Best Home Teams to Bet on in College Basketball

Best Home Teams to Bet on in College Basketball

While the NCAA is currently in the offseason, there’s no question that bettors are already thinking about the next season’s college basketball top teams. In this guide, I’ll take a look at the best teams against the spread. It will give you a much better idea about which one you should pick when the next season starts and provide ideas for next year’s March Madness.

10. Indiana Hoosiers

We start the list with the Indiana Hoosiers. The Hoosiers have a long history that stretches back decades. And the program has produced some iconic players and coaches including Mike Woodson and George McGinnis among others.

The Indiana Hoosiers History
The Indiana Hoosiers History
The Indiana Hoosiers` Iconic Players
The Indiana Hoosiers Team
The Indiana Hoosiers` Mike Woodson

Sources: Wikipedia, Indiana University Athletics

Although they haven`t won the NCAA title since 1987, there are great hopes that the team will be back into contention next year after reaching the second round a year earlier.

9. UNLV Rebels

It’s been a while since the UNLV Rebels’ shock NCAA National Championship in 1990 when they defeated Duke in the final. The Rebels are among the highest-scoring teams per stats and among the most prestigious basketball programs in the country.

You’ll find them high atop the list of popular options at licensed local betting sites thanks to the great history and iconic players such as Larry Johnson and Shawn Marion.

8. Villanova Wildcats

The Villanova Wildcats are widely hailed as one of the best college basketball teams of all time. Their 2018 NCAA championship team is considered one of the greatest college basketball seasons of all time. They’ve also reached the Final Four 7 times, most recently in 2022.

The Villanova Wildcats History
The Villanova Wildcats History
Villanova Wildcats Achievements
Villanova Wildcats Champions
Villanova Wildcats
Villanova Wildcats Performance
Villanova Wildcats Scorer

Sources: Wikipedia, the Villanova University

Due to the great stats and the projected rankings, gamblers are always looking to bet on the Wildcats. This is a market with high frequency thanks to the Wildcats’ iconic players from the past which include Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott, and Mike Bibby.

7. Louisville Cardinals

The Cardinals have officially won 2 NCAA championships and have been to 8 Final Fours. While Louisville isn’t among the college basketball top teams in recent years, strong performances for and against the spread make it a great pick for bettors.

The Cardinals are a big favorite on home court due to the great crowd which has been known to propel the team to many victories against stronger opponents.

6. Cincinnati Bearcats

With over 1,800 NCAA wins, the Bearcats are the 12th most winningest college basketball teams ever. The program is known for its 42 All-American selections, 36 which of those players have continued in the NBA. Cincinnati has won the NCAA championship for two seasons in a row in 1961 and 1962, so it’s a pretty long wait for the fans of the team.

Cincinnati Players and Coach Celebrating the National Title in 1961
Cincinnati Players and Coach Celebrating the National Title in 1961
Oscar Robertson Scored 2,973 Points, With an Impressive 33.8 Ppg Average.
Jack Twyman Scored 1,598 Points
Troy Caupain Scored 1,317 Points
Kenyon Martin Scored 1,279 Points

Source: Wikipedia

Things have been looking much better in recent years, with the Bearcats winning the conference title in 2018 and 2019. This means the program’s a great fit for bettors, especially among fans of outrights. The most notable players coming from this program include the iconic Oscar Robertson, Kenyon Martin, and Nick Van Exel.

5. Kansas Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks have one of the best basketball programs in the country. Some of the most popular players to come out of this program include the legendary Wilt Chamberlain, Paul Pierce, and Joel Embiid. Naturally, it’s considered one of the NCAA betting favorites year in and year out.


4. North Carolina Tar Heels

The Tar Heels are one of the most popular NCAA betting options thanks to the great rankings. The program has won 6 NCAA championships, the last one in 2017. In 2012, it was ranked the number 1 college basketball team in a survey.

Coach Nathaniel Cartmell and the 1910–11 Men's Basketball Team
Coach Nathaniel Cartmell and the 1910–11 Men's Basketball Team
Michael Jordan, Lennie Rosenbluth, and Tyler Hansbrough
Tyler Hansbrough Became the Acc's All-time Leading Scorer in 2009
Joel Berry Ii Scored 20+ Points in Consecutive National Title Games in 2016 and 2017

Source: Wikipedia

The program has produced some of the best basketball players of all time, including the GOAT – Michael Jordan. Others include James Worthy and Vince Carter, so it’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular teams in college basketball betting.

3. Kentucky Wildcats

The Kentucky Wildcats make a strong case for the best college basketball ever. The team has the best all-time winning percentage, most all-time victories, and 8 NCAA championships behind its name. More importantly, it has produced numerous NBA superstars including the likes of Bam Adebayo, Devin Booker, and Anthony Davis. Come March Madness, the Wildcats are always among the stat favorites.

They’re usually projected high atop the rankings, making them a great choice for bettors too. The Wildcats are strong performers on the home court, making them a perfect choice for moneylines in 2024 and beyond.

2. Duke Blue Devils

If there’s one superteam in college basketball that produces the most NBA superstars, it’s the Blue Devils. Some of its stars include Grant Hill, JJ Redick, and Shane Battier. One of the most successful college basketball programs of all time, Duke has 5 championships behind its name. It’s tied with Indiana and behind UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Uconn. Also, the Blue Devils have a fantastic all-time winning percentage (.712) and are generally considered the number 1 college basketball team.

The program is a major favorite among bettors for moneylines and points spreads. Strong records annually at home make Duke a great pick for moneyline bettors.

1. UCLA Bruins

The UCLA Bruins are the ultimate leader in NCAA championships. The team represents the PAC-12 Conference and has won a record 11 titles, including 7 straight from 1967 to 1973. Some of its other feats include a winning streak of 88 games, when the Bruins were among the undefeated college basketball teams from 1971 to 1974. Some of the program’s top players include Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Ucla Bruins Men's Basketball
Ucla Bruins Men's Basketball
Lew Alcindor Makes a Reverse Two Hand Dunk
Bill Walton, Larry Brown, Russell Westbrook (UCLA)
Marques Johnson, Jamaal Wilkes, Kevin Love
John Wooden
Home Court of the Bruins Prior to the 2012 Renovation
Ucla Bruins Vs. Oregon State Beavers
Ed O'Bannon, a Member of the 1995 Championship Team
Lazar Stefanovic
Men's Basketball Signs Trio of Incoming Players

Sources: Wikipedia, UCLA

The Bruins are scheduled to join the Big Ten Conference in 2024 and remain the top betting favorite at the best sportsbooks in the country. 

Final Words

College basketball is wild and unpredictable, with great point spreads and top odds on the best teams we covered in this article. If you’re inclined to bet on home-court advantage, which is statistically the best outcome, the teams on the list are your best pick. We recommend always checking the markets and odds on the round of 32 and the Sweet Sixteen. March Madness is a delight for college basketball bettors with great moneylines, exciting spreads, and player props on future NBA stars.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the best college basketball team?
    It depends on who you ask, as every fan and bettor has a favorite. But, in general, the Bruins, Wildcats, and Blue Devils have produced the most NBA superstars and are considered among the best college basketball teams.
  • Which college basketball team has the most wins?
    The Kentucky Wildcats have racked up the most wins in the NCAA, with 2,398 behind the team’s name in 121 seasons.
  • How often does the home team win in college basketball?
    According to statistics, the home team in college basketball wins about 68% of the time. This is why bettors believe that home-court advantage is real.
  • Which NCAA basketball teams are undefeated?
    Uconn’s program went undefeated a record 6 times. Tennessee, Texas, and Baylor have gone undefeated once in their history.
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