No Risk Matched Betting Strategy

Best Matched Betting Strategy

The world of online sports betting has plenty of bonuses and promos you can use. Free bets are a popular promo campaign for new punters at online bookies, and we can’t deny that they’re great. However, many bettors would love to turn the free money to profit without losing. In contrast, there’s no way to guarantee to make a profit with traditional betting systems. Our guide to matched betting will tell you how to use promos to your advantage.

Have you ever heard of matched betting? It’s a strategy many punters employ that allows you to take advantage of a free bet or another kind of promo. No risk matched betting in the USA is a common strategy in many markets. It gives punters a chance to bet on the outcomes of a game for a no-risk win.

Our guide will walk you through the risk-free aspect of no-risk matched betting and let you know all its secrets. We’ll give you all the information you need and steer you in the right direction so you can find the best matched betting strategy to win more often.

What Is Matched Betting?

In the simplest terms, matched betting is a low-risk form of gambling that punters use to make a guaranteed profit. This type of gambling is usually associated with free bets and bonuses. Punters use the strategy to place no risk-matched bets that will bring them profit without the risk.

It is a strategy that works best with a free bet, although it can be used with other bonuses. It is commonly known as bonus hunting and no-risk betting. Using the advantage of the promotions and free bets legal bookies offer, punters can profit by covering both outcomes of a sports match.

That’s no-risk matched betting for dummies for your convenience. With this strategy, the risk of losing money is nearly non-existent unless you make a mistake. If you don’t want to let that happen, you’re welcome to read our step-by-step guide and make the most out of a sign-up offer or free bet.

How Does Matched Betting Work

Before we delve deeper into matched betting, let’s see how it works. To understand this strategy, you need to know what back and lay bets are.

  • Back bets are the traditional form of betting. You backup an option to win. If the selection wins, you win your bet.
  • Lay bets are the exact opposite. You back an option that isn’t likely to win. If the team you supported does not win, you win your bet.

These 2 types of bets are common at betting exchanges. The best matched betting offers cover both so you can make a guaranteed profit. You can make 100% from free bets and other offers with matched betting.

You don’t need a risk free matched betting accumulator or any software to calculate the winnings. One of the options is going to win, bringing you profit in return.

Backing & Laying Bets

Arbitrage and exchange bets are based on backing and laying bets. As mentioned earlier, the back wager is the most common type of bet – you’re putting your money on a team to win.

Lay bets are the opposite, so you’re betting on a team or player not winning. It is the crucial information you need to know regarding matched betting. Putting your money into both outcomes guarantees your chances to win.

What Is a Lay Commission?

Betting exchanges such as Betfair charge the so-called lay commission, but only on your net winnings on the market. The good news is that you won’t have to pay commission on losing bets. The lay commission is calculated by net winnings x market base rate x 100%-discount rate.

If you play to focus on full-time matched betting for a living, you should keep the lay commission in mind.

What Is Liability?

We all know liability, but the terms mean something completely different regarding no-risk-matched betting. Liability is the amount you lose or pay when your bet loses. You can only lose your stake with back bets regardless of the odds. However, the liability of lay bets depends on the odds.

If you want a simple example, liability should be looked at as taking the role of the bookie. When you bet on a bookmaker, and it loses, your stake goes to the bookie.

Let’s put things into perspective:

Let’s say you’re placing a lay bet on Manchester United to win for $10. The liability can be determined by multiplying the stake by the lay odds minus 1. If the odds are 2.3, you will earn $10 if the Red Devils don’t win and lose $13 if they lose (10 x 2.3 – 1).

That’s a liability in matched betting explained using the most straightforward example.

How to Do Matched Betting

While matched betting seems complicated initially, you should only try it once to learn how it works. If you ask us, it’s a more fun way to bet on sports matches since you’re putting your money on completely different outcomes from what we’re used to.

No-risk matched betting is even easier and guarantees a profit unless you mess things up by making a mistake on the slip. Our no-risk matched betting guide hopes to make things easy for you so you can use your favorite bookie’s free bets to generate profit.

Matched Betting in the USA

No risk matched betting in the USA is a reality, but unfortunately, only in selected states. Most forms of online gambling, including matched betting, are legal in many states in the USA, but not in all of them. If you’re from a state where you can bet on sports legally, you’re free to try no-risk matched betting.

You can always try later if your state doesn’t allow sports betting yet. The good news is that more and more states are joining the fray, so there’s a chance that you can do it legally sooner than expected.

Matched Betting in the UK

Online sports betting is fully legal in the UK, and so is matched betting. The world’s leading betting exchange Betfair is from the UK, so it’s no wonder why Brits love this type of betting.

The best matched betting sites usually come from the UK. You’ll find plenty of reputable options giving you a chance to try this unique form of betting and hopefully win.

Best Matched Betting Strategy

Matched betting relies on getting free bets and welcome bonuses from the top betting websites, so it’s not exactly a strategy you could follow in the long run. However, we have a few tips and tricks to spare.

  • Ensure that the betting site that offers the free bet or bonus is reputable and has fair bonus terms. Unfair terms will make it harder for you to use matched betting to your advantage.
  • Check the limits as well. When bookies limit the bets on an account, it will be hard to take advantage of its offers. Keep in mind that betting sites will look for ways to ban your profile if they find any irregularity. That is why you should bet on different sites which are not part of the same company.
  • Pick your targets carefully if the free bet is available on all sports. You may be betting with extra money, but that doesn’t mean you should throw it away.

Matched Betting vs Arbitrage Betting

Many bettors can’t make a difference between matched betting and arbitrage betting. We’re here to help you learn the differences.

Both strategies carry a guaranteed profit. We already said that matched betting is a strategy that involves betting offers such as free bets that have guaranteed profit.

Arbitrage betting, or arbing as it’s also known, is another long-term strategy that ensures profit. This strategy also involves betting on both outcomes but with your own money instead of using betting offers.

Matched Betting Example

As mentioned, matched betting allows you to use a free bet or another bookie offer to bet on both match outcomes. The first thing you need to do is find a proper free wager with reasonable terms. The second part involves betting on both results of a game.

For example, in a match between Manchester United and Chelsea, you can use a free bet at a betting exchange to bet on the Red Devils to win and lose. By covering both outcomes in this match, your profit is guaranteed. Of course, you can’t expect to land sums of cash like with an accumulator, but you’ll still put that free bet to good use.

You will also need the best bank account for matched betting, so pick an option that promises instant deposits and withdrawals.

Is Matched Betting Worth It?

We hope our matched bets review guide tells you everything you need about matched betting. While you probably won’t be making a profit, matched betting is a great way to snag a win.

Of course, you’ll need a reputable bookie or betting exchange and a free bet or offer with reasonable requirements. Once you find that, we strongly recommend trying this strategy to get some money on your bankroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is no risk matched betting?
    No risk matched betting is a strategy that guarantees earnings by using free bets and other betting offers. It involves covering both outcomes of a match, hence the no risk in the name.
  • Is matched betting legal?
    Yes, it is perfectly legal to use matched betting. Find a bookie or exchange that’s not a scam, and you can make a safe profit if you use the offers correctly.
  • Can you lose money with matched betting?
    You won’t lose your money with matched betting unless you make a mistake. We advise reading at least a tutorial before you plan on that income.
  • How much can you make from matched betting?
    While matched betting won’t initially bring you massive profit, investing the won money at a betting exchange can deliver more cash. Remember that this strategy uses free bets to guarantee profits, so don’t expect millions in return.
  • Can you be banned from sportsbooks for using matched betting?
    As a matched bettor, you’re not exactly the favorite type of punter at betting sites. Restrictions and software bans are popular, and bookies will use them to prevent you from making more money. However, if you follow all the rules, you will not likely be banned.
  • Is matched betting still worth it in 2021?
    Yes, it is. It’s a great strategy to use to your advantage to make a guaranteed profit and use free bets and offers in the best way possible. Here on our blog, you have plenty of tips on doing it right and turning it into a weapon for making money.
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