Oddschecker Review

Oddschecker Review

If you’re a regular bettor, you know that good sports information is hard to find. Every review and the odds-checking site claims to have the best info for you, but there are just a few worth visiting. One of them is Oddschecker. If you read Oddschecker reviews online, you’ll see that it covers the UK market, bringing you the best odds from over 25 sportsbooks.

And it’s not just an odds-checking tool. The Oddschecker desktop site has other features, including a comparison tool, guides and tips, a TV sports calendar, and market reports. In short, it has everything punters need before they place their bets. This guide will tell you more about the site’s services and why it’s so great.

What Is Oddschecker?

The name says it all. Oddschecker’s main service is giving punters odds from over 25 bookmakers in one spot. Those are the biggest bookmakers in the UK, so expect quality odds from the best sports betting sites.

Part of the industry since 1999, Oddschecker founded this niche in the UK. There are now many apps like Oddschecker, but rarely are they as good as the original.

Bookies Oddschecker Works with

The bookies listed on Oddschecker are nothing to sneeze at. These heavy hitters have been around for years and have some of the best odds in the industry.

Some of the names you’ll come across are:

How Does Oddschecker Work?

Think of Oddschecker as a platform that collects all the odds for major sports events and compiles them in one spot. The Oddschecker website is a pool for the best odds by the biggest UK bookmakers. For example, if you’re like to bet on the Manchester derby in the PL but don’t know where the best odds are, you don’t need to shop around. They will all be listed for your convenience at the site and displayed in different colours that show you the best prices (bold), drifting odds (pink), and shortening odds (blue).

Oddschecker Website Homepage

Plus, you get bonus offers, sportsbook reviews, guides, tips, and more, making it the ultimate punter’s tips platform.

Oddschecker Features

As mentioned, it isn’t just a simple odds checker site. It has more potential than that and benefits beyond simple odds comparisons.

Bet Basket

If you love betting on basketball, you can easily build your basket Acca using Oddschecker’s Bet Basket feature. It allows you to find the best basketball odds for accumulators in one spot.

Market Reports

The Market Movers section displays the biggest odds movers forced the bookies into action. These are divided into separate sections for different sports.

TV Sports Calendar

The TV Sports Calendar is a nifty tool in Oddschecker’s arsenal. As you might expect, it displays the channels that show the latest major sports events.

Betting Calculators

There are plenty of calculators at Oddschecker that you can use to your advantage to calculate profits or other stuff.

Betting Tips

Don’t know what the smart bet on the Manchester derby is? Read expert tips at the Oddschecker mobile site and see where the wind blows.

Oddschecker Betting Tips

Odds Updating

As mentioned earlier, the odds at Oddschecker are updated by the minute. That way, you will always be kept in the loop with the best prices or see which drifts the most.


There aren’t many settings at Oddschecker UK, but there are toggles on the app. These allow you to adjust exchange commissions and choose the odds display format.

How to Use Oddschecker?

Using the Oddschecker site is not rocket science. It’s easy to see what you need to do from a single visit. Using the settings, you can tailor the experience to your preferences. The site’s separate sections make navigation a breeze. Whether you’re looking for tips or the latest odds on the Superbowl, you can get anywhere with a single click.

What Else Can You Use Oddschecker for?

As mentioned earlier, Oddschecker is more than just an odds-comparison site. You can use it to read expert tips and see the best offers by the top UK bookies. It has everything you need to bet safely on the web.

Oddschecker App – Key Features

We do everything on our mobile phones, so scanning the odds market from our phones makes perfect sense. Naturally, Oddschecker has a mobile app that works perfectly. It is available on Android and iOS devices and allows you to keep your eyes on the prize (odds) 24/7.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the app works on Android and iOS devices. Whether a mobile phone or tablet, it works perfectly on any screen.

Oddschecker App

How to Download the Oddschecker App – Android

  • You can download the Oddschecker Android app from the Play Store
  • Search for Oddschecker in the store and click on install. It’ll only take a minute
  • Alternatively, scan the QR code on the website to do it instantly

How to Download the Oddschecker App – Apple

  • If you’re an iPhone fan, the Oddschecker mobile app will be available in the App store
  • Search for it yourself and click on the install button
  • The process will be finished automatically
  • Just like on Android, you can scan the QR code for easier access

Advantages of the Oddschecker App

  • Shows the best, drifting, and falling prices
  • All your betting accounts in one place
  • Get the best UK bookie offers
  • Expert guides and tips
  • The Bet Basket feature is great

Disadvantages of the Oddschecker App

  • No bookmaker reviews
  • Focused on the UK market

Apps and Sites Similar to Oddschecker

The most similar site to Oddschecker is Oddsshark which is aimed at the US market. BetZillion is a great source of information too. Our team of experts works hard to deliver the best odds on major sports events to your device, along with helpful guides, expert tips, and predictions.

Final Words

Suppose you like to shop for odds before placing bets. No need to look further than the Oddschecker full site. It is available across all devices, including mobile platforms and is more than just a comparison tool. With useful guides, tips, predictions, and special features such as Bet Basket, it’s a no-brainer for new and seasoned punters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Oddschecker?

    Oddschecker is an odds comparison service for the UK betting market. It goes beyond its original use, providing guides, tips, news, and predictions to UK bettors.

  • What do the colours mean on Oddschecker?

    The colours describe odds that are going down, drifting odds, and the best prices, indicated by blue, pink, and bold, respectively.

  • Who owns Oddschecker?

    The Oddschecker service is owned and operated by Sky Betting & Gaming. It’s a British gambling company owned by Flutter entertainment that houses brands such as Sky Vegas, Sky Bingo, and Sky casino.

  • Is Oddschecker legit?

    Absolutely. Oddschecker’s parent company has a lot of history with gambling, so the service is 100% legit.

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