Difference Between Bet and Money Percentage

Public Betting Percentage vs Money Percentages

To minimize risk, sportsbooks often adjust their betting lines and odds. Two of the various factors considered in this process are betting percentage and money percentage. So, what is the difference between bet and money percentage, and what do they mean? In this article, I’ll work you through these two important betting factors, covering how they impact betting lines and the main advantages of bet and money percentages for bettors.

What Is Bet Percentage?

The betting percentage on a particular wager represents the betting trend on that wager. It shows which side the general public favors for that particular bet.

For example, if the LA Lakers were to play the Clippers in the NBA, of the total percentage of bets on the game, 40% may favor the Clippers to win, while 60% would be on the Lakers. Simply put, the betting percentage shows how many people are betting on a particular bet option. It’s a good indicator of public opinion.

What Is Money Percentage?

As the name implies, money percentage represents the total volume or percentage of money placed on a particular bet. It tells you how much is being wagered on a particular side of a bet option.

Sometimes, the money percentage for a bet can be the same or quite close to the bet percentage. It would mean that the majority of bettors on both sides are betting with similar wager sizes. That is, if 40% of bettors favor a particular side, it’s likely that 40% of the total money wagered would be on that side.

However, there can be significant differences. For example, 60% of the bets may be on the Lakers, but the 40% betting on the Clippers may be wagering more money.

Money Percentage Impacts Betting Lines

Do money percentage impact betting lines? Yes, it does. The truth is that sportsbooks are just looking out for themselves when they adjust betting lines. In the same way you want to make money on sports betting, they’re also trying to guarantee themselves an amount of money to win and minimize how much they lose. So, they only adjust their betting lines based on the amount of money involved, not the betting percentage amount.

The idea is that money percentage is a more influential factor on betting lines. For example, let’s say 1000 people placed a bet on the game between Lakers and Clippers. The betting percentage on the Lakers is 60%, and it totalled $10,000. On the other hand, the sports betting percentage for the Clippers is 40%, and it totals $20,000. In this case, the betting line will move toward the team receiving much more money.

How to Use Bet & Money Percentage to Advantage

So, how can you use this knowledge to your advantage as a bettor? Let’s consider an example. In the game between the Lakers and the Clippers, 70% of the bets were on the Lakers, and just 30% were on the Clippers. However, even though only 30% of bettors favored the clippers, 80 percent of money on bets was on them.

This information tells you two things. You’ll be betting against the average bettors by favoring the Clippers. At the same time, you get to be on the same side as the few professional punters wagering high on the Clippers. It is called the reverse line strategy.

Although it’s not always advisable to follow trends while betting, a reverse line movement as high as 70% or 80% of money against the public’s betting percentage is likely to be profitable. Other strategies involve using the bet and money percentage as leverage. Professional betting review sites and communities can expose you to some of these methods. For example, you can join Betzillion’s betting community, an online platform that offers bettors expert reviews of betting systems, sportsbooks, etc.

You should note that the reverse line strategy does not mean you’ll always bet on the underdog. You’re simply looking for and capitalizing on value bets that most bettors wouldn’t find. The strategy also does not displace the due diligence of conducting proper research when placing a bet. Always consider other important factors like stats, performance, H2H records, team and player form, etc. Your research should always support your betting choices.

Final Words

When adjusting betting lines, sportsbooks usually consider, among other factors, the public betting & money percentages in sports gambling. The betting percentage tells them how many people are betting, while the money percentage represents how much money is wagered. As a bettor, you can leverage the understanding of these two factors to make value bets.

One of the most notable strategies you can use is the reverse line strategy. With this strategy, you’re simply looking for value bets, where the majority of the public favors one team, while few professional bettors favor another, as indicated by the very high money and small betting percentage on that team. Put, you’re looking for opportunities to join high limit sports betting professionals to fade the public.

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