposits as low as 10 EUR, 10 PLN, or 15 CHF.
  • Trustly: Using Trustly is another straightforward method. You don’t need to register an account. All you need is to use your normal bank access data to get the free online transfer to deposit the funds. The transaction process is done immediately, and you can deposit as low as 10 EUR or 10 GBP.
  • Skrill: Skrill is a popular online platform that allows you to pay bills. All you need is to open an account with Skrill, and you can complete the process. The process is completed immediately, and you can deposit as low as 10 EUR, 10 GBP, 1 PLN, 15 CHF, 10 USD, 60 DKK, or 100 CZK. Bettors can also use the E-wallet channel to fund their accounts.
  • PayPal: Everyone is now familiar with it because it is one of the leading paying platforms globally. It is quite easy if you own an account with PayPal, and the transaction is immediate. You can also use PayPal to deposit into your betting account. Then the minimum you can deposit using this method is 10 EUR.
  • Neteller: You can also top up your betting account through the E-wallet platform if you have an account with Neteller. Neteller allows you to deposit as low as 10 EUR, 10 GBP, 1 PLN, 10 USD, or 60 DKK. You have to open an account with the platform, and you can complete the transaction immediately.

There are other deposit methods available at the bookmaker. Visit the betting website to find out.

Withdrawal Methods

Bet-at-home also has several ways users can withdraw their funds. Check below for some of them:

  • Bank transfer: You can withdraw your funds directly into your account through bank transfer. But you can only withdraw 3 times a month free of charge. After that, the processing fee is up to 5 EUR depending on the currency.
  • Skrill: If you have an account with Skrill, you can use it to withdraw your winnings. The platform allows you to withdraw as low as 10 EUR, 10 GBP, 30 PLN, 15 CHF, 10 USD, 60 DKK, or 100 CZK. But the maximum deposit is 6,000 EUR or the equivalent in your currency. You can withdraw for free twice a month, and any withdrawal after that will attract a 5 EUR fee, depending on the currency you use.
  • Credit card: Bet-at-home also allows you to withdraw your winnings into your MasterCard or Visa. The minimum you can withdraw is 30 EUR, 25 GBP, 150 PLN, or 30 CHF, and the maximum withdrawal is 5,000 EUR or its equivalent in any other currency.
  • Neteller: With Neteller, you can withdraw 10,000 EUR or the equivalent in another currency. The minimum withdrawal allowed is 10 EUR, 30 PLN, 10 USD, 10 GBP, or 60 DKK.
  • PayPal: If you own a PayPal account, you can withdraw 5,000 EUR from your Bet-at-home account. The minimum you can withdraw is 30 EUR.

Other withdrawal methods are also available, and you can find them on the website.

Note that Bet-at-home reserves the right to pay you only in EURO, and the betting platform is not responsible for any fluctuation in exchange. Usually, it pays users through the same account they used to deposit funds.

Bet-at-home Bonuses & Promotions

Almost every betting site in the sports betting industry attracts customers by offering them several bonuses and promotional benefits. It helps them keep the customers on the website for a long time. The customers will have more opportunities to explore the betting platform.

Usually, the bonuses could be in the form of welcome offers, Bet-at-home free bets, vouchers, competitions, or no-deposit bonuses. Bet-at-home often sends the promotions directly to the customers, but some could also be available on the promotions page.

Bet-at-home Welcome Bonus

A betting site first attracts potential customers through its welcome bonus. As a result, bettors usually watch out for the welcome bonus an operator bet has to offer before they sign up with the website.

New customers will get a first deposit bonus of 200 EUR when they sign up on the platform. The only requirement to get this bonus is to deposit funds into your account after confirming your email address.

In addition, the first deposit bonus is usually a Bet-at-home bonus, which you must redeem by entering the bonus code. Follow the steps below to redeem your bonus to place your first bet:

  • Once you have confirmed your email address after registration, log into your account and click on the My Account icon in the login menu.
  • Select the Redeem Bonus button on the resulting page.
  • Enter the relevant bonus code in the provided space, and accept the terms and conditions of the bonus by ticking the box beside it.
  • Click the Redeem Bonus icon to get the bonus, and the reward will immediately appear in your betting account.

Ensure you read all the terms and conditions attached to the Bet-at-home bonus to understand how to get and use it. Furthermore, you will need to meet the bonus’s wagering requirements before withdrawing your winnings from the bonus. Also, you only have 10 days to redeem the bonus. Failure to do that will result in losing the prize.

4.8out of 5

Bet-at-home Vouchers

Once you get your first deposit bonus on Bet-at-home, you can also look forward to other promotions on the website. Usually, the betting platform offers unique promotional benefits directly by sending them to the customer’s email. Customers can also visit the promotional page to find out if other promotions are available.

Bet-at-home usually offers sports bonuses in vouchers you can redeem and use to wager your bets. Whenever you get a betting voucher, you can save it by following the steps below:

  • Log into your Bet-at-home betting account.
  • Click the My Account icon in the login menu of the page.
  • Tap the Redeem Voucher button.
  • Input the voucher code, and accept the terms and conditions attached to redeeming vouchers.
  • Click the Redeem Voucher icon.
  • The amount will be added to your betting account.

Note that you can only have one active betting voucher at a time. Any additional coupon will not be activated until you fulfil the rollover conditions or use the voucher funds completely.

In addition, before you can withdraw your winnings from the voucher amount, you must have rolled it over several times. Also, you must meet certain wagering requirements, including predetermined minimum bet odds, before you can make withdrawals.

Each voucher has its terms and conditions. So the best thing to do is find out before you redeem the voucher.

What to Bet On

There is no better betting platform where you can get the best betting markets than Bet-at-home. The sportsbooks allow bettors to wager on sports and Esports. Furthermore, each sport has several events you can bet on, and you can be sure the website covers what interests you.

Number of Sport Games 31
Number of Sport Events 302
Live Events Daily 370
Live Events Monthly 11100
Pre-match Events per Month 10840

Sports Betting

The online sports betting market is the major market Bet-at-home offers to customers to wager their bets. It is because customers wager more on sports events, and the betting platform has all the juicy offers that will keep them on the site.

Available sports

The betting platform allows punters to wager on up to 40 sports markets. It means countless events are available, making the platform a place for everyone. Several sports are covered on Bet-at-home, and you will always find the ones that catch your attention.

The sports available contain boxing, Formula 1, golf, tennis, Aussie rules, table tennis, baseball, basketball, football, and American football. Other sports include ice hockey, cycling, horse racing, motorcycle, cricket, rugby, etc.

Sports Competitions

As stated above, countless sports competitions are available on the website and are lined up according to each sport. Some include the NBA, NFL, English Premier League, MLB, NHL, La Liga, and others. Football fans will have the most access to several competitions on the platform because of how popular football has become.

Special Events

If you are not into sports, you can also wager on Bet-at-home. The betting platform covers you by allowing you to gamble on special events like politics. So if you want to wager on the United Kingdom general election, Australian parliament, Brazilian presidential election, and other processes, Bet-at-home is your place.

Esports Betting

Are you an Esports person? There is a place for you at Bet-at-home. The betting platform allows you to wager on up to 30 Esports markets with several events available per market. Cyber sports markets include Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, eSoccer, Call of Duty, Rocket League, and PUBG.

Other Esports markets comprise Starcraft II, Rainbow King, King of Glory, Sim Racing, WarCraft III, Arena of Valor, and others.

Bet-at-home Live Betting

Many punters now prefer to wager on live games. This type of bet allows you to control your wagers, helping you to claim your winnings and cut your losses. It is referred to as live betting or in-play betting.

Bet-at-home Live Betting

Bet-at-home allows bettors to wager on live betting games, but it is critical to understand how to gamble on in-play games. It is because the odds regularly change depending on what is happening in a game. Several factors that could cause odds to change include goals scored, injuries to a star player, red cards, and others.

Live Streaming

Another feature many online sportsbooks provide for their users is to allow them to watch their favourite games on the platform. It is called the live streaming option, where they can watch a game as it happens live.

Unfortunately, Bet-at-home does not have this offer available on the website. But you can follow up on the progress of live matches through the statistics and graphical representation available. The live streaming feature could be one of the features the website may consider adding.

Mobile Betting

Bet-at-home is a bookmaker with its customers’ convenience in mind, which is why there are various means to access the website. While bettors can use the betting platform by connecting on their desktops or laptops, Bet-at-home has also made it available to access their accounts through their phones.

Betting from phones makes wagering convenient because you can always do it in your comfort zone. It means you can wager from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and are in an area where betting is allowed.

You can access the Bet-at-home mobile from your phone browser by entering the appropriate URL. The only requirement is that the mobile version will only work if you have an iOS 8 or Android 4.0 device or higher. Furthermore, you must enable cookies before you can log in.

Bet-at-home App

Many bettors prefer to use a sportsbook app to place their in-depth bets from time to time, and many live betting platforms make provisions for mobile apps. Unfortunately, Bet-at-home does not have a mobile app at the moment. But bettors can use the Bet-at-home mobile version of the app through a smartphone browser.

Furthermore, there are requirements for using the mobile site, and iOS users can only access it with an iOS 8 or above. On the other hand, Android users need to use an Android 4.0 or higher to access their account on the platform.

Bet-at-home Pros & Cons

There is no doubt that Bet-at-home is one of the leading bookmakers for sports lovers, offering a series of sporting events. But to everything that has an advantage, there is a disadvantage. Here are some of the pros and cons of using the Bet-at-home website.

  • Bet-at-home is trusted and has offered betting services for over 2 decades. So users can safely wager on the platform.
  • The betting site is attractive and easy to navigate, allowing users with an excellent user experience.
  • The sportsbook allows users to access the website through their mobile devices, ensuring convenience.
  • The payment methods available on the platform are seamless to follow.
  • The betting platform is only available to users from certain parts of Europe.
  • Bettors cannot use live streaming options.
  • The website does not provide mobile apps.
  • The wagering requirements for the promotions are unrealistic.

Cash Out

If there is a feature a punter watches out for before they sign up with a sportsbook, it is the option to cash out. Nothing is better than claiming your winnings before a game goes the other way round. Also, you can cut your losses to the barest minimum through this option.

Bet-at-home allows its users to cash out on their winnings early before the end of a game if they don’t want to risk the likely outcome. The option is available for single and combination bets, and you can use it depending on the available option. For instance, there could be moments when the cash out is not available for single bets depending on what is happening in the game. Also, you may not be allowed to cash out once a game is going on for Bet-at-home combi bets.

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Bet-at-home Odds

If you are looking for the sportsbook with the best odds in Europe, Bet-at-home should be your best wager. The betting platform provides superb odds that are quite competitive, allowing you to explore several sports betting options. This feature gives the website a competitive advantage over most sportsbooks like Snai and Manbetx, allowing bettors to opt for it.

Usually, the odds on Bet-at-home safe are always in the decimal style because the bookmaker is based in Europe. So, if you are new to gambling, you can read the betting guide available on the website to find out how to wager your bets.

Other Products

Bet-at-home encourages many customers to sign up on the platform, which is why it provides a series of other products apart from sports. These products include politics, where you can wager on upcoming elections.

Bet-at-home Casino

Also, you can place your bets on Bet-at-home casino games if you are interested in that line. You will also have access to the casino bonus to wager on the live casino games. Furthermore, the casino site is unique, with various features available.

Contacts & Support

Naturally, users will run into problems using the sports betting website. It usually happens when they are new to the website. If you find yourself in this category, there are several ways to get out of this problem.

Support email [email protected]
Support Phone Number +35 627922492
Live chat Yes

The first one is to check out the FAQ section available on the platform. There are answers to almost every question you may want to ask in this section. In addition, the frequently asked questions are divided into categories, ensuring you can navigate your enquiries quickly.

If you are unsatisfied with the answers you got through the FAQ section, you can send a question or feedback to the website. Do this by filling out the form on the “Help” page and entering your questions accordingly.

In addition, there are other means to contact customer support representatives (phones and emails).

Bet-at-home Verdict

Bet-at-home has a track record, making it one of the best sportsbooks in Europe. The website offers premium promotions, including a first deposit bonus for new users. In addition, the odds are competitive, allowing users to explore many options on the platform. It is not quite right to miss out on these offers. Click the button below to open a betting account with Bet-at-home.

Open Acc at Bet-at-home

Frequently Asked Questions

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