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The online betting industry is at its peak at the time of writing. The industry has been growing globally and every year seems to surpass all previous records. It has been possible thanks to the efforts of the operators, 5Dimes included. That might be a stretch because you never know when a new paradigm might start.

We’re planning to do a 5Dimes review for readers. It is going to be a very in-depth sportsbook review.

Throughout the journey, we’re going to cover:

  • Everything you need to know about the website
  • Real money banking methodsย  you can use
  • A detailed breakdown of the sports section
  • Any other feature 5Dimes offers to the customers
  • How can you sign up

5Dimes Website & Account Info

5Dimes calls itself the “Gold Standard” in online gambling. While we think it’s slightly exaggerated, it’s not far off. It might not be the gold standard according to our 5Dimes sportsbook review, but it’s at least the silver standard.

5dimes Review

The primary website is It’s self-explanatory that this operator primarily targets European punters. Before the online gambling industry came, it gained experience in the brick-and-mortar paradigm. In 1996, the first 5Dimes casino opened in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The online portal, however, is owned by 5D International Limited, a company based in the Isle of Man. It’s licensed by the Isle of Man government under company number 018059V. As for the license, it’s based on the Gaming Regulations Act 2001. Online services came to life in 2021, so this bookmaker has a long way to go.

5Dimes features an online sportsbook, casino, fixed odds betting, a racebook, a poker portal, and a rewards program. We will explore these products in detail in our “Other Products” section. So, stay tuned for that.

We believe you’d want to know how to create a real money account before doing any of it. Because what’s the point if you don’t have a valid account in the first place? So, here’s our step-by-step guide on creating a 5Dimes account:

  1. Click on the button on our page to go to the site’s landing page. From there on, click the orange “Register” button to trigger the registration form.
  2. On the form, you’ll find a lot of fields. Your first name, last name, complete address, country, state/province, city, zip code, phone number, email address, ID (passport, personal ID, driver’s license, residence permit, travel document, or identity certificate), date of birth, source of information (where did you hear about 5Dimes sports book), password, and PIN. It’s one of the most extended registration forms, showing the operator’s seriousness regarding its services.
  3. After entering all of this information, confirm that you’re at least 18 years old, accept the rules and policies, and choose whether you want to receive promotional emails.
  4. Once you’re done, choose one of the deposit methods after your 5 Dimes login. You’re now ready to participate in real money betting.

5Dimes Quick Facts

๐Ÿ“… Year Established 1996
๐Ÿค‘ Welcome bonus 50% up to $520 in Free-Play
๐Ÿ“ฑ Mobile application Android, iOS
๐Ÿ’ต Minimum Bet $0.50
๐Ÿ” Maximum Profit Unlimited
โ†ฉ๏ธ Payout Percentage 95%
๐Ÿ–ฑ๏ธ Live (In-Play Mode) โœ…
๐Ÿ“บ Live streaming โž–
๐Ÿ’ธ Cash Out โž–
๐ŸŽฐ Other Products Casino, lottery, poker, bingo

Banking Options

Banking has been an area of concern for bettors for a very long time. It’s in the very nature of the industry that makes us concerned as it helps deliver premium bet experiences at BetZillion. As real money is involved in the process, there’s always room for some scam artists trying to rob you of your money. So, you need to be extra careful if you truly want to enjoy your time.

Min. deposit $25
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal $50
Withdrawal time Up to 7 working days
Payout 95%

Thankfully, 5Dimes knows about your concern, which is why it offers the finest online payment methods you can find in the industry. So, pay attention. In this next section, we’ll explain the entire payment paradigm.

Deposit Methods

A deposit is the first thing you can do after you’re done with your registration. Without a deposit, it’s not possible to start betting. And you can’t withdraw unless you deposit first, even if the platform credits a no deposit bonus to your account.

On the 5Dimes homepage, you can trigger an option labelled “Funding Methods”. It essentially takes you to payment methods. It’s an attractive feature in our opinion. Every operator who designs a dedicated page for payment methods deserves our utmost respect. 5Dimes is one of them.

You can use Interac, Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, and whatnot, Cashier Checks, person-to-person transfers, Bitcoins, and bank wire transfers. You might be looking for E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal because they have been an integral part of online gambling. Unfortunately, none of these methods is offered on 5 Dimes.

Interac is exclusively added for Canadian punters. To be precise, it’s Interac e-Transfer you’re using. You can start from a mere C$20 and go up to C$3,000 in a single transaction. You must open the Gigadat platform and enter all the required details to complete the transaction.

On the other hand, credit cards require at least a $50 deposit, no matter where you are. The primary currency for the platform is USD. So, if you try to use other currencies, you’ll have to pay the conversion charge. The maximum you can deposit using a credit card is $500 in a single transaction.

If 5Dimes has a physical presence in your country, you can deposit cash into your account. The minimum deposit starts at $100 only, and you can deposit up to $690 in one go. You’ll need to visit one of the outlets and contact the agent to get it going.

For Bitcoin, the minimum deposit starts at only $25 equivalent. It’s the smallest deposit we’ve seen across all the methods.

Withdrawal Methods

5Dimes payout is slightly different because all the limits and processes are different. Take Interac, for example. You’ll need to pay an additional 2% withdrawal fee if you haven’t used it for the deposit. The limits are between $25 and $7,500 per transaction.

For cashier’s checks, you have to pay a fee to FedEx. If you make frequent withdrawals, the costs will rack up soon. For starters, you spend $40 on cheques up to $1,000. For up to $2,000, you have to pay $60. And for withdrawals between $2,000 and $3,000, the fee is a whopping $80.

Like Interac and cashier’s checks, other payment methods have fees and limits. Just check out the table above to know more about them.

5Dimes Bonuses

Whenever we cover an online bookmaker as part of our reviews, we can’t help but get stuck on the bonuses. These are some of the most enjoyable activities for punters worldwide. The operators know the punters’ love for rewards, so they try their best to offer as many bonuses as possible.

The same goes for 5Dimes. It didn’t just stop at free bets. Instead, it has designed a complete page filled with different bonuses. Let’s explore them gradually.

5Dimes Welcome Bonus

Well, it’s not a traditional welcome bonus. A “traditional” bonus at iGaming sites is mostly a deposit match reward. It means the operator credits 100% of whatever you deposit up to a certain amount and calls it a day.

5Dimes sportsbook, in this regard, has decided to take a different approach. Instead of offering a deposit match bonus, it’s offering a 50% free play bonus for new players. Essentially, you can win up to $520 in free-play rewards or free bets, whatever you may want to call it, as part of this bonus.


For your deposits between $100 and $400, you get a 50% match in free bets up to $200. The bonus is called “50% Plus New Player Reward”. You might be wondering what this “Plus” bit means, right?

Well, if your first deposit goes beyond $400 and up to $2,000, you qualify for an EXTRA 20% reward! That’s what the Plus in the name is referring to. So, the initial $200 and the additional 20% from a $2,000 deposit is $320. You get a total of $520.

Once you complete the first deposit, the bonus-free bets will be deposited in your account immediately. Every time you wager the deposit amount, 10% of the reward will become available. So, the wagering requirement is essentially set at 10x.

Other Bonuses

As the welcome bonus itself is a free bet bonus, there’s no point if explaining it separately, is there? Instead, let’s go over the rest of the rewards you can enjoy.

The Cash Back Rewards is the one we like the most after the welcome bonus. It allows you to win up to 20% of your losses across the sportsbook, the racebook, and even the casino.

Also, you can get another Reload Free-Play reward of up to $500 after the first deposit. It’s dependent on what payment method you use, so make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully.

Then, you have the Casino Rebate, Reduced Juice Reward, 30% Super Saver Reward, and Point Mover Spread.

What to Bet On

5Dimes is an excellent platform for all kinds of betting. We’re doing this sportsbook review because we’re all sports enthusiasts. But if you want to bet on races, there’s a racebook. There’s a full-fledged online casino if you want to play casino games. If you wish to participate in poker tournaments, you can do it too from the 5Dimes sports betting website!

Number of Sport Games 22
Number of Sport Events 169
Live Events Daily 219
Live Events Monthly 6570
Pre-match Events per Month 6280

The bottom line is that you can bet on all the legal activities that regulatory bodies let you do. Let’s delve into the sports betting paradigm to understand what you’re getting into.

Sports Betting

Sports betting means the act of placing a bet on a sports event. Now, it sounds elementary on paper. But many variables don’t cross your mind when you’re just reading about it. When you initially hear about sports betting, you don’t think about the 5Dimes prop bets markets.

Props markets are betting opportunities that don’t influence the match’s outcome. Now, to understand 5Dimes prop bet markets, or any other markets for that matter, you must understand what a market is.

A “market” in sports betting is an individual opportunity for you to wager. One event, let’s say an ice hockey match, can have lots and lots of sub-events. For example, which player’s going to score the first goal? That’s a market right there.

As you can see, the bookmakers have intense flexibility on what markets they want to create for the punters. The more markets an operator offers, the more attracted punters tend to be.

5 Dimes sportsbook is aware of this and has covered all kinds of markets for you. A typical NHL match on this platform offers markets like moneylines, spreads, totals, best of seven, and whatnot.

Also, there are the odds. To truly understand sports betting, you have to understand the odds. Don’t worry about it right now because we have a section coming up covering everything you need to know about sports odds.

Available Sports

Once you understand sports betting, it’s normal to feel the thrill of jumping into a match and placing a wager. For that to happen, you need the significant sports events offered by the bookmaker you have an account.

Unfortunately, the number of available sports is not that big at Five Dimes. Then again, the number is not low enough for us to skip this bookmaker. The platform is very new, and it’s adding recent events as well as new sports all the time.

When writing, you can bet on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, motor racing, fighting, and other sports.

Here’s the thing. Remember we said that 5Dimes sportsbook has a limited sports library. It’s because it looks like it. Under the “Other Sports” tab, there are lotto, table tennis, horse racing, competitive eating, Aussie Rules, rugby league, handball, volleyball, darts, and Cycling Futures.

As it seems, the sports library is not that limited after all. You’ll understand what we’re talking about when we review the available sports competitions in the next section.

Sport Competitions

So, when we say football betting, for example, it doesn’t mean you’re wagering on “Football”. Instead, it means you’re betting on a particular outcome of a specific match. And the game is undoubtedly part of a tournament or an international friendly, right?

Just like soccer, all of the other sports follow the same paradigm. When selecting the betting events, you pick a match from one of the offered tournaments on the bookmaker’s website.

5 Dimes com will have all the major sports competitions in 2024. So, even though we mentioned that the number of sports is limited, it doesn’t mean your options for betting are limited.

The first sport on the menu is football, which essentially refers to American football, not soccer. When you click on the “+” tab for football, you get options like the NFL, Reduced, College Football, USFL, College Props, NFL Props, NCAA Football Futures, and NFL Futures. At least, there were options at the time of writing. It might change when you join the bookmaker at a later time.

Similarly, if you click the “+” on basketball, you get the names of countries. It means there’s an extra layer of sorting to get to the exact competition you’re looking for. You need to click on Mexico if you’re looking for Mexican basketball leagues like CIBACOPA or LNBP. Some other countries on the same menu are France, Argentina, Morocco, Senegal, Puerto Rico, and so on.

The same theory applies to the rest of the sports as well. If you haven’t got the idea, you can bet on all the high-voltage events worldwide.

Special Events

For the last few years, punters are not satisfied with the usual sports and the betting options that come associated with them. They want something unique, something special. That’s where the special events at an online bookie come into play.

In our experience, politics is the first thing that pops into bettors’ minds when they think of special events. The professionals at 5Dimes EU have concluded the same thing. That’s why the website has a tab for political events.

It’s categorized into special events, presidential elections, US Congress, and the World. Each of the categories has further distinctions about the market. For example, if you click on the “Special” tab, you get state of the Union Address propositions, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris presidential propositions, Spelling Bee, Oscars, etc. Of course, these are events when we’re writing this 5Dimes review. Your mileage may vary.

Esports Betting

As time passes, punters are becoming more severe about Esports betting. If you don’t know already, esports are multiplayer online games that you can play on both computers and consoles.

However, it’s not the gamers that this industry targets. Instead, it’s the punters who’re looking for opportunities to bet on Esports tournaments. Most titles are team-based, so the competitions are as fierce as possible.

At the time of writing, the available titles were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, and Valorant.

Clicking each title will take you to a new page where the qualifying tournaments are listed. For example, REPUBLEAGUE is a tournament that you can find under the CS Global Offensive tab. Then, there are Games Pro Series, ESEA Advanced, ESL Pro League, DPC NA, Champions League, and whatnot.

The markets are different as the entire modality of regular sports and Esports are different. Esports titles have managed to create a whole new sub-industry for bettors. Just like you bet on multiple outcomes of the same hockey or football match, you can do it for competitive Esports games too.

5Dimes Live Betting

Before we go deep into how fantastic live betting at 5Dimes EU sportsbook is, we believe you deserve some background information on what live gambling is.

Live betting, also known as in-play or in-game betting, refers to your ability to wager on a live match. But to understand live bets, we have to cover what a pre-match bet is too.

A pre-match bet is a wager you place before a match starts. All bookmakers have a deadline for placing pre-match bets. It might be a week before the game, or it might be 30 minutes before the match. Once it calls the bets off, you can’t change your bet slip. If your prediction goes wrong during the game, you must accept the losses and move on.

5dimes Live Betting

The concept of live betting was introduced to solve this very problem. Instead of locking down all your bets, bookmakers now allow you to place wagers when the match is live. There are both ups and downs to this practice.

The biggest benefit is that you can place your bets based on the match’s progress. You don’t have to rely as much on your instincts because you can watch the game in real-time and get an idea of what might happen next. Also, in-play bets let you cash out bets before the match is over. This way, you can recoup many losses you may have incurred from pre-match bets.

As for drawbacks, live betting can be intense if you don’t have previous experience with betting. You need to decide what to do within fractions of a second. You might lose a golden opportunity if you’re late, as the odds are also updated in real time.

Moreover, the odds are relatively short when compared to pre-match bets. So, you can’t win as much as you would with those bets.

Coming to the live betting feature at 5 Dimes sportsbook, it’s known as in-game betting on the website. You’ll find the option when you hover your cursor over the sportsbook tab on the main navigation bar. Click on it to get to the page.

All the rules for 5Dimes live lines are listed on the in-game betting page. Unfortunately, you can’t get access to the markets unless you register for a valid account. But listing the rules instead of the markets is a very nice touch because understanding what you’re getting into is more important than directly jumping into it.

The page is spread over options like “Sports Betting Ultra”, “Live Betting Extra”, and “Sports Betting Prime”.

Live Streaming

After the fantastic impression Five Dimes created on us with its live betting paradigm, we’re shocked to find out that there is no live-streaming opportunity at the time of writing. Then again, the operator is relatively new to the industry and has yet to comprehend the standard fully. We surely hope that we’ll find great streaming options soon.

Mobile Betting

In the last 2 decades, mobile technology has made phenomenal progress. We’ve quickly jumped from wired telephones to handheld calling devices and ultimately landed on handheld computers. The smartphones that we granted today are over 15 years old at this point.

So, it’s only evident that you can do everything on a smartphone these days that you can do on a computer. And that includes betting.

As part of our mobile compatibility review, the first thing we check is the mobile website. 5Dimes website is equipped with HTML5. If you’re not aware, HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Not that it matters in this context, but you should know the complete form of the thing that made mobile betting possible in the first place.

HTML5 is the latest addition to the industry, and it automatically allows web pages to fit any screen size. That’s why mobile sites look and feel as usable as desktop sites.

5Dimes mobile site runs flawlessly from all the available devices on the market. It includes Android devices, iOS devices, Mac, and even Windows. The positioning of the pages and the tools are different due to the different screen layouts but rest assured that all of the functionalities are right at your fingertips.

5Dimes App

Well, if you’re looking for an app to download, it will not happen. There is no 5Dimes app at the time of writing. However, we believe it will not be the case for very long. If our experience tells us something, the 5 Dimes sportsbook operator will quickly launch an app.

Until then, you can access the 5Dimes entire site from your mobile devices.

5Dimes Pros & Cons

Where there are pros, there are cons. So, let’s quickly go over the pros and cons of 5Dimes.

  • Licensed by Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Exceptional website design with a white and green theme
  • An online sportsbook, an online casino, a racebook, and a poker portal at the same time
  • It offers both American and decimal odds formats to cater to a large audience
  • One of the unique approaches to promotions
  • Excellent live betting features
  • 24/7 customer support via all imaginable channels
  • One of the best FAQ sections in the business
  • Live streaming is not available
  • No mobile apps for download
  • Not available in the US at the time of writing

Cash Out

Cash out, in general, refers to withdrawals. However, in a sports betting context, it relates to settling a bet before a match is over. Ideally, you can only cash out a still-to-be-settled bet for live betting. Some innovative bookmakers also give punters the liberty to cash out pre-match bets.

5 Dimes sportsbook does not. We know it’s a feature you expect from a new bookmaker, but the operator has decided not to walk that path. If it starts offering the option shortly, we’ll be the first to let you know.

5Dimes Odds

We’ve said it before, and we’re going to repeat it. Odds are the backbone of the betting industry. Unlike casino games, you can’t move an inch with sports betting without understanding the odds.

In mathematics, odds implied probability. By looking at the odds, you can tell how likely an event will happen. The same theory applies to sports betting. You can get an idea of which team might win or how the star players will perform just by looking at the odds.

In betting, odds imply another aspect โ€” your winnings. It doesn’t matter whether a bookmaker offers decimal odds, fractional odds, or American odds. The formulas reading them are different, but they all mean the same thing. You get insight into the event’s potential outcome and a direct projection of how much you can win.

Sports Historical Odds
โšฝ Football 90.86 %
๐Ÿ€ Basketball 91.39 %
๐ŸŽพ Tennis 94.52 %
๐Ÿ Cricket 92.06 %
๐Ÿ‘ Overall 92.89 %

5Dimes sportsbook offers 2 formats for displaying the odds. American and decimal.

American Odds

American punters use the American odds. Some Canadian bookmakers also utilize this format. If you’re willing to use it, you must consider $100 as your base value. Whatever odds the bookmaker is projecting for a match, it’s based on that $100 wager.

Another essential thing to understand here is the operators (+) and (-). They distinguish between the favourite team or player and the underdog. For example, if the projected odds for an NBA match between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics go like this:

  • Warriors (+200) vs Celtics (-350)

It means the Boston Celtics is the favourite. If you want to bet it will win, you must wager $350 to win a $100 profit.

And if you believe the Golden State Warriors will win, you can win a $200 profit for a $100 wager. See how the $100 bit comes into play here?

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are relatively simpler to understand. They’re just multipliers for your bets. If we convert the American odds from our example to decimal, it becomes:

  • Warriors (3.00) vs Celtics (1.29)

As you can see, there are no mathematical operators used. You multiply your wager with the projected odds to know how much a winning bet will pay. So, for a $100 stake, the Warriors pay $300, and the Celtics pay $129.

Other Products

Since the beginning of our 5Dimes review, we’ve been teasing that it’s not just an online sportsbook. So, what else does it offer on the table? Let’s find out.

5dimes Casino

Right beside the “Sportsbook” tab on the main navigation bar, you have “Odds”. When you hover your cursor over it, it shows different sports like football, tennis, soccer, hockey, etc. These pages are basically where the 5Dimes live lines are listed. Remember, we discussed that the in-game betting section has guides instead of markets. Well, the markets are on the “odds” pages.

Then, you have the “Casino”. There are multiple options when you hover your cursor over it. Each section on this tab takes you to a unique page where different games are listed. Casino Introduction, Grand Casino, Bonus Casino, Jackpot Casino, Gold Casino, Mini Games, and All Slots are the pages.

Besides the casino tab, you have the Racebook. It is where the magic happens for punters who love to bet on horse racing. There are 2 primary options: Racebook Intro and Racebook Rebate.

Last but not least, Poker. Poker is a trendy game in the US and the rest of the world. The options are Poker Room Intro, Grand Poker, Poker Basic, and Poker Rules/Policies.

The last tab on the main navigation bar is Rewards. We’ve already covered it in the bonus and promotions section.

Contacts & Support

For our online sportsbook reviews, customer support has always played an important role. We do it because we know checking out the customer support features doesn’t cross the minds of rookie punters. Why would it? You only need customer support when you face an issue, right?

While you’re right, it’s not feasible to leave it out until it’s too late. What if you realize that the customer support agents are not good and you have a lot of money stuck in your account? That’s why it’s something we check every time. 5Dimes is no different.

Support email
Support Phone Number 1 800 430 5896; 1 800 305 3517; 1 800 243 7890
Live chat Yes

The first prominent feature of 5Dimes is the help centre. The link to access the help page is located in the top right corner of the website. When you click on it, you land on a FAQ page. On the top section of the page, there are buttons for different categories. When you click on a category, the page jumps to that section, so you don’t have to scroll down manually. It’s a subtle yet convenient feature, in our opinion.

The buttons or categories include joining the same, login issues, wagering rules, deposits & payouts, bonuses, call centre, miscellaneous, and privacy & security.

If you don’t find the answer to your question on this page, you need to contact the support agents. You can use the live chat on the website, call the company directly, or send emails.

The live chat button is located right beside the help centre button. Clicking on the link will trigger the live chat window, running 24/7. If you want to call, dial 1-800-430-5896 on your phone, and don’t forget to request a manager to speak to.

Last but not least, you may send direct emails to The good thing about email support is that you can elaborate on the issue and take the time to explain the problem. It also allows you to attach screenshots of the problem.

5Dimes Verdict

5Dimes could be one of the best online gambling destinations for you, no matter where you live. Some features are comparatively limited, but we’re confident that the operator will pull through and improve them.

One of the things we like the most about 5Dimes is the inclusiveness of gambling activities. You can bet on traditional sports, horse races, Esports, and casino games. There is a dedicated portal for poker lovers too.

And of course, how can we forget promotions? 5Dimes has decided to take a unique approach to make the bonuses more lucrative for the punters of the world. You get a 50% free-play reward as a new player. If you’re brave enough to deposit more than $400, you get an additional 20% bonus.

As for drawbacks, the lack of live streaming is the most prominent. Also, there are no mobile apps for download during writing. And the punters and we will love it if the operator adds a few more payment options and makes the pages more informative.

Open Acc at 5Dimes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is 5Dimes legal in the US?
    Yes, 5Dimes is legal in the US states, where offshore gambling is allowed. Traditionally, a bookmaker must obtain a license from the local state government to operate in the US. Some states enable offshore sites. Make sure you read the legislation of your state before participating in betting.
  • Why is 5Dimes closing?
    Well, 5Dimes is only closing in the US. But there’s no need to be sad just yet because the operator has elaborate plans to have a “fresh start”. It means the platform will be regulated like renowned platforms.
  • Why is 5Dimes blocked?
    We’ve already explained the reason in the previous answer. The site is currently blocked to the US audience as the platform revamps itself. But it’ll open shortly, and we’ll be the first to let you know.
  • What happened to 5Dimes?
    In 2020, something tragic happened to 5Dimes. The founder of the company, Mr Tony Creighton, was killed. It was a kidnapping incident that created quite a buzz in the industry. Laura Varela, the current CEO of 5Dimes, is working to bring the bookmaker legally into the US-regulated market.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts

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