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ManBetX is among the long-standing bookies established in 2007 and owned by Vivaro Limited. Users will find a wide sports lobby to wager on with decent odds. It includes football, basketball, golf, hockey, and motorsport selections. There are also non-sport betting options like special events.

The bookmaker has a clean and easy-to-use website where users can access everything with a single click. ManBetX has also enhanced mobile performance, where you can seamlessly access all features available in the desktop version. The betting platform works with prominent payment options and has an excellent customer support team.

Read on to familiarize yourself with the platform`s licensing, safety, design, live betting, and cash-out features. You will also find the available sports competitions and how to bet using your mobile device.

ManBetX Website & Account Info

ManBetX is a fully online broker; you can only access their betting and other products over the internet. The website is the main channel through which you use ManBetX, and you can access the official link — However, ensure that you only go through this link, as various versions of the ManBetX website are online. For instance, you may come across the domain and also One of the reasons for the multiple domain names is that ManBetX services are available globally, and there may be a need to register a domain name for each country.

User-Friendly Design, Layout, and Structure

ManBetX has an above-average web design that allows users to access what they need seamlessly. The main features are situated on the homepage, with clear icons to help distinguish with just one click. Additionally, the accounts section allows you to manage your account details and review bets. There is also a payment tab to access various payment methods and execute withdrawals and deposits.

ManBetX Review

You can get customer assistance by clicking the customer support section on the homepage. Unfortunately, ManBetX provides customer assistance using email only.

Also, ManBetX purchases other domain names similar to the “ManBetX” name to avoid scams. Yet, you can’t be sure that any ManBetX website domain you click doesn’t belong to scammers. However, the only authentic domain is to avoid any issues. Here you can make prematch, live and virtual bets on your favourite sporting events anywhere globally. There is also casino and live casino betting services on this website. Other things you may get from the website include top news across all sports, a live calendar and live results from games currently being played.

You will find the full range of services provided by ManBetX at the top bar of the website’s homepage. If you’re using a mobile device, look for the “three-dash” symbol in the top left-hand corner and click on it.

ManBetX Account Opening Guide

Since all ManBetX services are online, the website is the only place to open it. On the top right-hand corner, you will find the buttons for “Login” and “Register.” If you’re a new user, click “Register” to start.

The registration process is simple; you only need to fill in a little information:

  1. You should enter a username, email, and password on the first page.
  2. The next page requires entering your details and basic account information. Specific items they ask for include full names, birth dates, addresses (city, country and zip code), phone numbers and occupations.
  3. The account information includes your currency, promo code (if you have one) and possible deposit amounts (daily, weekly and monthly). Note that when opening the account, there is a daily deposit limit of £200, a weekly limit of £800, and a monthly limit of £2,400. However, you can increase this when you verify your account.
  4. At the bottom of the page, you can select the channels to receive notifications from ManBetX. For example, you can choose one or all push notifications, phone calls, emails or SMS.

You should receive an email with the following steps, including information to verify your account. You need to submit a government-issued ID document and utility bill for verification.

Note that the above steps are mainly for ManBetX UK, but the steps are similar across most countries.

ManBetX Account Closing Tips

Should you desire to close your ManBetX account, it is not complicated. Send an email to customer service requesting that you want to close your account. Each country’s specific customer service emails may differ, but the one for ManBetX UK is

Note that your account may not get deleted from ManBetX’s records immediately. There are laws in some countries that require companies to retain customer records for some time, even if such a customer has closed their account.

ManBetX Licensing and Safety

The ManBetX bookie is licensed and monitored by the UK Gambling Commission. This licensing body ensures bettors have a safe betting environment. The wagering site adheres to responsible gambling and collaborates with organizations like IBAS, GambleAware, and GameStop. ManBetX has secure encryption technologies and reliable SSL certificates to protect customer data and finances from third parties. Overall, the betting platform has showcased reliable safety measures.

ManBetX Quick Facts

📅 Year Established 2007
🤑 Welcome bonus
📱 Mobile application
💵 Minimum Bet £0.10
🔝 Maximum Profit Unlimited
↩️ Payout Percentage 93%
🖱️ Live (In-Play Mode)
📺 Live streaming
💸 Cash Out
🎰 Other Products Casino, poker

Banking Options

ManBetX provides multiple channels to get money in and out of your account to provide customers with sufficient variety.

Min. deposit £5
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal £10
Withdrawal time Up to 3 working days
Payout 93%

Learn the details about ManBetX deposit and withdrawal.

Deposit Methods

There is some information you should know about depositing into your ManBetX account.

It includes:

ManBetX Deposit Channels

You can use one of bank deposits and transfers, credit cards, or popular E-wallets to deposit into your ManBetX account. Unfortunately, you can’t get PayPal.

Note that not all these services are available in all countries. For instance, Wirecard doesn’t work in some countries any longer.

ManBetX Minimum Deposit

ManBetX doesn’t set any minimum deposit amount before you can make bets. Also, note that each payment channel may require a certain minimum amount to process the deposit into your ManBetX account. For instance, for Neteller and Skrill, you need at least £20.

Transaction Period

ManBetX has no control over the timespan for your deposit transaction. Each deposit method has different time lengths to process transactions, and we recommend that you go for the faster ones. For example, card transactions can be instant or reflected in a few hours. E-wallets are generally even faster.

Deposit Charges

ManBetX doesn’t charge any fees when you deposit money for betting. If there are any fees, they will come from the payment channels and some charge higher than others. For example, E-wallets tend to charge only a fraction of the fees, while bank deposits can be expensive, especially if they involve international payments. If they are available, go for those methods that charge fewer fees.

How to Deposit into Your ManBetX Account

If you want to start making bets on the account, follow these steps to make a deposit:

  1. Log in, and click the “triple-dash” button if you use mobile. If you access it through a PC, you will find the Account Balance in the right-hand corner. Since you’ve not deposited, this should read “£0.00.”
  2. It will lead you to the available banking options, including bank transfer or deposit, credit/debit card or electronic wallets.
  3. The next page should require you to enter the details of the payment method you selected. For instance, the card will need you to enter the Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV and sometimes the PIN (it will depend on the card type).
  4. Click “Proceed” and expect the funds to reflect at any time.

ManBetX Withdrawal Methods

Ensure you consider the following before making withdrawals.

ManBetX Withdrawal Channels

The ManBetX withdrawal options are also used for deposits, including bank transfers and deposits, cards and E-wallets.

Generally, the channel you deposited into the account is also used during withdrawals. The main reason for this is to protect you, as changing withdrawal channels from those used during deposits is something scammers are likely to do. You can still switch channels, but ManBetX will conduct multiple verifications to ensure you have made the changes.

Like other sportsbooks, ManBetX takes the security of your funds seriously and takes precautions to help you avoid falling victim to fraudsters. Another thing to note is that the accounts used for deposits or withdrawals must be yours and be in the name of your government-issued ID document. Therefore, if the account name differs from the name you registered an account for, there may be some delay in the withdrawal transaction.

Finally, you need to go through a verification process before ManBetX allows you to withdraw any funds. The verification will include submitting a valid government-issued ID document and a utility bill. Failure to do so doesn’t stop you from wagering and earning, but you can’t withdraw your wins.

ManBetX Minimum Withdrawal

Since there are no deposit minimums, ManBetX doesn’t set any amount as the minimum amount you must have before withdrawing. However, as was the case with deposits, some withdrawal channels may require that you have a minimum amount of money before they can process any payment. For example, you often find this with bank transfers and a few E-wallets.

Again, note that you can’t just deposit into your account and withdraw it. Instead, you must make bets using the deposited funds before withdrawing any amount.

Withdrawal Charges

You don’t incur any charges from ManBetX for withdrawing from your account. Yet, expect that your payment provider (bank, E-wallet or card service) will take a cut of the withdrawal amount as their transaction fee.

Transaction Period

There is no specific time, as the timeframe for each differs. Banks will take some time when you use deposits or transfers. Cards may sometimes be instant, while E-wallets are generally fast.

How to Withdraw from Manbetx Account

The process is similar to the one for depositing. See the steps below:

  1. Click on the account balance button. You will have both “Deposit” and “Withdrawal” buttons. Click on “Withdrawal.”
  2. Enter the amount you wish to take out and the channel, which should be the same as the one you used when depositing.
  3. Enter other details. Expect your funds at any time.

ManBetX Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses help you boost your winning abilities and can save you from depleting your capital.

ManBetX offers rewards, but not the standard type.

ManBetX Free Bets

Free bets enable you to wager on events without using your own money. Sadly, you don’t get any ManBetX free bets.

ManBetX Welcome Bonus

The ManBetX welcome bonus should enable you to get on betting as a new punter on the platform and should come as a ManBetX sign-up offer.


Nonetheless, some users claim that they received some ManBetX sign-up offers. Since not everyone gets this, we can assume that the ManBetX welcome bonus is not open to every wager.

Similarly, some wagers report that they get periodic notifications of ManBetX offers and a ManBetX promo code. Since it is not something everyone gets, we can say the ManBetX promo code only goes to regular users.

What to Bet on

ManBetX offers various betting options, with enough opportunities to wager and win.

Number of Sport Games 31
Number of Sport Events 264
Live Events Daily 374
Live Events Monthly 11220
Pre-match Events per Month 9320

Sports Betting

ManBetX sports betting is its strongest point, as it offers a wide range of sporting options for wagers to select.

Available Sports

The ManBetX bookmaker has a great sports betting lobby with over 25 selections available. Those who love popular sports will get football, tennis, Formula One, basketball, American football, MMA, etc. You will also find the less popular sports like water polo, darts, trotting, and Aussie Rules. These games have a wide range of markets and cover leagues and competitions from all over the world.

Popular sports like football have over 150 betting markets, which is quite up to par with other renowned bookmakers. The one major downside about the bookie is that they do not offer horse racing betting markets. If you desire more niche sports, the ManBetX bookie probably has something for you. These less popular activities include snooker, Kabaddi, Valorant, chess, futsal, speedway, etc.

Sports Competitions

Across these sports, you can access the most popular events featured on the ManBetX website and may find much less popular ones. There are numerous sports competitions worldwide that stretch across all sports. You will find popular leagues and competitions in football, such as the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and the UEFA Champions League. Other popular sports competitions at the ManBetX betting site include the NFL, NBA, and NHL. Plenty of matches in these competitions give bettors good minting chances.

You can access the top European leagues and less popular football tournaments from over 20 countries. These competitions stretch across various countries worldwide and have lots of betting markets. You can bet on markets like moneylines, totals, futures, and props, to name a few.

Special Events

People who want to bet on other activities such as politics (elections and referendums) and entertainment events (such as award ceremonies) — can easily find a full list of special events. Special betting involves wagering on non-sports events, which can be done for fun or with the aim of making money. This involves events like politics, reality shows, celebrity events, and other current affairs around the world. Such betting activities have gained popularity in recent years due to the traction in public interest.

They are also diverse, such as when betting on weather prediction, which enhances your betting experience. The ManBetX platform has novelty betting options like Strictly Come Dancing. You can also check the all special events section for more betting options.

Esports Betting

Esports involves betting on electronic games and provides an action-packed betting experience. The most prominent Esports games include Valorant, Overwatch, Dota 2, Leagues of Legend, Global Offensive, and Rocket League, to name a few. Betting on these games is pretty similar to football matches, where you compare the odds and place the desired stake.

There are also live betting sections and live streaming features in Esports betting. These games have different odds formats, such as decimal, Malay, Indonesian, American, and Hong Kong. Currently, ManBetX offers these popular Esports betting categories, but you can bet on virtual dog racing.

ManBetX Live Betting

Bettors can access the in-play section by clicking the “LIVE” section on the left-hand side of the ManBetX homepage. You can bet on live games from all available sports and events. These matches have plenty of betting markets, just like pre-match wagering. The odds are updated continuously, so you must be keen and choose the odds when they favor your betting experience.

There are also statistics and live information, which are quite helpful in deciding what to bet on. The ManBetX sportsbook has a QuickBet feature that helps you secure the odds before they drastically change. On average, the most popular events and games have over 100 betting markets, while the less renowned ones have approximately several dozen.

ManBetX Live Betting

A visual graphic presentation of how the matches proceed is also a great feature for getting live updates. However, the live betting tab requires some improvement as it seems too cluttered compared to other top-tier bookmakers.

When betting on any game, you can do so before the event begins. However, ManBetX has made it possible to still bet on games even after starting.

To participate in ManBetX live betting:

  • First, go to the website and click that “triple-dash” button.
  • In the drop-down menu, you should find “Live In-play.”
  • Clicking on it will reveal ongoing matches across the various sports. Search for your desired game and make your bets.

Live Streaming

Before making live bets, you should know the event’s direction. Even after placing the wager, you still need to monitor any changes. Seeing the event or match happen live can help you monitor properly. Many bookmakers now have live streaming features on their apps to view games.

Unfortunately, ManBetX doesn’t provide live streaming. However, you can make use of the live updates on the platform.

Mobile Betting

Enabling betting on a mobile device has become necessary for sportsbooks because most people use mobile devices to access betting services. ManBetX understands this and has optimized its platforms for mobile use. You can access the website from any mobile device with a decent user experience and easy navigation.

The ManBetX mobile website is user-friendly, it does not require downloading software. It is a great plus as users can bet and manage their accounts on the go. They have also made substantial steps to improve the site in recent years to make it quite appealing. Nonetheless, the mobile design is not up to par with what you will find in other elite bookmakers.

There are also lots of unnecessary advertisements that may be quite annoying to bettors. However, these issues are also present in the desktop design. It means that the bookmaker still needs to execute improvements.

ManBetX does not have a mobile app, which is a great downside compared to other betting providers. Despite the recent mobile site renovations, it would be great if the bookie raised the bars for their mobile betting customers.

ManBetX App

Accessing betting services through a website isn’t optimal, hence the need for an app. Unfortunately, there is no ManBetX app. As such, you have to settle for the website.

ManBetX Pros and Cons

Like other bookmakers, ManBetX has both strong points and downsides. We explain them in detail here.

ManBetX Pros

The good sides to wagering with Manbetx include the following:

Licensing & Registration

One of the most critical factors for selecting any sportsbook is whether or not such a bookie is trusted. While there are many pointers to look at when deciding whether a bookmaker is authorized, it’s important to consider whether or not they are registered. Also, consider the country or region in which they are registered. First, ManBetX is registered in the UK and Malta, both top areas for betting regulation. It holds licenses from both UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

There are several benefits to derive from wagering with a licensed bookmaker. First, you can be assured the sportsbook is credible, and the chances of scams are meagre. Then, your funds are also secure. The likelihood of the company stealing your funds is also minimal. These licensing authorities set strict rules, including making it compulsory for licensed sportsbooks to separate their internal funds from their clients’ deposits.

Furthermore, you should know that you can enjoy your customer rights. If the bookmaker commits any offences against you, you can easily notify the relevant authorities, and they will fix the problem. For instance, the UKGC can suspend the license of ManBetX UK if they commit fraud against their clients.

So far, ManBetX UK has not paid any fines for any wrongdoings to the UKGC or MGA. As a result, it remains one of the platforms not to run into issues with the regulator.

Highly-rated Brand

Mere registration doesn’t make a sportsbook very trustworthy. There need to be other factors, including how well it has worked with top organizations. ManBetX does well in this regard, as it has collaborated with leading sports brands globally. For example, ManBetX was formerly the “International Presenting Partner” for Asia for Italy’s top-flight league, Serie A. It was also formerly the Asian sponsor for Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Until recently, there was the ManBetX Crystal Palace deal in which ManBetX will have its logo on the Crystal Palace jersey in a shirt sponsorship deal. We now have the ManBetX Wolves shirt sponsorship contract with the ManBetX logo on the jersey of the leading EPL club.

All of these serve as endorsements of ManBetX’s credibility.

Top-notch Services

ManBetX is committed to providing its users with some of the best services in sports betting. For one, it has a standard online platform featuring the latest data protection and security tools. In addition, the website is decent and can be navigated by anyone.

In addition, while payment channels influence the speed and quality of payment transactions, the sportsbook platform still contributes. ManBetX provides a highly-responsive platform that connects to the various payment channels seamlessly. Therefore, transactions are faster than what you get elsewhere. You also access modern banking tools, including the leading E-wallet apps.

Attractive Offerings

The offers you get on ManBetX are not what you get elsewhere. The most obvious is the sporting activities that you can wager on. From the most popular sports to less played ones like kabaddi, squash, Valorant and futsal, a wager can participate in any of their favourite activities.

Also, across these ManBetX sports, you have lots of events worldwide. There are as many as 100 live games to bet on per day.

ManBetX Cons

ManBetX also has some significant downsides, including:

Poor Customer Experience

For an up-and-coming sportsbook, ManBetX’s customer support is not commendable. First, they are not available 24/7 at a time when that has become standard for most bookmakers. Then, there are not many channels to access customer care representatives. For instance, there is no live chat. Instead, the company provides FAQs on its websites to answer client concerns.

Inadequate Offerings

ManBetX sports is one area where the sportsbook does a great job. However, in other areas, it is significantly lacking. For instance, there are almost no betting opportunities in non-sporting activities. Gambling platforms realize that people also have interests in other things besides sports and will like to wager on these things. For example, people want to bet on the outcomes of political events such as presidential elections and Brexit. Unfortunately, you don’t get this with ManBetX.

Even in ManBetX sports, you discover that the bookmaker doesn’t perform too well because, in some sports, you have access to only a few events.

Platform Issues

There are inadequacies with ManBetX’s platforms. First, whether in pregame or live betting, punters want to know what’s happening to any game they have bet. Several betting platforms have made it possible to view the games live from their platforms to satisfy this need. It can become so widespread that it is no longer a special feature.

Therefore, it is not good enough for the ManBetX website not to provide this.

The ManBetX app would have allowed players to seamlessly access all the sportsbook’s services. Sadly, it doesn’t provide a downloadable app on Android or iOS. It means wagers are limited to the website for any transaction they need to carry out. Then, it doesn’t offer a mobile app.

Non-existent Promotional Offers

Bookies offer bonuses and promotions to wagers to help boost their profits and reward them for doing business with the sportsbook. It is another feature you would expect the average bookmaker to provide, but unfortunately, ManBetX doesn’t. It is now a general feature in the industry and no longer special.

Yet, ManBetX offers don’t include any standard promos. However, there are promos for a selected few customers.

Cash Out

Cash-out is an excellent feature as it helps punters manage profits and mitigate chances of recording excess profits. The ManBetX bookie has a cash-out feature that gives bettors freedom in their betting experience. You can secure profits even before the game is over, where you will receive a percentage of the potential winnings. The winning rate of the ongoing games will determine this.

ManBetX Odds

ManBetX provides users with attractive odds, but certain things are to consider. First, the odds fluctuate greatly. While the odds are not the same as other sportsbooks, ManBetX’s odds are significantly volatile. They often swing wildly shortly before a game. So, check the platform consistently to get the best odds before placing a bet.

Sports Historical Odds
⚽ Football 93.18 %
🏀 Basketball 94.11 %
🎾 Tennis 93.26 %
🏏 Cricket 93.13 %
👍 Overall 94.73 %

Secondly, you can get better odds on some games with other sportsbooks. However, in non-popular sports, ManBetX offers some of the best odds.

Other Products

We can’t complete a ManBetX review without discussing its full range of products.

ManBetX Casino

ManBetX is mostly focused on sports betting with few other offerings. Among these other offerings is both a pregame casino and live casino service. You can bet on various games through these services, including video poker, roulettes, blackjack, and slots.

You can use the secure account for sports and casino betting, but sadly, there are no bonuses for casino betting.

Contact and Support

ManBetX customer support services are available via:

Support email
Support Phone Number No
Live chat No

Note that the Chat Inbox is not available live. None of these services is available 24/7, but the customer service representatives are generally helpful and professional.

ManBetX Verdict

ManBetX provides commendable sportsbook services and has several areas of strength. You can rest assured of security and credibility and have a platform to trust. On the other hand, there are significant downsides. For instance, not having any promotional offerings is not good enough.

Nonetheless, it is still a great platform and worth signing up with. Click on the website link to register and start making bets.

Open Acc at ManBetX

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ManBetX?
    It has its headquarters in Malta but operates globally.
  • Who owns ManBetX?
    Vivaro Limited, based in Malta, is ManBetX’s owner. Vivaro owns a betting and sporting companies chain and holds a UKGC license.
  • Who is ManBetX?
    ManBetX is a top-notch platform available in several countries for people who bet on their favourite sporting events. It has worked with leading sporting brands such as Real Madrid and Serie A and is the current shirt sponsor for EPL’s top-flight club, Wolves.
  • How do you close your ManBetX account?
    Closing your ManBetX account is easy as you need to address your concern via their email, You may be required to provide certain credentials to prove you own the account.
  • How to contact ManBetX?
    ManBetX has an excellent customer support team that uses email, live chat, and Skype.
  • What payment options are available at ManBetX?
    The bookmaker has several payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, Wirecard, Neteller, Skrill, and ecoPayz. Nonetheless, ManBetX does not allow PayPal transactions.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts

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