ACCA Insurance Explained

ACCA Insurance Explained

ACCA insurance is a common term among football, tennis, and horse racing bettors. It’s a promotion that offers a money-back after you fulfill a specific condition as a punter.

Most sportsbooks provide money-back offers on losing ACCAs due to the growing importance of accumulator wagers. This article explains ACCA insurance in detail for the best wagering experience.

What Is ACCA Insurance?

As an amateur or expert punter, you may ask, “What is ACCA insurance?”. ACCA insurance is a promotion that provides money back if your wager loses by one leg. It’s typically paid as a free bet instead of the conventional cash payment. Depending on the sportsbook, additional rewards come with an ACCA matched betting or insurance.

In the ACCA insurance for football, the bookie will reward you with a free bet that equals the same value as your initial stake if a goal messes with your conventional accumulator.

How ACCA Insurance Works

Accumulator insurance is a concept that provides additional security over your accumulator. If a selection of your accumulator loses, you can have a refund of your accumulator in the form of free bets. Sportsbooks also conventionally ensure that ACCA insurance is available for both new and existing punters.

As a bettor, the benefits you enjoy from the ACCA insurance depend on the bookie you pick. Some mobile bookmakers provide them as welcome bonuses, while others use them as conventional promotional offers. You don’t need to use very high odds since it involves multiplying odds from all markets.

How to Claim an ACCA Insurance Offer

The first step to claiming the best ACCA insurance offers has a valid account with any reputable sportsbook. After registration, proceed by placing your ACCA with the bookie, and if a leg fails, you will get a free bet on the same value stake on any event.

When claiming an ACCA Insurance offer, it’s essential to review the bookie’s terms and conditions to ensure that your ACCA has a minimum of four to five selections to qualify and that a maximum stake can be in place.

Most sportsbooks allow bettors to know the amount they can cash out at various points in the game if the selections are accurate. Overall, once you meet the bookie’s fundamental requirements, you can claim the ACCA insurance offer.

How Refunds are Worked Out and Paid

In ACCA, refunds are in the form of free or bonus bets instead of cash. If you place a $10 wager on various selections in soccer and a team loses and causes a failure in the accumulator, there’s still an option. The sportsbook starts by working out the stake (in this case, $10). After determining the stake, the bookie refunds that amount because you only lost a leg of the selection.

Since the returns are free bets, you can apply the basic wagering principles to win the bet. Note that no reputable sportsbook will provide a refund in the form of real money.

ACCA insurance involves significant football, tennis, and horse racing betting markets. The essential football markets include the total points scored, goal scorers, handicap, total goals scored, both teams to score, and winning margin. Note that bookies that offer ACCA also provide unique betting markets for specific matches.

In horse racing, the traditional markets include win, each way, place, ante-post, forecast/tricast, and multiple conventional wagers like Lucky 31, Yankee, Trixie, and Treble. For tennis, bettors typically involve markets like match betting, handicap, and set wagering.

Overall, it’s essential to note that the most popular ACCA insurance strategy includes markets like Win-Draw-Win, Both Teams to Score, Win and Both Teams to Score, Over/Under 2.5 goals, Anytime Goalscorer, and the standard Asian Handicap. The essence of betting markets is to provide more value and flexibility for the bettor.

ACCA Insurance Examples

Suppose you’re placing a wager on 5 different Premier League teams to win their various matches. Here are 5 team selection and their opponents:

  1. Manchester City vs Crystal Palace: Man City to win
  2. Manchester United vs Liverpool: Liverpool to win
  3. Chelsea vs Wolverhampton: Wolverhampton to win
  4. Arsenal vs Brighton: Arsenal to win
  5. Leicester City vs Burnley: Leicester City to win

After placing a $10 wager, your third selection ends up wrong; you will get a refund in the form of a free ACCA bet. Hence, the bookmaker will grant you $10 worth of free bet when Chelsea wins the game (according to the third selection).

Best Bookmakers with ACCA Insurance

ACCA insurance is an exciting concept with minimal rules for all bettors, especially those that love the specific betting markets that involve accumulators. Picking an appropriate bookmaker ensures you don’t miss out on any available deals. Most importantly, many sportsbooks, including the common NFL sportsbooks, require different methods to use their ACCA insurance. Here are some of the significant ones:


Betfred ACCA insurance offers football accumulators that majorly apply to the match result ACCA involving a minimum of 5 teams.

Betfred Review

Like the conventional working mechanism of the ACCA insurance, if a team loses in terms of their final result, you can get your stake in the form of a free bet of up to £10.

William Hill

The William Hill ACCA insurance applies to all wagers with a minimum of 5 selections.

William Hill Review

On the bookie, the highest allowed free bet is £20, and bettors can only benefit from a free stake per day. William Hill always pays the refund when you meet the necessary fundamental requirements.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power ACCA insurance works like the conventional ones. The sportsbook refunds punters with ACCAs let down by a selection. On the bookie, the promotion is available for bettors 18 years or older. You can get your free bet 7 days after Paddy Power credits you.


On Bet365, you must have a valid account before placing the accumulator wager or enjoying the ACCA insurance. Note that you need to be a minimum of 18 years to have an account with them. After meeting those essential criteria, you can benefit from the Bet365 ACCA insurance.


Coral ACCA insurance is specifically for football. It applies to the match result wagering market that involves 5 or more selections. If you are eligible for the promotion and successful, you can use Coral Cash Out to secure your return anytime.


One of the unique features of Betfair as a sportsbook offering ACCA insurance is that they refund bettors as cash, unlike conventional free bets. Once the bookie settles the last leg, they send the payment immediately. Betfair ACCA insurance doesn’t have any maximum refund or minimum odds.

Note that Betfair typically refers to its ACCA insurance as the ACCA Edge. In this promotion, bettors can benefit from placing Trebles, unlike the conventional 5folds from most bookies.

Accumulator Sports

ACCA insurance is a magnificent concept for most bettors, including experts. Depending on the bookmaker, like 188Bet or Sportingbet, you may benefit from ACCA insurance via football, horse racing, tennis, or other significant sports. Ensure you understand the sports that you pick for your ACCA insurance wagers.


Football ACCA insurance is one of the most typical ACCA insurance types in most bookies. Hence, for the Ladbrokes ACCA insurance or any other bookie, you can place accumulators on various teams, including Premier League squads, and get a return if a selection loses. In most bookies, the maximum refund for a day is £25.

Horse Racing

Generally, horse racing is a significant sport that may involve accumulators, depending on your betting experience. You can place over 5 selections of various horses in different events and get a refund when one leg fails in your wager. A good level of horse race wagering is essential before engaging in the ACCA, like the Betway ACCA insurance or any other bookie that offers this sport.


ACCA insurance in tennis is less common than in football or horse racing. Most experienced punters that need additional profit with low levels of risk go for tennis ACCA insurance. Like football and horse racing, most bookies refund £25 every day. If your five-fold accumulator wins in this sport, you can get a 15% bonus.

Other Sports

Apart from football, horse racing, and tennis, ACCA insurance is available in some other sports. Depending on the bookie, like 888Sport or BetVictor, you can enjoy ACCA insurance for NBA (Basketball) and NFL (American Football). Few bookies may also specialize in American Sports ACCA insurance.

Final Words

ACCA insurance is similar to conventional insurance because it protects from losses due to accumulator bets. Bettors who love sports like tennis, football, and horse racing can benefit from ACCA insurance. Ensure you understand the ACCA to enjoy the Sky Bet ACCA insurance and those from other bookies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to make a guaranteed profit with ACCA insurance?
    Ensure you make strong selections that should naturally lead to a win due to intense analysis of match records and other stats. Pick a reputable bookie that provides ACCA insurance for both new and experienced punters. You should also avoid making your stake exceed £25 for that day for the safest experience.
  • What does 5+ ACCA insurance mean?
    In sports betting, the 5+ ACCA insurance means the accumulator wager that involves over 5 selections. In the 5+ ACCA insurance, you will get a refund if one of your selections or legs loses. Most of the top bookies in the sports wagering market offer 5+ ACCA insurance.
  • Does Bet365 have ACCA insurance?
    Yes, Bet365 has ACCA insurance for both new and existing punters. The sportsbook provides free bets for bettors who lose a selection out of 5 or more others. Ensure you have a valid account with the bookie to benefit from their ACCA insurance offer.
  • What is Ladbrokes ACCA insurance?
    Ladbrokes ACCA insurance works like the conventional accumulator insurance from other bookies by protecting your stake when you miss a leg in your selections. In Ladbrokes, your bet will qualify, and you’ll get up to £25.
  • Still have questions?
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