2024 US Presidential Election Betting Odds – Late November 2023 Update

2024 US Presidential Election Betting Odds in Late November 2023

The odds have taken a turn in favor of Donald Trump again, as the former president is now the favorite to win the 2024 US elections. A lot of concerns about Joe Biden’s age and health have been affecting him negatively in the polls.

Donald Trump Overtakes Joe Biden in the 2024 US Election Race

Joe Biden turned 81 on November 20, making him the oldest sitting US president in history, but that was also one of the reasons that the most recent polls have Donald Trump over him. Vivek Ramaswamy fell off the top five favorites, as he failed to gain any traction with the Iowa Republicans, while Ron DeSantis has also been struggling in the US election polls lately.

Latest Next US President Odds

Here are the recent odds for who will be the next president of the United States after the 2024 elections:

  • Donald Trump @ 2.60 (8/5)
  • Joe Biden @ 3.30 (23/10)
  • Gavin Newsom @ 9.0 (8/1)
  • Nikki Haley @ 14.0 (13/1)
  • Robert Kennedy Jr. @ 26.0 (25/1)

Donald Trump’s chances have been increasing continuously in the last few weeks, as a lot of people are not happy with Biden as president. Joe Biden was at the top of the favorites earlier in the election race, but he has seen a lot of regression in the latest polls.

If you think that the age of both Biden and Trump will stand in their way, then Gavin Newsom could be a good pick at those odds, as the Governor of California will be a good replacement if Biden decides to drop out. Nikki Haley has had a lot of progress lately, as some of the recent polls had her winning over Biden, so her odds are enticing here and will be dropping.

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Aug 15, 2023
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