Why Choose Web3 Betting and Dexsport as Initial Bookie in This Field?

What is Web3 Betting: Pros and Cons

Web3 betting is getting more popular for punters who prefer crypto payments, but the market is still shaky and unstable. BetZillion has taken a closer look at the betting site and delivers a short and fresh overview of its key features.

Standing for the decentralized web, Web3 is the method of running online apps or programs on blockchain technology. The latter has been a synonym for protected and transparent processing since Bitcoin and Ethereum became world-known terms and opened a new and alternative financial globe – cryptocurrencies.

So, Web3 betting is quite a traditional ability to make a bet on sports events, but it excludes bookmakers and baking facilities as intermediaries. In practice, it means faster transactions, higher odds, and lower fees, as there is no need to keep huge companies and tons of specialists to keep bookies and banks working smoothly.

Since placing bets via Web3 means a close touch with cryptocurrencies and the Ethereum blockchain, the user has to own a crypto wallet with one of the needed currencies. However, he can avoid registration and fully protect his identity as the whole system is decentralized and so uncontrolled by any officials.

At the same time, every bet or paying transaction is a separate smart contract protected from any sort of changes (like odds manipulations) and third-party involvement. The info in every smart contract is stored and can be tracked (without disclosing the identity of the user), which makes the whole system transparent and limits potential fraud.

Dexsport Advantages Over Competitors is one of the pioneers in the field of Web3 betting and offers the following benefits to its clients:

  • fast transactions
  • no intermediaries
  • no registration
  • instant payouts
  • no blocking of players
  • safe and, at the same time, transparent betting system

Dexsport betting platform is one of the frontrunners in the sector, delivering unique paying options and using proven blockchains. They are currently working with BNB, Polygon, OKC, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Ethereum, Linea, Boba, and Tron blockchains.

Being a client of means the ability to use 15 different crypto tokens. Special attention is paid to $DESU – their own one, which is already tradable on PancakeSwap exchange and can be found via its official smart contract address: 0x32f1518BaAcE69e85b9E5fF844eBd617c52573ac.

Moreover, $DESU holders are eligible for bonuses and privileges with early access to new sporting events. All these make Dexsport a reliable place to dive into Web3 betting, combining the interest in sport and the newest technologies in a single hand. Don’t miss the opportunity to get special bonuses right now and join the new trend in sports betting!

Rebecca E
Writer & Media

Rebecca is a Liverpool gal and a big fan of the club. She likes nothing more than sharing tips and predictions on sports betting. Her other favorite sports include horse racing, snooker, and golf. Rebecca is in charge of writing and media at BetZillion. You can thank her for making our articles look so great.

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