23/24 NHL Winner Odds: Who Are Bookies Favorites?

NHL 2023/24 Stanley Cup Odds & Favorites Preview

The 2023–24 NHL regular season starts on October 10 and ends on April 18, with the playoffs starting shortly after that. The Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, and Toronto Maple Leafs are all at the top of the list of favorites to win the 23/24 NHL Stanley Cup.

NHL 23-24 Pre-season Most Important Trades

The 23/24 NHL season is going to be a fun one, with no clear favorite to win the trophy. The Carolina Hurricanes will be one of the most improved teams this year, as they signed players like Dmitry Orlov and Michael Bunting. The Dallas Stars acquired Matt Duchene in the off-season, and he will be a big upgrade for the team.

The New Jersey Devils signing Tyler Toffoli instantly makes them one of the best teams in the NHL. They already had a good roster, and now they are ready to compete for the title.

NHL 2023/24 Stanley Cup Winner Odds

Here are the ice hockey odds for the 23/24 NHL season winner:

  • Colorado Avalanche @ 11.0 (10/1)
  • Edmonton Oilers @ 11.0 (10/1)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs @ 11.0 (10/1)
  • New Jersey Devils @ 13.0 (12/1)
  • Vegas Golden Knights @ 14.0 (13/1)

The Colorado Avalanche have one of the best rosters in the NHL, but their problem from last year remains, which is staying healthy. The Edmonton Oilers will always be big favorites when they have one of the best ice hockey players in history, Conor McDavid. He had one of the best individual performances ever last year, but they couldn’t get past the eventual champions, the Vegas Golden Knights.

Both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the New Jersey Devils had a brilliant regular season, but not so much in the playoffs. They will have good chances if they stay consistent throughout the year. The Vegas Golden Knights are the defending champions, but it will be hard for them to win back-to-back titles as they lost some of their key players.

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