Odds for Republican Nominees 2024: Trump Is Holding Onto the Oddsboard’s Top Spot

Republican Nominee 2024 Odds: Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis?

Although some people may feel naturally anxious about Donald Trump going back into the running for 2024’s United States presidential election, many others may rejoice, flocking in huge numbers to their voting stations. It could be the reality, as the one-time business mogul who lost 2020’s election surrounded by allegations of fraud may decide to run once more in 2024.

Currently, Trump is standing as the betting favourite when considering the Republican nominee 2024 odds. He gave a speech saying he wouldn’t be launching a 3rd political party (something which had been rumoured), and he could try to beat the Democrats one more time after his victory in 2016 and the election in 2020 that he still asserts that he won.

US bookmakers odds for 2024’s Republican nominees now have Trump as the favourite with odds of +100. Ron DeSantis is behind at +450, with Nikki Haley with odds of +800, odds of +1200 for Mike Pence, and then Mike Pompeo with odds of +2500. Interestingly, Donald Trump Junior is at the bottom of the odds board, whose odds are currently at +8000.

Another 4 Years of Donald Trump?

When Biden was inaugurated as President on 20th January, speculation abounded that Trump would announce he’d run for 2024’s election. It didn’t happen. Trump didn’t make another speech for another 5 weeks, but when he did, he hinted he’d run in 2024.

It hasn’t been fully announced that the 45th President will run again in 2024’s election. The odds suggest otherwise. His odds have shortened since Joe Biden became President in January.

Trump likely intends to wait until the 2022 midterm elections to see if the red wave (expected if you look at odds with the Republicans favoured to take both the Senate and the House) arises. If so, he’ll probably attempt riding the momentum into the 2024 presidential election. He’s also a current favourite in 2024’s presidential election odds.

2024’s Betting Odds for Republican Nominees – Who Represents the Best Value?

Two names on the odds board appear to have the best chance of knocking Trump off the top spot to be the Republican nominee for 2024. First is Ron DeSantis, currently in second place. Florida’s governor has a lot of support from the Sunshine State, and many other Republican-favouring states have appreciated the way he has approached the Covid pandemic.

Also, DeSantis isn’t entirely against Trump. It helps both voters and the House. He’s also more progressive when compared with the 45th president, and that could work to pull in more swing votes that could upset the election’s balance.

The second isn’t listed on the odds board right now, but Chris Christie is a potentially serious contender. Having been an exceptionally popular New Jersey governor, it was believed in 2012 he could have beaten Barack Obama, although he chose not to enter the running at that time.

More recently, though, he has started to distance himself and took more shots at Donald Trump – someone he supported at the time of his administration. He may be attempting to gain traction before he puts in his bid. Should he end up running, it’s possible his value could be 20:1 or even better.

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