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Betting and Gaming Council

Betting And Gaming Council

The UK gambling industry has become bigger than ever, becoming a key part of the nation’s entertainment and financial sector. However, this unprecedented growth also comes with diverse issues like ethical standards, unsafe gaming practices, problem gambling, etc. That is why the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC)was set up and tasked with ensuring a safer, fairer, and more enjoyable gambling experience within the UK.

This article delves into BGC and its role in the United Kingdom’s gambling industry. We will explore the following points:

  • The creation and principles of the Council
  • Its aims and goals
  • BGC’s collaboration with other industry players
  • Facts about the Council

About the Betting and Gaming Council

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) was established in 2019 through a merger of the Remote Gambling Association (RGA), the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB), and the National Casino Forum (NCF). Before the merger, RGA, which was also created from the combination of two different trade bodies, represented the interest of remote operators in the online gambling industry. Conversely, the ABB represented the bookmaker markets, while the NCF was responsible for land-based operators in the casino industry. These three organizations were the largest in their respective sectors and did many of the same things: promoting a safe, fair, and entertaining gambling industry.

By replacing the three bodies, the BGC became the new UK-facing single-operator body serving as the gambling industry’s mouthpiece and tasked with raising standards and driving significant changes. Today, the body currently represents over 90% of retail betting spots, online betting and gaming operators, casinos, and even bingo operators.

The Aims of the BGC

As mentioned, BGC became a single organization with the mission of championing the cause of the gambling industry for both the operators and the customers. The body has three main aims to achieve its mission. The first aim is to set and raise world-class standards across the betting and gaming industry, and the second is to create a culture of safer gambling. As such, they have taken up the role of preventing underage gambling, increasing support for treatment of gambling harm, etc.

The third aim of the Betting and Gaming Council organization is to help build public and institutional trust in the betting and gambling industry. They also safeguard and empower the customers, which is the key to a thriving sector. The Council does all these by acting as a forum that facilitates collaborations between stakeholders in the gambling industry.

The Industry Working Together

Whether it is to raise ethical standards, create a safe and responsible gambling culture, or build public and institutional trust, BGC acts as the unified voice in the industry. As a result, the organization usually works alongside operators, regulators, and other stakeholders within the industry.

As mentioned, the Betting & Gaming Council has become responsible for most online and land-based gaming, sports betting, and bingo operators. These operators are the Council’s members, who must respect BGC’s “enforceable codes of conduct” in all their operations. They also actively commit resources and funding to work with the Council to improve standards and promote safer gambling.

Aside from its members, the Council has partnered with many other industry stakeholders, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), the nation’s gambling regulatory body. The pair work together to introduce strategies to aid in raising necessary standards within the industry and tackling the problem of gambling-related harm. They have partnered with agencies like Gamcare and the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM).

Additionally, BGC works with The Gambling Anti-Money Laundering Group (GAMLG) to help tighten the industry’s defense against money laundering. It also collaborates with the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling to ensure that all related advertisements are socially responsible. All members of the Council must adhere to the codes and aims of these organizations.

The industry players working together through BGC as their united voice has produced several impressive results in the gambling sector. You can find info on these results and the efforts in achieving them via the Betting and Gaming Council on Twitter and their other social media accounts.

Some of these include campaigns like the Whistle to Whistle advertisement ban during live sports, which has reduced the rate of gambling-related adverts seen by children. The introduction of the Safer Gambling Week campaign and various youth education programs have also helped in raising awareness of problem gambling and its harm.

Facts about the Betting and Gaming Council

Aside from being the leading voice in promoting standards and responsible betting and gambling in the industry, BGC also plays a significant role in the UK economy. Thanks to the commitments of its partners and members, the Council is responsible for various investments in jobs and growth within the nation, contributing to the public finances.

That said, there are still many other interesting BGC facts that you may not be aware of. We have compiled some of these below:

  • BGC and its members support over 119,000 jobs in the UK.
  • The Council members contribute £4.2 billion in taxes and generate £7.1 billion for the economy.
  • BGC represents over 90% of the industry operators responsible for casino gambling and sports betting in the UK.
  • BGC and its members are actively committed to providing funding for research, education, and treatment (RET) for tackling gambling-related harm in the industry.
  • BGC members regularly donate millions to fund organizations and charities that address problem gambling.
  • The Council does not represent the UK National Lottery
  • BGC operates independently of any specific government sector or minister. However, it collaborates closely with parliament members to promote the goals and interests of the gambling industry stakeholders it represents.
  • BGC’s commitment to socially responsible advertising and marketing has resulted in about 20% of all TV and radio adverts being about safer gambling messages.
  • The Betting and Gaming Council members often financially support UK sports, from the grassroots to elite level, including 350 million to horse racing and 40 million to the English Football League (EPL).

Final Words

BGC has become a vital part of the gambling sector in the UK. The Council provides a forum that facilitates collaboration to aid in setting and raising standards, promoting safe and responsible gambling, and inspiring trust in the industry. By keeping customers first and uniting industry leaders and stakeholders, the BGC has launched various successful initiatives and campaigns over the years, and the Council is still working hard to create a safe and enjoyable gambling environment for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Betting and Gaming Council?
    Established in 2019, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) is the single industry body representing the interests of over 90% of online and land-based casinos, bingo, and sports betting operators. The Council drives standards to ensure a safer and fairer gambling environment.
  • What are the purposes of the Betting and Gaming Council?
    The purpose of the BGC is to provide a forum that will facilitate collaboration, share best practices, drive and champion standards, and create a single voice for the gambling industry.
  • Who are the Betting and Gaming Council members?
    The Betting and Gaming Council members include approximately 90% of all online and land-based licensed casino, sports betting, and bingo operators within the UK. The Council works alongside all its members to achieve its aims.
  • What initiatives has the Betting and Gaming Council launched to address problem gambling?
    The Betting and Gaming Council has launched several initiatives to address the issue of problem gambling over the years. It includes regularly developing and implementing new codes of conduct on safe gambling for its members and public awareness campaigns like the Safer Gambling Week. They also help raise support and funding for organizations dedicated to combating problem gambling.
  • How does the Betting and Gaming Council work with the UK government to regulate the gambling industry?
    The BGC collaborates closely with the UK government and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) to develop, shape, and implement policies that regulate the gambling industry. The collaboration aims to establish effective regulatory frameworks and promote responsible gaming practices within the industry.
  • What is the role of the Betting and Gaming Council in promoting responsible gambling?
    The Betting and Gaming Council plays a pivotal role in championing the cause of responsible gambling within the industry in several ways. It includes developing and implementing responsible gaming codes of practices for its members and working with consumers to promote awareness of the issue. BGC’s members also regularly fund research, education, and treatment of gambling-related harm.
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